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Full text of "A political index to the histories of Great Britain & Ireland, or, a complete register of the hereditary honours, public offices, and persons in office : from the earliest periods to the present time"

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'^^z Cfjitt) Cuttton, Coi^ectetJ, ana nMicS'^nlatgeu* 


JLonton : 

Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 

■M 1806. 

printed by J. Chalmers & Co. Aberdeen 




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A Coniplete List of the Admirals of the British "Navy ----- i 

Fost Captains of the British Navy ---------->--. 25 

Vice- Admirals of Great Britain, from 1760 -- - 77 

Rear- Admirals of Great Britain ----- - ib. 

Treasurers of the Navy ---------------_--_ 78 

Comptrollers of the Navy ------^ .---_ go 

Surveyors of the Navy -_-,-,-.-----»_..._ gj 

Clerk of the Accounts of the Navy ----------,.-, g2 

Comptrollers of the Treasurer'^s Accounts ----..-._.,_ Z^. 

Comptrollers of Victualling Accounts --- _..__ g^ 

Comptrollers of Store-keepers Accounts -------_.-- g^ 

Commissioners of the Navy ---._----___._... gr 

Extra Commissioners -----.----_-.-__._.. 85 

COMMISSIONERS at Chatham - - -- 87 

,' ' Sheerness --------------- gg 

■ Portsmouth ------ — -_-__. Z^. 

' Plymouth ----..---,--.,--- go 

' ' ' ' Deptford and Woolwich ------- 00 

■ ' Kinsale --------_--._.. //^. 

' Halifax - /^. 

■' Gibraltar gi 

■ ' ' Malta --,--,- ^^- _-_..._. , 2/,. 

■ ■ ,11 Lisbon - -' -«^^-^*P=^.^ - ..._.._ /^, 
' Mediterranean --^ : /^. 

' Leeward Islands - -.---- 02 

r' _ 'Jamaica - ih. 



Victualling Office ------.-_----.-.-._ p^ 

Ordnance OJice Naval ---------------- loi 

Trinity House -------------------- ib, 

.Elder Brethren of Trinity House' ------------ 102 

Greenwich Hospital --- -----... 103 

OJicers of Greenwich Hospital - ------------ 105 

Marine Office -- ----._---_ 108 

Officers of Marine OJice --------------- ib. 

List of Captains superintending Naval Hospitals ------ no 

Board of Transport Service ------------^- in 

Sick and Hurt Office --------------- > !\£> '^.12 

High Court of Admirolty -^--.--v-------ii3 


Commanders in Chief -_-------------r'- 114 

Field-Marshals --- _...--.--- n^ 

Generals ---------.------,------ 116 

Lieut enant-Generals ------------------ 127 

Maj'or-^Generals ---------- ----- ----- 1^0 

Brigadier-Generals ------- ^-- -------- 147 

British Staff 6 fleers - -.----------, ici. 

j4 ides -de-Camp to His Majesty -------- ■'^li^ 

Governors of Forts and Castles in Great Britain',' '•■ -. - -, IJiQ! 

Chelsea Hospital --, -. - -. - 104 

Guernsey _-_---.----.-----. "i. ---. -- 105 

Jersey -i---' --- - , ----- ih. 

Governors and Lieutenant-Governors of Gibraltar ----- 166 

■ ■ Minorca ------ 167 

Masters-General of the Ordnance, from 1506 ------- 168 

Lieutenant-Generals of the Ordnance ----------- 169 

Surveyors-General of the Ordnance ----------- 170 

Clerks of the Ordnance -- ib. 

Store-keepers of the Ordnance ----- 171 

Treasurers of the Ordnance -------------- 172 

Ch:-^'s of deliveries of the Ordtiance -.-.------ ib. 


Secretaries of the Ordnance — ,--__.o__-__. j*!^ 
Paymasters-General of the Land Forces --------- 175 

Comptrollers of the Army Accounts ----------- 176 

Commissaries-General of Musters ---------*». Hf, 

Judge Advocates-General ---------- - ^iod f^. lyiy 

A General List of the Succession of Colonels to the several 

Regiments of Horse f Dragoons, ^c. - - -------- 178 

East India Company ------.-*.- ->) ^^^'i**\i - -.277 

Commissioners for India Affairs ----- -'^«!?»»-y*&*!^-i V^ji^g' 

Secretaries to India Affairs ------ -1;. I'^^i . - .". 281 

^z&zV/' Clerks - - - • - k - -."^■- . . - - ib. 

Governors, Councils^ Judges, ds'c. at the different Settlements 

In India , - ------------------- 282 


Justiciars of England .-.-.----------- 287 

Court ofKing^s Bench ----------------- 289 

Court of Common Pleas -----------..--, 296 

Court of Exchequer - -'- - - - - -- - - --- 4^-- 3o5 


Auditors of Exchequer - - ---------- - ,- , -. - ^^9 

Tellers of Exchequer - ---------------- ib. 

Clerks of the Pells ----.---------.--- 321 

Chamberlains of the Exchequer -----------.- 32a 

Masters in Chancery ----------------- /^, 

Masters of the Rolls ----------------- 325 

Attorneys-General ------.,-..-------- 327 

Solicitors-General - ----------------- 330 

C/^zV/" Justices in Eyre ---------------- 3^2 

Serjeants at Law ------------------ 33^ 

Welsh Judges -------------------- 3^2 

Duchy Court of Lancaster - ---------,---". 3^4 

Officers of the County Palatine of Lancaster - -.,-^- - - - 346 

Post-Office and Postmasters-General ----- -..- - -'- - - - 347 

Officers of ihq Mini -«-■-•■.-..-«•--«---- 351 


• Page 

Commissioners of Public Accounts - 353 

Commissioners of the Customs ---------------- 354 

'Receivers-General of the Customs -------- ----*■• » - 363 

Commissioners of Excise ..------------------ 3"3 

Receivers-General of Excise - ----.----------• 373 

COMMISSIONERS of Jppeal ..-...--...----. ib. 

. o/5a// Z)«0' .----•--------- 37^ 

, ■ of Stamp Duties -.-,.-------• ib. 

. .'■ for Taxes -^-- ------------ 381 

. . for Wine Licences ----..---•-- 382 

- — -. . for Hackney Coaches ---------- 384 

OJicers of the Duchy of Cornwall - - - ^i-y ■i^'^^»^^ - fc» . ■ ■ - *■ *- - 386 

Regency during the King'^s Absence -----. i--- , 390 

Lord Lieutenants of the several Counties in England and Wales 40 1 

Keepers and Rangers of his Majesty'* 5 Paths ^ Chaces, &c. . - 4'3 

Master Falconers - --._-------- ' ' ' ' ' ^ '^ 

Surveyors-General of the Crown Lands \^ - - - - i'Jiasa 41* 

Surveyors General of His Majesty's Woods, <b'c. - - - - - tb* 

Ambassadors to Foreign States - -. - - - ^,- p - - " - - - 419 

Do. fri}tn Foreign States. ^ - "- - '- > - *■ - ^' 4^9 






A complete List of the Noblemen and Gentlemen who 
have been dignified with the Rank of Admiral In 
the Royal Navy of England, and Great Britain, from 
the Restoration of King Charles II. 1660, to the 
present Time, 

1 660 

V_X was the happy means of restoring the King to his domi- 
nions •, was Commander in Chief of the Fleet, and fought 
many battles with the Dutch, and displayed great courage 
and conduct. K. G. 

Prince Rupert, Duke of Cuinberland, nephew to the King, act- 
ed as an Admiral against the Dutch, and behaved with great 
bravery. K. G. 

Sir John Lawson, Knight, died o£ the wounds he received in a 
sea-fight with the Dutch, off Lowestoffe, 1665. 

Edward, Eajl of Sandwich, fought gallantly against the 
Dutch, and was unfortunately killed in tlje battle of South- 
wold Bay, May 29. 1672. K. G. 
fvoL. 11.] B Sir 

Admirals of Great Britain, 

1660 Sir Richard Stayner, Knight. " • ' , •, 

Ij66i Sir Robert Holmes, destroyed tlie Dutch magazines in the 

island of Vlie, and a large fleet of jnerchant^hips, and burnt; 

soroe shi|)$ of way. . . . ..' 

«Sir Thomas Allen, Knight, took part of the Dutch Smyrna 

fleet, killed Van Brakett, their Commodore, and drove the 

lemaindcr into Cadiz j contributed greatly towards defeating 

the Dutch off the North Foreland,' July 25. 1666. 
J 55 J Sampson, esq. killed in the sea-fight -with the Dutch, off 

Lovvestoffe, 1665. , . 

Sir Thomas Tyddeman, knight, attacked the Dutch fleet in 

the port of Bergen in Norway, and was repulsed. ■ 

Sir George Ayscue, knight. Admiral of the White, had his 

flag on board of the Royal Prince, fought with great bravery 

in the sea-fight off Ihe coast of Sussex, June i. 1666 j his 

ship being disabled, run on the Galloper sandrbank, was 

burnt, and he and crew made prisoners. 
Sir William Berkeley, knt. Vice-Admiral of the White, kille4 

in the above sea-fight, June i. 1666. 
Sir Joseph Jordan, knight, behaved with great bravery in ma* 

ny sea-fights, particularly in the battle of Solebay, May 9, 

1672. . ' 

Sir Christophet Mimms, knight, killed in the great sea-fight, 

June I. 1666. 
Sir John Herman, knight, commanded in the West Indies.— 

He defeated and destroyed a superior fleet of the Dutch and . 

French, and burnt the Fr;ench Admiral's ship, 1667. c 
Sir Jeremiah Smith, knight, fought with gre;at bravery in the 

sea-fights against the Dutch.; , ; .; ,,, , 
Sir Edward Spragge, knight, chastised the Algerines in 1670. 

Drowned in a sea-fight off the coast of Holland, August II.' 

Sir William Jennings, knight, second in command to Sir Ro- 
bert Holpes, at the attack 09 the isIm^Voll^e j went 
with King James to France. ; ' : - jr,. 

■ I .1 Uthurt, esq. 

Sir John Kempthorne, kfiight. Knighted £pr burning an Al« 
gerine fleet j behaved with great bpaveryj^iij several sea- 
fights in the Dutch wars. ,,.;'•' 
1670 Tl^omas, Earl of Ossory, son to the Duke of Ormond, dlstin- 

* Cuished himself much in a sea fight off the coast of Holland, " 
May 19. 1673, and in another, Aug. 11. the saifte year.— 

Sir Fretcheville Holies, knight, Rear- Admiral, killed on board 
the Cambridge, in the battle of Solebay, May^id^^. 

Admirals of Great Britain,- 

1670 Sir John Chic^ieley, knight, 'wks a coipmissioner for the office 
of Master of the Ordnance. 

1675 Sir John Narborough, knight. He chastised the piratical 
states of Barbary, and obliged them to sue for peace. 

1683 George, Lord Dartmouth. He was Captain of the Royal Ca- 
tharine in 1672, and displayed great courage, comihanded 
the King's fleet in 1668, was prevented by contrary winds 
from attacking the Prince df Orange's fleet. After the Re- 
volution, was committed prisoner to the Tower, where he 
William Davis, esq. 

Sir John Berry, knight, was knighted by King Charles H. for 
his bravery on board the Resolution, in 1672. Was an Ad- 
miral at La! Hogue, where he behaved with great courage. 
Sir Roger Strickland, knight. In 1688, the sailors refused to 
serve under his command, he being a papist, and had nearly 
thrown his priests overboard. 

ii588 Arthur Herbert, esq. afterwards Earl of'Torririgton. He was 
dismissed the service by King James, commanded the Dutch 
fleet that conveyed the Prince of Orange to England In 1688, 
was made Earl of Torrington. Lost the King's favour after 
the battle off Beachy-head. 
Sir Richard Haddock, knight. 
John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton. 
Henry Killigretv, esq. was an Admiral at the battle of La 

-' Hogiie, a Lord of the Admiralty in 1693.- 

1690 EdT\Tird Russell, esq. afterwkrds Earl of Orford, Sic. defeated 

^^- the French fleet under "M. 'de Tourville off Cape La Hogue j 

was created Earl of Orfotd^ was long first Lord of the Ad- 
miralty. , ; ■-'■''-'="'-' vJn^H-^^ 

Sir Cloudesley Sybv^F, -'knt. was knighted by King William 
for. his bravery in the battle of Bantry Bay, when Captain of 
the Edgar; was Rear-Admiral of England, and Comman- 
der in Chief of the fleet, and a Lord of the Admiralty. He 
commanded the fleet at the siege of Toulon in 1707 •■, and on 
his return from that expedition. In the Association, struck on 
the Bishop and Clerks rocks, Scilly, and was lost, October 
27. 1707. '-- 

Sir Ralph Delaval, knt. was an Admiral at the battle of La 
HoguCj ^nd a Lord of the Admiralty, 1693. 
<*'^.' Sir John Ashby, knt. Knighted by King William for tis bra- 
very in the Defiance, at the battle of Bantry Bay. W^as an 
Admiral at the battle of La Hogue. 

Sir George Rooke, knight, was knighted by King William. 

By Queen Anne v,- as made Vice- Admiral of England, and 

Admiral oi the fleet. He commanded the fleet against Ca- 

' B 2 tiiz, 

Admirals of Great Britain, 

diz, took Vigo, and destroyed the galleons, 1702. Com- 
manded the fleet at the taking of Gibraltar, 1704, and beat 
the French fleet under the Compte de Thoulouse off Malaga 
the same year. Was a Jr^P?^ pi %\if^ hAmu^ty in 1702. 
Died in 1709. ,,.„,:;.«;■■) u 

1691 Richard Carter, esq. .Killed Jaj;\l^(fLJatt)^f (3» ta "^o May. 

Matthew Aylmer, esq. afterwaras LorcPAylmer in Ireland, a 
Lord of the Admiralty, ^nd Rear- Admiral of Great Britain. 
Died in 1720. 

Sir David Mit-chell, knight. Died In 1710. 

1692 Sir Francis Wheeler, knight, drowned in 1694, in the Sussex, 

goii^g to the Mediterrannean, only two men saved. 
Hon, Edward Nevill, brother to Lord Abergavenny. 

1693 Sir Thomas Hopson, knight, knighted by ^ueen Anne for his 

intrepidity at Vigo, 1702. Died in 1717. ., ,,. 
1694, John Benbow, esq. died in Oct. J 702, .at Jamaica, of the 
wounds he received in an engagement with M. du Casse, in 
the V^'estj Indies, off the high land; cj|,6t^]VIfirtha*, July 

Peregrine, Marquis of Caermarthen, afterwards Duke of 
Leeds. He commanded the fleet or expedition against Brest. 
George Meeze, esq. 
'1698 Sir John.Munden, knight, was knighted by King Charles II. 
for retaking the ieland of St Heleha. 

1701 George Churchill, esq. brother to the Duke of Marlborough, 

also a Lord of the Admiralty i . , . 

Sir Stafford Fairbornc, kjoigh;t, knighted for his tiiavery in the 
battl? off Malaga. Was on^ of the. Council to Prince 

Georgeof Denmark. ,.^ J rjoiiii • r£ov 

1702 John Graydon, esq. ^^^'^ „• Cjq " , 

Sir William Whetstone, K^^gpt, Ewg)btj?ii ty Que^n Anne.— 

Dismissed in 1706. , f 

1703 Sir John Leake, knight, was Captain of the Eagle in the battle 

off La Hogue. In 1704, he was knighted by the Lord High 
Admiral, and same year sent to the Mediterranean, and had 
his share of the taking of Gibraltar, and the sea.-fight off 

> ^: Malaga. 

• Sobn after Admiral Benbow's return to Jamaica, he received a letter from M. 
Du Casse, of which the following is a translation :— .: r-r j 

■ , CarthapMt Auvu^t 170a, 

" Sin, ., '•■■■---' ' . p .'';."r Vi,.^ -.k 

" I had little hopes 'oh Monday last but to have sut>ped itJ your <^abin ; yet it 
pleased God to order it otherwise. I am thankful for it. As for those cowardly 
Captains who desei'ted you, hang them up ; for by G— dthcy deserve it. 


Admirals of Great Britain, 

Malaga. He relieved Gibraltar when besieged, and destroy- 
ed great part of M. Pointis's squadron, and performed other 
'important services in those sea5. He was Rear- Admiral of 
Great Britain, and made Commissioner of the Admiralty.— 
From both he was removed, and ha^ a pension of L.600 a- 
year. He -died in 1720. 
J 703 Sir George Byng, knt. afterwards Viscount Torrington. On 
every service he was employed in, he displayed great courage 
and conduct. He destroyed the Spanish ileet off Messina, 
in Sicily, in 17 18, and on his return was raised to the peer- 
age. He was Rear- Admiral of Great Britain, and first Lord 
of the Admiralty. 
Sir Thomas, knight. 
Basil Beaumont, esq. drowned in the great storrn in 1704, on 

board the Mary, in the Downs. 
Sir James Wisharti kot, knighted by Q^ueen Attfie* Pismissed 
in 1715, ' •'- ' '-K'i. ■:■■ 

^0^ Sir John Jennings, knight, was knighted by ^ueen Anne, for 
"' his bravery in the battle off Malaga, 1704; was entrusted 

with several' important commands, in which he acquitted 
himself with great 'honour •, w-as Rear-Admiral of Great 
Britain In 1732. Died in 1745. 
Charles, Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth, was likevv^ise 
Gaptain-General of the land forces in Spain, and General of 
the Marines. 
Sir Edward Whitaker, knight.^ Knighted" by Queen Anne. 
^ - Dismissed in 1715. ■ ,' "■ 

1.706 Sir John Norris, knight. St-rved lon^,:;&m 'witH great re- 
putation. He was knighted by Q^ueen Anne, commar.ded 
the fleet In the Baltic, and was employed in a public charac- 
ter to the Czar j also a Lord of the Adrairralty, and Admiral 
of the fleet. Died in 1749. 
^1^5^67 James, Lord Viscount Dursley, afterwards Earl of Berkeley, 
served with great honour to himself, and service to his coun- 
try, for many years. Was Vice-Admiral of Great Britain, 
and first Lord of the Admiralty. Died in 1736. 
1738 .Tohn Baker, esq. Died in 171^. 

James Littleton, esq. Died in 1722. ,' 

Sir Charles Wager, knight. He was knighted by Queen 
Anne, for his gallant behaviour in the West Indies, in at- 
tacking, taking one, and destroying some rich galleops. H^ 
was Treasurer of the Na\7, and first Lord of the Admiralty. 
Died in 1743. 
1710 Sir Hovenden Walker, knight. Knighted by Queen Anne in 
171 1 j commanded the sea forces in the expedition against 
Quebec. Qn hi,s retyrn, his ship the Edgar, of 7^ guns, 
bl«\YH|).3t Spithead, and all on beard perished. The officers 
B ^ v.ere 

Admirals of Great Britain. 

were mostly on shore. He was dismissed jn I'Ji^i^, Died in 

1710 Sir Thomas Hardy, knight. Knighted by Qujsen Anne, for 

his bravery at Vigo. Died in 1732. 
17 18 Charles Cornwall, esq. Died in 17,18. 

George Delaval, esq. Killed by a fall from his horse, 1732. 
James Mighells, esq. — Resigned to be a Commissioner of the 
Navy. ": , 

f722 Francis Hosier, esq. Died in 1727, on board the Breda, off 

La Vera Cruz, of a broken heart. 
3723 Sir George Walton, knight. Knighted for his gallant beha- 
viour, while Captain of the Canterbury, in a battle off Mes- 
sina *. Resigned on a pension of L.600. a-year. ' 
C.Strickland, esq. Died in 1724. 
J727 Salmon Maurice, esq. Resigned, in 1734, on a pension. Died 
in 1741. 
Robert Hughes, esq. Died in 1728. 

Edward Hopson, esq. Died in 1728, on board the Leopard, 
at his command off the Grand Baru, West Indies. 
J728 Philip Cavendish, esq. a Lord of the Admiralty. Died In 

Sir John Balchen, knight, after a long and meritorious service, 
was lost in the Victory, with all his crew, 1744. 
1729 Edward St Looe. Died at his command in the West Indies in 
Hon. Charles Stewart, son to Lord Viscount Mountjoy, lost an 

arm whilst a Captain. Diedini740. 
Thomas Matthews, esq. After a long and distinguished ser- 
vice, was dismissed by the sentence of a court-martial, for 
misconduct (while Commander-in-Chief of the fleet in the 
,; . , Mediterranean) in iattacking the combined fleets of France 
and Spain, off Toulon, in February 174';. Died in 1748. 
Sir George Saunders, knight, was Sir George Byng's Captain 
inthe battle off Messina. Knighted in 1720. Made a Com- 
missioner of the Navy. Died in 1734. 
J734 Nicholas Haddock, esq. Died in 174^,. 

Sir Tancred Robinson, Baronet.. ';3R.f^ign^rjiap3^74f. Died in 

1754. ' ■ '■''■ <■:■■-■- 



* The letter he sent to Sir Gfcorge Byng, after performing this service, is justly 
considered as a curiosity : — 

Canterhurv, cff Syracuse y Augutt 1 6. I718. 
" Sir, 

" We have taken and destroyed all the Spanish ships and vessels which were 
upon the coast. The number s»s per margin. And 1 am, &c. 

••G. WALTON," 

Admirals of Great Britain. 

*734 George, Lord Forbes, aftertvards Earl of Gratiard. Quitted. ' 
Made Governor of the Leeward islands. Died in 1765. 
JohnHagar, esq. Resigned in 1748; " ' <^''- ■ 

1739 Edward Vernon, esq. did great service iii tTft' Wfest Indies, by 

taking Porto Bello, Chagre, &c. but by Ms disagreement 
with the Commander of the iand-forces, the-iexpedition against 
Carthagena failed. He commanded in the Downs in 1745, 
and next year was dismissed the service by his Majesty's 
command, for writing fwo pamphlets, by which the Secreta- 
ry of State, and Secretary bf the Admir&ltyVifett^rs were 
'made known. Died in 1757. ''''^'' "' 

1740 Sir Chaloner Ogle, knight. Knighted for taking Roberts the 

pirate on the coast of Africa in 1722. Admiral of the fleet. 
Died in 1751. ^ 

1743 James Stewart, esq. Adialral of the flfeeit in 1751. -Died in 

.^757- , .■ -., . ,.:."U . , 

Richard Lestock, esq. ' Suspended from his coTtimkml m the 
Blediterranean by Admiral Matthews, for -misconduct j but 
tried and acquitted. Died in 1748. - , 

Sir Charles Hardy, knight. Knighted in 174-i, i'JE.'oAl 'df the 
Admiralty. Died in 1744. . *' ■' 

Thomas Davers, esq. Died at his comitfati'^ fnr 'the West In- 
dies in 1747. • , ' ' ' 

Hon. George Clinton, son to the 'Earl bf Lincoln. Made Go- 
vernor of New York in 1742; Died in f^^xi'^^ 

Sir Willlam'Rowley, Knight of the Bath, distlnguisfifed himself 
greatly in the sea-fight off Toulon, February 1744,-, a Lord 
of the Admiralty in 1751 J Knight of the Bath' in 1753:- 
Admlral of the fleet in 1762. Died in 1768. 

1744 William Martin, esq. 'Died in 1756. '•- ' ^ 

Isaac Towrishend, esq. Commanded at the lieeiirard islands, and 
drove a French fleet ashore oh Martiniqtie-iti 1746. Gover- 
nor of Greenwich Hospital. Died In 1765. 
Henry Medley, esq. Died in Vado Bay, on board the Russel, 

in 1746, whilst he commanded in the Mediterrenean. 
Lord Vere Beauclerk, afterwards Lord Vere, a Lord of the 

Admiralty. Quitted. Died in 1781. 
George Anson, esq. afterwards Lord Anson. Went to the 
South Seas as Commodore, where he performed great service, 
and took the galleon. In May 1747, took six French shr^js of 
war. Was raised to the Peerage same year. First Lord of 
the Admiralty in 1751 ; Admiral of the fleet 1761 j and the 
r- '• sa^ne year conveyed the present Queen from the Elbe to 
Harwich. Died in 1762. 
' Perry Mayne, esq. Diedlni76i. 
1745 Sir Peter Warren, Knight of the Bath. Took Loulsburg while 

jj 4 Commodore', 

Admirals of Great Britain^ 

Commodore, in 1745. I^stinguished himself greatly In the 
sea-fight off Cape Finisterre in May 1747, and same year 
was made a Knight of the Bath. Died in 1752. 
J 745 Hon. John Byng. Shot by the sentence of a court-martial, on 
bbard the Monarch, at Portsmouth, March 14. 1757, for 
an error in judgment (for they acquitted him of cowardice or 
disaffection), in an engagement with the enemy off Minorca, 
?»Iay 20'. 1756. 
Henry Osborne, esq. Behaved with great bravery in many 
actions ; took Commodore M. Du Quesne in the Foudroyant 
in 1758 j Vice-Admiral of Great Britain in 1763. Died in 

Hon. Fitzroy Henry Lep, son to the Earl of Litchfield. Died 
in 1752. 

Thomas Smith, esq. called by the seamen Tom of Ten Thou- 
sand. When a Lieutenant, was broke on a complaint of 
the French Ambassador, for obliging a French ship of war to 
lower her topsails to his ship at Spithead j but by the King's 
order was the next day made a Captain!. Died \^ 1762. 

Thomas Griffin, esq. Broke for misconduct, while he com- 
manded in the East Indies. Restored again. Died in 1771. 
1747 Sir Edward Hawke, Knight of the Bath, afterwards Lord 
Hawkc, greatly distinguished himself while in the/Berwick, 
in the sea-fight off Toulon in February 1 744, - bytaking the 
Poderof6o guns. In October 1747, took six large French 
ships of war 5 was made a Knight of the Bath. In J 758, he 
drove seven French ships of war ashore at the mouth of the 

' Charante. In Nov^ipber 1759^ he defeated the French un- 
der M. de Ccnflans. In 176^6 ibade first Lord of the Admi- 
ralty. Resigned in 1771* Jjn ^7.7^ raised to the Peerage.—- 
r>iedinT78r. ,^ rf^udaih^ ari^o 

Wilham Chambers, esq. Di^<l|ip(-^53.^^, (\;-?Vt 

Sir Charles Knowles, Bart. 'Cqnimaiided at Jamaica in 1747* 
and beat the Spanish fleeruhder Admiral Reggio near the 
Havannah, in 1748. Rear-Admiral of England in 1765. 
Wias made q Baronet. Went' int? the Russian service, but 
returned again. Died in 1777.. , . . ., .f v ■ . 

Jlon. John Forbes, son to the Earl of dranarj ; he displayed 
great courage and conduct on many occasions j was many 
years a Lord of the Admiralty. Made General of Marines 
in 176?, and Admiral of the fleet in 1781. Died in 1796. 

flight Hon. Edward Boscawen, son to Lord Viscoi^nt Fal- 
mouth. Greatly distinguishcjd himself in the Namur in May 
1747, in which action he was wounded. Commanded in the 
East Indies in 1747. In 1755, he commanded the fleet in 
North America, and took two French ships of the line. In 
- - 1758 

Admirals (f Great Britain* 

1758, he commanded the fleet at the taking of Louisburg, 
where the French nayy sustained a severe blow. In 1759, 
he beat the French fleet under la Clue, off Gape 
Lagos, taking three, and destroying two French ships of the 
line. In 1760, he was made General of marines, and sworn 
of his Majesty's Privy Council. He was a Lord of the Ad- 
miralty from 1751, to his death in January 1761. 
1748 Charles Watson, esq. having greatly signalized himself as a 
Captain, was, in 1754, sent to the i-a^t Indies. He des- 
troyed Angria the pirate, and retook Calcutta, &c. &c. 
Took Chandernagore, &c. Died in 1757. For his services," 
his Majesty created his son a Baronet of Great Britain in 
'755 Temple West, esq. gave great proof of leaolution and good coa- 
duct, May 2Q. 1756^ '. Was a Lbrd of the Admiralty. Died 
101757. ■■■- 

Sir George Pocock, Knt. of the Bath, commanded the fleet in 
the East Indies from 1757 to 1760, during which time, he 
beat the enemy in three different engagements with an inferi- 
or force. In 1761, was madea Knight of the Bath. In 1762, 
commanded the fleet in the West Indies, and contributed to 

. take the Havannah. Resigned in 1766. 1792. 

Honourable George Townshend, son to Viscount Townshend, 
commanded at Jamaica in 1755. Died in J768. 

Savage Mostyn, esq. Died in 1757. 

Francis Holburne, a Lord of the Admiralty, Governor of 
Greenvnch Hospital. Died in 1771. 
J756 Henry Harrison, esq. behaved with great bravery in the Mon- 
mouth, in May apd October 1747. . Died' in 1759. 

Thomas Cotes, esq. behaved with great bravery while Captain 
of the Edinburgh in 1747. Comrpanded at Jamaica from 
1757 to 1760. T)i^cf-in 1767. 

Sir Th6mas Franklkn^, Bart, succeeded his brother as Baronet. 
Diedini784. ^^^^^ ^; 

Lord Harry Powlett; afterwards Duke of Bolton. Died in 

1794- '. 

Harry Norris, esq. Died in 1764. 

1 hoinas Broderick, esq. going to the Mediterranean in the 
Prince George of 90 guns, she took fire and was burnt, most 
of the crew drowned, the Admiral taken up by a merchant 
ship's boat. He behaved extremely well under Admiral 
BoscaM'en off Cape Lagos in July 1759. He died of a can- 
cer in his fkce, January i. 1760. 

Sir Charles Hardy, knt. knighted in 1755. Goverror of New 
York in 1756. Went with Lord Loudoun against Louis- 
borgirt 1757. Against the same place with Admiral Bos- 


I o Admirals of Great Britain^ 

cawen in 1758. Served under Admiral Hawke next year. 
Commanded the grand fleet in 1779. Died in 1780. 

1*^5^ George, Earl of Northcsk, fought bravely in the East Indies 
while Captain' of the Preston in 1746. Died in 1792. 
&r Charles Saunders, lent, of the Bath, was one of Lord Anson's 
Lieutenants, fought gallantly while in the Yarmouth in May 
and October 1747. Commanded the fleet on the expedition 
against (Quebec in 1759. Made a Knight of the Bath in 
1 761, and sent to command in the Mediterranean in 1762. 
Made Lieutenant-general of marines in 1760. A Lord of 
the Admiralty in 1765, and first Lord of the Admiralty in 

■ ■' ' 1766. Died in I775. ~ 

1758 Sir Thomas Pye, knt. knighted by the King at Portsmouth in 

1773. Made Lieutenant-general of marines in 1781, Died 

in 1785. ^ 

Charles Stevens, esq. went out Commodore to the East Indies, 

where he fought with great bravery under Admiral Pocock. 

<■■:■- Commanded the fleet at the taking of Pondicheity in January 

Uii .. u 1761. Died in 1761. 

i3ti|ii;jv Philip Durell, esq. Commodore to Louisburg in 1758, and to 
Q^uebec in 1759. ^^^^ at his command at Halifax in North 
America 1766. 
Charles Holmes, esq. fought many gallant battles before he was 
promoted to a flag. In 1758, he forced the French and 
^^i Austrian garrison to abandon the city of Embden. Was at 

Q^uebec in 1759. Sent to command at Jamaica in 1760, and 
died there in 1761. •-^^ -i'-'-V' '^''" 

Sir Samuel Cornish, Bart, comtti'atld€i!''tSe'"fl^t-at the reduc- 
tion of Manilla in 1762. Made a Baronet in 1765. Died 
in 1770. 
Sir Francis G,eary, Bart, took the cotnittand of the great fleet in 
1780. Created a Baronet in'1782. Died in 1796. 

1759 Smith Callis, esq. made a Posticaptalh, and had a gold medal 

given him by King George II. for burning five Spanish gal- 
leys ii^ the port of St Tropez. Died in 1761. 
Sir Ge6rge Brydges Rodney, created Lord Rodney. Behaved 
with gr6at bravery in the Eagle in October 1747. Bombarded 
Haxre de Grace in 1759. Commanded the fleet at the taking 
of Martinlco, Grenada, &c. in 1762. Made a Baronet in 
J764, and Governor of Greenwich Hospital in 17^5. Sent 
to command at Jamaica in 1770, and to comfnand at the 
Leeward islaiulsin 1780. On his way out lie tdbk the Carac- 
ca fleet, not one escaping ; a few days afterwards he defeated 
the Spanish Admiral Langara, and made him pri'soner, took 
and destroyed most of his fleet. Relieved' Gibraltar, aud 
proceeded to the West Indies, where he' fought several des- 

Admirals of Great Britain. 1 1 

perate battles wkh the French. Took St Eustatia, and all 

the Dutch islands in 1781, Made a Knight of the Bath. 

. Came home, and was sent out to the West Indies again in 

1782, and on the 12th of April that year, he defeated a 
large fleet of French ships of war, making the Compte de 
Grasse, the commander, prisoner. For this -ha was raised to 
the Peerage ; made Vice-admiral of Great Britain ; and in 

1783, got a pension of L.2000 a-year. Died in 1792. 
J761 His Royal Highness Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of York 

and Albany, was a Midshipman at the taking of Cherburg, 
and the defeat at St Cas in 1758. Made Captain of the 
Phoenix of 44 guns, June 14. 1759 *, and Rear- Admiral of 
the Blue, Aprils. 1761 j Vice of the Blue in 1762 j and 
Admiral of the Blue in 1766. He died at Monaco in Italy, 
September 14. 1767. 
2762 Sir William Burnaby, Knt. and Bart, commanded at Jamaica 
in 1771. Died in 1776. 
James Young, esq. destroyed some French ships at Newfdund- 
land, when he commanded the Kinsale of 40 guns, and had 
~ a broad pendant in the glorious battle OiF Bellisle, November 
it'r 20. 1759. Died in 1789. 

Sir Piercy Brett, Knt. was one of Lord Anson's Lieutenants. 

3B^ 3fl "i He great distinguished himself, when Captain of the Lyon in 

bns rf-->r!: ^745' Was a Lord of the Admiralty. Died in 1781. 

i& es7/Sir John Moore, Knight of the Bath, and Baronet, commanded 

httz oS"" t^^ fl^^t ^t the taking of Guadaloupe in 1759. Died in 1779. 

Richard Tyrrell, esq behaved with great courage v/hen Cap- 

'-'jnhii 3:. tain of the Buckingham of 70 guns, in an action with a French 

hii(T - ship of 74 guns, and two large frigates, in the West Indie?, 

in 1758, in which he was badly wounded in the right hand. 

He commanded in the W,est Indies ^,1763, and died on his 

passage home in 1765. ?.T:F*r? =; b':>^"''.'D oi^'i 

Alexander Cclvill, .Ia;^4 Colvill, retook N^wfoUJldla^d in 1762. 

Died in 1779.; -idV .i'' , Mf yd mir' -s .'.:; 

Sir James Douglas," Knt. was knighted for bringing home the 
bavfirfba news of the surrender of Quebec in 1759? commanded the 
bafaifidmi fleet at the Leeward Islands in 1761 ,• had a broad pendant at 
uniylej sfl.the siege of Martinicoin 1762, and was created a Baronet in 
^i J9noT£ajM»e 1786. Died in 1787. 

JnaB .^ John Bentley, Knt. knighted for his bravery in the War- 
iiili :tB hfSpight off Cape Lagos in 1759. Died in 1770. 
-pBisD. 3^im*™ Gordon, .esq. Died in 1768. 

b3tfi3i9bG4or,gie Edgecumbe, Lord Edgecumbe, now Viscount Mount- 
ilooi ,'i3/i.e4gecu»>be and Valletort. Made Earl of Mountedgecumbe 
Jbfje tiKJli.W;??^^* He displayed great courage when he commanded 
-z3b Iciov-aj^^.^a^castFrin May 1756, and was sent home express with 

t ar Admirals of Great Britain, 

tlie news of the surrender &f Cape Breton, in 1738. Died in 

January 1785. 
Robert S wanton, esq. Commodore at the taking pf Martinico, 

&c. in 1762. Died In 1765. 
Samuel Graves, esq. commanded the fleet \n North America in 

1775. pied in 1787. 
William Parryj esq. commanded at Jamaica in 1767. Died in 


Honourable Augustus Keppel, afterwards Viscount Keppel, 
was a Midshipman at the taking of. Palta, where he was 
slightly wounded. Was Commodore on the coast of Africa j 
and in January 1759 took Goreej and behaved with great 
courage in the Torbay in the sea-fight off Belleisle, Novem- 
ber 20, 1759. In 17^1, he commanded the fleet at the siege 
of Belleisle J and in 1762, went out Commodore under Sir 
George Pocock to the Hayannah. He commanded the 
grand fleet in 1778. Wasaccused by Vice-admiral Sir Hugh 
Palliser, of misconduct In a sea-fight off Ushant on the 27th 
of July 1778, for which he was tried, and honourably ac- 
r^uitted ; he even got the thanks of the Lords and Commons. 
In 1782, he was made first Lord of the Admiralty, and soon 
after created Viscount Keppel in 1782. Died In 1786. 
1764 John Amherst, esq. Died in 1778. 

His Royal Highness IJenry Duke. of Cumberland arjd Strath- 
.jt _„i -, ern. Died in 17901. 

1*^70 Sir Peter Denis, Bart, was one of Lord Anson's Lieutenants, 
greatly distinguished himself in May 1747, in the Centurion. 
He took the Raisonable of 64 guns in 1758, in the Dorset- 
shire J and in the same sliip began the battle off Belleisle, 
Nov. 20. 1759, where he gained great honour. Was made 
Baronet in 1768. Died in 1778. uV.i., .. 

Robert Hughes, esq. one of Lord Ansbn*s Lieutenants. Died 
in 1774. 

MatthewBuckle, esq. took the Glofiosoin 1747.. Was Captain 
of the Namur in th^ glorious, battles of Cape Lagos in July, 
gnd off Belleisle in November 1759, where he behaved with 
great courage. Died in 1784. 

Robert Mann, esq. a Lord of the Admiralty. Died In 1783. 

Cleik Gayton, esq. behaved with great resolution In the St 
George of 90 guns, at the attack of Basse Terre, Guada- 
loupe, in Jan. 1759. Died in 1785. 

John Barker, esq. Died in 1777. 

Sir Richard Spry, Knt. knighted at Portsmouth in 1773. Died 

^ni77.?-. . . ,y ," 

Lucius O'Brien, esq. behaved with great resolirtion whilst he 
cqmmand'ed the Cplchester in 1756, and in the Essex of 64 

' guns, 

Admirals of Great Britain, 1 3 

guii», In th« battle off Belle! sle, Nov. ao. 1759. Died In 

»77i- , .. . 

John Montagu, i^i^. Died rti Sept. 1795. 

Thomas Craven, brother to Lord Craven. Died in 1772. 

Sir Robert Harland, Bart, commanded the fleet in the East In- 
dies jn 1771, &c. A Lord of the Admiralty. Died in 

James Sayer, esq. behaved with great resolution at the attack 
\ of the island of Goree, when be commanded the Nassau in 

1759. Died in 1777. , "' ' 

Richard Howe, Viscount and Earl Howe, displayed great 
courage in the Dunkirk at the taking of the Alcide in 1755. 

^ Took the island of Chausey in 1756. In 1757, while com- 
manding the Magnanime, he greatly distingu-Ished himself 
in attacking the fort on the isle ofAix. In 17,^8, he was 
Commodore on the coast of France 5 burnt the ships at St 
Malo, and took and destroyed Cherburg. This year, he 
succeeded to the Peerage on the death of his brother. In 
1758, he commanded the Magnanime, and had a great share 
of the glory gained on Nov. 20. that year. In 1762, he was 
,the Duke of York's Captain. In 1776, he had the com- 
mand of the fleet in North America. In 1782, he relieved 
Gibraltar in the face of jO sail of the line j and afterwards 
repulsql the combined fleets. In December 1783, he was 
appointed first Lord of the Admiralty. This office he re- 
signed in 1788, on wWch he was created Earl Howe j and 
on 1st June 1794, defeated the French fleet ^nder Villaret 
Joyeuse, sinking one, and taking six ships of the line, for 
which his Majesty conferred on him the Most Noble Order 
of the Garter. He died in 1799. ':'-^ .cs: ..v: 
1775 Washington Shirley, Earl Ferrers. Diediti J778. 

Hugh Pigot, esq. Commanded the fleet in the West Indies the 
end of 1782. A Lord of the Admiralty. Died in 1793. 

Mollneux Shuldham, esq. now Lord Shuidham, commanded in 
North America in 1776, and the same year made a Peer of 
Ireland. Died in 1798. 

Sir Joseph Knight, Knt. knighted by the King at Portsmouth 
in 1773. Died in 1775. 

John Vaughan, esq. Died in 1789. 

John Lloyd, esq. commanded a small squadron in Ouiberon 
bay in 1759, and was very active in distressing the enemy. 
Died in 1778. 

Robert Duff, esq. commanded at Gibraltar in 1 779. Died in 

. 1787. . 

John Reynolds, esq. Died in 1788. 

Sir Hii'^h Palliser, Bart, wag, third in command of the grand 


14 Admirals of Great Britain* 

fleet in 1778. Tried for misfconduct, and acquitted-. Was 
Lieutenant-general of marines, and a Lord of the Admiralty, 
which he resigned in 1779. In July 1780, was appointed 
Governor of Greenwich Hospitel* He died in 1796, being 
then Admiral of the Whiter- ' ' 
X775 Honourable John Byron, son t6 Lord Byron, commanded in 
North America and the West Indies in 1778 and 1779, and 
fought a bloody battle with a French ship greatly superior to 
him, off the island of Grenada. Died in 1786. 
Augustus John Hervey, Earl of Bristol, distinguished himself 
very much when he comnianded the Dragon of 74 guns, at 
the sieges of Belleisle, Martinico, and the HavannaH. Died 
in 1779. 
^777 George Mackenzie, esq. Died in 1780. 
Matthew Barton, esq. t)ied in 1795. 

Sir Peter Parker, Knt. and Bart, knighted in 1772. Commo- 
dore in America, where he distinguished himself by an attack 
on Fort Sullivan. He took Rhode island in 1777, and was 
sent to command at Jamaica, 1779. Made Baronet Jan. 23. 
1782. He is now Admiral of the fleet. ■- 

1778 Honourable Samuel Barrington, son to Viscount Barrington, 
sent to command in the West Indies. Repulsed the French 
at St Lucia in 1779, although more than ten times his force, 
and the same year was wounded in a sea-fight off the Gre- 
nades ; made Lieutenant-Gcneral of Marines in 1786. Died 
'•■■'■• ' ' in 1800. • ' 

Marriot Arbuthnot, esq. Commanded in North America in 

i78oandi78i. Died in 1793, 
Robert Roddam, esq. was made a Post captain for his gallant 
behaviour whilst he commanded a sloop of war on the coast 
of Spain, and bravely defended the'Greenwich of 50 guns for 
many hours against a French squadron of 5 sail of the line 
and 3 frigates, but was at lertgth obliged to yield to so great 
a superiority. He is now a,n Admiral of the Red. - ■ 
George Darby, esq. and the present Rear-Admiral of Great 
Britain. Relieved Gibraltar in 1781. Made L©t4 of the 
Admiralty the same year. Died in 1790. "- - ' 
John Campbell, esq. Governor of Newfoundland in 1782, 1783, 

and 1784. Died in 179 1.' 
Christophfer Hill, esq. .Died in 1778. 
James Gambifer, esq. commanded in North America in 177^' 

Died In 1788. 
William Lloyd, esq. 

Francis William Drake, esq. Died in 1788. 
Sir Edward Hughes, Knt. and Knt. of the Bath, commanded in 
the East Indies from 1778 to 1783, and fought five bloody 
/ ' battles with the French in these seas. Died in 1795. 
/' Sir Hyde Parker, Bart, commanded the fleet in the West Indies 


Admirals of Great Britain. 15 

in 1780, where he distinguished himself very rauch»;iin 1781 ' 
he commanded the British fleet in the North Sea, and on the 
7th of August, when off the Dogger Bank, he engaged a 
Dutch fleet every way superior to him, and forced them to 
retire into port. In 1782 ha was appointed commander of 
his Majesty's fleet in the East Indies, and hoisted his flag on 
hoard the Cato of 50 guns, but from the time he left Eng- 
land no accoimt has ever been received of him, crew, or 
1779 Jolin Evans, esq. took St Pierre and Miqaelon in 1778. Died 
in 1796. 

Mark Milbank^ esq. served as Vice-admiral at the relief of 
Gibraltar in 1782. Died in 1804. 

Nicholas Vincent, esq. 

John Storr, esq. took the Orphee of 64 guns, and in the action 
lost the calf of one of his legs. Died in 1783. 
. Sir Edward Vernon, Knt. knighted at Portsmouth in 1773, 
commanded the fleet aJ the taking pf Pondicherry, in 1779. 
^piedini794. .,<y^-s ,.^;^ 

Sir Joshua Rowley,' Bart; has given many proofs of courage and 
conduct during his long services. Created a Baronet in 1786. 
■■ D5ed in 1790. 

Richard. Edwards, esq. commanded at Newfoundland in 1779* 
1780, and 1781. Died in J794. 

Thomas, Lord Graves, commanded the fleet in North Ame- 
rica in 1780 and 1781. He repulsed a much superior French 
fleet off the Chesapeak. He was second in command of the 
British fleet undier Earl Howe, and had a great share in the 
victory gained over the enemy on the first of June 1794» ^^ 
which battle he was severely wounded : in reward for his 
gallant services his Majesty was pleased to create him Lord 
Graves of the kingdom of Ireland. He died in 1802. 

Robert Digby, esq. commanded the fleet in North America in 

Sir John Lockhart Ross, Bart, whose services, while Captam of 
the Tartar, will always make a conspicuous figure in our Na- 
val Annals. Assisted in relieving Gibraltar in 1780 and 
;- -t^gi. Died in 1790. 
1780 Charles Webber, esq. Died in 1783. 

William Langdon, esq. behaved with great bravery when Cap- 
„ ' , tain of the Edinburgh, in an action off Cape Francois, Oct, 
1757. Died in 1785. 
Benjamin Marlow, esq. Died in 1794. 

Alexander Hood, esq. displayed great courage whilst he com- , 
jnanded the Minerva of 32 guns ; served as a Rear-admiral 
.. , under Lord Howe/ at the relief of Gibraltar in 1782. Trea- 

i6 Admirah (^ Great Britain* 

surer of Greenwich Hospital, Made K. B. and Lor^ Bild- 
1780 Alexander Innes, esq. sent t6 cojamatid at Jamaica in 1783:, 
and died soon after. 
Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt. 

Sir Samuel Hood, Bart, now Lord Hood, raised to the Peerage 
of Ireland for his gallant behaviour at St Christopher's, and 
in the battles on 9th and 12th April 1782. On the first of 
June 1 796, he was raised to the dignity of Viscount Hood of 
Great Britain, and is at present an Admiral of the Red, and 
Governor of Greenwich Hospital. 
Matthew Moore, esq. behaved bravely whilst Captain of the 

Adventure. Died in 1787. 
Sir Richard Hughes, Bart, served as Rear-admiral under Lord 
Howe, at the relief of Gibraltar, who detached him to com- 
mand at the Leeward Islands in 1782. Died in 1791. 
Sir Francis Samuel Drake, Bart, created a Baronet' for his gal- 
'lant behaviour in the battle fought on April 12. 1782. Made 
a Lord of the Admiralty. Died in Dec. 1789. 
-Richard Kempenfelt, esq. distinguisl^ed himself in the East In- 
dies while Captain of Admiral Stevens's ship, in the bloody 
battles fought there in 1758 and 1759 j- as also at the taking 
of Manilla, and :was, on that occasion, in token of his great 
merit, made Governor of Port Cavite, and sent home with 
>' the news of that conquestJn I'jCyl. Was, in 1779 and J780, 
Admiral's Captain of the grand fleet. In December 1780, 
he commanded 12 sail of the line, and, by his superior skilly 
cut. off 12 sail of French ships, escorted by 22 sail of the 
' line. He unfortunately lost his life, by his ship the Royal 
Geoi-ge oversetting at Spithead in 1782. 
1784 Sir Edmund Affleck, Bart. Made a Baronet for his gallant be- 
haviour, April 12. 1782. Died in 1788. 
1786 Sept. 14. John Elliot, esq. took a French fleet of frigates, com- 
manded by the famous M. Thurot j and has, on many occa- 
sions, greatly distinguished himself in the Navy. He is at 
present General of the Mint in Scotland, and an Adihiral of 
the Red. . " ' • , 

W. Hotham, es]. has given many conspicuous proofs of courage 
and conduct whilst a Captain, and as a Commodore in the last 
war in North America and the West Indies, and at the relief 
of Gibraltar in 1782. In 1797, ^"^ Majesty was pleased to 
create him a Peer of Ireland by the title of Lord Hotham. 
He is at present an Admiral of the Red. 
Sir J. Lindsay, K. B. was knighted for his gallant b^htiviour at 
, . the siege of Havannah, and a K. B. whilst Commodore in the 
-—- ' East Indies. Died in 1788. 

Admirals of Great Britain* 17 

1787 Joseph Peyton, esq. was Admiral's first Captain in the fleet 
under Admiral Darby, at the relief of Gibraltar in 1781.— 
Died in 1804. 

Jo. Carter Allen, esq. was made Post -captain for a very gallant 
action with a French privateer of superior force to the sloop 
he commanded. Died in Oct. 1800. 

Sir Chas. Middleton, Bart, when he commanded a 20 gun-ship 
in the West Indies, took and destroyed so many French pri- 
vateers, and afforded such protection to the trade, that the 
Assembly of Barbadoes voted him their thanks, and a gold- 
hiked sword^ in token of the service he had done on that 
istation. MadeComptroUer ofthe Navy in 1778. Ini78i,he 
was made a Baronet of Great Britain j in May 1794, he was 
appointed one of the Commissioners of the Admiralty, which 
he resigned in December 1796. In Apiril 1805, he was rais- 
ed to the Peerage of Great Britain, by the title of Lord Bar- 
ham, and appointed First Commissioner of the Board of Ad- 
miralty, which office he resigned in February 1806. He is 
at present an Admiral of the Red. 

Sir John Laforey, Bart, promoted to his flag, Nov. 10. 1789. 
He greatly distinguished himself at the siege of Louisburg in 
1758, by boarding and taking the French ship the Prudent 
of 74 guns. In 1779, he' was appointed one of the Com- 
missioners ofthe Navy, which he resigning in 1789, he was 
promoted to the rank of Vice-admiral ofthe White, and cre- 
ated a Baronet of Great Britain in November 1789. He 
died in 1795. 

.Ta. Dalrymple, esq. distinguished himself when Captain of the 
Solebay, and when he commanded the Union in 1782. Died 
in 1795. 

Herbert Sawyer, esq. when Captain ofthe Active, took the 
Hermione Spanish Register ship, and distinguished himself 
when.Captairi ofthe Boyne at St Lucia in 1779. Died ia 

Sir Richafd King, Knt. distinguished himself greatly whilst a 
Commodore in the East Indies last war, for which he receiv- 
ed the honour of knighthood. Created a Baronet in 1792. 

J. Faulknor, esq. a son of the gallant Captain Faulknor, who 
lost his life in the Victory iri 1744, and has distinguished him- 
self on several occasions in the course of the two last wars. 
Died in 1795. 

Philip Affleck, esq a Lord of the Admiralty, behaved v/ith 
gre^t courage in many severe engagements, when Captain of 
the '^uuni^h. Died in 1800. 

[vol. ii.] c J787 

i^ Admirals of Great Britain, 

1787 Sir Ricliatd Bkkerton, Bart, behaved very gallantly when 
■ i Gitpt&in of the Glasgow j, steered his Majesty's barge at the 
grand Naval Review at Portsmouth in 1773 ; for which he 
Was knighted 5 was created a baronet of Great Britain in 
1778 5 w^nt Commodore of a squadron to the East Indies in 
in 1781. Died in 1792. ' 

Honourable John Leveson Gower, distinguished himself very 
much whilst he commanded the Quebec in the former war ; 
and, durmg the last, whilst he commanded the Valiant j as 
also, when he was first Captain af Lord Howe's ship, at the 
relief of Gibraltar, in the year, 1782. Died in 1790. 
Sir John Jervis, Earl of St Vincent. He has often distinguish- 
ed himself, but particularly in the aetioti with the Pegase, 
when he commanded the Foudroyant, April 20. 1782, for 
v/hich he was made a Knight of the Bath j and when he 
commanded the British fleet stationed off the coast of Spain 
and Portugal, being off Cape St Vincent, Feb. 14. 1797, he, 
with a very inferior force, attacked and beat the Spanish fleet, 
taking two ships of 100 guns, and two ships 74 guns each, for 
which important service his Majesty was pleased to create him, 
an Earl of Great Britain on the 27th of May 1797. In Feb, 
1791, he was appointed First Lord Commissioner of the Ad- 
miralty^ which oflice he resigned in May 1804. He is at pre- 
sent an Admiral of the Red. 
Adam Viscount Duncan,— distinguished himself much at 
the siege of the Havannah, where he was Captain of Com- 
modore (afterwards Lord) Keppel's ship 5 and also whilst he 
commanded a squadron off the coast of Holland, both' during 
the mutiny which broke out on board the British fleet in 
1795, and on October ir. 1797, when he attacked and to- 
tally defeated the Dutch fleets comtnanded by Admiral Win- 
ter, off Camperdown, taking eight sail of the line, and seve- 
ral frigates j for which important service his Majesty was 
pleased to create him a Peer of Great Britain, by the title of 
Viscount Duncan of Lundie and Camperdown. His Lord- 
ship died of the gout in his stomach while on his journey from 
London to Edinburgh, Aug. 4. 1804, he then being an Ad- 
miral of the White. 

' Sir Ch. Douglas, Bart, has, on many occasions, displayed great 

abih'ties as an officer j particularly in the part of the service 
allotted to him, in recovering Newfoundland from the French 
in 1762 ; relieving of the city of Quebec in 1776, for which' 
he was created a Baronet ; and on the glorious I2th of April 
1782, when he was first Captain of Lord Rodney's ship in 
the West Indies. Died in 1789. 

~^::-^ - 1787 

"1 . 

Admirals of Great Briialri* 19- 

1787 Sir George Bowyer, Bart, was Rear-admiial of the Blue, and 

had his flag on board the Barfleur of 90 guns, in the glorious 
%'ictory obtained over the French fleet on June 1st, 1794, in 
which action he had the misfortune to lose a leg ; his Majesty 
was so much pleased with his conduct, that hcQjreated him a 
Baronet of Great Britain. ' \-^.\Q .)8vJ /:■ 

^790 Sept. 2r. Richard Braithwaite, esq. Died in 1 804. 
tii-'f-'' Philips Cosby, esq. 

Thomas Fitzherbert, esq. Died in 1794. 
Samuel Cornish, esq. 
John Brisbane, esq. 
John Houlton, esq. Died in 1791. 
Charles Wolseley, esq. 
Charles Inglis» esq. Died in 1791. 
Samuel Cranstown Goodall, esq. DiediniSor. 
Hon. Keith Stewart, second son of the Earl of Gal- 
loway, commanded a squadron off the coast of 
' / . Scotland in 1781. Diedini794. 

-1 J^feyM'ii;.: His Rojral Highness William Henry, Duke of Cla- 
1793 Feb. I. Sir Richard Onslow, Bart, was second in 'command 
under Lord Viscount Duncan, in the fight off the 
coast of HoHand, Oct. nth, 1797, and behaved 
with great bravery, for which his Majesty creat- 
ed him a Baronet. - 
Sir Robert Kingsmill, Bart. Died in 1805. 
Sir George Collier, Knt. Died in..l.7;94. 
Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. - [-^hn-.nTu.c , 
-'- ' Rowland Cotton, esq. Died in 01794. 
.-Of bnti Benjamin Caldwell, esq. ' to b ■>: 
-xiiW Itymi . Honble. William Cornwallis, second son of Charles, 
•«v92fi(TB ,si-; first Earl Cornwallis. He has greatly distinguish- 
^'" ^ g(j himself in several well fought battles in the 
^» West Indies and in Europe, and by his unwearied 
perseverance in blocking up for a great length of 
time, a strong fleet of French ships of war ia 
Brest harbour. He is at present- Admiral of the 
Red, and Rear-admiral of England. 
William Allen, esq. 
— ^..> i'^ John M' Bride, esq/ DlediniSoo. 
vL^Al tv. George Vandeput, esq. Died in 1 800. 
i; ' " William Dickson, esq.- Died in 1803. 
•»*]'5 Charles Buckner, esq. 
^H John Gell, esq. 

' c 2 1795 

io Admirals of Great Britain* 

jypa Feb. I. Right Honble. Alan Lord Gardner. His Lordship 
greatly distinguished himself in the battle of June 
1st, 1794, for which his Majesty created him a 
Peer of Ireland by the title of Lord Gardner. 
1794 Apr. lAp^'John Lewis Gidoin, esq. Died in 1796. 
George Gayton, esq. Died in 1796. 
George Murray, esq. Died in 1797. 
12. Robert Linzee, esq. Died in 1804. 

Sir James Wallace, Knt. knighted for his gallant 
behaviour whilst he commanded a frigate on the 
American station, during , the, rebellion there.— 

Died in 1803. JrvMa' 'ee nC5 

William Peere Williams, esq. ' ■'-' 't^ °^^ 
•Sir Thomas Pasley, Bart, behaved with great cou- 
rage and conduct in the sea-fights of 29th May 
and ist June 1794, in the latter of which he had 
the misfortune to lose a leg, and was soon after- 
wards created a Baronet. 
John Symons, esq. Died in 1800. 
Sir Thomas Rich, Bart. Died in 1803. 
Sir Charles Thompson, Bart. X^ied in 1799. , 
James Gumming, esq. ' 

John Ford, esq. Died in 1796. 
Sir John Colpoys, K. B. was for some time Com* 
missioner of the Admiralty, and is now Treasur* 
er of Greenwich Hospital. - j 
Sheffington Lutwidge, esq* ^.T 

Sir Archibald Dickson, K&ti ' jjied in 180 a. 

«- T\/r * '^^n ^^ 

George Montagu, esq. -V.-,.,- 

Thomas Dumaresque, esq. 'Di^din 1801. 

Right Hon. George, Lord Keith, He commanded 
the fleet which co-operated with the army at the 
taking of the Cape of Good Hope in 179J, and 
greatly facilitated the surrender of that place ; 
and on the i6th August 1796, he compelled a 
Dutch squadron under the command of Admiral 
Lucas in Saldanah-bay, to surrender to the Bri- 
tish fleet under his command. For these, and 
many other gallant services, his Majesty was 
pleased to confer on him the Order of the Bath, 
and raised him to the peerage. 
'\\x\j 4. James Pigott, esq. 

Right Honble. William, Lord Radstock. His 
Lordship had signalized himself very much, when 
he commanded a frigate. On the 14th February 
1797, he was made Vice-admiral of the Blue, and 


4dmkals of Great Britam P^ 

had his flag on board the Barfleur of 98 guns, an4 
r'^^r '^^ - contributed much to the victory ganied over the 
••fhtf vi' Spanish fleet off Cape Lagos, Feb. 14. 1 797.^0'^ 
^ ,-rtiri liWfi3^^ X-' ^i^jpjj j^jg Majesty raised him to the peerage. 

t7offuly v<£r.^Thomas Prin Died in 1804., ... 

-^^yiiion. Wm. Clement Finch. X>\U in 1794. 
°,^;Sir Roger Curtis, Bart. 

'^; Sir Heixry Harvey, K.B. greatly distinguished hlm- 
. . ..J- -I'V self, w^hen. captain of the Ramillies in the battle of 
i£g ^id lot .. , ^ ^. . j^^ ^,3^ made K. B. in 1800. 

.sx^&i iioiUad^ g.^ William Parker, Bart, pied in 1703. 

Oct, 23. Charles Holmes Calmady,j€sa,,; ; 

>ir George Young,- ^^^^g ^^^^ 

L.' ■ ■■--"■' ^ ^ 

^^V - ' Richard Rodney Bligh, esq. 

»iS3ts flooa «B77 ^Alexander Grarae, esq. was Captain of the Preston 
of 50 guns, in the battle off the Dogger Bank, 
. Q. Aug. 5th, 178 1, in which action he lost an arm. 
*795 JWWP ll'f^^^^°''g^ Keppel, esq. Died in 1805. 
i u^ >■-■ g^jjj^gi Reeve, esq. Died in 1803. 
Robert Biggs, esq. Died in 1803. 
-. .■ Francis Parry, efq. Died in" 1804. 

oD ^J^^jsaacPrescoU, es^. , ^ 

^£51 1 w^ John Bazeley, esq..,,. ^.,,^j ;^,,v^ 

Christopher Mason,,, ^q, -D^din i8or. 
o . r 'Thomas Davy Spry, esq. 

e William Young, esq. .WsX^Qommissioner of the 

t t. .kH' Admiralty. . , 

babnsmmop :>H j^^^ Qambier, esq. 

-.ffj JB ^iinfi 3rfJ <-g:^ Andrew Mitchell, K. B. behaved with great 
s ^iq^l ".^^5°!^ courage and good conduct at the Texel, where 
odqjsd} to "i^f^e compelled a strong squadron of Dutch ^hips 
'^".^T\ '^^f ^-a-^ to surrender. 
itmbA to bn^^cfiarles Chamberlayne, esq. 

a 3dJ oi ^3;^"'»-jaej:er Rainier, esq. commaivded the British squadron 
■*?^ . yln the East Ipdies from 1794 to 1804. 
r - 1 ^^ ^.'^f'^ughXloberry Christian, K. B. Died in 1800. 
: j*d aiii to ist r^jij^^j^ Tru^cott, esq. Died in 1 796. 

Lord Hiigh Seymour, son of Francis, Marquis of 
, „ . Hertford, commanded the fl^et on the Jamaica 
A .f0QJzhs_^ r'station, where he died in 1803. 

'fl"J "^^ 'John Stanhope, esq. Died in 1800. 
-and^^ riJjii - -pHrlstopJier Parker, esq. pied in 1 804. 

- ' c cj 1795 

i^ Admirals of Great Britain, 

1705 June I. Philip Patton, esq. 

Sir Charles Morice Pole»;l^rt, 
John Brown, esq. 
John Leigh Douglas, esq. 
1797 Feb. 20. William Swiney, esq. 

Charles Edmund Nugent, esq. 

William Fooks, esq. piedini79'8. 

Charles Powell Hamilton, esq. 

Edmund Dod, esq. 

Right Honble. Horatio, Viscount Nelson and Duke 
of Bronte. A most active, brave, and able officer. 
He defeated the French fleet in Aboukir Bay, Aug. 
1. 1 798, and took eight sail of the line, for which he 
was raised to the Peerage. He was second in com- 
mand at the battle off Copenhagen, where he dis- 
played great courage and conduct, and for which 
he was raised to the dignity of Viscount. He 
completely defeated the combined fleets of France 
and Spain, off Cape Trafalgar, Oct. 2ist, 1805, 
in which he lost his life. 

Thomas Lenox Frederick, esq. was Rear-admiral 
of the Blue, and greatly distinguished himself i:> 
the action off Cape Lagos, Feb- 14. 1797« 

Sir George Home, Bart. Died in 1803. 
' Sir Charles Cotton, Bart. 

Matthew Squire, esq. Died in 180O. 

Roddam Home, esq. Died in 1800. 
1799 Feb. i^. John Thomas, esq. 

James Brine, esq. 

John Pakenham, esq. 

Sir Erasmus Gower, Knt. 

John Holloway, esq. 

John Blankett, esq. DiedihiSoi. 

George Wilson, esq. 

Sir Charles Henry Knowles, Knt. 

Honble. 1 homas Pakenham, 

Robert Deans, esq. . ' r 

Right Honble. .Cuthbert fcollingwood, was second 
in command when Lord Nelson gained the glori- 
ous victory off Capt 'I'rafalgar, Oct. 2ist, 1805, 
and seconded his Lordship's plan so well, that his 
, IVIajesty was pleased to raise him to the peerage. 

James Hawkins Wbitshed, esq. 

Arthur Kemp, esq. 

Smith Child, esq. 

Right Hon. Charles, Lord X<^cale> 2d son of James, 
Duke of Leinster. " 

■ 1799 

Admirals of Great Britain, 23 

1700 Feb. 14. Thomas Taylor, esq. 
'^ Sir John Thomas Duckworth, K. B. 

John Knowles, esq. DIedini8©0. 
John Willet Payne, esq. 
Sir Robert Calder, Bart. 
James Richard Dacres, esq. 
Honble. George Berkeley. 
Thomas West, esq.' 
James Douglas, esq. 
Peter Aplin, esq. 
Henry Savage, esq. 
Bartholomew Samuel Rowley, esq. 
Sir Richard Blckertoti, Bart. 
George Bowen, esq. 
Robert Montagu, esq. 
John Fergusson, esq. 
John Howorth, esq. Died in 1 796. 
".',,.: Edward Edwards, esq. 

:03eiV '^ Right Hon. Sir John Boriase Warren, K. B, 
1801 J^^tr^ Edward Tyrrel Smith esq. 
• ^ ' ^■- Sir-Thomas Graves, K. B. 

Thomas Macnaraara Russel, esq. 
, , . Sylverius Moriarty, esq. ,1.1 

' baii.ii.,S sjj. Henry Trollope, Knt. Banneret. Had this ho- 
^'^^ -^ ■ nour conferred on him for his biavery m the bat- 

tle of Oct. II. 1797. 
Henry Edwin Stanhope, esq. 
Robert M'Dowall, esq. 
Billy Douglas, esq. 
'' John Wickey, esq. 

John Inglis, esq. 
John Fish, esq. 

Jahleel Brenton, esq. Died 1801. 
John Knight, esq. 
Edward Thornborough, esq. 
James Kempthorne, esq. 
• Sampson Edwards, esq. 
George Campbell, esq. 
Thomas Hicks, esq. Died 1800. 
Henry Frankland, esq. 
Arthur Philip, esq. 

Sir Williarft George Fairfax, Knt. Banneret, Cap- 
tain of Lord Duncan's flag-ship. Oct. 11. 1797, 
and was knighted for his bravery in that action. 
Sir James Saumarez, Bart, and K. B. 
1804 Apr. 23. Thomas Drury,_ esq. 

Albemarle Bertie, esq. _ 

Right Honble. William, Earl of Northesk, K. B. 

c 4 i^°4 

24 Admirals of Great Britain. 

1804 Apr. 23. James Vashon, esq. 

Sir Wm. Henry Douglas, Eart. 

Thomas Wells, esq. 

Sir Edward Pellew, Bart, 

Sir Isaac Coffin, Bart. 

John Aylmer, esq. 

Samuel Osborne, esq. 

Riqhard Roger, esq. ; 

Jonathan Faiilknor, esq, 

.1 neopmlus Jones, esq. 
William t)omett, esq. 
"^illiam Wolseley, esq. 
ir. or: John Manley, esq. 
T George Murray, esq. 
i 3fl3B91<J 9i.' ■ ilonble. Alexander Forrester Cochrane. 
Sir 'Ihomas Troubrldge, Bart. 
J. Markham, esq. a Commissioner of the Admiralty, 
Charles Stirling, esq. 
Henry D'Esterre Darby, esq. 
Edward Bowater, esq. 
George Palmer, esq. 
William O'Bryen Drury, esq. 
William Essington, esq. 
Sir Thomas Louis, Knt. 
3,?05 Nov. 9. JohnM'Dougal, esq. Rear-admiral of the Blue. 
■';...i--''i..%;j,,x,>_ James Alms, esq, ,^yH<^^ gtohd 380flT^^'->" 
'">,,!;*., <jEliab Harvey, esq. '; >J3aifin aaorivir 

John Peyton, esg: , ^^sMMww««»'!i -"^f 

Sir Edmund Nag^B, Knt« 
John Wells, esq, 
Richard Grindall, esq. 

George Martin, esq. ' • ■ ' ; v' ^, 

. Sir Alex. John E^all, Bart. 

Sir Richard John Strachan, Bart, and K. B. 
Sir William Sydney Smith, Knight, behaved with 
great honour and conduct in burning the French, 
ships In Toulon harbour, and the gallant defence 
of St Jean D'Acre.;..,^^,£i^ .Q 
Thomas Sothcby, es(j. , ^^^j^, ^^j. 
Edward O'Brien, esq.. - 
Nathan Brunton, esq. 
William Hancock Kellj^^pq^ 
John Schank, esq. , 1;," '! •! 
Hon. Michael de Courry. 
W^il^ia""! Bentinck, esq. 
Paul Minchin, esq. 
Philip D'Auvergne, Prince of BouUIon. 

A List 

^^% 1 

.p83 V 

A List of the CAPTAiks of. Hi§ Majesty's Navy, dis- 
tinguishing such as have; be^n promoted to the Rank of 
Admirai^s, and such as have lost their Lives in the 
service of their Country, ,fc (8fcv from the Accession 
of the Hpuse of Hanpyer* ' 1 'O^.^tp the present Time, 

\ffote — Those before whose names ts A] aenotes Admiral. Those after 
whose names is j, Superaniluated Rear- Admir/il on half -pay, 4. Dead, 
C. Commissioner of the Navy, or Victualling-ojpce.] 

1714 Sept. 20. Francis Wfllis. IJrpvimed- when Captain of the 
/ '' Royal Anne galley, carrying out Lord Belhaven 
.dbnfi .JikH t6 his government of Barbadoes, 1729. 
iw bavBfll^yn^li^j Alexander Geddes, €. ^. 
I-?!"? HffJU^n.'iii.. Arthur Dalgarno, </. 
^j'^^' iihit ^ ^^. Edward Whitworth, </. 
July 9. Thomas Williams, d. 
26. George Kendall, </, 
Thomas "Smart, //. 
Oct. 5. Bigby Kent, J. 

Vincent Pearse, </. 
19. Ellis Brand, s.d. 

23. Erasmus Phillips. Drowned in the Bay of Bis- 
cay in 1719, when Captain of the Blandford. 
George Fairlie, 


26 Captains of the Royal Navy^ 

1716 Mar. 10. William Smith, s,d. 

June 25. ^. Hon. George Clinton, d. 

26. u^. William Rowley, d. 
Aug. 10. John Stevens, </. 
Sept. 14. "John Ross, //. 

John Hildersley, j-. d. 
Oct. 13. Thomas Whitney, d. 
Dec. 22. Robert Mann, d. 

1717 Mar. 14. Samuel Chadwick, d. 

1718 Apr. 17. Francis Knighton, d. 
June 22. John Yeo, s. d. 

Oct. '9. -^. William Martin, d., 
Dec. 3. Samuel Atkins, s. d. 
,4. George Protheroe, d. 
5, John Hubbard, //. 
J719 Mar. II. Edward Gregory, d. 

26. Erancis Blake Delaval, d. 
Apr. 13. John Waldron. Killed in an action with the 
Spaniards, when Captain of the Greyhound, iq 
June 30. William DaVies, C. </. 

1720 Feb. 9. Thomas Durell, d. 

A. Isaac Townshend, d. 
Apr. 24. Thomas Waterhou?e,yi,. ' 
May 29. James Luck, d. . 

June I. Humphrey Orme, d, 
July 24. Ambrose Saunders, </. 
Sept. 28. Edward Reddish, d, 

qo. Daniel Morris, d. ., ,,,. f 

1721 Jan. 20. John Londitt, d. ^-in^H 
Feb. 17.' -^. Henry Medley, d. 

- Apr. 7. John Weller, d, 

19. Matthew Consent, d, • 

May 30. James Windham, d. 

A. Lord Vere Beauclerk, d. 
\*"1.% Jan. 28. Samuel Brathwaite, d. 
' Mar. 17. Robert, LorS Muskerry, //. Son to the attainted 
Earl of Clancarty, quitted, and went into foreign 
July 2. Peter Solgard, d. 
Oct. 28. Joseph Lawes, d. 

1723 Feb. I. A. George Anson, d. ~ , 

1724 Apr. 3. James Cornwall. Died of his wounds received in 

the battle off Toulon, February ir. 1744, he 
being then Captain of the Marlborough. 
Matthew Norris, C. d. 
Mar. 22. Sir Yelverton Peyton, Bajt. d. Dismissed in 1739, 





1726 Jan. 















Captains of the Rvyal Navy. 2^ 

when Captain of the Diamond, for misbehaviout 
on his station in Virginia. 
y^. Perry Mayne, //. 
Charles Chamberlain, d. 
Francis Dansays, //. 
George Proctor, d. 
Charles Cottrell, s. d. , 
John Trevor, d. 

Robert Long, s. d, ^ 

Timothy Brett, d. 

Hon. William Hervey, d. Broke by a court-mar- 
tial, for treating his officers ill, and his crew with 
barbarity, in the West Indies, , he being then 
Captain of the Superb, 1742. 
Henry Annesley, d. 
John Price, d. 
19. A. Peter Warren, d, 
8. ^. Hon. John Byng, d» 
' '2g. Samuel Mead, d, 
Sept. 19. Thomas Arnold, d. 
Nov. 9. John Edwards, d. 
Samuel Pitman, d. 
14. Christopher Pocklington, j. d- 
18. William Miller, d. 
Dec. 5. John Gascoigne, s. d. 

II. Hon. William Berkeley, </. 

1728 Jan. 4. Henry Fowkj&s, d. 

A. Henry Osborne, d. 

11. Duncombe Drake, </. 
Henry Reddish, d. 

12. Edward Brooke, d. 
John Smith, d. 
John Forrester, d. ~ 
Edward Baker, s. d. 
Timothy Bridge, d. 
Hon. George Berkeley, </. 
William Smith, d. 
Miles Stapleton, s. d. 
Joseph Lingen, s, d. 
John Stanley, d. 
William Henry Fleming, d. 
A. Hon. Fitzroy Henry Lee, d. 
John Toller, d. 

1729 Jan, 18. John Onley, d. 
Richard ^Symonds, d, 
Israel Sparks, d, 
John Barnsley, do 

























Captdins of the Royal Navj^ 

1729 July 

1730 May- 

1 73 1 Jan. 




J 73 2 Jan. 


^-- Dec-.- 

,.733 Jam 















^s^ kv^ 


Philip Vincent, ^..^^^^ , 
Artliur Pavys,^,,^ 1, ,r,c> 
William Douglas, J/. 
^. Thorny Smith, //. 
Samuel Cockayne, 1/. 
Curtis Barnet. Commodore in the East Indies, and 
died therein 1746. cWTt- 

liliam Laws, s. a. , , i-,?!; 

Thomas Griffin, </. ^ ^^^ 1 -■ 
Lord Aubrey Beaucl^^K. Captain of the Prince 
Frederick, died qf his wpunds receive4^^t the 
«^^?eofCarthagena,^f749^^,,,,.,, ^^. ^^^y. -' 

Robert Fetch, //.,/. ^ ^ ,{^1 ^ 

Cornelius Mitchelf. Broke by a court-martial for 
' misconduct, while commanding officer at Ja- 
^^'^ ihaica, d. 
William Swale, "^,' 
HonXUrles Cra^^^^ btcJ 
David Aubin, a. . .. ','• ,.;,>,, /T 
Edward Benet, d. 
John Ogilvie, //. 

Clem^son Cave, d.;^^^^ ^„ • j^ ;4^ 
Thom^as Trevor, /f^v j^gg; ^^^^ 
William Coulsel,^;if.^j^^^^ ^ ,,^^3 
John Wmgate, «. 
'William Perry, d. , 
. Johii Tbwry, x.V. 
"William Boutflower, d. 

.-£1 .ibM 



Charles Fanshaw, </.' , j 

.7 .t".0 


1734 Mar. 



rder of his 

' -ifimoifT 

Charles Windham,, i/jr ,'" . .^r t 
George Burrish, d. DlVmisspd by a <:ourt-mattial 
from the command of the. Dorsetst^ire, -for mi§- 
conduct on the i ith pf Februar|^^ ^7^|4* snti^ 
10. Robert Han ison, d. ,.. 

13. Samuel Goodere. Hanged ilQifj 

elder brother. 
20. Richard Herbert, d. 
2. Robert Shorting, d. - , -r 

5- , Thomas Bradly, d. .-, gg^jrodT 

■~20.. ^. Edward Hawke,"fl._;^^ ., ., 
27; John Ambrose, d. i)js'^issed by a court-martial 
from the command of the Ruper*j fpMrjtjiisconduct 
on the 1 1 th of February 1 7^. ' . ^ . . 7 ,-.^..,^ 
Apr. 2. Edmund Williams, <f. Dismissed by a court-miaT- 
tial from the command of the Royal Qak, for 
misconduct on the j ith of February l^44» " 

/ "^ 1734 


Capiairis of the Royal l^^avy. 3^ 

1734 May' 12. William Knight. Lost in,^1i6 $t^AlH^ns ni'^' great 

hurricane at Jamaica, 1744. fj 'l\ *.. / 
June 3. Sir Roger Butler, Bart. d. , 

July 25. George Slater, </. 
Nov. 8. John Durell, d. 
Dec. 13. James Compton, C. d. 

1735 May 8. Nicholas Robinson, d. 

Oct. 7. Richard Norris, d. Absconded fpr the cowardice 
, i he shewed in the sea-fight off Toulon, Feb, n. 

- JxH fiAito r j^^^^ ^^jj^^ ^^^^ Captain of the Essex. 

1735^ Jail. 12. Charles Drummond, d. 

May 26. Samuel Fatilknor. Captain of the Namur, died of 
-■ . his wounds received in the sea-fight off Toulon, 

■v^Mm&m.nuoo Feb. li. 1744. , , ; 

■ ^f u^^%. John Russel, Captain of the Victory. Lost in her 

in October 1744. 
Oct. 5. y/. William Chambers, d. 
Nov. 2. Lord Augustus Titzroy, d. 
Dec. 25. Thomas Trefusis, C. d. U 

1737 Feb. 4. -^. Charles Knowles, V. It <i«.v- 

Mar. 7. ^. Hon. John Forbes, d. ' '' ' ^^^' 

Mar. 12. -^. Hon. Edward Boscawen, </. 
31. Henry, Earl of Deloraine, d. 
Apr. 26. Charles Dennison, //. 
Aug. 6. Thomas Fox, j-. d. Dismissed from the command 

of the Kent by a court martial, ^for misconduct in 

the sea-fight October 1 747, afterwards restored. 
Oct. 7. Thomas Watson. Captain of the Northumberland,. 

died of his wounds, when his ship was taken by 

three French ships of war, June 1744. 
1:738 Jan. ^. Harcourt Master, d, 

F^b;'^.'^ /f. Charles Watson, d. 
June 9/ • Digby Dent, C. d. 
, 13. yf. Temple West, d. 
■- -^ -ii^-^o. Gilbert Wallis, d. 

July 26. Hon. Edward Legge, d. 

28. John Oliphant, d, 
Aug. I. -/^. George Pocock, d. 

Nov. 14. Thomas Cooper, C. d. . -Dismissed the command of 
,k' nem-JiiJOo s ^^^ ^^^"^8 Castle by a court-martial, formiscon- 
"\ • ^ duct, Feb. 11. 1744. JRestored, 
^y. Griffin Deermg, d. 
'73^ la"' S^r ■^- H"pn. George Townshend, </. 
" . " pli^.' 14. , Edmund Strange, s. d. 
'^ «jftoi? 14. !john Winnel, s. d. 

_^ •^^. Franklin Lushington, Captain of the Burford. Died 


jo Captains of the Royal Na*vy* 

of his wounds, received in attacking Fort L* 
Guira, Feb. 1742. 
i^ap July 16. Peter Lawrence, s. d. 
Aug. 10. Christopher Oates, d. 
James Rycaut,- d. 
30. James Lloyd, Captain of the Nassau.//. Dismissed 
the command by a court-martial, for misconduct, 
Feb. II. 1744. 
. John Crawford, d. 
Oct. 2. William Cleland, d, 
Nov. 13. James Cusack, d. 

16. Edward Smith, d. 

17. A. Savage Mostyn, </. 
Dec. 26. Dandy Kidd, d. 

A. Francis Holborne, d. 

A, Henry Harrison, d. 

Lord George Graham, d. 

Edward Peyton, d. 

James Rentone, Captain of the Elizabeth. Died of 
the wounds he received attacking Fort Louis, 
March 1748. ^^, n"'^-f^ "^'ot -• 

Robert Allen, d. - '^^''^'i " ''^^ 

Thomas Jolly, d. 

A. Thomas Cotes, d. 

William Lisle, d. 

Matthew Mitchell, d. 

Thomas Limeburner, d. 

Robert Pett, C.J. 

Bradshaw Thompson, J. 

A. Lord Harry Powlett, d. 

A. Thomas Frankland, d. 

18. Charles Wager Purvis. J. </. 
. Rowland Frogmore, d. 

-nwo^b^rfDmn* -Lo^jj Montagu BertFe, d. 
'"■""'-■■' '"-'^8? Peter Osborne, </. 
; Sept. 6. Solomon Gideon, s. d. 
12. George Balchen, d. t 
22. Robert Maynard, d. 

24. George, Lord Forrester, d. Dismissed the com- 
mand of the Defiaricefor misconduct, by a court- 
martial, 1745. 
Roger Martin, j. d. 

26. A. Harry Norris, d. 

27. Benjamin Young, d. 
Oct* 12. Essex Holcombe, s, 

24. Sir Richard Hughes, Bart. C. d. 

1740 ^ 


















Captains of the Royal Navp 3 1 

1740 Nov. 3. Hon. George Murray, afterwards Lord Elibank, s.^i 

4. Richard Edwards, j-. if, 

24. Sir Wm. Hewitt, Bart. </, 

1741 Jan, 12. Charles Colby, C.d, ,,(0 

i6. William Dilke, d. Disoussed the command of the 
Chichester by a court-martial, for misconduct, 
Feb. II. 1744. Restored to^alf-pay. 
■ Nathaniel Watson, d. . t^^'Vf 
22. Henry Swayland, s. d. 
Feb. j2. James Peers, d. 

19; William Dandridge, d*. 
Thomas Swanton, d» 
William Ellis, d. 
David Cheap, d. 

Hon. John Hamilton. Overset in his boat, and. 
drowned, going from his ship (the^|^ncaster) at 
Spithead to Portsmouth. .? i .isM ^ 

Alexander, Lord Banff, d. 
Mar. 5, Thomas Philpot, //. 
, .Edward Herbert,. V. 

25. John Brett, d. 
Ashby Uting, d. 

A. Thomas Broderick, d^ 
Apr. 10. Daniel Hore, s. d, 
13. -^. Thomas Pye, d. 

26. William Campbell, d. Dismissed by a court-martial 

from the command of the Sapl;^^, for misconduct 
on board that ship in Irelan4*;>^g ,'5 - 
28. Charles Bargrave, d. - ' 

May 13. Charles Long, d. Dismissed by a court-martial 
from the command of the R'^yal Oak, for mis- 
conduct, 1746. ,j7> Pj 
17.^ Henry Godsalve, s. d. 

19. Edward Allen. Captain of the Greenwich, drown- 
ed by the ship's oversetting in ^ great hurricane at 
Jamaica, 1743. 
25, Henry Ward, s, d. 
June 6. Henry Dennis, t. d. 
»mo> fidi hi'^- Benjamin Fen wick, d. 

-Iiiioo B Ycl M> ;George Cflickbum, d. Comptroller of the Navy for 
many years- 
July 17. Thomas Tucker, s. d. 
Aug. 10. A. Sir Charles Hardy, Knight, d. 
25. Sheldrake Laton, s. d. 

A» George, Earl of Northesk, d. 


32 Captains of the Royal Navy» 

174* Sept. 7. Thomas Gregory, d. Broke by a court-martial fof 
misconduct at La Guira, 1744. 

8. John Draper, </. 
Rupert Waring, d. 

18. Henry, Lord Aylmer (1754) </. 
26. -<^. Charles Saunders, </. 
Oct. I. Robert Young, d. 

22. Joseph Hamar, s. d. Superseded in the Eagle for 
misconduct, 1756. 
"Nov. 16. John Lovett, d. 
Dec. 2. Sir Frederick Rogers, Bart. C, d. 
Thomas Lake, d. 
28. Jacob Elton, Captain of the Anglesey, killed en- 
gaging a French privateer, who took the ship, 
June 1745. His First Lieutenant, Baker Phil- 
lips, was shot at Spithead by the sentence of a 
^ court-martial, for giving up the ship. 
1742 Jan. 8. Hon. George Dawney, </. 
II. A. Charles Stevens, d, 
Feb. 5. John Pritchard, s. d. 

6. A. Philip Durell, </. ' 

10. Francis Parry, d. 

20. A. Charles Holmes^ d, 

25. Elliot Smith, d. 

Mar. 12. A. Samuel Cornish, d. 

Apr. 6. Sir Charles Molloy, d. 

Thomas Grenville. Captain of the Defiance, killed 
- in a sea-fight, May 3. 1747. 
May 10. Philip Carteret, d. 

24. Thorpe Fowke, s. dl 
June 30. A. Francis Geary. 

July 3. JohnCrookshanks, d. Cashiered by a court-martial 
when Captain of the Lark, for not aiding the 
Warwick, Captain Erskine, when engaged with 
the Glorioso, a Spanish register-ship. He was 
afterwards put on the half-pay list, but never 
again restored to his rank. 
1 homas Bury, d. Broke for cowardice by a court- 
martial, when Captain of the Solebay. 
^ 24. James Hodsoll, d. 
Aug. 9. A. Smith Callis, d. 
Nov. I. John Wickham, s. d. 

9. -^. Geo. Bridges Rodney,^. 
13. Robert Erskine, s. d. 

Merrick de 1' Angle, </. 

A. Sir William Burnaby, Knight, d. 


Captains of the Royal Navy* 53 

743 Jw*** 

















William Fielding, j. //. 

Edward Dodd,</. 

Samuel Goddard, d. Dismissed by a court-martjal 

from the command of tKe Lion, for misconduct. 
'John Pitman, d. 
Peter Toms, s. d. 

Richard Watkins, J". «/. Dismissed from the com- 
mand of the Blandford by a court-martial, for 
disobedience of orders at Antigua in 1757. 
John Gage, d. 

Thomas Starton, d. , ' 

Henry Stuart, d. 
Polycarpus Taylor, s. ' 

16. ^. James Young. 
William Marsh, s. d. 
Edward Pratten, d, - 

George Stepney, d. 
Philip Saumarez, d. Made Captain , of the Caba- 
donga, a rich Spanish galleon taken by Lord An- 
son in the South Seas, and afterwards Captain 
of the Nottingham, in wliich he took the Mars 
of 6| guns in 1746, and %yas killed next year, 
October 1747, bravely fighting the enemy off 
Cape Fihisterre. .;-! 

25. William Boys, d. Lieut. Gov. of Greenwich Hosp. 
Aug. 4. John Watkins, d. 

Arthm- Scott, C.d. 
Sept. 30. Warwick Calmady. Resigned. 
A. Sir Percy Brett, Knight, d. 
Oct. 10. Charles Powlett, d, 
14. Charles Catford, d. 
Dec. 24. .^. John Moore, d. 

* 26. ^.Richard Tyrrell, //. 
28. John Simcoe, d. 
744 Jan. -ij. Giles Richard Vanbrugh. Captain of the Fever- 
sham, ran down in his boat, and was drowned in 
the Mediterranean. 
Jaftrf&i^ ? Richard Chad wick, d. 
. Febr II. Frederick Cornwall, d. 
1.7. John Philipson, d. 
22. Robert Robinson, s. d. 
Mar. 6. ^. Alexander, Lord Colvill, d. 
14. Lord Thdmas Bertie, d, 
19. A. Sir James Douglas, Knifrht. 
Apr. 5. Thomas Hanv/ayj. C. d. 
[vol. 11.] ■' ,0 1744 






















^4 Capaim 0/ the Royal Naijy, 

1744 Apr. 18. Edmund Beavor. Drowned when Captain of the 
Fox, wrecked off Dunbar, in Scotland, Novem- 
ber 14. 1745. 

Thomas Williams, //, 

George Elliot, s. 

Thomas Harrison, </. 

Edward Spragge, d, 

Edmund Toll, j". </. 

Samuel Lofting, ef. Dismissed from the command! 
of the Kin sale, by Admiral Townsend, at An- , 
tigua, for behaving unlike an officer. 

Richard Collins, s- d, 

Thomas Mogg, </. 

Blumford Barradall, d. 

Ormond Thomson, d. 

A. Sir John Bently, Knight, d, 

A. William Gordon, d. 

John Wilson yd. 

A. Hon. George Edgecumbe, afterwards Lord Edge- 

A. Robert Swanton, d, 

Thomas Somers, d. Broke by a court-martial, 
when Captain of the Expedition, for ill treatment 
of his officers. 
5. Elliot Elliot, d. 
8. Lachlan Leslie, d. 
II. A. Samuel Graves, d, 

28. James Osborne, d. 
Oct. 2. A. William Parry, d. 

17. John Hardy, s. 
Nov. 7. Richard Haddock, d, 

8. John Bowdler, d. 

16. Patrick O'Hara, s. d. 

17, Cohingsby Norbury, d, 
DtC II. ■^' Hon. Augustus Keppel, d. 

29. yS. John Amherst, d, 
*745 J*"' *^* Hon. William Fermor, d* 

28. Edward Rich, d. 
Feb. 3. George Durrell, d. • 

9. A. Sir P. Dennis, Bart. d. 

13. Richard Jasper, //. Dismissed by a court-martial 
for misconduct at the Havannah, wheil he com- 
manded the Prince Henry. 
20. Hon. Archibald Stuart, </» 
22. Edmund Home, </. 
25. Thomas Griffin, </. 
Mar. 9. Arthur Forrest, </. ^ • 


Captains of the Royal Navy, 35 

1745 Mar. 23. Richard Tiddeman. A commodore, drowned at 
Manilla, by his boat oversetting, 1762. 
Apr. 2. A. Robei^t Hughes, d. 
12. HughBonfoy, d. 
Timothy Nucella, d. 
May I. Robert Jeffreys, s. 

14. Hon. Joihn Birmingham, d. 
Hon. William Montagu, </. 

27. Arthur Gardiner. Captain of the Monmouth of 64 

guns, killeji engaging the FoUdroyant of 84 guns, 
Feb. 28. 1758. 

28. Lionel Daniel,- d. 

29. A. Matthew Buckle, d. 

30. John Lloyd, d. 
June 22. A. Robert Mann, d, 
July 5. Hugh Forbes, d. 

6. A. Clark Gayton, d, 
12. William Bulley, d. 

Roger Adams, d. 1 

. Sir Thomas Stanhope, Knight, d. 

15, Thomas Andrews. Captain of the Defiance, killed 

■^^; John Hume, d. 

_ in a sea-fight off Minorca, May 20. 1756. 

21. Henry Rosewell, d. 
Aug. 12. Justinian Nutt, d. 

20. John Orme, d. * 

26. Samuel Maisterson, d. 
John Hill, d. 
Henry Cosby, d. 

Sept. 2. Henry Dyve, d. 

16. John Stringer, d. Dismissed by a court-martial 

from the command of the Syren, for behaving un- 
like an officer. 

17. William Bladwell, j. 
19. A. John Barker, d. 
23. A. Richard Spry, d. 

> 24. John Rous, d. 
Nov. 12. Thomas Noel, d. 

29. John Weller, s. d. 
Dec. 2. John Fowler, d. 

3. A. Lucius O'Brien, d. 

6. Thomas Fincher. Captain of the Pembroke, lost 
with her in the East Indies, 1749. 

27. Hon. William Bateman, C. d. 
1746 Jan. 2. Thomas Bloss, d. 

jD2 1746 

2fi Captains of the Royal Navy. 

1746 Jan. 15. ^. John Montagu, </. 

22. Abel Smith, </. 
. 2^. Cotton Dent, «/. 

Charles Knowler, J. </. 
26. William Hafman, J. 
Feb. I. Nathaniel Stephens, if. 

8. -^. Thttmas Craven, d. 

9. Thomas Allison, J. 
Mar. 19. ^. Robert Harland, </. 

22. ^." James Bayer, </. 
26. Edward Falkingham, J. d. 

Apr. 3. Thomas Innes, </. 

Jervis Henry Porter, </. 
10. ^. Hon. Richard Howe, now Viscount Howe. 
14, Andrews Jelfe, </. 
19. vd?. Washington Shirley, and in 1760 Earl Fferrers,<, 

21. Samuel Faulknor, </. 

22. John Douglas, d. 
A. Hugh Pigot, d. 

May 6. Julian Legge, d. 

12. ^. Molineux Shuldham, d, afterwards Lord. Shulc 

ham. / 

31. Robert Wfellard, ^. . 

June 25. James Webb,\</. 
July 2. Anthony Kerly, d, 
12: Henry Huish, //. 
1 9 John Cockburne, </. 
31, ^. Sir Joseph Knight, knight, d. 
"' AVig. 11. Thomas Knowler, j. </. 
O'Brien Dudley, d. 
j4. John Vaughan, d. 
Sept. 4. -(^. John Lloyd, d. 

17. Charles Proby, C,d^ 
Oct. 6. John Fergusson, d. 

23. -(^. Robert DufF, d, 
30. ^. John Reynolds. 

Nov. a I. Frederick Hyde, d. 

25. ^. Sir H. Pallisev, Bart. </. 
Dec. 9. Charles Wray, d. 

3^. Hon. John Byron, d. 

1747 Jan. 15. A Hon. Augustus John Hervey, afterward* Earl 

Bristol, d. • - ■ . 

23. A. George Mackenzie, d» 
Feb. 7. -^. Matthew Barton, d. 
Mar. 14. Thomas Latham, d. 
Apr. 5. William Holmes, d. 
May 6. ^. Sir Peter Parker, Knight.' 
27. Patrick Baird, </• 


Captains of the Royal Na^y* 37 








Richard Gwynn, d, 

A. Hon, Samuel Barrihgton, d. 

A. Harriot Arbuthnot, d. 

A. Robert Roddara. . 

Samuel Marshall, d. n. ; -:>;'■ ^ 

William Cust. Killed<-fet Fort Louis, March 1748. 

William Brett, d. 

James Hamilton. Commanded the Dartmouth oi 

X 50 guns, and blown up with that ship when she 
was engaging the Glorioso of 7^ guns, October 
8. 1747. 
Aug. 21. Robert Askew, d, 
Sept. II. Edward Clarke, s.d, 

- 12. ^. George Darby, d. , 
Oct. I . WilUam Sakern WUlet, d. 

23. Matthew.King, d. 

NpYt 23. Thomas Howard Hutchinson, d. 

A, John Campbell, d. 
Dec, 5. Christopher Hill, d, 

A. James Gambler, V. 
13. Michael Everitt, <?'. 
12. vf. William Llpyd, </. 
29. Samuel Scott, d. 

A. Francis William Drake. 
Feb. 6. - A. Sir Edward Hughes, Knight. 

24. Robert Haldane, d. 
Mar. 5. Edward Jekyll, d. 

9. David Brodie, d. 
12. Henry Marsh, d. 

William Adams. Captain of the Harwich, killed 
at the siege of Pondicherry, September 1748. 
24. vf." Hyde Parker^ d. 
Apr. 15. William Holburne, d. 

20. A. John Evans, d. 
23. Edward Keller, </. , 

May 3. Charles Balfour, V. 

6. Matthew Whitewell, s. d. 

7. Henry Barnsley. Captain of the Tilbury, and lost 

with that ship on the rocks near Louisburg, 


21. A. Mark Milbank, d. 
June 23. James Kirk, C. d. 
July j^. A. Nicholas Vincent. 

Edward Wheeler; Captain of the Isis, killed en- 
gaging the Oriflame, April 176 1. 

D 3 1748 

.^S Captains of the Royal Navy* 

1748 Aug. 16. William Martin, </. 
Sept. 19. Richard Clements, </. 
Oct. 9. John Rouzier, </. 
Nov. 1. ^' John Storr, (^. 
4, Vincent Pearce, </. 
27. Thomas Saumarez, </. 
'749 J^'^* 9' Edward Leighton, d. 

26. James Campbell, </. Commanded the Stirling Cas 

tie at the siege of the H'avannah, 1762, where h( 
was broke by the sentence of a court-martial fo 
disobedience of orders. 
Mar. I. William Preston, V. v 

June 8. William Mantel, </. 
July 28. Edward Christian, </. 
1750 Jan. 16. Andrew Cockbume, d, 

Dec. 13. EliasBate, d. 
1752 Nov. 14. Carr Scroope, d. 
J753 Apr. 3. A. Sir Edward Vernon, JCnt. d. 
June 30. John Hollw all, d. 
Dec. 14. Joshua Rowley, d. 

18. Dudley Digges, </. 

27. A. Richard Edwards, d, 
*754 Ja^' 20, Henry Speke, d. 

Apr. 2. Thomas Foley, d. 
1755 Jan. 16. Abraham North, s. d. 

19. Robert Routh, d. 
Feb, 4. Edward Le Cras, d. 

II. Richard Dorrill, ^. 
Mar. II. Thomas Hankerson, s. d. 

John Rawling. Commanded the Unicorn of 2 
guns, killed engaging the Hermione of 32 gun 

'757- ' ■ 

June 17. William Brown, d. 

luly 4. John Harrison, s.d. 

J 6. ^.- Thomas Graves, afteiirat.df Lord Graves, 0' 

17. William Pettygrew, </. ''','': ' '■<-'■- 

10. James (jrilchnst, tf. -ir'aj 

Aug. 5. ^. Robert Digby. '■^'"'^' 

dct. 7. John Hale, d. 
Dec. 5. Maurice Suckling, d. 

j6. Wittwrong Taylor. Commanded the Ramillies > 
9c guns, lost with that ship in 1760. 

1756 Feb. 5. Richard Knight, J-. d. V '^ 

6. James Gal braith, s.d. 
Mar. 23. v^'. Sir John Lockhart Ross, Bart. d. 
27. John Donkley, d, 


Captains of the Royal Navy. 39 


^. Charles Webber, </. 

Sir William Trelawney, l^zrt. d* 

John Knight, s. d. 

James Hobbs, 4. 

Jervis Mapplesden, d. 

A. William Langdon, d. 

A. Benjamin Mario w, d. 

A. Alexander Hood^ now Viscount Brldport. 

Edward Barber, d. 

Edmund Townley, d. 

A. Alexander Innes, 'd. 
26. William Gough, d. ' ' 

A. Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knight. 

John Bladen Tinker, d. 

Thomas Ward, d, 

A. Samuel Hood, now Viscount Hood. 

Francis Wyatt, d. 

Stephen Colby, d. 

A. Matthew Moore, d. 

Penhallpw Cumming, d. 

Henry Angel, d. 

Sir John Strachan, Bart. d. 

David Ed^V^ards, d. 

Archibald Cleveland, d. , 

A. Sir Richard Hughes, Bart* 

Thomas Lynn, 5. d. 
15, William Norton, d. 

A. Sir Francis Samuel Drake, Bart. d. 

Robert Frankland, d> 

Henry Smith, a. 
29. Thomas Collingwpod. Commodore, died on hi^ 
way home from the West Indies in 2781. 
Dec. 2. George Legge, d. Cashiered by a couxt-martial for 
cowardice, in the East Indies, he then being Cap- 
tain of the Newcastle, 1758. 
^757 J^"* 4" W^illiam Fortescue, d. 

Robert Craig, d. 

11. William Tucker, </. 
17. Henry John Phillips, d. 

A. Richtird Kerapenfeh, d. 
^ "'limfi" >• ' . Thomas Harrison, d. 
-, yW. .Robert Faulkoner, d. 
Feb. 3. Paul Henry Ourry, d. 

7. Thomas Cornewall, s. d. 
Mar. 3. Thomas Taylor, j-. d. 

12. William SHurmur, d. * 
04 '757 

1756 Apr. 





























40 Captains of the Royzl Navy. 

1757 Mar, 23. -<^.Sir Edmund Affleck, Bart.fl'. 

Christopher Basset, d. 
Andrew Wilkinson, d. 
30. Thomas Baillie, s. d. Lieut. Gov. Greenw. Hosp. </. 
Apr. 4. Alexander Campbell, d. 

Archibald Kennedy, d. afterwards Earl of Cassilis,-, 

5. Thomas Knackston, d. 1 
, vif. John Elliot. j 

Sir Alexander Schomberg, Kniglit, d„ \ 

8. Samuel Wallis, C.d. \ 

May 5. Thomas Burnet, d. ' 

June 3. Samuel Spencer, s.d- 

15. Hon. Robert Boyle Walsingham. Commodore, and 

had his broad pendant on board the Thunderer of 
74 guns. Drowned in the great hurricane in the 
West Indies in October 1780. 
• wg. William Paston, d. 
17. ^.-William Hotham, noiiy Lord Hotham. 

Charles Meadows, now Viscount Newark. Re- 
signed in 1763. 
Sept. 29. A. Sir John Lindsay, Knight, and JC. B. </. 

Michael Clements, s. d. 
Nov.' I. Taylor Penny, d. 

William M' Cleverly, d. 

16. Robert Mann. Captain of the Milford of 28 gunsj j 

killed engaging a French ship off Madeira, 1762 
Dec. 2. A. Joseph Peyton. 
19. Joshua Loring, d. 

Sir Henry Martin, Bart. C. d. 
21. John Wheelock, d. 

1758 Jan. 4. Maximilian Jacobs, s. d, 

6. John Bray, j-. d. 
13. Robert Bond, d. 
ig. John Clark, d. 
27. Robert Grant, d. , 
30. Thomas Eyans, d. 

Ttb;- 4. Thomas Manning, d. A\i-\ Q}-, 

■ • 'b'l^. Launcelot Skinner. Captain of the Biadcford of 20 
guns, killed engaging two French frigates off the 
Cf^ast of Portugal in 1760. 

17. Charles Antrobus, d.Cli .t^ 

Mar. 2. John Stukely Somerset, s.a, ' 

3. James Baker, d. 

4. John Stanton, s. d. 

12. Robert Carkett, Captain of the Stirling-Castle of 64 
^ suns, drowned in the great hurricane in the West 

Indies in October 1780. 


Captains of the Royal l^avy* \l 

2758 j4ar. 13. Edward Clark, d. 

^i, A. John Carter Allen, d. 
25. William Brereton, s. d. 
Apr. 20. James Logic, d. 
May 22. Benjamin Clive, d. 

A. Sir C. Middleton, Bart, now Lord Barham. 
July 7. Sir Digby Dent, Knt. s. d. 
26. Sir John Laforey, Bart. 
George Balfour, j. </, 
Aug. 3. John Stott, d. 
-Sept. 28. Thomas Owen,//. 
Oct. I. Robert Kirk, d. 

j6,. Christopher Codrington Bethel, d. Resigned. 

17. Joseph Deane, V. 

Hon. James Colvill, Captain of tlie Sunderland of 
60 guns, which foundered off Pondicherry in Jao. 
1 76 1, and all the crew perished. 

John Bentinck, d. 

Richard Matthews, d. 

18. George Tindall, d. 
John Falkingham, d. 
James Hackman, d. 
James Doake, d. 
James Smith, d. 
Charles Lucas, d. ' 

William Williamson, d. ' 

A. John Dalrymple. 
Broderick Hartwell, d. 
Gamaliel Nightingale, s, d. 
Nov. 14. George Anthony Tonyn, </- 

18. Daniel Dering, d. 
Dec. I. Thomas Warwick, d. 
7. John Rush worth, </. 
26. John Lendrick, d. 

A, Herbert Sawyer,' d. , 

28. John Moutray, C. </. > 

1759 Jan. 10. Sir William Hewitt, Bart. Captain of the Due d'- 
Aquitaine of 64 guns, which foundered off Pondi- 
cherry in January 1761. ., 
Sir Walter Stirling, Knt. d. 
23. William Goostrey, Captain of the Cambridge of 80 
guns, killed at the Havannah in 1762. 

29. A. Sir Richard King, Knt. 
Feb. I. John Elphinstone, d. 

9. Robert Jocelyn, J-. </. 



4Z Captains of the ReyalNavy^ 

1759 Feb. 22. John Scaife, d. 

Thomas Lempricre, </. 
Mar. 3. Sir William Bair4, Bart. 
9. Hon. Fred. Maitland, </. 
George Hamilton, </. 
May 12. Western Varlo, s, d, 

15. John Cleland, s. ' ■ ' 

June 4. Richard Norbury, j-. 

Robert 'Barbor, d, 
June \Q^» A. His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Duke of 

York, d. 
July 9. y^. Jonathan Faulknor, //. 

Colin Michie, killed in a sea-fight in the East .Indies 
in 1759. 
30. William Harris, d, ■— 

Aug. 5. Timothy Edwards, d. 

20. A. Philip Affleck, d. 

21. A. Sir R.^ickerton, Bart. 
Sept. 4. John Fortescue, d. 

Hon. Raby Vane, d. 
II. Richard Collins, d. 

22. William Adams, </. 
Oct. 4. Francis Burslem, d. 

19. Robert Hathorn, d. 
Nov. 12. Thomas Francis, </, 
19. Thomas Shirley, j. 
Dec. II. Joseph Fraine, </. x* 
George Watson, d. 

Walter Griffith, Captain of the Conqueror of 74 
guns, killed in a sea-fight in the West Indies in 
04760 Jan. 3. Robert Carpenter, d, 
'X. Feb. 18. Edward Gascoigne,ii 
Samuel Uvedale, s. 
Robert Lambert, C, 
■Jo -/.' 22. William Long, d. 

r,\ 1 Mar. 25. William Bennet, s, d. 

3£. Nathaniel Bateman, dismissed by a court martial from 
the command of the Yarmouth, for misconduct in a 
sea-fight in the West Indies, April 17, I780. 
Apr. II. Sir Basil Keith, Knt. d. 
14. Francis Banks, d. 
John Elliot, d. 
June 30. A. Hon. John Leveson Gower. 

July I. William Bayne, Captain of the Alfred of 74 guns, 
killed in a sea-fight in the West Indies, April 9. 


Capiaimefihe Royal Navym 

1760 July I. William Howe, d. 

21. Hon. Philip Tufton Percival, d. 
Aug. 13. Mark Robinson, s. d. 

27. Sir Thomas Adams, B'art^ rf. - , 
Charles Fielding, v/. 
Oct. 13. ^. Sir John Jervis, K. B. now Earl of St Vincent. 
Nov. 4. Samuel Thompson, j. 

21. John Hughes, s. 

Mitchell Graham, s. icci H 

Jose^ph Hunt, Captain of th« tJfticom of 24 guns. 

Killed in taking the French frigate I»a Brune of 3 a 


1761 Jan. 17. Charles Cathcart Girant, </. 

22. Arthur Usher, </. 
Feb. I . Henry Cowell, </. 

25. y4. Adam Duncan, J. afterwards Viscount Duncan. 
Mar. 13. ^. Sir Chas. Douglas, Bart. d. 

Apr. 6. y/. Richard Brathwaite. 

16. Richard Carteret, d. 
May 4. Thomas Willis, d. 

19. Robert Keeler, s. d, 
A. Philips Cosby. 

26. Sir John Clerke, Knt. d. 
June 6. Isaac Floriinand Ourry, y. 

16. Archibald Miller, d. 
July 3, John Wilson, s. d, 

7. ^. Joseph Mead, s. d. 
10. A. Thomas Fitzherbert, d. 
Aug. 6. William Mainwaring, d. 
James Innes, d. 
24. -^. Samuel Pitchford Cornish. Thomas Gordon, d. Captain of the Biddeford of 20 
guns, wrecked on the coast of England 1762. 
24. A. John Brisbane. 

John Boyd, d. 
24. John Neal Pleydell Nott, Captain of the Centaur of 
74 guns, killed in a sea-fight in the West Indies in 

s ni jpii j^^^^ ^^ ^ j^j^^ Houlton. </. 1791. 
y^. Charles Wolseley. 
Dec. 1. John Peighin, d. 

15. ^. Charles Inglisi <^- l^pi- 

1762 Jan. 13, ^. Samuel Cranston Goodall. 

28. Charles Saxton, C. 
Mar. 12. John Bover, </. 

James. Randall, d, 


44 Captains of the Royal Nav^* 

X762 Mar. 12. Philip Boteler, cashiered by a court-maitial for mis" 
conduct, whilst he commanded the Ardent oi6^ 
guns, 1779. ,.. ,;,,/. 

29. Chaloner Ogle, d. 
Apr. 7. John Bothwell, d. 
James Cranston, d. 
^. Hon Keith Stewart, </. 
12. William Hay, s,d. 

. F. Reynolds, now Lord Ducie. Resigned. 
14. if. Richard, now Sir Richard Onslow. 
27. Hon. George Falconer, d. 
James Shirley, d. 
May 20. Charles EUys, s. d. 

24. Thomas Hallum, s. 
Hon. John Ruthven, d. 

26. ^. Rob. Brice Kingsmill, </. 

29. Stair Douglas, d. 
July 2. Lancelot Holmes, d. - 1 > 

12. u^. Sir George Collier, Knt. d, 
Aug. II. George Johnstone, d, 

"17. Hon. Charles Napipr. 
. 20. Lord William Campbell, d. 

25. Hon. John Lutterell, d. 

William Newsom, d. , ^ - ,, 

31. Hon. Henry St John, Captain of the Intrepid bf 
64 guns, killed in a sea-fight in tl\e We^frjndies, 
17th April I {780. "'"- VuM 

Sept. 24. John Brooks, d. 
Oct. 22. Patrick Drummond, d. 

'^ liSj yf. George Bowyer,— afterwards .SiKj^ George 
.''^ Nov. 1. Richard Smith, j-. 
"* 6. Hon. Peregrine Bertie, d. 

10. George Ourry, s. d. 
1763 Feb. I. Sir A. Holburne, Bart. </. 
Mar. 20. William Leslie, </• 
Apr. 27. Robert Gregory, d. 
May 5. Peter Clarke, d. 
June 6. ]ames Ferguson, </. 
7. Joseph Norwood, d. 
' ^j'f J^^i?} .^4? "^^^o^^^s l^tc. Captain of the , Aurora of 38 guns, 
^rtJifioi. i;-,r, tc -•■ i^g^. gojng i-o tiie j£ast Indies with the East In- 
dia Company's Supervisors, and never heard of 
after leaving the Cape of Good Hope. 


Captains of the Royal Navy, 45 

1763 July 18, -^. Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. 
Nov. 24. Hugh Dalrymple, d. 

1764 May 7. y/. Rowland Cotton, d. 

1765 Apr. I. y^. Benjamin Caldwell. 

16. ^. Hon. William Cornwalli&. 
20. Patrick Mouat^ d. ^ 

June 20. James O'Hara, </. 
' Michael Henry Pascal, d, 

James Alms, d. 
A. William Allen. 
Charles Leslie, d. 
A. John McBride. 
James Bremer, d. 
^ Bonovier Glover, d. 
Charles Hudson, j. d. 
Consttntine John Lord Mulgrave, d. 
Francis O'Hara, d. -, C 

A. George Vandeput. 
John Corner, d. 
July II. Francis Grarit Gordon, </. 

13. John Leary, d. 
Aug; 2V, Mark Pattison, c^. 
J 766 Feb. 17.^. Charles Buckjier. 
Mar. 4. A. John Gell. 
Apr. 2. James Chadds, ^. 
May 2. -<^. William Dickson, </. 

19. A. Alan Gardner, now Lord G&dner. "^ ^ 
31. Edward Michael Pakenham, Lord Loiigford,V. 
'. . June 24. Sir William Abdy, Bart. 4. ' 

Sept. 14. John Macartney, Captain of the Princess Amelia of 
80 guns, killed in a sea-fight with the Dutch in 
the North Sea, August 5. 1.7.^1, 

1768 May 25. Robert Fanshaw, C; ; - ^^a ',;e^,V ^dal tj^ti 

William Greenwood. Died mi 790. .- ^ * 

Thomas Bishop, 4. 

A. Lewis Gidoin. 

A. George Gayton. 

John Milligen, </. 

George Talbot, 4. Captain of the Worcester of 64 
guns, which he quitted on account of bad health, 
and took his passage on board of a homeward- 
bound East India ship, but was wrecked on the 
eastern shore of Africa, and never more heard of. 

John Urry, 4, 

Sir J. Hamilton, .Bart. 4» 

James Hawker, 4» 

' ^ 1768 

46 Capiaim of the Royal Nauy. 

1765 May 25. William Locker, 1/. L.-Gov. of Greenwich Hosp. , 
William Forster, <f. 
Henry Davis, Captain of the Repulse of 32 gunSj 

lost in North America, and all the crew. 
^, George Murray, </. 
Charles Herbert. Resigned. 
~ Aug. 3. William Gamier, «/. 
Oct. 28. yi. His Royal Highness Henry Frederick, Duke of 
Cumberland, d, 

1769 Mar. 14. Philip Durell, tf. 
Nov. 4. Edward Caldwell, d. 

1770 May. 30. Andrew Barclay. 
Oct. 3. y^. Robert Linzee, d, 

2g. John Jackson, (/. 
Dec. 7. Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, Bart, a Commissioner 
of the Navy, 

1771 Jan. 10. Alexander Irwine, /. 

William Hamilton, t/. 
William Williams, ^. 

Philemon Pownoll, Captain of the Apollo of 32 
guns, killed engaging a French ship on the coast 
of Holland. 
^. Sir James Wallace. 
Henry Bellew, </. 
Philip Carteret, <f. 
Thomas Wilkinson, <f. 
Anthony Hunt, G. H. 
George Farmer, Captain of the Quebec of 32 guns, 

lost in her in 1779. 
William Maltby, </. 
£dwatd Medows, </. 
./^. William Peere Wiiliams. 
Evelyn Sutton, s. - 
21. ^. Thomas Paslev, now SirThom&s; 'l^ *'^^^'''^ 
18. Thomas Symonds, <f.' ^ -^'^ '^ 

24. Samuel Marshall, C. 
28. ^. John Symons. 
X772 Feb; 16. ^. Sir T^iomas Rich, Bart. 
Mar. 23. Heliry Lloyd, </. 

James Shirley, Captain of the Vestal of 32 guns, lojt 

foing to America, 
nthwaite Ommaney, j. tf. 
A. Charles Thompson, afterwards §ir Charley. 
Apr. 7. Edward Thompson, </. 
June 2. Gideon Johnston, tf. 
July 7. Thomas Jordan, 1/. 


Capfmns of the Royal Navy* 47 

J 77 2 July 30. jf. James Cumming. 
Sept. 18. Christopher Atkins, </. 
Nov. 3. James Worth, s. 4. 
1^73 June %$. St John Chinnery, 4. 

Sir Richard Pearso;i, Knt. G.H. 
yf. John Ford. 
Avg. 25. ^. John Colpoys, now Sir John, K. B. 
Sept. 2. George Robinson Walters, d. 
Oct. 9. Patrick Fotheringham, d, 
jy John Biirr, d. 

A. Skeffington Lutwidge. 

1774 Jan. 26. John Robinson. 

31. -<^. Archibald Dickson, afterwards Sir Archibald. 
Apr. 15. A. George Montagu. 
June 4. William Affleck, d. 
Sept. 7. William Judd, d. 

1775 Jan» 13- Tyringham Howe, d. 

21. y^. Thomas Dumaresq, d. 

May n. ^. Hon. Geo. Keith Elphinstone, now Lord Keith. 

July 26. John Raynor, d. 

Aug. 9. James Cook, the famouis navigator, kjUed at an is- 
land in the South Sea, Feb. 14th, 1779. 
10. Tobias Furneaux. 

Oct. 13. John Morris, Captain of the Bristol of 50 guns, 
killed attacking a fort near Charlestown, South 
Carolina, June 28th, 1776. 

Nov, 14. John Montagu, Captain of the Montagu of 74 

guns, killed in the great sea-fight, June ist, 1794. 

20. Henry Bryne, Captain of the Andromeda of 28 

guns, lost in the great storm in the West Indies 

in October 1780. 

1776 Feb. 7. Henry Duncan, C. 

22. A. James Pigot, 
Mar. 21. Elliot Salter, d, 

Apr. 8. Samuel Uppleby, Captain of the La Blanche of 3 2 
guns, lost in the great storm in the West Indies in 
October 1780. 
25. Alexander Scott, s. 
May 30. A. Hon. William Waldegrave, now Lord Radstock. 
jtme 12. -^, Thomas Mackenzie. 
July 5. James Reid, s.d. 

6. Toby Caulfield, d. 
Aug. I. Hon. Charles Phipps, d. 
Nov. 25. A. Thomas Pringle. 

1777 Jan. 26. Sir William Chaloner Burnaby, Bart, 
Feb. 16, John Liniee. Resigned. 


48 Capf aim of the Royal Navyd 

1777 Mar. 18. ^. Honble William Clement Finch, 
Apr. 30. -<^. Sir Roger Curtis, Knt. 
May 8. Hugh Robinson, /j. d. 
9. ^, Henry Harvey, ^. 
30. yi. Robert Man. 
Tune 26. John Alex. Panton, J. 

Aug. 2. James Jones, d. Captain of the Penelope of 28 guns, 
which foundered in the West Indies, and all on 

28. -^. Sir William Parker, Bart. 

Sept. I. Hon, John Tollemache, he got post in the Fowey of 
20 guns, which was sent out to him at New York, 
but he was unfortunately killed in a duel before she 
Samuel Warren, j-. J. 
ji. Charles Holmes Everett. 
I 9. George Dawson, broke by the sentence of a court- 
martial in 1788. 
A. John Bourmaster. 
35. Samuel Graves, s. 

16. John Harvey, Captain of the Ramillies of 74 guns, 
died of his wounds received in the battle of June 
ist, 1794, in which he behaved with the greatest 

19. William Duddingston, s. 
Mov. 7. A. Sir George Young, Knt. 

22. John Henry. 

29. Charles Hope, C. 

Dec. 6. A. Richard Rodney Bligh. 
Pisilip Brown. 
3778 Jan. 24. A. Alexander Graeme, Captain of the Preston of 50 
guns, behaved with great bravery in the action of 
the 7th August, 1781, in which he lost an arm. 
26. Robert Palliser Cooper, s. d. 

A. George Keppel, d. 
^8. Benjamin Hill, d. 
Feb. I. Sir John Collins, Knt. d. 
A. Samuel Reeves, d. 

7. Hon. Thomas Windsor. Resigned. . 

20. Hon. Thomas Cadogan, Captain of the Glorieux, 

French prize of 74 guns, supposed to have foun- 
dered coming from the West Indies in 1762. 

Mar. 18-. ^. Robert Biggs, d. 

Apr. 7. A. Francis Parry. 

8. A. Isaac Prescott. 

1 1 , Anthony James Pye MoUoy, s. 


Captains of tJje Royal Navy » 49 

yi. John Bazely. xLv^.-^n 

William Blair. Captain of the Anson of 64 guns, 

killed in the West Indies, April X2th, 1782. 
yi. Christopher Mason. 
Samuel Wittewrong Clayton, s. d. 
Hugh Bromedge^ </. - 

Henry Francis Evans. Captain of the Charlestown 
of 28 guns, killed engaging two French frigates 
on the coast of North America m 1 78 1 . 
Anthony Parrey, d, 
A. Thomas Davy Spry. 
Thomas Gaborian, s.d. 
Farmery Ep worth, s.d. 
A. JohnOrde. 
Robert Simonton, s. d. 
John Chapman. 

Thomas Lloyd, senr. . Captain of the Laurel of 28 
guns, lost in the great storm in the West Indies in 
A. William Young. 
A. James Gambier. 
Harry Harmood, C. 
A. Andrew Mitchell. 
A. Charles Chamberlayne . 
A. Peter Rainier. 
Thomas Lloyd, junior, d.. 
John Kendall, s. 
A. Hugh Clobery Christian. 
A^ William Truscot. , 
Thomas Haynes, d. 
A. Lord Hugh Seymour Con^va;-. 
ic. Alexander M'Coy, d. 
Charles Clalrke, d. 
'"• 20*. Atnbrose Redall, d. 

27. William Gumming, s. d. 
Mar. 5. A. John Stanhope, 

7. A. Christopher Parker. 
20. Henry Collins, d. 
22. A. Philip Patton. 
,^^ • ■-. A. Chas. Maurice Pole. 
25. A. John Brown. 

Geoi-ge Anne Pulteney, d. 
Apr. . g't George Anson Byron, d. 
5. A. John Leigh Douglas. 

19. Robert Boyle Nicholas. Captain of the Thunderer 
VOL. n.l . E , '5''^ 

[778 Apr. 









. July 













1779 Jan. 



^o Captains of the Royal Navy, 

of 74 guns, lost in the great storm in the West In- 
dies, October 1780. 
1779 May 2. -^' William Swiney. 

y4. -Charles Edmund Nugent. 
5. Jarnej Orrok, d. 

14. yJ. VVilliara Fooks. 

18. yl. Charles Powell Hamilton. 
yl. Edmund Dod. 

Michael John Everitt. Commanding the Ruby of 
64 guns, was killed by a random shot from a 
Freach frigate as she struck her colours, June 2d, ' 

June ^^- -^- ^^^ Horatio Nelson, K,,£)t dl.^ 

15. John Butchart, d. 

July 14. j4. Thomas Lennox Frederick, d. 
21. yl. Sir George Home, Bart. d. 
28.' Thomas Newnham, d. t.-moHT 

Aug. 10. yi. 8ir Charles Cotton, Bart. ,;x' 

Robert |V'lanners Sutton. Lost in ^^the Ardent ol? 
Corsica, 1794. 
Sept. 9. -<^. David Graves, j-. 
Oct. 1. Edward Garner. 

Walter Young, d. 
7. yl. William Lockhart, j. 
20. William Denne, d. 
Nov. 6. ^. Matthew Squire, d. 

yi. Roddam Home. 
Dec. II. A. John Thomas. 
12. William Knell. , 

19. Francis f. Hartwell, C. 
Hugh Broughton, d. 

20. yi. [ames Brine. 

J 780 Jan. 1. A. Brabazon Christian.' 
A. John Pakenham. 
9. A. Sir Erasmus Gower. 
l^. John Cowling, d. 

17. Thomas Watson, Captain of the Conqueror of 74 
guns, killed in an engagement in the West Indies, 
Abraham Crespin, d. 
I A. John Kolloway, ; , <• ,, 

Lord Robert Manners, Captain of the Resolution of 
74 guns. Killed April I ith, 1782. 
2^. A. John Blanket. 

25. Henry Ball, d. 

26. Patrick Leslie, d. 


Captains of the Royal Navy, 51 

'1780 Jan. 27. William Peacock, «/. 
Feb. I. -^. George Wilson. 

2. -^.Sir Chas. Henry Knowles, Bart. 
15. William Henry King O'Hara, d. 

A. William Fox, S. R. A. • 
19. Hugh Baikie, s. 
Mar. 2. A. Hon. Thos. Pakenham. 
9. A. Robert Deans. 
I J. John Aug. Lord Hervey, d. 
22. A. Cuthbert CoUingwood. 

18. A. James Hawkins Whitshed. 

19. Thomas Percy, d. 
May 10. A. Arthur Kemp. 

15. A. Smith Child. 

Howell Lloyd, Captain of the Shark of 28 guns^ 

drowned in North America in 1781. 
Thomas Tonken, d. 
Sir Andrew Snape Douglas, Knt. d, 
23.' A. Lord Charles Fitzgerald. 
27. A. Thomas Taylor. 
June 5. John M'Laurin, d. 

7. Thomas Allen, d. 

16. A. John Thomas Duckworth: 

17. Robert Haswell, d. 

Thomas Butler, Captain of the Diamond, then on 
the Spanish Main. Lost in the Scarborough, go- 
ing to join his ship, in the great storm in Octo- 
ber, 1780. 
July I. A. John Knowles, d-, 

8. A. John Willet Payne d. 
Aii,g. 26. James Bradby. 

Samuel Hood Walker. Captain of the Scarborough 
of 20 guns : lost in that ship in October 178©. 
27. A. Sir Robert Calder, Bart. Was Captain of Sir 
John Jervis's flag ship the Victory, of loO guns, 
in the memorable sea-fight off Cape Lagos, Fe- 
iO undijp.' j^.i 'fcruary i4tli, 1797, and was sent home with the 
'fU JaaV/ am r accounts of that glorious action. His Majesty 
was pleased to confer the honour of knighthood 
upon him on that occasion. 
.Sept. 13. A. James Richard Dacres. 
.u^)fjlo^3^.^H,.^. Hon. George Berkeley. 
Oct. c2>- John Gore, d. 
3. James King, d. 
II. John Inglefield. 
1 4. Hon. John Rodney. 
19. A. Thomas West. 

E 2 1780 

52 Captains of. the Royal Navy* 

1780 Oct. 









1781 Jan. 


















^. James Douglas. 

Charles Hotchkys, d. 

Sir Chichester Fortescue, 

Isaac Vaillant. 

^. Peter Aplin. 

Alexander Edgar, s. , 

Andrew Sutherland, d. 

James Williams, d. 

Hercules Wyburn, d. 

A' Henry Savage. 

A. Bartholomew Samuel Rowley, 

Hon. John WhitAiore Chetwynd, d* 

James M'Namara. 

A. Sir Richard Bickerton, Bart; 

Hort. Seymour Finch, d. 

A. George Bowen. 

Hon. James Luttrell, d. 

George Stoney, d. 

A. Robert Montagu. 

A. John Ferguson. n 

John Inglis, d. I 

A. John Howarth. 9 

A. Edward Edwards. • * 

A. Sir John Borlasc Warren, Bart. 

Hon. Thomas Lumley, Captain of the Isis of 50 

guns, killed in a sea-fight in the East Indies, Sept. 

3' 1782. , 

May 2. A. Edward Tyrrel Smith. 1 

A, Thomas Graves. 
John Plummer Ardesoife, d. 
7. A. Thomas Macnaraara Russel. 
9. William Carlyon, S.R.A. 

James Watt, Captain of the Sultan of 74 guns, 

mortally wounded in a sea-fight in the East Indies, 

September 3d, 1782. 

13. Charles Knatchbull, resigned, 

14. George Wilkinson, Captain of the prize ship the 

Ville de Paris, of 1 10 guns. Lost with that ship 
coming from the West Indies in 1782. .nsl ^X 
18. William Grant, d. . ' j 

2C.~ A. Sylverius Moriarty. 1 

June 4. Sir Henry TroUope, K. B. His Majesty was 
pleased to confer the honour of knighthood on 
Captain Trollope, for his bravely fighting, when 
Captain of the Glatton of 54 guns, a fleet of 
French ships of war, consisting of one ship of 



C<Jpiains of ihe Royal l^avy. 53 

50, two of ^6, and two of 28 guns, and obliglnjg 
them to seek shelter in the port of Flushing, July 
i6th, 1796. 

1781 June 16. A. Edwin Henr^y Stanhope. 

18. Benjamin Archer, d.' 
July 2. Richard Murray, d. 

19. Thomas Boston, d. 

23. Charles Wood, Captain of the Worcester of 64 
guns, mortally wounded in a sea-fight in. the 
East Indies, September 3d, 1782. 
24. , A. Robert M'Douall. 
27. Nicholas Charrington, s. 

Alexander Hood, Captain of the Mars of 74 guns, 
mortally wounded in an action with L'Hercule of 
74 guns, which he compelled to stril^e^ April 
2ist, 1788. 
William Bett. 
Aug. 15. A. Billy Douglas. 
George Robertson. 

22. A. John Wickey. 

23. ./^. John Inglis. 
A. John Fish. 
John Stone, </. 

29. Richard Graves. 
Sept. 3. Jahleel Brenton. 

14. James Cornwallis, d. / 

15. William Daniel, J. 
21. A. John Knight. 

A. Edward Thornbroqgh. 

24. Alexander Christie, j-. S.R.A. 

25. -(^. James Kempthorne. 
William Scott, d. 

Oct. 16. A. Sampson Edwards. 
Nov. 9. A. George Campbell. 
10. A. Thomas Hicks, C. 
15. A. Henry Cromwell. 
ijrh qiili Ji'jip.-' Sir Rupert George, Knight. 
giffz JbHj i\ii^Qr.'A. Arthur Philip. 

1782 Jan. '5:^3,1 William Stevens, Captain of the Superb of 74 

. guns, killed in a sea-fight in the East Indies, 
^ -__ February 17th,' 1782. 

■'h'&^'A. Sir George William Fairfax, Knight Banneret. 
Henry Reynolds, Captain of the Exeter of 64 guns, 
killed in a sea-fight in the East Indies, February 
17th, 1782. 

^ 3 1782 

54 Captains of the Royal Navy, 

1782 Jan. 31. -^. Thomas Totty, ^. 

^. James, Lord Cranstoun, </. 
Feb. 7. yi. Sir James Saumarez, Knight. 
Mar. I. Charles Hughes, d. 

21. A. Thomas Drury. 
y4. Albemarle Bertie. 

23. Sir Harry Heron, Bart. /. 

25. Francis Roberts, d. 

26. James Samber, >r. 

, 27. Thomas Farnham, d. 
Apr. 2. Sir Jacob Wheate, Bart. d. 

6. Martin Waghorn, d. 

7. -^. Hon. William Carnegie, now Earl of Northesk. 

12. ^. James Vashon. 

13. John Bourchier, Lieutenant-Governor of Green- 

wich Hospital. 
Richard Curgenven, d. 
J4. Richard Lucas, d. 
1^. j4. Sir Wm. Henry Douglas, Bart. 

18. John Breton. 

J 9. William Augustus Merrick, d. 

George William Augustus Courtenay, Captain of 
the Boston of 32 guns, killed whilst engaging a 
French frigate on the coast of North America in 


22. Richard Fisher, d. 

30. ^. Thomas Wells. 

Laurence Graeme. Coming home passenger in the 

Villede Paris, in 1782, was lost with that ship. 
Hon. Dunbar M'Lellan, Captain of the Superb of 
74 guns, killed in a sea-fight in tlie F.ast Indies, 
July 6th, J 782. 
May T. , William Cayley, d. 
3. Thomas Durell, d. 

19. Henry Newcombe, d. 

22. George Augustus Keppel. Lost in the Ville il 
Paris in 1782. 

24. Hon. Matthew Fortescue. 
Augustus Montgomery, d. 
Jl. Sir Edward Pellew. 

June 7. Thomas Lewes, //. 

II. John Williamson, Captain of the Agincourt of 64 
guns in the action off the Texcl, on nth October 
1797. Was accused of not having done his duty 
properly in that action, and was brought to a 
court-martial for the same, by which he was sen- 
tenced to be rendered incapable of ever serving in 


Captains of the Royal Navy. . $$ 


the navy, and to be put at the bottom of the 

list of 

Post Captains. 



y4. Isaac Coffin. 


James Burney. 


-£^. John Aylmer. 



A. Samuel Osborne. 
^. Richard Boger. 


William Clark, d. 


St Alban Roy, d. 

James Clark, Captain of the Cato of 50 guns. 


in that ship, along with Vice- Admiral Sir 


Parker, Bart, going to the East Indies, in j 



John Reynolds, d. 


Sir Ralph Milbank, Bart. 



James Cotes. 


John Samuel Smith. 



^. Jonathan Faulkhor. 
Hon. Charles Carpenter, d. 



A. John Child Purvis. 


A, Theophilus Jones. 


A. William Domett. 


A. William Wolseley. 


Robert M'Evoy, d. 



A. John Manley. 
Christopher Hallday, d. 


John Frodsham, d. 


A. George Murray. 


Henry Mowat, d. 



Robert Mostyn, d. 
John Wainwright, s. 
A. John Sutton. 



Walter Griffith Booth. 


Richard Caldecott, d, 
A. Robert Murray. 


Richiard Creyke. 

A. Hon. Alexander Forrester Cochrane. 


William Yeo, j, 


John Gibson, si 


Lambert Brabazon, j. 


Lewis Robertson, Captain of the Veteran 

of 64 

guns. Commanding a body of seamen, wa< 

J killed 

endeavouting to carry Fort L'Epee, in the 

: island 

of Guadaloupe, by storm, in 1794. 



A. Sir Thomas Troubridge. 


A. John Markham. 


Edward Herbert, d. 



56 Captains of the Royal Navp 

1^83 Jan. 15. ^. Charles Stirling. 

^. Henry D'Esterre Darby; 

John Hutt, Captain of the Queen of 98 guns, died 
of his wounds received in the battle of June ibt, 
Lewis Fabian, d. 
16. Thomas Raw, s. 

A. Edward Bowater. 
Jacob Waller, d, 
Patrick Sinclair, d. 
William Fulk Greville, G. H. 
17. George Teer, d. 

Sir Thomas Byard, Knight, d. 
j8. John Wright, d. 

John Buchannan, d. 
A. George Palmer. 
Edward Iggulden, s. 
A. William O'Brien Drury. 
ji. William Essington. 
A. Thomas Louis, K.S.F. 
20. John Maitland, d. 

William Tahourdin, d. ^ 

A. John M'Douall. 

A. James Alms. \ 

A, Eliab Ilarvey. 

2t. John Graves, j-. 

Charles Sandys, 

Samuel Arden, G. H. 

A. John Peyton. 

Sir James Barclay, Bart. fl'. 

Joseph Ellison, G. H. 

27. A. Sir Edmund Nagle. 

Feb. 6. John Drew, .Captain of the Cerberys of 32 gunjsl 

drowned by his boat upsetting going into Ply 

mouth in 1797. 

Mar. I. ^. John Wells. 

13. A. Richard Grindall. 

17. A. George Martin, Colonel of Marines. 
20. Sir Alexander John Ball, Bart. 

Apr. 14. Henry Chads, <7. • 
George Oakes, d. 
15. Edward Shepherd, d. 

18. Matthew Smith. 1 
26. A. Sir Richard John Strachan, 1 Colonels of 

May 7. ^. Sir William Sydney Smith, j" Marines. 
June J I. Thomas Sothcby. 


Captains of the Royal Navy, 5 J? 

1783 June 14. -^.Edward O'Bryen: 
Aug. 6« John Faithful Fortescue, s. 

A. Nathan Brunton. 
8. A. William Hancock Kelly. 
Hon. Patrick Napier, d. 
15. William Chambers, S' 

A. John Schank. 
28. W^iiliam White, d. 
Sept. 6. A. Hon. Michael de Coutcy. 

15. y^- William Bentinck. 
Dec. 13. Simo» McKenzie, d. 

18. Alexander Cunningham, d. 
A. Paul Minchin. 

1784 Jan. 22. ^. Paul D'Auvergne, Prince of Bouillon, 

Hon. William Augustus Fitzroy, d. 

1786 Mar. 27. George Tripp, dismissed by a court-martial. 
Apr. 10. H. R. H. Prince William Henry. 

Dec. 15. John Hunter *. 

1787 Dec. I. John Boyle. 

David Laird. 
Thomas Goldesbrough. 
"William Heath. 
Francis Pender- 
David Stow. 
William Albany Otway. 
Isaac Smith. 
George Lumsdaine. 

1788 May 24. Sir Samuel Hood, K. B. 
Sept. 26. Joseph Peyton. 

I^ec. J. Henry Nicholls, Comptroller of the Navy. 

1789 Feb. 3. Herbert Sawyer. 
Mar. 25. Davidge Gould. 

June 24. Richard Goodwin Keats. 

Aug. 26. James Kinneer. 

Nov. 16, Paget Bayly. 

Dec. 2. Robert Devereux Fancourt. 

1790 Mar. 5. Maurice Dalgamo,V. 
July 19. Edward Buller. 

Aug. 12. Honble. Robert Stopford. 
. Sept. 25. John Dickinson, d. 
Thomas Hawker. 
James Norman. 
Thomas Parr, d, 
George Lindsay, d- 


^ JV. B. The oldest Captain that can serve as such, the others being senior to 
some of the flag Officers. 

58 _ Captains of the Royal Navy, 

1 790 Sept. 25. Mark Robinson. 

Thomas RIvell Shivers. 

Charles Cobb. 

Walter Gwennap, d. 

Abraham Guyot. 

James Dundas. 

James Robert Moss, Captain of the Monarch f 74 

guns, killed in the battle oif Copenhagen, April 

2d, 1801. 
Francis PIckmore. 
John Stephens Hall. 
Lauchlan Hunter. 
John Dilkes. 
William Lechmere. 
Velters Cornwall Berkeley, </• 
Thomas Foley. 
Richard Rundle Burgess, Captain of the Ardent of 

64 guns, killed in the sea-fight oif Camperdown, 

October irth, 1797. 
Francis Cole, d. 
William Smith, d. . 
Charles Tyler. 
Robert Carthew Reynolds. 
Oct. I. John Trigge. 

George Blag. Westcott, Captain of the Majestic of 

74 guns, killed at the battle of tlie Nile, Aug. 1st, 

23. Robert Watson. 
Nov. 3. Nicholas Ingram- 
Thomas Laugharne, </• 
Richard Willis. 
Hon. Alan Hyde Gardner. 
18. Thomas Peyton, </• 

22. Manly Dixon. I 

George Losack. | 

Charles Dixon, d. " j 

William Mitchell. j 

George Hart. ' j 

Thomas Bertie- 
Charles Henry Lane. 
Rowley Bulteel- 
William Luke- 
I Isaac George Manley- 

James Glassford, d. 
John Osborn. 
John Smith' 

1790 ' 


Captains of the Royal Navy. 59 

1790 Nov. 22. Robert Parrey. 

William Henry Jervis, Captain of the Tonnant of 86 

guns, drowned, by his boat upsetting as he was 

going jto the Admiral's ship to receive orders, 

when off Brest, 1805. 

John Oakes Hardy. 

Ed.Pakenham, Captain of the Resistance of 44 guns, 

blown up with that ship in the East Indies, 1799. 
Edmund Crawley. 
. Charles Boyles. 

Sir Thomas Williams, k.nt. 
John Meade, </. 
Thomas Hamilton- 
Sir Thomas Boulden Thompson, knt. 
George Countess- 
John Laugharne. 
Robert Parker, Captain of the Intrepid of 64 guns, 

fell overboard in the British Channel, and was 

drowned in 1797. 
Jeremiah Beale. 
Richard Purvis, d. 
Henry Warre. 
Herbert Browell, </. 
William Hargood- 
George Gregory. 
John Ferrier. . 
Richard Incledon Bury. 
Hon. Robert Forbes, d. 
Robert Moorson. 
' Isaac Schomberg, 

Sir Charles Ham ilton, Bart. 

Honble. Henry Curzon, 

William Bligh. 

Laurence William Halsted. 

Edward Riou, Captain of the Amazon of 32 guns, 

killed at the battle off Copenhagen, April 2d, 

Edward Oliver Osborn. 
William Affleck, d. 
Sir Harry Burrard Neale, Bart. 
Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke. 
Honble. Arthur Kaye Legge. 
Honble. William Paget, Captain of the Romney of 

5c guqs. died of his wounds in an action with La 

Sybelle of 46 guns, at the island of Miconi in the 

Archipelago, in 1 794. 



1 79 1 May 






1793 Feb. 





Co Captains of the Royal Navy, 

1793 Feb. 9. George DufF, Captain of the Mars of 74 guns, killed 

in the battle off Trafalgar, Oct. 21. 1805. 
John Woodley, lost in the Leda of 36 guns, on the 
voyage to the West Indies, 1796. 
Apr. 20. John Whitby. 

24. Francis Fayerman. 

30. Right Honble. George Lord Viscount Garlics. 
May 16. John Elphinston, d. 

Thomas Francis Fremantle. 
22. Anthony Hunt, </. 
24. Sir Robert Barlow, Knt. 

Right Honble. Charles Lord Viscount Ranelagh , </. 
June 5. Sir Francis Laforey, Bart. 

24. Philip Charles Durham. 

25. Israel Pellevv. 
July I. Alexander Fraser. 
Aug. 30. Benjamin Hallowell. 
Sept. 13. George Hope. 

John Matthews, d. 
16. Right Honble. Lord Amelius BeauclerC. 
^4. William Taylor. 
Oct, 7, James Nicoll Morris. 

10. Scory Barker, Captain of the Tribune of 44 guns, 

drowned when that ship was wrecked going into 
the port of Halifax, in Nova Scotia, 1797- 

12. Charles Cunningham. 

14. Solomon Ferris, d. 

28. George Burdon. 

29. William Brown. 

Nov. J . William Swaffield, blown up when on a visit on board 
the Amphion frigate, off Plymouth-Dock, 1796. 
Honble. George Grey. 
5. Thomas Byam Martin. 
Dec. I. John Lawford. 

11. Frank Sotheron. 1 
I7« Charles Craven. 

19. Thomas Wolley. 

1794 Jan. 9. William Hope. 

Right Honble. Lord Henry Paulet. 

20. Charles William Paterson. 
Feb. 20. George Cockburn. 
Mar. I. Thomas Surridge. 

2. Charles Hare, d. 
8. Samuel Hood Linzee- 
19. Thomas Graves. 


Captains of the Royal Navy* 6i 

1794 Mar. 25. Charles Sawyer, d. 
James Carpenter. 
29. Right Hon* Lord Augustus FItzroy, d' 
Apr. 2. Robert Barton. 
Graham Moore. 
4> Matthew Henry Scott. 
5. Joseph Hanwell. 
10. Robert Faulkno>, Captain of the Blanche of 32 
guns, killed engaging La Pique of 38 guns, near 
the island of Guadaloupe, Jan. 4th, 1799- 
12- Edward Cook, Captain of La Sybille of 38 guns, 
died of the wounds he received when he took. La 
Forte of 50 guns in the East Indies in 1799. 
23. Richard Bowen, Captain of the Terpsichore of 32 
, guns, killed at the attack of the island of Tene- 
rifte in 1797. 
May 4. William Henry Bayntun. 

7. Hon. Francis Farrington Gardner. 
10' William Carthew. 

13. Edward Browne, d. 

14. Richard King. 
25. Edward Griffith, 
.24. Richard Lane, d. 

June 7' Edward James Foote. 

Richard Lee. ' •, 

l8. George Henry Towry. 
23. William Bradley- 

John Cooke, Captain of the Bellerophon of 74 
guns, killed in the battle off Cape Trafalgar, 
Oct. 21. 1805. 
July 4. James Ross Farquharson. 
Axig. I. James Newman Newman, 
4. William Pierrepont. . 
9. Wm. Edvvard Cracraft. 
lO' Robert GambierMiddleton. 
12. James May. 
13., Peter Halkett. 

1 5. William Bedford. 

28- Henry Roberts, Captain of the Undaunted of 32 
guns, drowned in the West Indies in 1769. 
George Vancouver, ,d. 
Sept. 1. Hugh Pigot, Captain of the Hermione of 32 guns, 
.whose crew mutinied, and murdered their captain 
and officers in 1797, and carried the ship into La 
Guira in the West Indies. 


62 Captains of the Royal Navy. 

1794 Sept. 5* Philip Wilkinson- 

4. Chas. J. Moore Mansfield. 

5. Wyndham Bryer, d. 
7. William Shield. 

Hon. Charles Elphlnstone Fleeming. 
Charles Vinicombe Penrose. 
William Hotham. 
Oct, 8. Stephen George Church, </. 
9. Henry Inman. 
I J. George Hopewell Stephens. 
21. Joshua Mulock, d. 

21. Thomas Larcom, d. 

22. Pulteney Malcolm. 
24. William Nowell. 

James Bisset. 
John Clements. 
, Nov. 3. John Loring. 

4. Richard Moricc. 
Simon Miller. 
Sandford Tatham. 

Andrew Christie, drowned by accident nearDeptford. 
II.' Christmas Paul. 
John Bazely, junr. 
Sir John Gore, knt. - 
Honble. John Murray, d. 

William Browell, Governor of Greenwich Hospital. 
Thomas Twysden, d. 
James Lecky. 
John Harvey. 
Henry Hothani. 
16. George Burlton. 

Charles Dudley Pater. 

Adam Littlcjohn, Captain of the Berwick of 74 guns, 
" *■ killed when that ship was taken in the Mediterra- 

nean in 1795. 
19. Charles Wemyss, </. 
27. Percy Fraser. 
Apr. 3' John Dawson. 

4. Sir Home R'ggs Popham, Knt. 
6. Josias Rowley. 
George Bowen, d. 
Richard Bagot, d- 
Hon. Charles Herbert. 

Charles Gamier, Captain of the Aurora of 28 guns, 
drowned going from his ship v.hcn off Lymington 
in 1796. 

J 795 









1795 Jan. 


Captains of the Royal Navy* 6^ 

1795 Apr. 6. Edward Codrlngton. 
7. George Parker. 
15. William Charleton. 
21. Robert Warburton. 
Robert Plampin. 
Frederick Watkins. 
May 4. John Doling, d. 
'30. Charles Patton. 
June I. Edward Leveson Gower. 
2. John Draper. 

Hon. Henry Blackwood. 
10. John Erskine Douglas. 
18. George Byng. 

24. Ross Donelly. 

25. John Poe Beresford, 
29. William Edge. 

John Monckton. 
July 4. Charles Sydney Davers, d. 
9. Henry Lidgbird Ball. 
13. Charles White. 
Thomas Eyles. 
23. Thomas le Marc hant Gosselm. 
July 24. Joseph I^arcom. 
Aug. I. Charles Rowley. ' 
10. Thomas Rogers. 

Samuel James Ballard. 
12. Robert RoUes. 
Sept. I. William Granville Lobb. 
2. Alexander Wilson. 

James Bowen. 
8. John Cook 2d. 
16. Lancelot Skynner, Captain of La Lutine of 32 gun?, 

foundered off the coast of Holland in 1799. , 
22. Walter Lock. 
28. Henry Jenkins. 
, David Milne. 
Oct* 3. George Dundas. 

5. James Young. 

6. James Macnamara. 
21. Richard Hill, d. 
26. Donald Campbell. 

Robert Waller Otway . 
, . 31. Richard Dacres. 
.jH^jOy, ,f?. Thomas Western. 


64 Captains of the Royal Navy. 

I'jgS Nov. 24. George Vaughan, d. 
Temple Hardy. 
John William Spranger. 
25. John Barrett. 
28. William Lukin. 
30. Shuldham Peard. 
Dec. 7. Edward Fellowes. 
I7p6 Jan. I. Riqhard Henry Alex. Bennet. 
4. Willoughby Thomas Lake. 
II. Charles Ogle. 

R. W. Miller, Captain of the Theseus of 74 guns, 
killed by some bomb-shells taking fire on board 
that ship, at the siege of St John d'Acre on the 
coast of Syria in 1799. 
Teb. I. Henry Raper. 

2. William Charles Fahie. 

Henry Mitford, Captain of the Ybrk of 64 guns, 
foundered in the North sea, and all on board pe- 
rished, Jan. 1804. 

6. George Eyre. 
Mar. 8. Thomas Affleck, V. 
Apr. 9. George Andrews. 

II. Robert Lambert. 

20. Jos&ph Bingham. 

30. Robert Dudley Oliver. 
June 13. D'Arcy Preston. 

28. Man Dobson. 
July 3. Thomas Boys. 

7. Jeremiah M^inwaring, Captain of Lc Babet of 24 

guns, foundered on her voyage from Martlnico 
to Jamaica, and all on board perished, in 1801. 
13. Thomas Seccombe. 
John Clarke Searle. 
Samuel Brooking. 
22. Charles Brisbane. 
, John Talbot. 
Robert Larkan. 
Charles Stuart. 
John Halliday. 
James Colnett. 
John Gifi'ard. 
John Irwin. 
Francis Woolridgc, e/. 
. William Gordon Rutherford. 












Captains of the Royal Navy, £^ 

15. John West. 

24. Joseph Bullen. 
Dec. 5. Stephen Poyntz. 

6. James Hardy. n 
Edward Roe. 

Gros. Wink worth, d, 
Bernard Hale, d. 
Thomas Pearse. 
Hon. John Colvill. 
John Cocketi 
12. S»ir Archd. Colld. Dickson, Bart. 

16. Robert Redmill. 
Robert. Winthorpe. 

19. Henry Digby. 

22. Charles Ekins. 

Andrew Todd, Captain of the Queen Charlotte of 
1 10 guns, was lost with that ship and a great ma- 
ny of the crew, when she was destroyed by fir& 
in the Mediterranean in 1797. 

Edward Ramage. 

John Sprat Rainier. 

Benjamin William Page. 

23. Hon. Philip Wodehouse. 

26. John Tumor, </. 

27. Thomas Alexander. 
Jan. 6. Andrew Smith. 

28. Wm. Robert Broughton. 
Feb. 15. James Bradby 2d, d. 

James Stevenson. 
Mar. 6. Edward Marsh. 

• John K. Pulling, Captain of the Penguin, drowned 
near Plymouth in 1797. 
Sir Edward Berry. 
William Prowse. 

7. William Bowen. 

Sir Charles Lindsay, Bart. Captain- of the Daphne 
of 20 guns, drowned in Demarary river in 1799. 
Right Hon. Lord Mark Ker-j 
' Thomas Moutray Waller. 

27. James Athol Wood. 
Thomas Harvey. 
Apr- 10. Richard Hussey Moubray. 
Henry Richard/Glynn. 

25. John Bligh. 
29. Peter Pujfet 

May 4- James Wallis- '' 

F 3797 

^ Capiairts ofths 'Royal Na<>^l 

J 797 May 23. John O'Bryen, J. 
June 3. Thomas Elphinston. 

Sir Edward Hamilton, Knt. knighted for his gallant 

conduct in cutting out the Hefmione frigate ii) 

Port CavaUo harbdur, Oct. 29. 1799. 

13. Thomas Baken 

30. Henry Evans. 

27. William Stap. 

Samuel Sutton. 
30. Honble. Courteney Boyle» 
July 5. William Ogilvy. 

17. Sir Robert Lawrie, Bart> 
26. William Henry Gage. 
Aug- II. John Maitland. 
Sept. I* Isaac Woolley. 

it. John Miller. _ , 

13. Stair Doitglas. 
2i. Richard Brown, d. 
Oct- 13. William Gumming. 
17. James Walker. 

Hon. Charles Paget. ' 
30. Robert Campbell. 
Nov. 10. Robert Williams, 
13. John Phillips. 
29. Richard Worsley. 
1798 Jan. 2. John Cleland. > 

8. William Hills, J. 
Feb. 5. Aken Paffard Holies. 
Henry Heathcdte. 
17. Right Hon. William Allen, Lord Proby,y. 

BavidWilmbt, Captain of the Alliance frigate, kilt 
led at the siege of St Jean d'Acre in 1799. 
Mar. 23. Joshua Rowlty Watson. 
Apr. 15. Andrew Fitzherbert Evans. 

23. Edward William Camp. Richard Owciw^'i 
26. George James Shirley. i-l 

May i. Richard Rimwa Bowyer. 
29. George Frederick Ryves. 
David Atkitis. 
/one 13 Thomas Gordon Caiilfield. 
John Hamstead. 
15. George Scott. 
July 9. Thomas Dundas. 
George Fowke. 
12. James Keith Shepard. 
Aug. 7. Richard Harrison Pearson, 

C{^mm of the Royal Nofoy^ %f 

17. Samuel Peter Forster. 

27. George Astle. 
7. John Tremayne Redd. 

7. John £aker Hay. 
25. Loftus Otway Bland. 

Dec. 2. Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, Bart. Captain of 
Lord Nelson's flag ship the Victory on Oct. 21st, 
1805, and in token of las Majesty's approbation 
of his conduct on that occasion, he was pleased to 
create him a Baronet of Great Britain, 

Oct. 2. John Seater. 

8. William Cumberland. 

28. Robert Cuthbert. 

30. Graham Eden Kaniond. 
Dec. 5. Philip Gidley King. 
10. Robert Honeyman. 

24. Richard Retalick. 

John William Taylor Dixon, Captalii of the Apollo 
of 32 guns, and lost with th^ greatest part of the 
crew, when that sWp was wTecfced on the coast of 
Portugal in 1804. 

George Clarke. 

Bartholomew James. 

Robert Lewis Fitzgerald. 

Hon. Chas. Herbert Pierrepont. 

Josiah hJisbet. 

Thomas Bowen. 

Thomas Stevenson. 

25. Volant Vashon Jjiallard* 

26. Hugh Downman. 

27. Hon. Thosv Bladen Copel. 

29. William Hanwell^ 
Jan. 3. John Crawley. 

22. Thomas Manby. 
James O'Bryen. 
, David Lloyd. 
William Saunderson. 
Richard Matson. 
Richard Raggett. 
John Mackellar. 
James Oughton. 
8. George Barker. 
Charles Adam. 
John Stiles. , 

F 2 ' 1799 












Captains of the Royal Navy. 

1^99 June 27. Richard Williams. 

29. Michael Halliday. 
July 2. William Granger. 
Aug. 2. John Chambers White. 

2. Charles Campbell, 

30. George White- 
Sept. 2. Adam Mackenzie. 

John Rennie, Captain of the Inviacible of 74 guns^ 

and drowned with many of the crew, when thati 

ship was wrecked in the North sea in 180 1. 

. ' 3. James Oswald. 

16. Francis Vesey. 

Henry Garret. 

20. Nathaniel Portlock. 

Oct. 24. Walter Bathurst. 

30. Adam Drummond. 
Nov. 9. Rt. Hon. Lord Wm. Stuart. 

18. Robert Hall. 
Dec. 3. Thomas Sparke. 
6. Robert Lloyd. 

26. William Grosvenor. 
Adrian Reftou, Captain of the Amazon of 32 guns,< 

killed at the battle off Copenhagen, April 2cl,' 
_ Sir Joseph Eyles, knt. 
Thos. Witteronge Clayton. 
1800 Jan.^ 13. Sir Thos. Livingstone, Bart. 

27. Lucius Hardyman. 
29. Charles Laroche. 

Feb. 18. Joshua Sydney Horton. 
Mar. 15. Thomas Bayley. . 
Apr. 8. Henry Bazely. 
16. John Larmour. 
22. Edward Brace. 
Henry West, </. 
25. Jahleel Brenton 2d. 
May 2. Robert Mends. 
13. John Wood. 

Francis William Austen. 
15. Bondall Robert Littlehales< 
July i. Robert Philpot. 

John Broughton, J. 
II. Patrick Campbell, 

, Captains of the Royal Navy, 69 

1800 Aug. II. Norborn Thompson.' 
Micajah Malbon. 
Michael Seymour. 
Edward Stirling Diokson. 
Peter Turner Bovers, d. 
27. Edward Rotherham. 
Sept. 6. John Perkins. 
Charles Grant. 
• . Thomas James Maling. 

Oct. 16. John Acworth Ommaney. 
Henry Stuart. 
25. Henry Waterhouse. 
Nov. 15. Zachariah Mudgc. 
Dec. -10. George Wolfe. 
25. William Selby. 
j8qx Jan. i. Henry Hill. 
Jonas Rose. 
Thomas Lavie. 
John Temple. 
1. John Major Lewis. 

Charles Lydiard. 
Charles WoUaston. 
William Champain. 
Alexr. Wilmot Schomberg. 
Edward Durnford King. 
William Waller. 
Henry Vansittart. 
George Mundy. 
Philip Beaver. 
William Bolton. 
Feb. 14. George Sayer, 
John Nicholas. 
Robert Mansel. 
Charles Tinling. 
Philip Bowes Vere Broke. 
Andrew Brown. 
27. Charles Elphinstone. 
Mar. 21. Frederick Lewis Maitland. 
Apr,, 2, James Brisbane. 
William Birchall. 
27. John Ferris Devonshire. 
, May 12. Frederick Warren. 
14. Harry Ifarnall. 
June 4. Richard Peacock. 
^g. J^Jy H. James Carthew. 

^3 1801 

ffb Captains ^the Rsytii N^» 

1801 July 24. Thomas Briggs. 

T. Miller Gamier, d. 
John Broughton. 
Aug. 3. Hon. George Heaeage Laurence Dundas 
6. John Stewart. 

8. Right Hon. 'Hiomas LordGocljranp. 
Sept, 22. Nicholas Tomlinson. 
Oct. 9. William Parker. 

Tristram Robert Ricketts. 
20. George M'Kinley. 
23. James Katon. 
29. Richard Balling Dunn. 
Nov. 2. Charles Dashwood. 
3. Robert Fanshawe, </. 

1802 Jan. 7. Henry Ed. Reginald Baker. 

Thomas Pressland. 

John Griffin Saville, </. 

Richard Curry. 

William Haste. 
15. Lenox Thompson. 

Charles Fielding. 
Mar. I. Thomas George Shortlan^. 

18. William Skipsey. 
Apr. 14. Marcus Samuel Hiil. 

Roger Curtis, </. 

Stephen Thomas Digby. 

Hon. Frederick Paul Irby. 
20. Christopher Cole. 
22. George Ralph Collier. 
26. Joseph Baker. 

28. Daniel Woodroff. 
Andrew Sproule. 

John Wentwoith Loring. 
John Winne. 

Robert Howe Bromley. ;. 

Hon. Duncombe Pleydell Bouvcrte. .'{ 

Henry Richardson. i 

Augustus LevesonGower,</' 1 

29. Richard Bridges. , i 
Richard Goddard. "; 
Richard Poulden. ^, 
Charles Otter. ,| 
Thomas Hurd. 'j 
Thomas Miles. ii 
Daniel Dob'xee. „ 


Qapt^m ^ th^ Rqytfl Nfivy* 71 

[802 Apr .'29. Philip Somerville. 
Richard Pellcw. 
John Dick. 
Peter Ribouleau. 
John Nash. 
Stephen Rains. 
Thomas Hand. 
Farmery Predam Epworth. 
Matthew Eucklc. 
John Allen. 

Edward Henry Columbine, 
Isaac Cotgrave. 
George Bowen. 
John Russell. 
John Calverhouse. 
James Noble. 
Samuel Warren, 
Anselm John GrifEtfa, 
George Burdett* 
James Na$h. 
Peter Spicer. 
James Seward. 
John Taylor Mitchell. 
Henry Duncan, Captain pf the . - 1 1 ■, lost with all 

the crew, on their voyage to Halifax. 
Thomas Philip Durrell. 
Alex. Becker, 
William Day. 
Patrick Tonyn. 
George Reynolds. 
John Hatley. / 

Francis Holmes Coffin . 
JeflFery Raigersfeld. 
Michael Seymour, d. 
Charles Ryder. 
Christian J. W. Nesham. 
Charles Buller. 
John Wight. 
Henry Folkes Edgell. 
Cornelius Quinton. 
James Dunbar. 
William Butterfield. 
Charles Papps Price, 
John Newhouse, 

F 4 1802 

72 Captains of the Royal Navy. 

1802 April 29. Richard Byron. 
William Young. 
George Tobin. 
John Mainwright. 
James Sanders. 
William Henry Wibley. 
Edward G.alwey. 
Richard Jones. 
Richard Hawkins. 
Thomas Cowan. 
Wm. Henry Daniel. 
George Christian Pulling. 
Jacob Walton. 
David Colby. 
Augustus Brine. 
Barrington Dacres. 
James Coutts Crawford. 

John Hayes. ■ 

Samuel Campbell Rowley, 

Bulkley Mackworth Pread. 

John Whyte. 

Samuel Mottley. 

Edward Walpble Browne. 

John Smollet Rouett. 

William Ricketts. 

James Dalrymple, d. 

Alex. Skene. 

George Miller. 

Honble, William Trench, 

George Blake. 

Edward Sneyd Clay, 

Thomas Richbell. 

Hassard Stackpoole. 

Benjamin Carter, 

Charles Inglis. 

Charles Catter. 

Thomas Browne. 

Johrt Conn. 

Edward Kendall. 

Edward O'Bryen. 

Francis Godolphin Bond, 

Stephen Folville. 

John Browning Edwards, 

Captains of the Royal Navy, 73 

1802 Apr. 29. William Henryson. 
Archibald Dickson. 
Clotworthy Upton. 
Wm. Henry Brown Trimlett. 
Coryndon Boger, </. 
Richard Hatherill, d. 
Chas. John Vise. Falkland, 
Samuel Pym. 
George Argles. 
Thomas Charles Brodle. 
Sir Fred. Thesinger, I^.S.G. ef. 
Samuel Butcher. 
Charles Worsley Boys. 
Ernest Brann, ^, 
Robert Jackson. 
Robert Barrie. 
Joseph Briggs, d. 
May 21. Daniel Oliver Guion. 

28. James G. Vashon. 

Aug. 3. Bridges Watkinson Taylor. 
Oct. 16. Chas. Bayntun Hodgson Ross, 

18. Wilson Rathborne. 
Dec. 15; Henry Hudson. 

29. Charles Malcolm. 

1803 Jan. 27. John Serrel. 
Apr. 5. Peter Hey wood. 
May 2$. Frederick Cottrell. 
Aug. 4. Murray Maxwell. 

6. John Stuart. 

Charles Marsh Schomberg. 

30. Francis W, Fane. 
Dec. 29. Peter Hunt. 

1804 Jan. 2. Hon. George Elliott. 

17. William Durban. 
Feb. 6. Henry Whitby. 

29. James Hillyar. 

Mar. 3. Lord William Iltzroy. 
Lord Georgfe Stuart. , 
Austin Bissell. 
6. Sir J^raes Lind, Captain of the Centurion of 50 
, guns, knighted for his bravery in beating off the 
Marengo and 2 large frigates, in the East Indies. 
Apr. 10. George N. Hardiuge. 
Charles Pelly. 

30. J^oseph Nourse. 


*?'4 Captains of the Royal Nmy* 

1804 May I. Robert O'Brien, d, 

Keith Maxwell, d, 
Hon. William Cathcatt, d. 
May 8. William Fothergill, d, 
4. Conway Shipley, </. 
8. Matthew Godwin. 
Hugh Pigot. 
James Master. 
Hon. Edward King. 
Salisbury P. Humphries. 
Edwards Lloyd Graham. 
John Tower. 
June 6. Kenoeth M'Kenzic, 
Edward Hawker. 
8. Alexr. Campbell. 
21. William Ferris. 
Aug. 24. William Roberts. 
Sept. 6. George Younghusband. 
J. C. Woolcorabe. 
William Lyall. 

1805 Hon. John Astlcy Bennet. 
George Aldham. 
Francis Temple. 

R. B. Vincent. 
Arthur Farquhar. 
Woodley Losack. 
Sir Wm. Bolton, Knt. 
Henry Lambert. 
William Woolridge. 
James Alexr. Gordon. 
Hon. Frederick William Ay Imer. 
John Shortland. 
Joshua Johnson. 
John Cramer. 
Wm. Beauchamp Proctor. 
John Morrison. 
George E. B. Bettesworth. 
George Digby. 
William Pryce Cumby. 
John Pilfold. 
John Stockhatn. 
1896 David Ramsay. 

Henry Vaughan. 


Coftaitis of the Rspd Ncivj. f^ 

lSo6 Thomas Campbell. 

John Yelland. 
George Burgoyne Salt. 
A. I. Burrowes. 
I.W. Holland. 
J. L. Popham. 
Joseph Popham. 
Robert Keen. 
John Sarman Garden. 
James Andrew Worth. 
John Sykes. 

Richard Turner Hancock, 
Hender Whitter. 
James Watson. 
John Hancock. 
John Impey. 
Alex. Robert Kerr. 
Daniel M'Leod. 
Henry Manton Ommaney. 
Henry Laroche. 
Archibald Duff. 
Thomas Smyth. 
Philip Lewis Rosenhagen. 
John Bushby. 
Robert Jenner Neve. 
Robert Scott. 
Robert Corbet. 
Edmund Heywood. 
D. H. Mackay. 
Francis Mason. 
Major Jacob Henniker. 
Francis Jackson Snell. 
William Green, 
Matthew Forster. 
Philip Carteret. 
Hon. Archibald Cochrane. 
James Johnstone. 
Thomas Stains. 
Thomas Brown. 
William Kent. 
£dmund Boger. 
Alexr. Shippard. 
PownoU Bastard Pellew, 

7 6 Captains of the Royal Navy, 

1806 John Bowen. 

Peter Parker. 
H. Laroche. 
Robert Hendersoa. 
James Bowen. 
Honble. Henry Duncan. 
Lucius Curtis. 
John Louis. 
Hon. Edward Rodney. 
John Duer. 
Bihn fiodgson. 


C 77 ] 

Vice and Rear-Admirals of Great Britain, at and 
since his Majesty's Accession to the Throne in 1760. 

Vice- Admiral of Great Britain : He has a salary of L.i per dayy 
and los. each for sixteen servants. 

George Anson, Lord Anson. Died in 1762. 

1763 Jan. 4, Henry Osbom, esq. Resigned in 1765. 

1765 Nov. 5. Sir Edward Hawke, K. B. afterwards Lord Hawke. 
Died in 1781. 

178 1 Nov. 6. Sir George Bridges Rodney, Bart, and K. B. after- 
wards Lord Rodney. 

1792 June Richard, Earl Howe, K. G. 

1796 Alexander, Viscount Bridport, K. B, 

Rear- Admiral of Great Britain : He has a salary of i6s. per day, 
and los. each per month for twelve servants. 

Sir William Rowley, K. B. Resigned on being 
appointed Admiral and Ccfmmander-iu-Chief of 
the Fleet. 
1763 Jan. 4. Sir Edward Hawke, K. B. 
1765 Nov. 5. Sir Charles Knowles, Bart. Resigned when he 

went into the Empress of Russia's service. 
1770 Oct. Francis Holburne, esq. Made Governor of Green- 

wich Hospital. 


78 Treasui^ers rf the Navy, 

ly'jl Aug. 17. Sir George Bridges Rodney, Baft, now Lord Rod- 
1 78 1 Nov. 6. George Darby, esq. 
1790 Apr. 6. Sir Alexr. Hood, K. B. 
1796 Mar. 15. Hon. William Comwallis. 

Under the Lord High Admiral, or the Lords Com- 
missioners of the Admiralty, are several Depart* 
ments for the better Government of the Royal Navy. 
The first of these is the 


His office is of great trust, dignity, and profit. His business is to 
order payment of all seamens wages, Navy and Victualling bills, &c. 
He draws the money fsom the Exchequer, by a warrant from the 
Commissioners of the Treasury. He is always of the Privy Council, 
and had formerly a salary of L.2000 per annum^ but the profits of 
his office, especially in war-time, were very considerable. Upon the 
reform of various offices in the year 1782, this office came in for its 
share 5 the perqubites, or rather the advantage from great sums of 
the public money lying long in the Treasurer of the Navy's hands, 
were abolished, and his salary fixed nt L.4©oo per annum, and L.1500 
per annum allowed his Deputy. He has a number of Clerks at his 
office in Broad-street, and several at the ports of Portsmouth, Ply- 
mouth, and Chatham, for the payment of seamen's wages. 

A List of the Treasurjers of the Navy, from 1666 lo the present 


1660 Sir George Carteret, Bart. 

1667 Arthur, Earl of Anglesey. 

167 1 Sir Thomas Osborne, Bart, afterwards Viscount 

Dumblane, Earl of Danby, and Duke of Leeds. 


Treasurers of the Nm)p f^ 

Sir Edward Seymour, Bart, 

Edward Russel, esq. afterwards Earl of Orford. 

Sir Thotnas Lyttelton, Bart. 

Robert Walpole, esq. afterwards Sir Robert, and 

Earl of Orford. 
Charles Caesar, esq. 
John AJslabie, esq. 
Richard Hampden, esq. 
Sir George Byng, Knight, afterwards Viscount 

Hon. ^attee Byng, his son, afterwards Visepunt 

Arthur Onslow, esq. 
Thomas Clutterbuck, esq. 
Sir Charles Wager, Knight. 
Sir John Rushout, Bart. 

Geo. Doddington, esq. afterwaids Lord Melcombe. 
Honourable Henry Bilson Legge. 
Honourable George Grenville. 
George Doddington, esq. 
Honourable George Grenville. 
George Doddington, esq. 
Honourable George Grenville. 
William Wildman, Viscount Batrington, 
Richard, Viscount Howe. 
Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart. 
Welbore Ellis, esq. 
Isaac Barre, esq. 
Henry Dundas, esq. 
Charles Townshend, esq. 

Henry Dundas, esq. afterwards Viscount Melville. 
Hon. Dudley Ryder, now Lord Harrowby. 
Charles Bragge, esq. now Lord Bathurst, 
George Canning, esq. ->vr»'i; 

Richard Brinsley Sheridan, esq. 

The next office in rank and consequence is the Navy-office, situated 
in Crutched Friars, London. The various branches of business trans- 
acted by It, ai?e-done by Commissioners, each of whom has a distmct 
department. They are' styled Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy, 
in quality of Principal Officers of the Navy, and are as follow : — 

I. ComptroUerof the Navy. 
a. Surveyor of the Navy. 

3. Clerk 










1742 Feb. 

— Dec. 







1757 Apr. 





1782 Apr. 


1783 Apr. 5 

— — Dec. 30 

iSoo May 

1801 Nov. 

1804 May 

1806 Feb. 

^o Comptrollers df, the Navy. 

3. Clerk of the Acts. 

4 1 . Comptroller of the Treasurer's Accounts. 

5. Comptroller of Victualling Accounts. 

6. Comptroller of the Storekeeper's Accounts. 

7. Extra Commissioners of the Navy. 

8» Commissioners at the diiFerent Royal Dock-yards, 

The business of the Navy office is to order and expedite the build-* 
jng, repairing, and fitting out his Majesty's ships and^vessels, the 
mustering their companies, paying of accounts of home and foreign 
expenditure, paying of seamen's v?ages, &c. &c. 


His business is to comptrol all payment of wages ; to know the 
market-rates of all stores for shipping j to examine and audit all ac- 
counts of the Treasurer, Victuallers, Pursers, and Storekeepers. His 
salary is L.500 per annum. The business in this office' is divided into 
three branches, viz. Home Expenditure j Foreign Expenditure j 
Seamen's Wages. At each of these presides a chief clerk, under 
whom are many inferior clerks, for the dispatch of business. 

A List of the Comptrollers of the Navy at and sirlce 1688 to the 
present Time. 

1688 Sir Richard Haddock. 

1714 Sir Charles Wager. 

1718 Thomas Swantoii, esq. 

1722 James Mighells, esq. 

1734 Richard Haddock, esq. 

1749 Savage Mostyn, esq. 

1755 Feb. Edward Falkingham, esq. 

,— — Nov. Charles Saunders, esq. , 

1756 June Digby Dent, esq. 


Navy Office, 8l 

1756 Dec. George Cockburne, esq. 

1770 Hugh (afterwards Sir Hugh) Palliser, esq. Made 

an Admiral. 

1775 Maurice Suckling, esq. 

1778 Charles Middleton, esq. now Lord Barham. 

1790 Henry Martin, esq. afterwards Sir Henry. 

1794 Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, Bart, 

x8o6 Henry NichoUs, esq. 


The business of the Surveyor of the Navy is to know the state of all 
stores, and see the wants supplied j to survey the hulks, masts, and 
yards, and estimate the value of repairs 5 to charge all boatswains 
and carpenters with what stores they receive, in order to a voyage j 
and, at their return, to state and audit their accounts. For the bet- 
ter management of this very important branch, there are two joint 
Surveyors, who have a salary of L.500 ayear each. The senior 
Surveyor has an assistant at L.300, and the junior one at L.200 per 

A List of the Surveyors of the Navy at and since 1688, 

1668 Sir John TIppItts. 
1692 Edward Dummer, esq. 
1699 Daniel Furzer, esq. 
1706 William Lee, esq. 
1715 Jacob Ackworth, esq. 
1749 Joseph Allln, esq. 
, ^ , , r Thomas Slade, 1 

'755 I William Bately, j"^^^' 

g f Sir Thomas Slade, Knt. 

Williams, esq. 
177 X Sir John Williams, Knt. sole, with two Assistants. 
j_^g y Sir John Williams, Knt. 

'' it Edward Hunt, esq. 
1785 r Edward Hunt, esq. 
Jan. 22. (.John Henslow, esq. vice Williams. ■ 
Jan. 1793 . Sir William Rule, Knt. vice Hunt. 

l-vssu, n'.J G 3: CLERK 

Si Navy Office, 


The business of the Clerk of the Acts is to record all orders, con- 
tracts, bills, warrants, &c. j to receive all petitions ; to examine re- 
mittances •, to issue warrants for several warrant-officers in the Navy, 
&c. He has a salary of-L.8co per annum, and an Assistant who has 
L'.46o, and L.50 per annum for house-rent. 

A List of the Clerks of the Acts since 1688. 

1688 James Southern, esq. 

3689 Charles Sergison, esq. 

1*701 Samuel Atkins, esq. 

1719 Tempest Holmes, esq. 

1726 Thomas Pearse, esq. 

1743 John Cleveland, esq. 

1746 Robert Osborne, esq. 

374,7 Daniel Devert, esq. 

-3766 Edrnund Mason, esq. .^ 

3773- George Marsh, esq. 

1800 Sir Francis John Hartwell, Earl. 


The. business of this department is to keep a check on the pay-office 
of the Treasurer of the Navy j for this purpose he has under him twa 
chief clerks, and a great number of inferior clerks. He has a salary. 
of L.800 per annum, 

A Liat; 

Navy Office. 83 

A List of the Comptrollers of the Treasurer's Accounts since 


1691 Dennis Lyddel, esq. 
1717 Richard Burton, esq. 
1728 Sir George Saunders. 
1735 George Purvis, esq. 
1740 John Philipson, esq. 
1743 William Corbet, esq. 
1753 Richard Hall, esq. 
176 1 Timothy Brett, esq. 
1782 George Rogers, esq. 
180 1 Benjamin Tucker, esq. 
J 803 Hon. Henry Legge. 


The business of this department is to keep a check upon the victual- 

A List of the Comptrollers of Victualling Accounts since 1688. 


Sir John Berry. 
Sir Richard Beach. 


Samuel Pitt, esq. 



Sir Cloudsley Shovel. 
Benjamin Timewell, esq. 
Richard Burton, esq.' 




John Fawler, esq. 

Francis Gashry, esq. 

Robert Osborne, esq. 

Charles Proby, esq. made Commissioner at Chatham, 



Thomas Hanway, esq. 

G a 1^72 

$4 N'avy Office* 

1772 George Marsh, esq. Made Clerk of the Acts. 

1773 J^^y* James Gambier, esq. Made Commissioner a' 

Portsmouth. Promoted to a flag. 
■ — ■ ' ■ ' Aug-. William Palmer, esq. 


The business of this department is to examine all the Naval Stores 
delivered to the Storekeepers of the several yards, and audit the ac- 
counts of their expenditure. 

A List of the Comptr.ollers of the Storekeepers' Accounts since 


1688 Sir William Booth. 

1689 Henry Priestman, esq. 
.1690 Sir John Ashby. 

1693 Thomas Wilshaw, esq, 

1702 Henry Greenhill, esq. 

1704 Thomas Jennings^ esq. .„ 

1714 Charles Cornwall, esq. 

1716 Thomas Swanton, esq. ,^i 

1718 William Cleveland, esq, 

1732 Hon. Robert Byng. 

1739 John Philipson, esq. 

1740 George Crowle, esq. 

1752 Richard Hall, esq. __; 

1753 George Adams, esq. Resigned. ,^ ^3^] 
1761 Hon. William Bateman. ^ .laJi. SSdl 
J 783 William Campbell, esq. 

1790 Sir William Bellingham, KnL< 
1803 Osborne Markham, esq. 

7- COM. 


Navy Office,. S^ 


1664 Dec, y. John, Viscount Brounker. Salary, L. 500 per annum. 
— — Jan. 3. Thomas Middleton, esq. Commissioner for London. 

L.350 per annum. 
1669 Mar. 29. John Cox, eSq. Commissioner for London. L.350 

per annum. 
I ■ ■ June 17. Sir Jeremy Smithe, Commissioner, in quality of a 

principal officer of the Royal Navy, with a fee of 

L.50C per annum, and allowance for Clerks, and 

other travelling charges. 

167 1 June 23. Sir John Ernie, Commissioner of the Navy, as 

Comptroller, to perform the same as Sir John 
Mennes, lately deceased j oi- as is performed by 
Sir, Thos. Allen, the present Comptroller, L.500. 

1672 July 3. Anthony Dean, esq. L.350 per annum. 

— — Aug. 30. Edward Seymour, esq. L.joo per annum. 
" ■■ Nov. 8. Thomas Middleton, esq. L. 500 per annum. 
Sir John Hanmer, L. 500 per annum. 

1673 Mar. 24. Richard Beach, esq. L.350 per annum. 

July 7. Sir John Werden, L.500 per annum. 

J675 Nov. 22. Sir John Chichley, L. 500 per annum. 

John Goodwin, L.350 per annum. 
— — Nov. 25. Sir Anthony Deane, L.500 per annum. 

Sir John Kempthorne, L.380 per annum. 
i68o The patent for appointing' William, Viscount 

Brouncker, Sir John Werden, and Sir John Chi- 
chely 5 revoked Feb. 28. 
' Apr. 29. Sir John Na^-borough, L.500 per annum. 
Sir Anthony Deane, L.500 per annum. 
— July I. Phineas Pitt, esq. L.500 per annum. 
l68i Feb. 3. Sir Richard Haddock, L.500 per annum. 
1686 Apr. 17. Sir John Trippets, Sir Richard Haddock, Sir An- 
thony Deane, Sir John Narborough, Sit John Ber- 
yand. Sir John Godwin, James Southeme, and 
William Hewer, esq. L. 500 per annum each. 
1686 Apr. 19. Sir Phineas Pitt, Commissioner at Chatham and 
Sheevness, L,50o per annum. 
Sir Richard Beach, Commissioner at Portsmouth, 
L.506 per annum. 

G 3 16S6 

S6 ' Navy Office* 

Balthazar St Mitchel, Commissioner at Deptford' 
and Woolwich, L.500 per annum. 
1688 Feb, 23. Sir William Booth, L.500 per annum. 


These commissioners assist the other departments, on account of the- 
increase of business in each. 

A List of Extra Commissioners of the Navy since 1691, 

George Rooke, esq. 
John Hill, esq. 
Sir Cloudesly Shovel. 
George St Lo, esq. 
Matthew Aylmer, esq. 
James Sothern, esq. 
Benjamin Timewell, esq. 
George Toilet, esq. 
Anthony Hammond, esq. 
Sir Thomas Hobson. 
Sir William Gifford. 
James Hunter, esq. 
Isaac Townsend, esq. 
Lawrence Wright, esq 
John Fawler, esq. 
Thomas Colby, esq. 
Sir George Saunders. 
Sir Isaac Townsend. 
Hon. Robert Byng. 
Lord Vere Beauclerc. 
George Crowle, esq. 
Francis Gashry, esq. 
James Compton, esq. 
Alexander Geddes, esq. 
James Oswald, esq. 
Edward Falkingham, esq. 


Navy Office, 87 

j[755 John Russel, esq. 

1747 Thomas Cooper, esq. 

' Arthur Scott, esq. 

1756 George Cockburn, esq. Made Comptroller ofth<j 

Navy in December this year. 

. ' I Honourable William Bateman. Made Comptroller 

of the Storekeeper's accounts, and none appoint- 
ed in his room, 1761. 

■ I II Digby Dent, esq. Died in 1762. 

I Timothy Brett, esq. Made Comptroller of the 

Treasurer's Accounts. 

1761 Jan, Edward Mason, esq. Made Clerk of the Acts. 
Mar, Sir Rich. Temple, Bart, vice Brett. Died in 1786. 

1762 ' Sir John Bentley, Knt. Promoted to a flag, and 
, none appointed in his room. 

1779 Edward Le Cras, esq. 

1780 Samuel Wallis, esq. Discontinued in 1,783, again 

appointed in October 27. 178-7. 

1793 Jan. Sir Samuel Marshall, Knt. vice Wallis. 

1794 May Charles Hope, esq. vice Marshall. 
1799 Sir Harry Harmood, Knt. 


A List of the Commissioners resident at Chatham Dock-yard, since 
16S8, Salary L.500 per annum, and L.12 a-year for paper and 

1688 Phineas Pitti^ esq. 

1689 Oct. Sir Edward Gregory. 
1703 George St Lo, esq. 
1714 ~ James Lyttleton, esq. 
172Z Thomas Kempthorne, esq. 
1736 .Thomas Matthews, esq. 
1742 Charles Brown, esq. 

1754 Arthur Scott, esq. 

1755 Thomas Cooper, esq. superannuated. 

G 4 1^53 

88 Navy Office, 

17^3 Thomas Hanway, esq. Made Comptroller of the 

victualling accounts, 
1771 Charles Proby, esq. 

1799 Francis J. Hartwell, esq. 

1800 Henry Duncan, esq. , 
J 801 Charles Hope, esq. 

N. B. — The Royal Dock-yard at Sheerness was un- 
der the inspection of the Commissioner resident at 
Chatham, till 1795. 


1795 Henry Harmood, esq. 
1797 Francis J. Hartwell, esq. 
1800 Isaac Coffin, esq. 
1804 Hon. George Grey. 


A List of the Commissioners resident at Portsmouth Dock-yard, 
since 1688. Salary L.500 per annum. 

J 688 Sir Richard Beach. 
J 1590 Thomas Wilshaw, esq. 
3692 Benjamin Timewell, esq. 
1695 Henry Greenhill, esq. 
1702 William Gifford, esq'. 
1705 Isaac Townshend, esq. 

1713 William Lee, esq. 

1714 Isaac Townshend, esq. 
1729 Richard Hughes, esq. 


Navy Offiee* 89 

J 754 Richard (afterwards Sir Richard) Hughes, junior, esq. 

1773 James Gambier, esq. Made an Admiral. 

1777 Samuel (afterwards Sir Samuel, and now Lord) Hood, esq.— 

Made an Admiral. 
1780 Henry Martin, esq. 
3790 Sir Charles Saxton, Bart. 

N. B.— The Commissioner resident at Portsmouth is Governor 
of the Royal Academy, (for which he has a salary of L.ioo 
a-year). This academy was instituted for the education of 
young gentlemen, at the expence of the nation, in studies 
preparatory to their entering into the Royal Navy. 


A list of the Commissioners resident at Plymouth since r688. 
Salary L.500, and L.12 a-year for paper and firing. 

1691 Henry Greenhill,, esq. 

1695 George St I^o, esq. 

1703 William Wright, esq. 

1704 Henry Greenhill, esq. \ 
1708 William Wright, esq. 

1711 Richard Edwards, esq. 

1714 Sir William Jumper, 

1715 Thomas Swanton, esq. 

1716 Francis Dove, esq. 
1726 Sir Nicholas Trevanion. 
1737 Matthew Norris, esq. 
1739 Philip Vanburg, esq. 

1753 Frederick (afterwards Sir Frederick) Rogers, qsq. 

1775 Paul Henry Ourry, esq-. 

1783 Feb. John Laforey, esq. 

1789 Nov. Robert Fanshaw, esq. 


9^ Navy Office, 


1688 Balthazar St Michell, esq. 
1702 Henry Greenhill, esq. 

1744 Thomas Whorwood. 

1745 Edward Falkingham, esq. 

1746 James Compton, esq. 

1747 William Davies, esq. 

N. B.— These Yards are now conducted by the Board of Com- 
missioners in London. 


1695 Benjamin Timewell, esq. 
1702 Lawrence Wright, esq. 


A List of the~ Commissioners resident in Nova Scotia. 

1775 Marriot Arbuthnot, esq. Made an Admiral. 

1777 Richard (now Sir Richard) Hughes. Made an 

1780 Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, Knt. 

1783 Apr. 12. Henry Duncan, esq. 
1800 Nov. John N. Ingleficld, esq. 


i^avy Office* ^ 


1793 Henry Harmood, esq. 

1794 Andrew Sutherland, esq. Died, 
1801 Sir Alexander John Ball, Bart. 

1803 William Albany Otway. 

1804 Robert Gambler Middleton, esq. 


1794 John N. Inglefield, esq. 

1795 Isaac Coffin, esq. 
^797 ■' ' Brown, esq. 

2704 William Wright, esq. 


1742 Edward Falkingham, esq, 
1744 Thomas Trefusis, esq, • 
1747 John Towry, esq. 
J 7 56 Charles Colby, esq. 


^i Nanjy Office* 


1779 John Laforey, esq. Succeeded P. H. Curry at Plymqutli 

1783 Feb. John Moutray, esq. 

Discontinued in time of peace. 


)C703 Charles Henry Lane. 


1782 Robert Lambert, esq. 

1803 Charles Stirling, esq. ,^ 

1804 Charles Dilke, esq. "Tf '' 

N. B.— The Commissioners resident at Halifax, Antigua, and 
Jamaica, have each a salary of L.500 per annum, and L.^oo 
per annum each for extra charges. 

The Commissioners resident at Chatham, Portsmouth, and Ply- 
mouth, have each an elegant house within the dock-yard. The yard 
at Sheerness is under the inspection of the Commissioner at Chatham j 
and the dock-yards at Deptford and Woolwich are under the imme- 
diate direction of the Navy Board. 

The principal officers and Conimissioners of the Navy hold their 
offices by patent tinder the Great Seal 5 and under each department of 
the Navy Board there is an establishment of clerks, and other inferior 


iVi?i;y Office* 93 

officers witli salaries, for the dispatch of business : But all other offi- 
cers, both in the King's yards, and all others belonging to any of his 
Majesty's ships, hold their places only by warrant from the Lord High 
Admiral, or the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 


The next department is the Victualling Office. The business of 
this office is to superintend the victualling of the royal navy. This 
formerly was done by contract ; but this method was subject to enor- 
mous abuses j for the contractors were attentive to nothing but profit, 
and the provisions were so bad, that many seamens lives were lost by 
using them. Seven Commissioners were appointed to manage this bu- 
siness J they have their respective agents at the several ports of his 
Majesty, both at home and abroad. They contract for the several 
Articles of food used in the navy, which they are obliged to inspect 
very narrowly j they oversee the bakehouses and breweries j accept 
of bills drawn in foreign ports by Pursers, for the supply of his Majes- 
ty's ships, and audit and pass Pursers accounts. 

The Victualling Office is situated on Towerhill j and here are a 
number of officers, clerks, &c. with fixed salaries, for the dispatch of 

The Commissioners, who have each a separate department in the 
business of this office, have a salary of L.400 per annum each. 

The depairtments of this office are managed as follow :— 

1. Comptroller of the Treasurer's Accounts, 

2. Ditto of the Cooperage. 

3. Ditto of the Bakehouse. 

4. Ditto of the Brewhouse. 

5. Ditto of Accounts. 

6. Ditto of the Cuttinghouse, 

7. Hoy -taker. 

A List 

94 Navy Office. 

A List of the Commissioners of the VicTtJALLiNG-OfFiCE at and sir.ce 

- 1683. 

1683 Sir Richard Haddock, Anthony Sturt, esq. John 

Parsons, esq. and Nicholas Fenne, esq.. Salary 
400I. per annum.' 

1684 The same. 

J690 Thomas Papillon, Simon Mayne, John Agar, Hum- 

phry Ayles, and James Howe, esqrs. 

1^^"^ May 12. Thomas Papillon, Simon Mayne, John Agar, Hum- 
phry Ayles, and Israel Fielding, esqr. vice James 

1695 " Thomas Papillon, Simon Mayne, John Agar, Hum- 

phry Ayles, and John Burrington, esqrs. vise Jo. 

1699 Thomas Papillon, Simon Mayne, John Burrington, 

Thomas Colby, and Henry Vincent, esqrs. vice 
J. Agar and Humphry Ayles. 

1702 Simon Mayne, John Burrington, Thomas Colby, 

Henry Vincent, and William Wright, esqrs. vice 
T. Papillon. 

1702 Thomas Colby, Henry Vincent, William Wright, 

esqrs. Sir John Houblon, and William Carpen- 
ter, esq. vice S. Mayne and J. Burrington. 

1702 Nov. 24. Thomas Colby, Henry Vincent, William Wright, 

John James, and Abraham Tilghman, esqrs. vice 
Sir John Houblon and W. Carpenter. 

1703 Thomas Colby, Henry Vincent, John James, Abra- 

ham Tilghman, and John Jennings, esqrs, vice 

William Wright. 

1 704 Thomas Colby, Henry Vincent, John James, Abra- 

ham Tilghman, Thomas Jennings, Henry Lee, 
and Kendrick Edisbury, esqrs. 


Navy Office^ ' ^S 

1704 Sept. 8. ThomasColby, Henry Vincent, Abraham Tilgliman, 
Thomas Jennings, Henry Lee, Kendrick Edis- 
bury, and Samuel Hunter, esqrs. vice J. James. 

J ^05 Feb. 7. Thomas Colby, Henry Vincent, Abraham Tilgh-, 
man, Henry Lee, Kendrick Edisbury, Samuel 
Hunter, and Thomas Harlow, esqrs. vice T^ 

1706 June 19. Thomas Colby, Henry Vincent, Kendrick Edisbury, 
Thomas Harlow, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 
and Thomas Reynolds, esqrs. vice A. Tilghman, 
W. Lee, and S. Hunter. 

17 H Nov. 13. Sir F. Masham, Knight, George Courtney, Kendrick 
Edisbury, Thomas Bere, Henry Vincent, juur. 
Henry Lee, and Samuel Hunter, esqrs. vice T. 
Colby, H. Vincent, T. Harlow, D. Onslow, 
and T. Reynolds. 

171 2 July 7. Sir F. Masham, Knt. George Courtney, Kendrick 
Edisbury, Thomas Bere, Henry Vincent, junr. 
Henry Lee, and William Stephens, esqrs. vice 
S. Hunter. 

1714 Dec. 2C. Thomas Reynolds, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 
Henry Vincent, Robert Arris, Peter Jeyes, and 
Waller Bacon, esqrs. vice Sir Francis Ma- 
sham, Knt. G. Courtney, K. Edisbury, H.^ Lee, 
and W. Stephens. 

J717 July 18. Thomas Reynolds, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 
Henry Vincent, junr. Robert Arris, Peter Jeyes, 
and Owen Buckingham, esqrs. vice Waller Ba- 

J 7 18 Apr. 23. Thomas Reynolds, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 
Robert Arris, Peter Jeyes, Owen Buckingham, 
and Edward Elliot, esqrs. vice H. Vincent. 

17 19 Feb. 25. Thomas Reynolds, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 

Peter Jeyes, Owen Buckingham, Edward Elliot, 
and William Passenger, esqrs. vice R. Arris, 

1720 Jurje 23. Thomas Reynolds, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 

Peter Jeyes, Edward Elliot, William Passenger, 
and Joshua Churchill, esqrs. vice Owen Buck- 

vC°a Ttt-c ingham. 

1720 July 15. Thomas Reynolds, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, 


g6 Navy Office, 

Peter Jeyes, William Passenger, Josliua Church- 
ill, and Henry Cartwright, esqrs. vice Edward 

172 1 Apr. I. Denzill Onslow, Thomas Bere, Peter Jeyes, Wil- 

liam Passenger, Kenry Cartwright. esqrs. Sir 
George Saunders, and William Fisher, esqrs. 
vice T. Reynolds and J. Churchill. 

Nov. 7. Thomas Bere, Peter Jeyes, William Passenger, 
Henry Catpenter, esqrs. Sir George Saunders, 
Knt. William Fisher, and Hugh Cholmley, 
esqrs. vice Denzill Onslow and Henry Cart- 

1722 Mar. 15. Thomas Bere, Peter Jeyes, William Passenger, 

Henry Carpenter, Henry Cartwright, esqrs. Sir 
George Saunders, Knt. William Fisher and Ste- 
phen Bisse, esqrs. vice H. Cholmley. 

1725 June 3. Thomas Bere, William Passenger, Henry Cart- 
wright, esqrs. Sir George Saunders, Knt. Wil- 
liam Fisher, Stephen Bisse, and George Huxley, 
esqrs. vice P. Jeyes and H,. Carpenter. 

Oct. 21. William Passenger, Henry Cartwright, esqrs. Sir 
George Saunders, Knt. William Fisher, Stephen 
Bisse, George Huxley, and Edward Trelawney, 
esqrs. vice T. Bere. 

1727 Jan. 21. William Passenger, Henry Cartwright, esqrs. Sir 

George Saunders, Knt. William Fisher, George 
, Huxley, Edward Trelawney, and Henry Parsons, 
esqrs. vice S. Bisse. 

Aug. 17. William Passenger, Henry Cartwright, William 
Fisher, George Huxley, Edward Trelawney, 
Henry Parsons, Sprig Manesty, esqrs. vice Sir 
George Saunders. , 

1728 May 9. Henry Cartwright, William Fisher, George Hux- 

ley, Edward Trelawney, Henry Parsons, Sprig 
Manesty, and Thomas Revell, esqrs. vice W. 

Oct. 28. Henry Cartwright, William Fisher, George Hux- 
ley, Edward Taelawney, Henry Parsons, Tho- 
mas Revell, and John Berkeley, esqrs. vice Sprig 

1729 June 10. William Fisher, Edward Trelawney, Henry Parsons, 


Navy Office, 97 

Thomas Revell, John Berkeley, Thomas Brereton, 
and W. Thompson, esqrs. vice H. Cartwright and 
G. Huxley. 

1733 IVTar. 9. William Fisher, Henry Parsons, Thomas Revell, 
John Berkeley, Thomas Brereton, William Thomp- 
son, and George Crowle, esqrs. vice Edward Tre- 

J 734 Apr. 22. Stephen Bisse, Henry Parsons, Thomas Revell, Tho- 
mas Brereton, William Thompson, George Crowle, 
and Francis Eyles, esqrs. vice W. Fisher. 

1738 June ,2. Stephen Bisse, Henry Parsons, Thomas Revell, Tho- 
mas Brereton, William Thompson, Francis Eyles, 
and William Hay, esqrs. vice G. Crowle. 

1740 May Stephen Bisse, Thomas Revell, Thomas Brereton, 
William Thompson, Francis Eyles, William Hay, 
and Thomas Trefusis, esqrs. vice H. Parsons. 

1742 Aug. 13. Stephen Bisse, Thomas Revell, Thomas Brereton, 
William Thompson, William Hay, Thomas Tre- 
fusis, and Richard Hall, esqrs. vice Fr. Eyles. 

1744 June 29. Stephen Bisse^, Thomas Revell, Thomas Brereton, 
William Thompson, William Hay, Richard Hall, 
and William Davies, esqrs. vice T. Trefusis. 

1745 Jan. 12. Stephen Bisse, Thomas Revell, Thomas Brereton, 
William Hay, Richard Hall, William Davies, and 
Arthur Stert, esqrs. vice W. Thompson. 

1746 Feb. 6. Stephen Bisse, Thomas Revell, Thomas Brereton, 
William Hay, Richard Hall, William Davies, and 
James Wallace, esqrs. vice Arthur Stert. 

1746 Oct. 14. Thomas Revell, Thomas Brereton, William Hay, 

Richard Hall, W^illiam Davies, James Wallace, 
and John Russell, esqrs. vice S. Bisse. 

1747 June 27,. Richard Hall, William Davies, James Wallace, John 

Russell, esqrs. Sir F. H. Eyles-Stiles, vice T. 
Revell, T. Brereton. 

1747 July 27. Richard Hall, William Davies, James Wallace, esqrs. 

I Sir F. H. Eyles-Stiles, Horatio Townshend, Francis 
Vernon, and William Jenkins, esqrs. vice J. Russell. 

1748 Jan. g. Richard Hall, James Wallace, esqrs. Sir F. Eyles- 
- -r-Hv *»5*^ .w'l, , H Stiles, 

98 Navy Office. 

Stiles, Horatio Townshend, Francis Vernon, "Wil- 
liam Jenkins, and Tyrwhit Cayley, esqrs. vice W, 

3752 Jan. 25. Richard Hall, James Wallace, esqrs. Sir F. H. Eyles- 
Stiles, Horatio Townshend, Francis Vernon, Wil- 
liam JenkinSj and Thomas Cooper, esqrs. vice Tyr. 
Cay ley. 

1752 M»r. 18. James Wallace, esq. Sir F. H. Eyles-Stlles, Bart. 
Horatio , Toitvnshend, Francis Vernon, William 
Jenkins,' Thomas Cooper, and Thomas Winterbot- 
torn, esqrs. vice Richard Hall, 

1752 -Oct. 6. James Wallace, esqr. Sir F, H. Eyles-Stiles, Bart. 
Horatio Townshend, Francis Vernon, William .Icn- 
kins, Thomas Cooper, esqrs. and Sir Roger Buc^ 
g©ync, Bart, vice T. Winterbottom. |l 

1755 Feb. 28. James Wallace, esq. Sir F. H. Eyies-Stiles, Bai 
Horatio Townshend, Francis Vernon, William Jej 1 
kins, esqrs. Sir Roger Burgoyne, and Robert Pet I 
esqrs. vice T. Cooper. 

1761 M«r. 20. James Wallace, esq. Sir F. H. Eyles-Stiles, BarA 

Horatio Townshend, esq. Sir Roger Burgoyn'j 
Bart. Robert Pett;, W. Jenkins, and Tyringhai 
Stephens, esq. vice F. Ve»non. 

1762 Mar. James Wallace, esq. Hon. H. Townshend, W. Jei 

kins, esq. Sir R. Burgoyrfe, Bart. R. Pett, es 
and Jonas Hanway, esq. vice F. H. Eyles-Stilei 


1762 July j;iines Wallace, esq-, Hon. H. Townshend, Sjf 

Burgoyne, Bart. R. Pett, ^sq. J. Hanway, 
Tyringham Stephens, esq. and John Rule, esq. 
William Jenkins. ' 

1764 1 James Wallace, esq. Hon. H. Townshend j Sir- 

Burgoyne, Bart. R. Pett, esq. J. Hanway, 
Tyr. Stephens, esq. and George Marsh, esq. 
J, Rule. -• 

17^5 James Wallace, esq. , Sir Roger- Burgoyne, Bart. 

Pett, esq. J. Hanway, esq. T. Stephens, esq. 
Marsh, esq. and Jaxttes Fortrey, esq. vice Hon. H 
' Townshend. 


Navy Office. 99 

1^67 James Wallace, esq. Sir Roger Burgoyne, Bart. R. 

Pett, esq. J. Hanway, esq, T. Stephens, esq. G, 
Marsh, esq. and Alexander Chorley, esq. vice J. 

1770 James Wallace^ esq. Sir Roger Burgoyne, esq. R. 

Pett, esq. J. Hanway, esq. G. Marsh, Alexander 
Chorley, esq. and Thomas Colby, esq. vice T. 

IT] 2 James Wallace, esq. Sir Roger Burgoyne, Bart, R, 

Pett, esq. J. Hanway, esq. A. Chorley, esq. T. 
- Colby, esq. and William Gordon, esq. vice G. 

?77^ James Wallace, esq. Sii: R. Burgoyne, Bart. J. Han- 

way, esq. A. Chorley, esq. T. Colby, esq. and Joah 
Bates, esq. vice R. Pett, and Henry Pelham, esq. 
vice W. Gordon. 

1777 Sir R. Burgoyne, Bart. J. Hanway, esq. A. Chor- 

ley, esq. T. Colby, esq. J. Bates, and James Kirke, 
esqrs. vice James Wallace, and John Blade, esq. vice 
H. Pelham. , , 

178 i Sir R. Burgoyne, Bart. J. Hanway, esq. A. Chor- 

ley, esq. J. Bates, esq. James Kirke, esq. J. Slade, 
esq. and William Lance, esq. vice T,. Colby. 

1782 J. Hanw^, esq. A. Chorley, esq. J. Bates, esq. 

James Kirke, esq. J. Slade, esq. William Lance, 
esq. and Montagu Burgoyne, esq. vice Sir Roger 
Burgoyne, Bart. 

1783 A. Chorley, J. Bates, Ja. Kirke, J. Slade, W. Lance, 

M. Burgoyne, esqrs. and George Philips Towry,, 
esq. vice Hanway. 

1785 Oct. I. A. Chorley, Ja. Kirke, J. Slade, W. Lance, M. 
Burgoyne, G. P. Towry, esqrs. and George Cher- 
ry, esq. vice J. Bates. 

Dec. Ar Chorley, Ja. Kirke, J. Slade, W. Lance, G. P. 

Towry, G. Cherry, esqrs. and William Boscawen, 
esq. vice Burgoyne. 

^787 Oct. 27. A. Chorley, J. Slade, W. Lance, G. P. Towry, G. 
Cherry, W-. Boscawen, esqrs. and Samuel Marshall, 
esq. vice J. Kirke. 

H 2 . J78S 

fo© ., Navy Office, 

178S A. Chorley, esq. Joah Bates, esq. J. Slade, esq. W. 

Lance, esq. G. P. Tovvry, esq. Geo. Cherry, esq. 
S. Marshall, esq. W. Boscawen, esq. 

1789 A. Chorley, esq. Joah Bates, esq. W. Lance, esq, 

G. P. Towry, G. Cherry, esq. Samuel Marshall,, 
esq. W. Boscawen, esq. W. Bellingham, esq. 

X/fJci A. Choiley, esq. Joah Bates, esq. W. Lance, esq. G, 

P. Towry, G. Cherry, S. Marshall, W. Boscawen,, 
and Francis Stephens, esq. 

X791 A. Chorley, J. Bates, G. P. Towry, G. Cherry, S. 

Marshall, W. Boscaiwen, Francis Stephens, and: 
Joseph Hunt, esqrs. 

1795, A. Chorley, J. Bates, J. P. Towry. G. Cherry, W.' 

Boscawen, F. Stephens,. J. Hunt, and Francis J. 

Hartwell, esqrs. 

1794 J. Bates, J. P. Towry, G. Cherry, W. Boscawen,i 

Fr. Stephens, Jos. Hunt, F. J. Hartwell, and Robt* 
Sadleir Moody, esqrs. 

1796 J. Bates, J. P. Towry, G. Cherry, W. Boscawen, F.' 

' Stephens, J. Hunt, R. S. Moody, and Hon. Johni 

Rodney, esqrs. 

1798 J. Bales, J. P. Towry, G. Cherry, W. Bospawen,! 

Francis Stephens, R. S. Moody, and John Marsh,) 

1799 j. P. Towry, G. Cherry, W. Boscawen, F. Stephen&i 

R. S. Moody, John Marsh, and John Harrison; 

1803 G. P. Towry, G. Cherry, W. Boscawen, F. Stephens^! 

R. S. Moody, John Marsh, John Harrison, Hon 
John Rodney, and Charles Cunningham, esqrs. 

1805 G. P. Towry, W. Boscawen, R. S. Moody, Job 

Marsh, Charles Cunningham, W. Boscawen, Job 
Harrison, and William Budge, esqrs. 

iKvo^ Slit __ 

Ordnance Office, loi 


This office is in the Tower of London, and hath both a clyil and 
I military branch. It supplies both the Army and Navy with all 
^orts of military stores. When to the latter, they are delivered on 
board their respective ships to the gunner, who has under him an ar-' 
' ' mourer and a gunsmith. Storekeepers are established at all the princi- 
'^ pal sea-ports where any of his Majesty's ships are stationed, both at 
home and abroad, who receive the stores from the Board of Ordi anoe, 
fj. where there are clerks and other officers with salaries, for the expedit- 
joJng the business of the Army and Na\y j but as this office more pro- 
perly belongs to the Army, ^an account of its establishment and prin- 
cipal officers will be found under the article Military Department. 


This def)artment is undsr the direction of several^officers, all act- 
ing by the authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty^ 
In order that none but persons properly qualified may serve on board 
the Royal Navy as officers, they must all pass a strict examination as 
to their knowledge and skill in tiieir respective stations, and obtain 
certificates thereof from the different examinators, before their com- 
missions or warrants are delivered to them. Thus, all Lieutenants 
of the Royal Na\y are examined by the Commissioners of the Navy- 

All Masters are examined at the Trinity House, Water Lane, 
Tower Street, by the Elder Brethren of the Trinity House, who at 
present are — 

H 3 Master. 

102 ' jLxaminaiio?^* 


. ' ^ > ' .■..•■• 

1806 Geo. John, Eafl'Spencer, K^G. 

Deputy Maste}^ "^ 

1788 Joseph Cotton, esq. 

Eider Brethren, 

J768 George, Duke of Marlborough, K.G, 

J 775 John Travers, esq. 

J 7 78 George Barton, esq. 

3779 Anthony Calvert, esq. 

1780 Thomas Brown, esq. 

3781 Sir Robert Preston, Bart. 

- Charles Lord Barham. 

3784 Francis Easterby, esq. 

3785 Gilf. Lawson Reed, esq. "j' 

3786 Henry Hinde Pelly, esq. ,$ 

3787 John Deffell, esq. 

3788 Thomas King, esq. . 

3789 James Stiachan, esq. 
3791 Joseph Huddart, esq. F. R.S 
379a John, Earl of Chatham, K. G. 
3793 William, Lord Grenville. 
■ Henry, Viscount Melville. • 

3795 Samuel, Viscount Hood, 
Abel Chapman, esq. 

3796 John Sealy, esq. 
— — Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, Bart. 
. Effingham Lawrence, esq. 

3797 William Henry, Duke of Portland, K-G. 
William Eraser, esq. F.R.S. 

3^99 George Curtis, esq. 

3803 John Woolmore, esq. 

1805 John JeiFries, Earl Camden, K.G. 

> " ■ ■ Richard J^ewin, esq. 


Royal Hospital at Greenwich, 1 03 

This Society was 6rst fcmnded in the year 15 15 by Sir Thomas 
Spret, Knt. commander of the great ship Henry Grace de Dieu, and 
Comptroller of the Navy to King Henry Vlll. for the regulation of 
seamen, and the convenience of ships and mariners j arid by the above 
King were Incorporated, their privileges confirmed, and considerably 
Extended. Q^ueen Elizabeth and King Charles \l. finding how very 
useful they were, enlarged their rights and powers : These were arriply 
confirmed by letters patent of King James II. in 1685, by the name 
oiThe Masiers'y Wardens and Assistants of the Guild and Fraternity 
of the most Glorious and undivided Trinity, and of St Clement in the 
parish of Deptford Strand, in the county of Kent. This Corporation 
is governed by a Master, 4 Wardens, 8 Assistants, and 18 Elder 
Brethren j and they have very great powers, and among others, the 
examining all Masters of the Royal Navy, the placing of buoys, Sea- 
marks, and light-houses, upon the several coasts of the kingdom, and 
jthe examination and licensing of all Pilots, &.c. &c. 

The Gunners of the Navy are examined on the art of gunnery by 
the Master Gunner of England for the time being, or his deputies j or 
by some Mathematical-master, and three able Gunners of the Navy, 
appointed by the Commissioners of the Navy, residing at the port 
where such Gunners are first appointed. 

Surgeons Mates are examined by the Court of Examiners of the 
Corporation of Surgeons of London ; and Surgeons are examined as 
to their skill In surgery by the above Court of Examiners j and re- 
specting their skill in physic, by the Physician of Greenjvich Hospital 
for the time being. 


This superb building, stands on- the spot where formerly stood the 
Royal Palace of several of our Monarchs. King Charles 11. intend- 
ed to build a new palace here on a very grand scale, and accordingly 
erected one wing of this grand edifice, but died before any other part 
of the design was finished. In this state it remained till King William 
III. formed a plan to make this palace useful to the kingdom. He 
therefore, by letters patent in 1694, erected this palace into art hos- 

H 4 pital, 

1 04 Royal Hospital at Greenwich* 

pital, foi: the reception of such seaipen, as by age, wounds, or other 
accidents, are rendered incapable of farther service, and for the wi- 
dows of such as happen to be slain in the sea-service. Parliament lent 
its aid to complete this noble building, agreeably to the first design, 
and Commissioners were appointed to see it executed. Benefactions 
were received for this glorious institution, amounting to L.58,209 j and 
Parliament, in the year 1716, bestowed on It the estate of the attaint- 
ed Earl of Derwentwater, then amounting to L.6000 a-year. A tax 
was laid upon all seamen in the Royal Navy, and in the merchants 
service, for the maintenance of this Hospital. In this Hospital, there 
are now 2300 inen, 140 women as nurses, and 150 boys*, and five 
more women as nurses to the sick. The pensioners are clothed in 
blue, and are allowed clothes, linen, stockings, shoes, and is. a week 
for tobacco. Some of these are bpatswains jnates, appointed to assist 
the boatswains ; these are 4istinguished by a narrow gold edging on 
their hats, and have is. 6d. per week for pocket-money. There is a 
boatswain for each ward in the Hospital, whose business it is to take 
care of the ward, see the men do their duty, and report any misdemea- 
nours to the Lieutenant-goverpor, and likewise to command the watck 
upon their guard j these have a broad gold lace round their pockets, 
cuffs and hats, and have half a crown a-week pocket-money. 

The boys also wear blue. They are taken in at 11 years of age, 
and go out at 16, either to the sea-service, or any other trade ^hey 

may chuse. , ^ 

The Governors of this Charity appointed by apt of Parliament, are 
the Great Officers of State, and persons in high posts under the King j 
the Lord Mayor, and the three senior Aldermen of' the city of Lon- 
don ; the Master and five Elder Brethren of the Trinity House; the 
Goverr)or andDeputy-governor of Greenwich Hospital. To these, his 
Majesty in Council is empowered to add such Noblemen and Gentle- 
men as he sees fiff'"'^' 

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty n^me 24 gentlemen as 
Commissioners for the better government of the Hospital. The Offi- 
cers of the House form a Council, which meets once a-week, for the 
punishing of all breaches of rules ; appeals may be made to the Com- 
missioners, who meet c3nce a fortnight. The Govismors meet every six 
rnonths, or of lener, if occasion require it. 


• The boys admitted into this Hospital, ^re the sons of sailors, particularly of 
such as were slain In battle They were added into this charity by Lord Ayl- 
tner, when Governor ;. and the fund for their maintenance and education, arises 
from the money paid by each stranger who comes to see the Hospital, its paintings, 

Royal Hospital at Greemvich, x o^ 

The Officers receive is. 2d. per day for their table ; and officers 
and servants of the House have apartments. 

Besides the Master, Lieutenant-Governor, Captains, and Lieuten- 
ants, there are a great number of other officers, clerks and servants, 
■^ho have all competent salaries and apartments ; and there is also a 
schoolqiaster to teach the boys mathematics, &c. 

Governors of Greenwich Hospital. 

Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. 
I'J^S Samuel Viscount Hood. 


1780 Captain James Fetguson. 

■I793 ■ ' William Locker. 

3800 ■ Sir Richard Pearson, knt. 

1805 ■ John Bourchier. 

;,iiniiT .Present Officers and their Salaries. 
oT .fsJ 

Master, Samuel Viscount Hood, Admiral of the Red, L.iooo. 

Lieut. -Gover, John Bourchier, esq. - - - - - - - L.400. 

Treasurer,^ nr;. rgir John Colpoys, K.B. Admiral of the White,L.2oo. 

...IIQH-i '• : 

Directors and Governors of Greenwich Hospitai,. 
Lord Viscount Hood. 


John Bourchier, esq. 


lo6 Royal Hospital at Greenwich, 

Sir John Colpoys, K.B. 

William, Lord Auckland. 

John Cleveland, esq. 

Revd. John Cooke, 

Martin Fonnereau, esq. 

Richard Hulse, esq. 

Sir Robert Preston, Bart. 

John Venn, esq. 

Sir William Bellingham, Bart, 

Joseph Hunt, <?sq. 

Sir Tr. J. Hartwell, Bart. 

Right Hon. Charles Long. 

Harry' Harmood, esql 

John Harrison, esq. 

Dr Robert Robertson. 

Charles, Earl of Ronjney. 

Sir William Geary, Bart. 

William J. T. Savery, esq. 

George Parker, esq. 

George T, Goodenough, esq, 

Hon. and Revd. Dr Legge, 


Captain Thomas AUwrlght. 

» ' ■ Francis Lynn. 

■ i ' George Robinson Walters. 

" John Gore. 

1789 ' Sir Richard Pearson, Knt. vice Walters. 

1790 ■■ ' Anthony Hunt, vice Gore. 
3796 ■ Samuel Arden, vice Hunt. 

1800 John Bourchier, vice Pearson. 

1803 I I Joseph Ellison, vice Allwright. 

1805 ■■! ■ William Browell, vice Bouichier. 

L.230. a-year each, 


Marine Office, 



Charles Besson; 

William Hunter. 

Joseph Dewsnap. 

Thomas Lynne. 

George Spearing. 

P. Vancourt. 

Frederick Bedford. ' ^ 

T. Williams. 

L.ii5a-year each. 

Secretary;,. John Dyer, esq. L.160. 

Auditor, William, Lord Auckland, 100. 

- Surveyor, John Yenn, esq. 200. 

The Receiver.'^ Office, or Six Penny Office, Towerhill. 

For the support of Greenwich Hospital, sixpence a-month is de- 
ducted from each person*s wages in the Royal Navy, and also from 
every seaman in the merchants service, by which every seaman who 
is rendered unserviceable in the defence of his county, or in the mer- 
chants service, is entitled to the benefit of the Hospital." The receipt 
is managed by three Commissioners, under whom are officers and 
clerks for the dispatch of business. 

■ ~ Commissioners, 

1. Receiver, George Parker, esq. Salary L.300. 

2. Accomptant, John Cleveland, esq. L.200. 

3. Comptroller, John Beverly, esq. L.ioo. 


f 08 Marines, 


The solje direction of the Corps of Marines is vested in the Lords 

Commissioners of the Admiralty j and in the Admiralty is a distinct 
apartment for this purpose. Philips Stephens, esq. the Secretary to 
the Admiralty, is likewise Secretary to the Marines, for which he 
has a salary of L.300 a-year j and he has under him several clerks 
for the management of this department. The Paymaster of the Ma- 
rines is Gabriel Stewart, esq. whose office is in Great Newport-street. 
The Agent to the Marines is Griffith Williams, esq. whose office is in 
Bartlett's Buildings. 

The Marine Corps are divided into three divisions, and fixed at 
Chatham, Portsmouth, and Plymouth. Here they are under the 
command of their own field-officers, who discipline them, and regu- 
late their different duties. 

His late Majesty, in 1760, formed a new establishment of Marine 
Officers, entitled, the Genera/, Lieutenant-General, and three Colonels 
of Marines, (^one for each division) to be taken from officers in the 
Royal Navy. The two first are always enjoyed by Flag-officers, the 
last by Post-captains only. This establishment was formed to reward 
such officers as distinguished themselves in the service of their coun- 
try J and the first appointment and succession has been as follows : 



1 760 Hon. Edward Boscawen. Died in January 1761. 

1763 Apr. 16. Hon. John Forbes, Admiral of the Fleet. 

1796 Mar. 12. Richard, Earl Howe, K.G. Admiral of the Fleet. 

1799 Aug. Hon. Samuel Barrington, Admiral of the White. 

1800 Aug. Alexander Lord Viscount Bridport, K.B. Admiral of 

the White. 


Marines. 109 

Lieut enani- Generah, 

1760 Sir Charles Saunders, K. B. , 

1775 Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. Resigned in 1779. 

1800 Sir Thomas Pye, Knt. Admiral of the White. 

1806 Honble- Samuel Barrlngton, Vice- Admiral of the 

3799 Alexander Lord Bridport, Admiral of the White, 

now Viscount Bridport. 
1800 jbhn, Earl of St Vincent, K. B. Admiral of the 



1794 July Sir Alan Gardner, Bart. Vice-Admiral of the White; 

now Lord Gardner. 


1769 Sir Picrcy Brett, Knt. Portsmouth Division. 

Hon. Augustus Keppel. Plymouth Division. 

Richard, Lord Viscount Howe. Chatham Division. 

1762 Sir Thomas Stanhope, Knt. vice Brett. T p , 

Hon. Augustus John Hervey, afterwards Earl of >• „ 

Bristol, vice Keppel. J 

1 769 Hugh Pigot, esq. vice Stanhope. Dead. 

1770 Hon. Samuel Barrington, vice Lord Howe. *) 

1775 Robert Digby, esq. vice Pigot. | 

.. Thomas Graves, esq. vice Lord Bristol. I -n .: j 

T 1- o 1 • r> • .. I Promoted 

1777 Joshua Rowley, esq. vice Barrmgton. r t fl 

1779 John Elliot, esq. vice Graves. I 

Hon. Robert Boyle Walsingham, vice Digby. | 

— — William Hotham, esq. vice Rowley. ■ J 

1781 Sir J. Lindsay, Knt. and K. B. vice B. Walsingham. Drowned. 

1787 Phillips Cosby, esq. vice Elliot. 

— — George Bowyer, vice Hotham. 

— — Hon. William Cornwallis, vice Ljndsay. 


no Naval Hospitals, 

"" ''"• ''• "^"^'""fefJ:,. ] 
1781 Sir John Lindsay, Knt.J '" ^7«7- 

1^87 Philips Cosby, esq. Ditto In 1790. 

George Bowycr, esq. Do. in do. 
" Hon. William Cornwallis. Ditto in I793» 
1790 Sept. Richard Onslow, esq. Ditto in 1790. 

George Murray, esq. Ditto in 1794. 

1793 Feb. I. Robert Linzee, esq. Ditto 

Sir James Wallace, knt. Ditto. 

1794 Apr. Hon. William Waldegrave. Ditto. 

Thomas Pringle. Ditto. 

Sir Roger Curtis, Knt. 
July William Young, esq. in 1797. 

James Gambler, esq, in 1799. 

Lord Hugh Seymour Conway. Ditto. 
179^ June 4. Horatio Nelson. Ditto. 

Hon. Thomas Pakenham. Ditto. 

Hon. George Berkeley. Ditto. 
1797 Sir A. Snape Douglas, Knt. Died in 1797. 

1797 John Thomas Duckworth, esq. Promoted 

to a flag in 1801. 
1799 Feb. 141 Edward Thornbrough, esq. Ditto. 

Sir W. G. Fairfax, Knt. Banneret. Ditto. 

Sir James Saumarez, Knt. Ditto. 
1 80 1 Jan. I. Sir Ed. Pellew, Bart. Ditto in April 1804. 

William Domett, esq. Ditto. 

Sir Thomas Troubridge, Bart. Ditto. 

1804 Apr. 23. George Martin, esq. Ditto in Dec. 1805. 

Sir Richard John Strachan, Bart. Ditto. 

1805 Sir William Sidney Smith, Bart. Ditto. 
Sir Samuel Hood, K. B. for Woolwich. 

Nov. 9. Richard Goodwin Keats, esq. 

■ Edward Buller, esq. 
Hon. Robert Stopford. 


Haslar, near Gosport. 
1795 Captain William Yeo, esq. 

Richard Creyk, esq. 



Board of Transport Service, J 1 1 


And far the care and custody of Prisoners oflVaf, excepting such of 
the said Prisoners as may either from accident or disease become ob- 
jects of chirurgical or medical assistance, 

1794 July 26. Captain Hugh Clobery Christian. 
■ Philip Patton. 

' ■ ' ' Ambrose Serle, esq. 

1793 Sept. 25. Captain Rupert George. 

Ambrose Serlcj esq. 

Captain John Schank. 

■ ■ William Albany Otway, 

John Marsh, esq. ; . Vr 
1798 Dec. 13. Captain Rupert George. 

Ambrose Serle, esq. 

Captain John Schank. 

Captain William Albany Otway. 

Joseph Hunt, esq. 

1802 May 15. Captain Rupert Georgei 

Ambrose Serle, esq. 

1803 May Captain Sir Rupert George, Knt. 

Ambrose Serle, esq. 
Captain James Bowen. 
— — — Thomas Hamilton. 
Hon. William Henry Bouverie. 
Secretary, Alexander Whitehead, esq. 


For sick and wounded Seamen, and for the care of Prisoners of War. 

1806 Jan. 27. Captain Sir George Rupert, Knt. 
Ambrose Serle, esq. 
Captain Thomas Hamilton. 
James Bowen. 

Hon. John Douglas. 
John Harness, M. D. 
Secretary, A. Whitehead. 


1 1 2 Sick and Hurt Office* 


, Formerly at Tower Hill, nqw at Somerset Place, 

The Sick and Hurt office was put m commission January 27. 1806. 
and joined to the Transport office. 

• First Commissioner L.500 a-year, and L.65 for house-rent. The 
(Other Commissioners L.JOO a-year. 


1785 Walter Farquharson, esq. 

W. Corbet, esq. 

R. Lulman, esq. 
1789 Walter Farquharson, etq. 

R. Lulman, esq. 

Sir William Gibbons, Bart. 
J 793 Sir William Gibbons, Bart. 

Robert Blair, esq. 

J.Johnston, esq. resident at Portsmouth. 
1795 Sir William Gibbons, Bart. 

Robert Blair, esq. 

James Johnston, esq. 

Gilbert Blane, M. D. 

1802 John Harness, M.D. 
Sir W. Gibbons, Bart. 
Gilbert Blane, M. D. 
John Weir, M.D. 

1803 John Harness, M. D. 
Sir W. Gibbons, Bart. 
John Weir, M. D. 
Andrew Baird, M. D. 

1805 John Harness, M. D. 
Sir W. Gibbons, Bart. 
John Weir, esq. 


High Court of Admiralty* 115 


This Court IS provided for the trial and punishment of all offences 
committed on the high seas, and is a civil court. 

Courts martial in the Navy have a Judge- Advocate appointed to 
assist them. 

The present. Judge of the Admiralty, Right Hon. Sir Williaiji 
Scott, Knt. L. L. D.i Salary L.2500. 

The present King's Advocate-General, Sir John Nicholl, Knt. 
L. L. b. 


[vot.. Il-J 

C ^H ] 


A List of the Commanders-in-Chief of his Majesty*® 
Land Forces in Great Briton, from 1760 to the: 
present Time. 

iy6o John, Viscount Ligonier, afterwards Earl Ligo: 

1776 John, Marquis of Granby. Resigned in 1 769. 

, Vacant. 

i^yS Jeffery, Lord Amherst. 

1782 Mar. Hon. Henry Seymour Conwny. , Resigned In De- 

cember 1783. 
1795 Feb. 10'. His Royal Highness Frederick, Duke of York* . 

A Com* 

Military Department, 





O .t; rr PTJ 











K^ M fO 

5 \0 VO I^ 

C> M 'H 


O vo 
t^ o 



■^ 00 '^ CO 
? 60 ON Tl- 

«: VO vo r^ 

"^ ON 

' I. 

•M ^iJ _*-> 4-> .; *J 


CO . 

t^ o 





a > J 
• S} o o ' 


^ov ^ 

t-l CO 

2 *^ . t 

poo "^"^ 

.5* c c 

•5 »! 

" S 



^ ^ 

•^ I *^ o o o 

M « « Q Q Q 

• ^ *I 

c « o 

c^ 'q- I I vo r^ 

*~*c< <s CO "^ M 

§ I Q 

O w ^ 
r>. t^ r^ 

Ci 4 


OV t^ 


CO t~- 



vo o\ 
i^ r-- 


■^ CO r^ « 















So'*:: - 
« jD bO 

« t: <w ^ 


° ^-g 


.i<!73 . 


^.ti - .t; 00 .ti 
- fl c^ P ^ ft 

,;J.0O 0\ O Q pj 

;^ c« N coii ij 

.C C ^ 

<u o 


I Z 


Military Department* 







^'^ -^ -^ VO «- ON - 
V C i 

1 § 1 





Lieut, General. 

Apr. 30. 1770. 
Dec. 9. 1760, 

Jan. 19. 1761. 

Apr. 30. 1770. 


May 26. 1772. 
Sept. 6. 1777. 
Apr. 12. 1.793. 
Mar. ig. i77'8. 

Apr. 2. 1778. 

Nov. 26. 1782, 











•— » 

CO ^ "o 










Field Marshal. 

Oct. 12. 1793. 


On 0\ . . . . -. .0 

r^r^o OP 0"^ 

Q iq S P (5 Q Q n- 

— rTi , 
. *-• 

u^^ _ n. 

1 1 


W to O 

C tl O 

'=>^ O « c 5 c ^ S '2 ^ ^ 

bjc a 


,''•-; 0-73 ^^<*i 

•^ t: '-0 c w o 
^ ,, ° ^ ti 3 «*- 



& 2i 



M-« • »^ U '^ C ^ M 

Military Department. 


J: ON 


B ^^. B B B ^ ^'^ ►- - i- d d o* « - <i 
.t: ^ r< .ti .t: .t: '-''-' -^ »^ . ;i s t; ^ . ts 

g C\ ON '^ - 

s: M M 

« « M « 

CB cs 3 ^,i4 3 re 




';'-' M ^qpq h: „• ciN- o^^ ^gg 

M t^ 


l- >-l tv. 


r^ r^ i^ 




ON e5 .-ti .^ 4- 



- -qq - 




CO til S 


'^ . . 


r^ CD t-, vrj 


f* r^ (s <>o 

t^ i-« f^ t^ 

fH , , « M 

. O •=}• 

S- NO 

•^ - cnvp fl « <^ 

c c« s « c a 

rt g 3 g « w 

r^O\':t-dN''5-6r-»i J 1^ 
OOOOO-oJ ! I ro 


, i^ On 

»- »^ a-. - 4- 

" t^ ""< 2 2 "^ 

^NO O n 

> U 

o * 

j^ -^ « CO <s q q 

4J ^ X o >% 
o p '^ o ':i 


'a- r^ t-^ o 

■"I "^ c< crj 

W ii M M 

wq i^^o< «^ 

' ! ! ^ 
I I 1 1 




I i i i I i M 1 i I I i I i I i i I ) i i I I 



Military Department, 

5 n-c» - 


_ r^ r-~ r^ 

J5 '«H M M 

I \ 

^ o o 






v^ O 

K ." . tJ 3^ *^ J^ tl ^ f5 .5 .5 " .- .5 cr>.5 

I S^pflQ^QQ ^.QQPPQ -ft 


ti .ti .-tJ . - •- c^'^ •- -^ 'ir 

_ *-• tJ .t! •■= vo 



1 I I I 1 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 M I 1 U » » ' ' 

I I 

I 1 



3 c/D -a 

2 u S 

£ c S 
T! o o 


2 o 

o .;: 

TD S O « 

w; « w 5 
o -n -^ ►S 


Uif4 I PQ 


1 ": . .- 1 1 


•^ u (u rr". 

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Military Department, 


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S. J I I I I I I ... I I I ^ >, I ., '^ ^ '^ *" .. 

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. . . . O i-> M M • . . . 

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' • • Afin O ►-' O O O . b 

"XJ 1-1 "O "^3 "^ 'fl 

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l^o I i'l 2 I II o 1 1 d j; 2 1 1 ^d d ^^ d d 

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"O -O TS 


'T3 •T3 '■"' -O 

i I I I N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I j 

I I I I M I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I 



l„-l I U I M I I I I I I III I I 


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CIS c« 

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Dh . .2 .^ be*-) "^ ^ 

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Military BepartmenU 

Q so 

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^'*: ..'^666666666 ooodooooo 

(i 6 " *^^ 6 S t Ji t: ti Ji S S .^ t^ c;>.5 .S .^ .S .S .5 .S .5 .^ 

, M "^ "^ 'I '-5 ""S -S '3 '-3 -S 'O -a '-o t3 -o tj t3 'O "o "^ "^ '^ 



bO bo 


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r3c5titIti'otIJiti.t;tii^,-t;S.t: o^.- k- .ti .t: .t: .ti .-s .t: .t: .-s 
^ co"-;^ "^ "rrt « "^ "rS "rS T3 '-3 Td na 13 13 <s -o 13 -o -o -a -a T3 -a -Q n3 

fO'rQ •T3'^ <^'a'aT3'U'a-Un3n3'T3 

•~ a, J* 











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{J -jj pq ap ;? J^' 

Military Department. 


"ddoppppcJpqpoppd ppp'ppp 

^ • 1^ ZS 4^ 4-> 4-> _*-> -^ _*-• *^ i-' i^ _ij 4^ 4^ 4-> 4_i 0\,-Ji ,-^ ,•»-' ■^ ^^ ^*^ 

V. *^ c^ -5 'S '5 "5 'o ^5 'tj "^ "TS 'S 't3 'U 'O '5 'O ^ 'o "ts "o "^ 'o "o 

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5: i-t 

T3 ^ ^ ^ 'rS *-3 "^ 'B '3 "B '5 "xj 'O '13 "^ ^3 '-^ ^ ^ ;2 "5 -S '3 

a bo 


o oooooaoooooooooodoodddo 
»■ vo,*-* ^-M ,■<-> ,*:j ,■" ■" .-^ ti .— .ti .ti .ti .cJ .■" .tJ .'tJ *^ tj ii tj ti S .ti 
a o ^ ''5 -5 '3 -5 '3 -a -3 '3 '^o '5 -5 -3 "3 -3 '3 '-3 '^^ '.^ '-3 '^ '-^ ''3 



is i 

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o re c 

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1-1 'coK 

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•^ TJ ►— i 

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O « U 

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CO <u 




Military Department* 

<3 r- 

ft dddoodooododdododdoddcSo 
fh ON,*^ .ti .ti .ti .''^ .tJ .'ti .« .ti .ti .ti .*'' .■" .ti .ti .*^ .ti .■'^ +^ ■'^ *^ *^ ^ 

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s« ooooooS ooooooooooooooo 
rs r-« *^ *^ *^ *^ *^ *^ -^ ^ .ti .« .'tJ .ti .*^ .ti .'tJ .ti .■*^ .ti .^ .*^ *■' .** .■•^ 

^ .M ^ U3 ^J5 iS Vrt iS '^ ^ T3 Tl Ta Tl T!! Tl Tl T\ 'S n-i "rt "T-i "T-l »i-i n-f 

•Si « 




"S." *:■ 


2 2 2 2 2 2 2 S 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 

tJ Ji Ji ti ij J3 li ji ti *j li *j ji ji ji ^+-j _<j _-M _-y ^*j -M 
g '-^ ■'O "'5 '5 "S '3 '3 "o '"5 *r5 'o ''S '3 'o '5 'S ''o "^ "^ "^ '^ '^ "^ 

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S-" W ta. 
C N ^ 



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C 1—1 re ti Q feS HJ 

— re o 

^b.1 ^ O ^:^S CO A<w W Pii W w 0< H 

Military Department, 


J; M . 


doodoodo"©©© ooooodddo 



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00000000*^000 OOOOOQOOO 

** .ti .t^ ."" .*^ .*' ^^ *' 0& Ci 4-> *j f^ ■<-> ^•y ■!-» *^ ^♦J _*J ^*^ ^*J *^ 




<U .«^.l_i4-><->'l->'<->4->4->4-> 


omoooo 00000000 

4-1 £> 4-> 4-> 4->~ ,t^J-iJ->4->'<->'«->4->'4-> 

+J4->4->-W •4_>J_.J->*J_*J*J4->4-> 

n3 ^"TS t3 "TJ '^ 'X3 "^ "^ "TJ T3 'T3 *X3 '^ 





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9 «) *-> .2 w 

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■^ ^ W c^ 

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CO ^ 

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g' So I H .-2 .J 

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M O •" •- -'^ O .- 

(ij f— . !Z) CO Pi l—sCO 


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o rt <i: rz: iJ 


Military Department. 

Q OO 80 

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vi ON.ti « .tJ .ti .tj .ti .tJ .t; .ti .ti .ti .ti .t^ .« .ti .« oo .ti 

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K^ en t^ 

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s: oooooooooor^ooooo 

rj M ,s: .t: .ti .-s .tt -t; .t; .ti .ts .t; .-ti .-a .ti .t; .t: v5 „ 

tY^'O "^ TJ "B 13 jsi 

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ON J C^ 

'^'^666666666 d oo 6 d do 6 ** 6 
5> .*-'.■•-'■•-'.■♦-' .,•'-' ,■•-' .tj ,-ti .■jj .-ti .ti .*^ *^ ""^ .''^ ON.ti 
« w ^ -3' -5 '3 'S '3 '5 '5 'ts Ha ^ '3 -3 *'3 ^3 -3 « '^o 

1 — , •--, <>:; 

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"5 '5 

o o 




I I 


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I ! 

C O CO "i ? -tT 

o c '^ o "73 t; 
^ « iH 4) .ii -= 

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Si CO w 


Military Departments 




a. (J 

<! O 

^ 06 

OS o\ 

*-• r^ 

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5 cj Q -d is ^ 
O w CO O w h2,p!; 0^ v3 w 


'5 «J H Ji 

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3 u 

+-' )-l 
CO « 

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n3 «J 


CO *t3 


(5 O 
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>t ) 














Military Department, 

«3 On 

^^ .60666 

V3 (^ tJ "TS "O TJ "O 




. "a -o T3 na "o 






*f> O O O O O rj- o 

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Si C 

CS iH <u 

,« 3 > 

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bfl bo 

« ..^K W 


S "^ re « e« 
^.2 U O O 

^ C4 -W CO CO 

•- ,»" J' W h3 

Military BepartmenU 127 

vr ^ 

-^ ^ Sg ^ 


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CX3 0\ 1 







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-S 00 











1 i M i I I I [ I I 



nJ I. 

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9 s 

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(l| lll^l I (ill =-|l 1:1 . 

'^ T *^ ^-"^ o " 

I i« i-siiii"ii||lii|i 

'^ - =• ? I ^ % tt^ •= 

128 Military Department, 


»: ON »-M I fy, VO 

§ ^ "e^o o 6 6 6 6 6.6 6. \ JT d'S 

, ti. M ^'"^ '5 "'3 'S '5 '5 '5 -S '3 "^ »i -3 **-! 


U . >H I ^ • V 

«5 .5 

5 N . t*" . O • 

5 ON vo O PO I lf» 

§vo ON *-- o I r^ o 

rs "^ o* o ^ d o '^ *^ I . . ^* ^ ^ ^^ ^ «• « ^ «• ^ ^ C" 

«.-s.t: ..ti.t: ON 

>» __( "^ 'O <-• t3 T3 



_ c» 

!2< JfT cij ^ rt 3 C3 ,«> 

rs ^-oomITooooq .*^oooooooooooh» 

. . s^ s ti . . .5 .ti .tj .5 . - . . - •- •ts .t; .« .ti .- .tj ."t! .« .t; • 

rN 3 rt <f«J« 

»^- o C. C CL, 

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 
1 1 1£ nri 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 



|l i { { i i i f I I i i I i I i I I I I 

Military Department, 129 

»0 ooooolo 00 O 

-^ SCOhCCSC sc S 


^ M 

r^ c» On o o^ 

o o o -• 11. 

t^ t^ r<. r- *^ 

0000°°0 0'000000 'OOO 


M M C4 

« ti. r>. r- ir'^lT 

S! ^ . . 

r^JooddoooooddcJooo ^«doO v^o m 

2 c c cs CL, o tS 

3>1 ^ ^- <^^- 



,{,!,{,? ,t,',^f,»,41fl;|l|ll II 



I I ll 


« 6 



(vol. ii.] k^ 


Military Department* 



o w. I t^ 

■-• o o « .00 

J: w 

O '^ 

CO <r) 

O 2 S 

'O T3 _4 

■J^ ^• 

^ I [go I I liz: I 

'^ HI M 

CO '^ >0 C\ .2 

<^ „ 


rK^oo ... . uooouo 0000 

w • - L3 £r f^ c^ <^ ^ -^ -^ -^5 -^ --3 :;5 is "^ '^ :^ 

O ! 

t3 n3 ^O 'O ^Q ^O 






! I I I I i I i I i I I I I i i I { ill i 


i i I I I i i i I i I I i 1 1 r i^t t i I 

i i I I I i i i I t i i 1 1 i I ^ I i I 


o 4^ .r c 

<- o _, ~ 




f? = 

^ — " '-' 

2 « S c 

CO GO 3 rt 

U ti r-; t. 

1-1 O O Etj 

W) I-. u « 



C _Q 

— r « 

y U C ^ 

>i •-■ O 'S 

<u c« M rs 


>- « 3 •** 
y w c rt 

^ S 

o O 

2 a. 
•o 3 

o *> 

e §- 

E £ 


* J3 

Military DeparimenU 131 

? r^ r* ON 

ft _ . -Z'.^z : tr^ 

^ "-5 


1 v» 

0_^ ' Q £, 

Q en CO IL 

s « 

fhoi^t^pjS 22525000000 'OOO • • • 

7? « M H. .t; .t; .t; .*; .ti .ti .ti .S .S .S .S .S ^^ S ti ^Z^ 
%,. "^3 •W'T3'a'OT3T>TjT3'T3'a-o •5'3'3 


3 " =t 


^ C\ ^ 


^ -^5 .^2 

\^ C» -a -* -^ TS 

.5^ -2 


H ^ fe 



vo tJ r^op 6 t^ d\ « M ^^ "^ 

! I I i I i i i i ( 

1 1 i I i I i i 


ttf S 

? •> 


ti -rlJ^ 


OS y vm 


i; -^ 

CU tj 

f, S 


C/D V 

CO ti 

•-+- ^ 

»-.[-■> CIS 

C t4H 

r'^ w -. 

oL « o;C3fc o^^^-o^s 
Ot h-5 >-, « w ►— ,p^ pL, >^, <; r-i 


132 Military Department, 


-^ C^ 




4^ • 

V- "-> 


•«r - 





<u r^ 







e M . 

• • • 












c*5 • a 

S 5 00 t; 




H. 00 









•J? > 

•B -5 " -^ 





^M -U -0^3 


2 s 






1 — 1 

? 2 

cq 3 











— .• 

ri,0 00 O'O.O 'Q^ 

vj^j-. *^i-;'»-_i_*-!0*-;»^-'-!«« '^^ 

.0 ^ 

J .tJ ,ti »ovo 00 S'.ti « .ti M en cs <^ M 
T3 13 M -T3 n3 -a 

^ ll ^ 4) >^ -M 



JL^...... Jig" 

^ 06 JT '*'^ 0'-ooO\0«f»oo c\.ti .t; o M r< ^ :s Tj" 

. i I M i I I I i I i I i I i I I i ( I 



3 " i^-f 

^ K.*^ "j t^ bO 

(d • >% fc S «> 

-a S 

§ 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I M I I I I '1 ^^" 


^ . s 

i4l 1 1 1 1 1 1 M i« 1 1 1 1 M I K fli 

^|a ^ ? lit 

:§5li . I I s J I I I li-i !is 

£5 1: (2 c II -^ ^ ii « i § 

•^ C-^TJJS'^ ^0 .,£2 i-CD >-— " o »-■ ° 

Military Department. J 33 











1 — ) 

r- ^ 

•<3- '^ 

t^ t-^ 


^ c^ § <^^ 

cs M o» (s M "*-';;'« 






■ < 

\VV\\ Mill i I i i i i I i i I I I 

I i i I i I 1 

€ ( t 1 I I I i i I I 


Military DepartmenU 


Sir Richard Lyttelton, . K. B. 
Edward Pole, 

Honble. Edward Cornwallis, 

Edward Carr, 

Honble. George Boscawen, 

Thomas, Earl of Effingham, 

Sir Robert Rich, Bait. 

Dismissed the service in 1774. 

Sir John Whiteford, Bart. 

William Kingsley, 

Charles, Lord Cathcart, 

William Whitmore, 

Alexander Duroure, 

Honourable Bennet Noel, 

John Adlercron, 

Thomas Dunbar, 

James Durand, 

Daniel Webb, 

James Paterson, 

Robert Anstruther, 

Sir Charles Montagu, K.B, 

George, Earl of Granard, - 

John Stanwix, 

Drowned in 1796, in his passage 
from Ireland to England. 

Charles Jeffreys, 

William Strode, 
.Joseph Hudson, 

* Sir Henry Erskine, Bart. 

Robe;:t Armiger, 

Sir David Cunningham, Bart. 

Thomas Brudenell, 

William Skinner, 

Honble. Robert Monckton, 

John Henry Bastide, 

Lieut. -General. 

Major -General. 

Apr.. 5. 


Feb. 3. 1757. 

^, 9- 


Feb. 22. 






Jan. 14. 1758. 



Dec. 10. 















May 16. 




June 24. 1759. 

Jan. 19. 



























Apr. go. ] 


Feb. 18. 1761. 






♦ In 1756, Sir Hcrry Erskine, whilst only a Lieutenant- Colonel in the a/my, 
was dismissed the service, hy order of the late King, owing to a vote he gave in the 
House of Commons; but in November 1760, his present Majesty ordered him to 
be reinstated in his proper place in the army. 

Military Department. 


Liedtenant-Gbnerals . 


Edward Sandford, 

Theodore Drury, 

John Parker, 

Honourable Charles Colville, 

William Browne, 

John, Earl of Delawar, 

Henry Whitley, 

Sir John Clavering, K.B. 

Sir George Gray, Bart. 

Sir J. Adolphus Oughtoh, K. B. 

James^Duke of Leinster, 

James Prescott Mackay, 

John Gore, 

George Williamson, 

Honble. William Keppel, 

Sir Richard Pierson, K.B. 

John Owen, 

Edward Harvey, 

William Rufane, 

Hamilton Lambert, 

Cadwallader, Lord Blaney, 

William Gansell, 

Edward Urmston, 

William Evelyn, 

James Gisbornc, 

Francis Grant, 

William Alexander Sorrel, 

Richard, Earl of Cavan, 

Simon Eraser, 

Thomas D«saguliers, 

George Preston, 

Sir William Draper, K.B. 
.Sir Robert Hamilton, Bart. 

Edward, Earl Ligonier, 

Sir Eyre Cdote, K.B. 

William Amherst", 
■ Jordan Wren, 

William Stile, 

Henry Lister, 

Lieut. -General. 

Major -General. 

Apr. 30. 1770. 

Feb. 22. 1 76 1. 

23. — -— 






Mar. 3. 



' Ditto. 


Aug. 13. ■ 






Nov. n. ■ 

May 26. 1772. 

June 3. 1762. 

July 10. 

, Ditto. 



















Aug. 29. I777" 

Apr. 30. 1770. 




May 25. 1772. 











Ditto. - 

Sept. 19. 1775. 

Feb. 27. 1779. 

Aug. 29.- '1777. 

Nov. 26. 1782. 




K 4 



Military Department, 

Lieutenant- Generals. 


jRobert Skeiffe, 

Thomas Calcraft, 

Spencei- Cowper, 

William Wynyara, 

Edward Matthew, 

Richard Burton Phillipson, 

iTrancis Smith, 

Honble. Alexander Leslie, 

Sir William Erskine, Bart. 

Sir Thomas Shirley, Bart. 

Joseph Broome, 

Patrick Tonyn, 

Charles Ross, 

John Mansell, 

Killed at the battle of Cateau in 
Flanders, April 2';. 1794. 

Anthony George Martin, 

Rt. Hon. Sir R. Abercromby, K.B 

Edmund Fanning, 

Wm. Gardiner,' 

Henry Johnson, 

Hon Henry Edward Fox, 

John W. T. Watson, -^ 

James Lumsdaine, 

Lowther Pennington, 

Fras. Edward Gwyn, 

Robert Morse, 

Fiancis, Lord Hcathfield, 

Thomas Sloughter Stanwix, 

Sir .rames Pulteney, 

H.r h. P. Wm, Duke of Gloucester, 

Horatio Spry, 
William Souter Johnston, 
Harry Innes, 
Robert Doiikin, 
James Balfour, 
Alexr. Campbell, 
Jnmes Francis Perkins, 
Francis D'Oylcy, 

Lieut. -Genera/. 


Nov. 26. 


Aug. 29. 




Sept. 28. 














- do. 


Oct. 18. 


Qct. 10. 

178 1 









May 3, 


ISJov. 20. 


Jan. 16. 


Sept. 26. 


June 16, 


Oct. 12. 







. , 



ih3. .n 







Apr, 19, 



'Oct. 4. 









Jan. i. 


, do. 



, do. 

- . do. 







. ' ' '■, 1 

.,ci ^p. 


■RiM m'x 



Military Department, 







Sir James DufF, Knt. 

Jan. I. i8oi. 


4. 1794 

Harry, Lord Mulgrave, 



Grice Blakeney, 

. do. 


Paulus jiEmilius Irving, 



George Harris, 



Richard Vyse, 



William, Lord Cathcart, 



Maurice Wemyss, 



Banastere Tarleton, 



Sir Hugh Dalrymple, I^nt. 



Gordon Forbes, 



Andrew Gordon, 



John Lloyd, 



Oliver de Lancey, 



John Graves Simcoe, 



Sir James Henry Craig^ K.B. 



Anthony Farrington, 



25. 1 795 

James Stuart, 

dw-o -/i 


Charles Horneck, 

do. .'-■-•■' -^ 


John Whyte, 



Andrew John Drummond, 



Henry Bowyer, 

doj •'■'''!>-"» 


John William, Earlof Bridgewater, 

do.' ■' 

do. ' 

Joseph Walton, 



Ellis Walker, 



William Maxwell, 



George, Earl of Pembroke, 



John, Earl of Chatham, 



Alexander Campbell, 




William Morshead, 



Fiancis Dundas, 

doj-ti^U a.i 


Alexander Ross, 



Abraham d'Aubant, 



Hon. Francis Needhara, 



Henvy Pigot, 



Count de Meuron, 



George Bernard, 

Sept. 2$ 1803. 


3- 1796- 

George Nugent, 





Military Department, 





Baron Charles Hompesch, 

Sept. 25. 1803. 

May 3. 1796 

John Bowater, 



Thomas Averne, 



James Hethersett, 



James Campbell, 



Chailes Tarrant, 

do. ^ 


John Barclay, 



William McCai 




5ohn Freke, 



tiir Robert Ste\i 

rart, Bart. 



Richard Englar 




William Keppel 




John Lord Hut 

chinson, K.B. 



John Hamilton, 



Alexander Hay, 


; do. 

Thomas G oldie. 



Robert Douglas, 



Simon Fraser, 



James Stewart, 



Sir Charles Hastings, Bart, 



Thomas Davies, 


. do. 

Robert Manners, 



William Loftus, 

.'A tVv\.do. ■ 


Sir Wm. Myers, Baxt. 



Oliver Nicholls, 



Alexander Mercer, 



George Hewitt, 



Philip Martin, 

Jan. I. 1805. 

Jao. 9- 1798 

William Borthwick, 

do. >i , 

Jo> do. 

Sir Eyre Coote, K. B. 



Harry Burrard, 



Charles Lennox, 



James Adolphus Harris, 



Arthur Ormsby, 



Henry Read, 



Wm. John Arabin, 



George Don, 



Sir John Francis Cradock, K.B. , 



Lord Charles F 





Military Department, 



Napier Christie Burton, 
Richard Rich Wilford, 
Edward Morrison, 
Sir Charles Asgill, 
Thomas Garth, 
Vaughan Lloyd, 
Count Pierre de Meuron, 
James, Earl of Rosslyn, 
Lucius Barber, 
Andrew Cowell, 
Joseph Dusseaux, 
Colin McKcnzie, 
Archibald Robertson, 
John Dickson, 
Miles Staveley, 
John Money, 
Thomas Murray, 
Edw. James Urquhart, 
George Churchill, 
Hon. Eyre Power Trench, 
George Beckwyth, 
Thomas Roberts, 

Hon. Sir Geo. James Ludlow, K.B. 
Sir John Moore, K.B. 
Richard, Earl of Cavan, 
Sir David Baird, Knt. 
Honble. Henry Astley Bennet, 
Honble. Frederick St John, 
Sir Charles Ross, Bart, 
John Whitlccke, 
Hay Macdowall, 
Lord Charles Henry Somerset, 
John Despard, ■ 
W. A. Villettcs, 
William Wemyss, 

Lieut. -Generai. 



Jan. I. 1805. 


9. 1798 







do. ' 








li- 1798 



Nov. 2. 








































do. ,;.. 


do. ^a: :a 














Military Department* 





Sir John Fenwick, Bart. , 

Beheaded on Towerhill in 1679 
Charles Trelawny, 
Arnold Joost, Earl of Albemarle, 
Michael Richards, 
Richard Leveson, 
William Lloyd, 
\yilliam, Compte de Marton, com 

monly called Earl of LifFord. 
George, Prince of *|Hesse Darm- 
stadt—Killed at the siege of Bar 

celona in 1705. 
William Selwyn, 
Gustavus, Viscount Boyne, 
John Shrimpton, 
Henry Cunningham, 

Killed at the battle of St Es 

teven, 1706. 
Arthur, Earl of Donegal, 

Killed in Spain, 1706. 
Sir Bevil Granville, 

Made Governor of Barbadoes, 
James, Earl of Darby, 

Resigned in 1705. 
Frederick Hamilton, 
Robert Killigrew, 

Killed at the battle of Almanza 

in Spain, 1707' 
James Ferguson, 
Emanuel Howe, 
Thomas Brudenell, 
William, Viscount Charlemont, 
Charles, Lord Baltimore, , 
Samson de Lalo, 

Killed at the battle of Malpla- 

quet, August 31, 1 709. 
Thomas Handasyde, 
John Bayne, 
JBartholomew Ogilvy, 



6. 1688, 

2. 1690 
30. 1696 

Nov. 10. 1688. 

June 27. 1697 



10. 170? 
I. 1704 
do., ,.^ (., 
do. ' ' 



I. 1705 





I. 1707 


I. 1709 

I. 1710 

June I. 1691. 

July I. 1695. 
May 30. 1696. 
. do. 


May '30. 169$. 



Jan. I. 1707. 

do. ^^ 


Military Departfnenf. 




Sherrington Davenport, 
John Livesay, 

Edward Braddock, 

Gilbert Primrose, 

Edward Pearse, 

Roger Elliot, 
John Pepper, 

Joseph Wightman, 

John Newton, 

Thomas Crowther, 

Charles Sybourgh, 

Richard Holmes, 

Charles, Earl of Orrery, 

Thomas Pulteney, 

Christopher, Lord Slane, 

John Hill, 

Henry, Earl of Deloraine, 

Richard Russel, 

Robert Wroth, 

Nicholas Price, 

Lord John Ker, 

Thomas Stanwix, 

James Crofts, 

Daniel Creighton, 

Andrew Wheeler, 

Robert Hunter, 

Sir James Wood, Bart. 

Paul de Gually, 

James Moyle, 

John Cavalier, 

Balthaz Rivas de Foisac, 

James Douglas, 

John Orfeur, 

John Armstrong, 

Charles, Lord Cathcart, 

> Commander in Chief of the land 
forces designed against Cartha- 
gena, but died at Dominica on 
his way out . 



Jan. I. fjio 















July 27. 

Mar. I. 















17 12. 














I. 1707. 
i i^j. 1706- 

28. 1708. 

1. 1710. 







-XIv I7II. 


28. 1704. 

12. 1707-. 









Military Department, 


Names. \Major-General. 

Honble. Stephen Comwallis, Jan. i. 1743. 

Francis, ^arl of Effingham, June 31. 

Francis Fuller, July 2. 

Honble. Henry Ponsonby, 117. 

Killed at the battle of Fontenoy, 

May 1745. . 

William Merrick, May 29. 1 745. 

Anthony Lowther, July 28. 

Sir William Gooch, Bart. Sept. 14. 1747. 

Sir Charles Armand Powlett, K.B. 17. 

George Byng, Lord Torrington, 19. 

James Fleming, 20. 

John Price, 2I» 

Richard O'Farrel, Mar. 24. 1754. 

Edward Richbell, 25. 

Edward Braddock, 29. 

Died of the wounds he received* 
in a battle, going to attack 
Fort du Q^uesne, in North 
America, J755. 

Honble. William Herbert, 
Richard, Lord Edgecumbe, 
Alexander Drury, 

Killed at St Cas in Britany, September 8, 1758. 
Hedworth Lambton, 
Peregrine Thomas Hopson, 

Died Commander in Chief of the land forces em- 
ployed in reducing the island of Guadaloupe, 
Feb. 1759. 
Lord Charles Hay, 
Paul Massareen, 
* Granville Elliot, 

Died in Germany, whilst serving with the allied 

. army, 1750. 

July 2. 1739. 

Feb. 18. 1742. 


Feb. 2 J. 1744. 

May 27. 1745. 

June 3. 


Apr. 17. 1745. 



Major- GeneraL 
Feb. 21. 1755. 

Mar. 10. 

Feb. 2. 1757. 




Jan. 22. 1758. 
Apr. 21. 


* Had been a Lieutenant-General in the Elector PaUtJne'a tervia^aiid 
made Major-Geperal in the Briush service, as above. 7rrraiTOBTTWOT-i7E 


Military Department, 


Major-Generals . 

•^ James Wolfe, ■^ - ■' - 

Killed at the battle of Quebec, Sept. 13, 1759. 
John Parsons, - - 

Julius Caesar, - - 

Died in Germany, whilst serving with the allied 
army, 1 76 2,, in consequence of a fall from his 
George Walsh, _ . - 

Andrew Robinson, - - " - 

Lord Charles Manners, - - ' - 

David Watson, - - - 

Hon. John Barringtoni - - 

Sir James Lockhart Ross, Bart. - - - 
Borgard Michelson, - . - 

John Grey, - _ - 

* Stringer Lawrence, _ > - 

Edward Whitmore, - - - 

Drowned in North America. 
Alexander, Lord Lindores, 
Sharrington Talbot, 
William Petitot, 

Honourable John Boscawen, - 

John Lafausille, - - 

Died on his voyage home from the Havai^nah, 

John Toovey, . - , Aug. 

John Furbar, - . June 

Ralph BurtoA, 

Marcus Smith, 

§ Robert, Lord Cllve, K.B. - - May 

William, Earl of Glencairn, - - - Apr. 

Major- Genera is. 
Feb. . 1759. 

May 14. 
June 24. 




















f Was Commander in Chief of the army sent against Quebec in 1759, *n^ had 
local rank in North America only. 

* Had local rank in the East Indies only. ^ 
§ Had local rank in the East Indies only. 


Military Department, 


William Deane, 
John Salter, 

Thomas Erie, - . 

Richard Worge, 
Nevill Tatton, 
Richard Bendy sk, 
John Scott, 

William Napier, - 

Thos. Townshend, 
- John* Bradstreet, 
John Barlow, 
Valentine Jones, 
William Phillips, ' - 

Died whilst serving in North America. 

David Erskine, - - 

W^illiam Thornton, 

George Ogilvie, 

James Mure, Earl of Loydqun, 

James Bramham, 

Arthur Preston, 

Robert Sandford, - - 

John Roberts, 

Anthony St Leger, - 

James Stuart, 

Archibald McNab, 

William Roy, - - . 

James Paterson, - . - 

-» Henry Gladwin, 

Sir John Burgoyne, Bart, 
i Thomas, Lord Sey and Sele, 

Humphrey Stevens, ' - , 

John Mackenzie, Lord Macleod, - 

Sir Henry Calder, Bart. 

Henry Pringle, - - - 

Sir John Wrottesley, Bart. 

James D'Auvergne, 

Charles Wilson Lyon, : 

Arthur Tucker Collins, 

Apr. 30. 1770. 

























Military Department 




iValter Carruthers, - . 

Philip Skene, ' _ _ . 

Thomas Marriott, - - , _ 

Thomas Cox, - _ 

Sir Archibald Campbell, K. B. 
A.llait Campbell, 7 - r i- 
iVilHam Ogle, j ^^'^ ^"^*" P^^X' 
rhomas, Duke of Newcastle, - - , 

fohn Campbell, - _ . 

Allan Campbell, - . > ,. _ 

r'Samuel Birch, - „ / _ 

John Martin, _ « . 

Alexander Rigby, - _ 

George Morgan, - _ 

James Hugonin, - _ 

John Mansell. Killed at the battle of Cateau, 

in Flanders, April 28. 1794, 
;Hon, Mark Napier, - - 

iThomas Jones, - . 

Patrick Bellew, - _ 

Francis E. Humphries, 
William Faucett, - _ 

Robert Mason Lewis, - . 

Charles Graham, - - . 

lohn St Leger, _ . 

R-ichard Bettesworth, 
William Johnstone, - - 

George Campbell, - _ ' 

William Viscount Fielding, 
Thomas Duval, - - 

William Ma d^ox Richardson, - * - 

Jeffrey Amherst, 
William Lewis, 
1 homas Davis, 
fames Hartley, 
Tolebrook Nesbit, 
William Brady, 
Vlackay Hugh Baillie, 
[ohn Joinour" Ellis, 

vot.rt:'J t 

Nov. 26. 1782. 









26. 1787. 


April 28. 1790, 

May ' 'ii V^po. 
Oct. 12. 1793. 



Oct. 3- I794« 


Feb. 26. 1 793*0 





May 3, 1796 










Ma JO?'- 


Military Department, 


Archibald Roberts, 

Bryan Blundell, - 

Hon. John Knox, 

James Campbell, 

William Gooday Strutt, - 

Sir John Stewart, Knt^ ' - 

Hon. Robert Taylor, 

Jerrit Fisher, t 

George Milner, . 

George, Marquis 6f Huntly, 

George Benson, 

Hon. Edward Finch, 

Isaac Gascoyne, 

George Ferdinand, Lord Southampton, 

Stephen Poyntz, 

Francis, Lord Seaforth, 

Hon. Brydges T. Hcnniker, 

David Douglas Wemyss, 

Hon. John Leslie, 

Henry Wynyard, 

"William Thornton, 

Sir John Stewart, Knt. 

DuTu:an Campbell, 

Thomas Grosvenoi-, 

John Calcraft, 

Hon. John Hope, 

Hon. Vere Poulett, 

Charles Barton, 

Hay Ferrier, 

Alexander Mackenzie Fraser, 

William Congreve, •- 

.Tames, Lord Forbes, . ' - 

Hon. William, Lord Paget, 

Sir John Doyle, Bart. 

Robert Brownrigg, - 

W. Caulfield ArcKer, 

William, Earl of Banbury, 

Hon. SirA. Wellesley, K.B. 

Hon. Edmund Phipps, 

William Cartwrlght, 

Bajon Frederick Hompesch, 


Jan. I. 1798." 










dok . 

•■;!>': -rdbw,*;?--! 
Aptil 20. 180 










V Mi.idp. 

i ijl do. 




Military Department, 


Ma Jor-General s. 

Bcorge Elliot, 
Duncan Campbell, 
l^atrick, Wauchope, 
Saldwin Leighton, 
Patrick Sinclair, 
itichard Chapman, 
fohn Coffin, 
J.ichard Armstrong, 
fohn Murray, 

Sir Charles Green, Bart. - 
i^'^illiam St Leger, 
lichaid Northey Hopkins, 
fohn Smith, 
Alexander Mackay, 
Thomas Hartcup, 
iV. Orchard Huddleston, - 
[jeorge Fead, 
tames Sowerby, 
Thomas Blomefield, 
TOther Man, 
Donald Macdonald, 
ohn Pratt, 
''orbes Champagne, 
osiah Champagne, 
larry Calvert, 
jeorge Cockburne, 
idward Dunne, 
ames Drummond, 
Ldwin Hewgill, 
William Dowdesvvell, 
Uexander Mackenzie, 
jreorge Moncrieff, 
jf'homas Meyrick, 
(Charles Crauford, 
-jijeorge Henry Vansittart, 
pon. Charles Fitzroy, 
Francis Hugonin, 
jpharles Baron Linsingen, - 
Henry, Viscount Gage, - 
Charles William Estc, 

Sept. 25. 1803. 
do. . 





t. 2 


Military Department. 


Roger Aytoutie, 

George Rochfort, 

James Webber, 

Francis Grose, 

Henry Richmond Gale, - 

John Spens, 

George, Earl of Crawford, 

William Scott, 

Robert Tipping, ' - 

Archibald Campbell, 

Alexander Trotter, 

Francis Fuller, 

James Affleck, 

George Vaughan Hart, - 

John Robinson, 

George Warde, 

Rt. Hon. Thos. Maitland, 

Richard Bright, 

William Ramsay, 

James Campl)ell, 

John Skirrett, 

Hildebrand Oakes, 

Colin Campbell, 

Sir George Prevost, Bart. 

Stair Park Dairy mple, 

William Waller, 

Mervin Archdall, 

John Cope Sherbro'ke, 

Sir William Clarke, Bait. 

Gordon Drummond, 

James Hall, 

William Payne, 

Hon. Edward Bligh, 

William, Earl of Craven, 

Lord William Henry C. Bentinck, 

Edmund, Earl of C^ork, - 

Coote Manningham, 

Hon, Geo. Henry Grey, - 

Hon. Edward Paget, 

Arthm Whteham, 

Event Spencer, 

Stapleton Cotton, 

Samuel Dalrymple, - 


Major- GenenfA 
Jan. I. iSojJ 























































. - i . 

. ditto. 


-i ^^■n'li 

s.. ditto. 



















N . ditto. 


- . \.'h.. 

> ditto, 











Nov. 3. 




Military Department. 



y ilUam Johnston, 

lowland Hill, 

Ion. William Stapletojn, - 

knzil Onslow, 

ahn Murray, 

William Twiss, 

[on. Charles Hope, 

[ichard Mark Dickens, - 

ir George Pigot, Bart. - 

Frederick Maitland, 

^hn Iicveson Gower, 

>hn. Lord Elphinstone, - 

ichard. Earl of Donoughmore, 

!pn. John Abercromby, 

r George Charles B. Boughton, Bart, 


Nov. 2. i8ojt 



^ ^ ditto, 

' "'"ditto. 


■, ditto. 

, 'r^itto. 

"'i ditto. 

' .ditto. 

. ditto. 




illiam, ^ Viscount Mountjoy, 
Killed at the battle of Steinkirk, 
enry, Duke of Grafton, 
Killed at the siege of Cork, 1690. 
ihn. Viscount Dundee, 
Killed at Killicranky, J689. 

John Talbot, 

Theophilus Oglethorpe, Bart, 
ugh, Earl of Mount Alexander, 
mes Wynne, 

Died of his wounds in Flanders 1695. 
iward Fitzpatrick, 
Drowned going to Ireland. 
Iward Matthews, 
iccarios Tiffin, 


Brig. Genera/, 

Nov. 9. 1688. 

Nov, J I. — __ 

Oct. 29. 1694, 


May 30. 1695. 



Military Department. 


Richard Cunninghjim, 

Henry Trelawney, - " 

Thomas, Lord Fairfax, - 
Sir James JefFereys, 
Nicholas Lukey, 

Holcroft Blood, r - " 

Josias Vimare, , - ■ 

William Villiers, 
Hon. John Stewart, 
Archibald Row, 

Killed at the battle of Blenheim, August 1704. 
- Luke Lillingstone, - . - 

Sir Thomas Smith, Bart. - 
Sir Thos. Prendergast,. Bart. 

Killed ^t the battle of Malplaquet, Aug. 31. 1709. 
Pierce, Viscount Ikerine, 
William Watkins, - - 

William Bretton, 
William, Earl of Yarmouth, - ,,Hi 

Henry Durell, - - .:■■ 

Henry Morison, - - . 

Samuel, Lord Marsham, - 

Jacob Borr, - - , 

William Henry, Earl of Rochford, 

Killed at the battle of Almenari, in Spain> Jaly 
27. 1710. ■ - -•' -■ 

Hans Hamilton, 
Lord William Hay, - _ 

Francis Godfrey, 

John Hobart, - » 

Hon. Lewis Mordaunt, 
Thomas Ferrars, 
Nicholas Lepell, 
Sir Charles Hotham, Bart. 
James Nicholson, 

Henry Peyton, - - 

William, Earl of Dalhousie, 
Phineas Bowles, 


. General 


I. 1696 


dittq: - 


9. 1702. 


10. — — 






1 - -'' 


April 22. 1708 



I. 1799 


I. 1 7 10 



ditto. . 











ditto. . 


ditto, i 

ditto. - 






12. 1711. 


Military Department. 


Brigadier- Generals, 


Patrick Mead, 

,Ho;i. Andrews Windsor, - 

!John Corbet, 

'Mark Ant. Moncal. 

[James, Earl of Hyndford, 

George J ocelyn, 

Richard Stearne, 

Alexander Grant, 

James Bruce, 

Richard Warring, 

Richard Munden^ 

William Newton, 

John Peacock, , - 

Edward Jopes, 

Charles Dubourgay, 

[Theodore Vezy, - 

Andrew de Boismorell, 

Richard Kane, 

ICharles Cockburne, - - 

j Edward Montagu, 

I John Middleton, 

Sir Adolphus Oughton, Bart. 

Hon. Robert Murray, 

William Cosby, 

Hon. Henry Berkeley, 

Hon. Thomas Paget, 

William Handasyde, r 

Richard Ingoldsby, , - 

Laid aside after the battle of Fontenoy, without a 

William Warter Whitshed, 

William Douglas, 


Cashiered for making false musters. 

Daniel Houghton, - 

Hugh, Lord Semplc, . - - 

William Graham, _ •_ . 


171 .£1 .daTv 



— 30. 


July 2: 1739. 

Feb. ir. 1743. 

■—25. 1744, 

May 29. 1745. 

— 30. 


June 5. 1746, 

— 9. 

April 18. 


rj(7 -.':. 


Military Department, 

Soon after this, the rank of Brigadier-General was suppressed in 
the promotion of general officers j and since that period, it has only 
been bestowed local or temporary. 


* John Forljes, - 

Died on his return from taking Fort du Quesne. 

* Charles Lawrence, - . - - 

* George Augustus, Viscount Howe, ;; 1,7 ♦^ii 

- Killed near Fort Ticonderago in N.America, 1758. 

* John Prideaiix, - - - 
Killed in the Trenches before Fort Niagara, .1759- 

* George Haldane, - - - . 

Died at his government of Jamaica, 1759. 

* Byam Crump, - - - 
Died at his government of Guadaloupe, 1 760. 

•j- John Crauford, - - - 

Died Commandant at Minorca in 1764. 
X § John Reed, - ' - 

t Robert Douglas, ' '-^ -'-^•^ 

§ Andrew, Lord Rollo, 
II Henry Bouquet, 

Died at his command in North America, 1764. 
Hon. George Monson, 

Died in the East Indies, 
f John Caillaud, 
John Carnac, 
'David Wedderburn, 
.Killed in the E^st Indies in 1773, 

East Indies only. 

Brig.-General. \ 
Jan. I. i7j8J 





Oct. 28. 










July 7- 




Apr. 20. 
Mar. 16. 



The follovving Colonels in the army have, at different periods, 
served as Brigadier-Generals in North America and the West Indies, 
since the commencement of the war in 1775- 

James Agnew. Killed at Germantown. 
Francis Maclean. Died at his command in North America. 
William Nesbit. Died at his command in Canada. 
Paston Gould. Died at his command in South Carolina. 
David Ogilvie. Died at his command at Antigua. 

* Had local rank In America only. 

j Had local rank at Belleisle and Portugal, 



Military Department, 151 

Simon Fraser. Died of the wounds he received at the battle of 

Enoch Markham. 

Patrick Gordon. Killed near Fort St John's in Canada. 
Allan Maclean. 
Thomas Fraser. 
Alexander Stuart. , . , 

N.B. Such officers who acted as Brigadl6r'i(&<^erals, and have 
since obtained higher and permanent rank in the army, are not in- 
serted in the list of Brigadier Generals. 

Those marked thus t, served as Brigadier Generals at Belleisle. 
§ , , the Havannah. 

II, - 5a N.America. 

, List of the present Military Staff Officers. 

Commander in Chief, 
His Royal Highness Frederick, Duke of York, 

Pubiic Secretary. ' 
Colonel Clinton. 

Private Secretary. 
Captain Taylor, 

onamA xf JtoV '. 

.:;hi rr... . Military Secretary. 

Colonel William Gordon. 

Major-General Harry Calvert. 


152 , Military DeparimenU 

. Deputy Adjutant-General, 
Colonel William Wynyard. 

Major-Gcneral Robert Brownrlgg. 

Deputy ^artermaster.General, 
Major-General Honourable Alexander Hope. 

Judge Advocate General. 

Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. 
1806 Nathaniel Bond, esq. f eb. I2. 

Deputy Judge Advocate General,, 

John Augustus Oldham, esq. ,1 ii8 ^c'r 

I'll -\ 

Physician-General to the Army. 

Sir Clifford Wintringham, Bart. 
1794 Sir Lucas Pepys, Bart. 

Surgeon^General. . ' 

; A c,^•r^ j.rro 

1790 John Hunter, esq. 
1793 John Gunning, esq. 
1798 Thomas Kcate, esq. 

Inspector of Regimental Hospitals. 

Thomas Keate, esq. 
1797 John Rush, esq. 


Military Department, i e? 

Inspector of the Recruiting Service. 
Major-General John Whltlocke. 

Lieutenant-General George Hewitt. 

Commissary-General of Musters. 
George Aust, esq. 

Deputy Commissary-General of Musters, 
John Tekell, esq. 

Commissary-General of Stores. 

1804 Sir Brook Watson, Bart. 
i8c6 Thomas Aston Coffin, esq. 

A List of the Noblemen and Gentlemen who have been, 
or now. are, Aides-de-Camp to his present Majesty. 

1^60 John, Viscount Cantalupe, afterwards Earl Delawar. 

lienry. Earl of Pembroke. 
John Clavering. 
Benjamin Carpenter. 

Edward Harvey. • I'i^ «3)ssyl nsnoiii: 

William, Earl of Shelbume, aftert^af^sf Iv^ar^ls of 


154 Military Departmenu 

1761 Mar. I. James Forrester. 

Charles Vernon. 

1762 Feb. 20. Lord George Henry Lenox, 
June 22. Honble. Robert Brudenell. 

1763 Jan. 16. William, Viscount Pulteney. '^ 
Mar. 18. Robert Robinson. 

19. Francis Craig. 
Apr. 20. William, Earl of Sutherland. 

21. Edward, afterwards Earl JJgonier.. 

1764 Oct.' 26. Hugh, Lord Warkworth, (now Diuke of Northum- 


1765 Mar. 9. William Taylor. 

Aug. 2. Charles, Earl, afterwards Marquis Com\yallM •'^"' 
June 25. Hon. George West. O.ny - 

J766 Aug. 6. William Amherst. '/'"l. ^'' » ' 

1768 June 14. Robert Watson. 1-^ tjSl^i 

1769 Nov. 30. Hon. George Monson. '^ 

1771 Aug. 6. Lancelot Baugh. :'A iQi;^! 

7. Sir David Lindsay, Bart. 

1772 Dec. 20. Charles, now Earl Grey. 

21. Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, Bart. 

1774 June II. Thomas Clarke. 
Aug. 5. Charles Rainsford, 

1775 Mar. 28. Edward Matthew. 

Sept. I. Richard Burton Phillipson. 
8. Francis Smith. 
30. James Agnew. 
Oct. 18. John Douglas. 

19. Hon. Alexr. Leslie. 
J 776 Jan. II. Hon. Henry St John. 

1777 Mar. 4. Sir William Erskine, Knt. 
Aug. 29. Hon. William Harcourt. 

1778 Dec. 19. Samuel Townshend. 

William Medows. 
Thomas Osbert Mordaunt. 

1779 Feb. 27. Hon. Thomas Bruce. 

George Ainslie. 
James Adeane. 
Thomas Stirling. 
George Garth. 
Richard .Grenyille. 

1780 Nov. 18. Thomas, Earl of Lincoln, afterwards Duke of 

1783 Archibald Campbell. 


Military Department* 155 

1782 Feb. 13. George Hotham. 

16. Robert Abercromby. 

Gerard, now Lord Lake. 
Apr. 18. Thomas Musgrave. 
Nov. 26. Charles, Earl of Harrington. 

Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick. 

Nesbit Balfour. 

Edmund Stevens. 

George, Viscount Chewton, afterwards Earl Walde- 

Francis, Lord Rawdori, now Earl of Moira. 

1783 Mar. 1 2. Honble. Henry Edward Fox. 

1787 Oct. 19. Francis Edward Gwynne. 

1788 July 4. Hon. Francis Elliot, now Lord Heathfield. 

1789 Apr. 9. Thomas Sloughter, now Stanwix. 
Nov. 18. Sir James Murray, Bart, now Pulteney, 

1791 Aug.- 8. James Stuart. 
1793 Oct. 18. William Morshead. 

Francis Dundas. 

Hamilton Maxwell. 
Dec, 2C. Alexander Ross. 

Lord John- Newark. 

Hon. Francis Needham. 

Sir Charles Gordon. 

Henry Pigot. 

Hon. Colin Lindsay. 

William Dansey. 

1795 Jan. 24. Eyre Coote. 

25. K. G. Coussraaker. 

26. Harry Burrard. 

27. Charles Lenox. 
Feb. 26. George Don. 

Colebrooke Nesbitt. 
Lord Charles Fitzroy. 
Stephens Howe. 
Richard Rich Wilford. 
Thomas Garth. 
Hon. Charles Monson. 
• May 20. Sir James Erskine St Clair, now Earl of Rosslyn. 

1796 Sept. 15. William Cartwright, vice Wilford. 
1708 Jan- 9. Honourable Edward Bligh. 

William Lord Craven, now Earl of Craven. 

Hugh Campbell. 

Lord William Bentinck. 

Edmundj Visgount Dungarvan, now Earl of Co»ke. 


15^ Military Department, 

1798 Jan. 9. Coote Manningham. 

, Henry George Grey, 
Honble. Edward Paget. 
Arthur Whetham. 

1799 May 28. Brent Spencer. 

1800 Jan. 1. James Erskine. 

1802 Apr. 29. William Wynyard. 

1803 July 9. Hon. Frederick Campbell. 

William Burnett. 
Richard Stuart. 
Oct. 4. Honble. Charles Stuart. 
1805 Jan. I. Henry Fane. 

Robert Bolton. 
Robert Chene^. 
Hon. Wm. Monson. 
George Anson. 
Kenneth Alexr. Howard. 

A complete List of all the Forts, Castles, and Garrisons in 
Grestt Britain, with their Governors, at and sinee the 
accession of his present Majesty in 1760. 

Fort Augustus and Fort George, 

Salary L.300 per annum. 

Hon. Sir Charles Howard, K.B. Lieut.-General. 
1765 Studholme Hodgson, General. 

1798 Right Honble. Sir Ralph Abercromby, Lieut.-General. 
1801 Sir David Dundas, K.B. General. 
1804 William Dalrymple, Lieut.-General. Apr. 

Alexander Ross, Lieut.-General. Oct. 

Berwick and Holy-is/and. 

Salary L.600 per annum. i°>\tBAO } 

John Guise, General. 
J765 Hon. Robert Monkton, Lieut.<GeneraI. 


Military Department, 157 

1778 sir JoKn Clavering, K.B. Lieut.-General. 

Sir John Mordaunt, K.B. General, v. --^ 

1780 Hon. John Vaughan, Lieut. -GeneraLl .■^IdnoH 
1795 Right Honble. Sir William Howe, iKiiBujQefl'eral, now Lord 
Viscount Howe. • :uci t,r 

Salary L.300 per annum. 

Honble-. Charles Hoipe Weir. 
1792 Honble. Charles Hamilton. 
1803 Sir Thomas Livingston, Bart. 


Salary L.45 per annum. 

William Knapston, esq. 
176 1 Sir Harry Burrard, Bart. 
1787 Harry Burrard, esq. 


Salary L. 18 2 los. per annum. 

John Stanwix, Lieut.-General. 
1763 Henry, Earl of Darlington. 
1792 Montgomery A gnew, Lieut.-Gen. 


Salary L.182 los. per annum. 

George, Earl of Cholmondeley, Lieut.-General. 
1770 Honble. James Cholmondeley, General. 
1775 Charles Rainsford, Lieut.-General. 
1796 Edward Morrison, Major-General. 


158 Military Department, 

Cinque Ports. 
Salary L.4000 per annum. 

Lord Warden — Lionel Cranfield, Duke of Dorset. 
1765 Robert, Earl of Holdernesse. 

1 778 Frederick, Lord North, afterwards Earl of Guilford, 

1792 Right Hon. William Pitt. 

1806 Jan. Robert Banks, Lord Hawkesbury. 

Salary L.182 los. per anuum. 

Arthur Holdsworth, esq. 
1777 Arthur Holdsworth, esq. 

J 787 Lieut.-Colonel John Hardy. -' . 

1788 Arthur Holdsworth, esq. 

Salary L.300 per annum. 

Charles, Lord Cathcart, K. T. Lieut. -General. 
1764 Hon. Archibald Montgomery, afterwards Earl of EgUntoune, 

Lieut. -General. 
1782 Sir Charles Grey, K.B. Lieut. -General. 
1797 Gerard Lake, Lveut.-General, now Lord Lake. 

Salary L.500 per annum. 

Humphrey Bland, esq. Lieut. -General. 
1763 John, Earl of Loudoun, General. 
1782 Archibald, Earl of Eglintoune, Lieut. -General. 
1796 Right onble. Lord Adam Gordon, General. A 

1801 Sir Robert Abercromby, K.B. Lieut.-General. • 


Military Department, 159 

Kings ton-upon-Hull . 

Salary L.600 per annum. 

Harry Pulteney, General. 
1766 Philip Honey vsrood, General. 
1785 Hon. James Murray, General. 

1794 George, Marquis Townshend,. Gen. 

1795 Hon. William Harcourt, Lieut.- General. 

,1801 John Thomas, Earl of Clanrickarde, Lieut. -GcneraL 

Landguard Fort. 

Salary L.365 per annum. 

Lord George Beauclerk, Lieut. -General, 
1768 Robert Armiger, Lieut. -General. 
1770 Sir John Clavering, K.B. Lieut. -General. 
1778 Hon. Alexr. Mackay, Lieut.-General. 
1789 Harry Trelawney, Major-General. 

1800 David Dundas, Lieut.-General. 

1 80 1 Cavendish Lister, Lieut.-Gen. 

St, Maws Castle. 

Salary L. 109 : IQS. per annum. 

Alexander Duroure, Lieut.-General. 
1765 Sir Robert Pigot, Bart. Lieut.-Gen. 

'Pendennis -Castle. 

Salary L.300 per annum. 

Arthur Owen, Lieut. -Colonel. 
1774 Charles Beauclerk, Lieut. -Colonel, 

[vol. rr.J'.-A M X775 

i^o Military Deparimeni, 

1775 Robert Robinson, Lieut. -General. 
1793 Felix Buckley, Major-Generai. 


.,--,-,: .Salary L.1289 -2:6 per annum, 

John, Earl Waldegrave, General. 
1784 Lord George Henry Lenox, GLcneral. 
1805 John, Earl of Chatham, General. 


Salary L.91 : 5, 

Thomas Gallop, esq. 
1763 John Taver, esq. 
1788 Gabriel Steward. 
1 791 Gabriel Tucker Steward, esq. 


Salary L.700 per anivum. 

James Lord Tyrawley, F. M. 

1773 Edward Harvey, Lieut. -Gen. 

1778 Hon. Robert Monckton, Lieut.-Gen. 
1782 Henry, Earl of Pembroke, General. 
1:794 Sir William Augustus Pitt, General. 

Scarborough- Cast le. 
Salary L.I 6 per annum. 

1762 John Catherwood, esq. ^^ ^^ , w 

1774 Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. Vice-Admiral. 
i'796 Henry, Lord Mulgrave, Licut.-Gencral. 


Military Department. i^t 

Scilly Islands, 

Francis, Earl of Godolphln. 
1766 Francis, Lord Godolphin. 

1785 Francis, Marquis of Carmarthen^ afterwards Duke of Leeds* 
1799 George William Frederick, Duke of Leeds. 


Salary L.30o per annum. 

Sir John Mordaunt, K.B. General. 
1778 Francis Craig, General. 


Salary L.91 : 5 per annumo 

Nathaniel Smith, esq. Lieut.-Govemor. 
17— Francis Leslie, esq. 
1787 Cornelius Smelt, esq. 
I 805 Alexr. Loraine, esq. 


Salary L.300 per annum. 

John, Earl of Loudoun, General; 
1763 Isaac Barre, Lieut.-Colonel. 
Sir James Campbell, Bart. 

1788 Hon. Alexr. Mackay, General. 

1789 James Grant, esq. General. 

M 2 Tower 

*65 Military Department, 

Tower of London, 
Salary, L.iooo. per annum. 


Charles, Earl Cornwallis. 
1762 John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton, 

1770 Charles, Earl Cornwallis, Major-Gcneral. 

1784 Feh. Lord George Lenox, General. 
— — Nov. Charles, Earl (afterwards Marquis) Cornwallis, 

K. G. General. 
1806 Feb. Francis, Earl of Moira, General. 

Tynetfiouth and Cliff" Fort. 

Salary, L.300 per annum. 

Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart. Lieut.-General,' 
1771 Hon. Alexander Mackay, ditto. 
1778 Lord Adam Gordon, ditto. 
1796 Charles Rains^ord, ditto. 

Upnor Castle. 

Salary, L.182 : los. per annum. 

"William Deane, Major-Gcneral. 
1775 Hon. James Murray, ditdo. 
1778 William Browne, Major. '" 
1783 Paulas lE^. Irwine, esq. 
1796 Jeffrey Amherst, Major General. 

Lie of Wight. 

Salary, L.500 per annum. 
John, Earl of Portsmouth, 


Military Department. 163 

1762 Thomas, Lord Holmes. 

1764 Right Hon. Hans Stanley. 

1766 Henry, Duke of Bolton. 

1770 Right Hon. Hans Stanley. 

1780 Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Worsley, Bart. 

1782 Harry, Duke of Bolton. 

1791 Thomas Ordc, esq. now Lord Bolton. 

Fort William, 

Salary, L.300 per annum. 

William Kingsley, Major-General. 
1769 John Burgoyne, ditto. 

1799 Hon. Sir John Vaughan, K. K. Lieut. -General, 
1780 James Murray, Major-General. 

1794 Hon. William Harcourt^ ditto, 

1795 Edmund Stevens, ditto. 

, Windsor Castle. 

Salary, L.1182 : los. per annum, 

Constable. - 

George, Duke of Montagu. 
179 1 James, Earl of Cardigan. 

North Tarmouth. 

Salary, L.182 : los. per annum. 

Hon. Roger Townshend, Lieut. -Colonel. Killed at Crown 
Point in North America, 1758. 
1761 Sir William Draper, K. B. Lieut.- General. 
1779 John Arbuthnot, esq. Captain. 

w 3 


164 Military Deparimni. 

Isle of Man, since it wat re-united t§ Great Britain. 

^1^5 Jo^n Wood, esq. 

J 777 Edward Smith, Major-General. 

^793 John, DukeofAthol. 

Royal Hospital at Chelsea^ 

J768 March John Mostyn, Lieut.-Gencral. 

— — May Sir George lioward, K. B. General, 

1795 George, Marquis Townshend, F. M. 

3796 Sir William Fawcett, K. B. General. 

1804 Sir David Dundas, K. B. ditto. 


Sir Robert Rich, Bart. Field Marshal. 

Royal Military Co liege ^ instituted in 1801. 

His Royal Highness the Duke of York. 

John, Earl of Chatham, 
Rt. Hon. William Dundas. 
Lieut.- General George Hewe^t. 
Major-General Calvert. 
Major-General Brownrigg. 
Hon. General Harcourt. 
Lieut. -Colonel Le Marchar^t. 


Hon. General Harcourt. 

Lieutenant-Governor and Soperiktendant, 
Lieut. -Colonel John Gaspard LeMarchant. 

Military Department, . 165 

Cravesend and Tilbury Forts, 

Charles, Lord Cadogan, General, hooW nrri 

1776 Sir William Fawcett, K. B. Licut.>.General. 
X796 Sir Thomas Musgrave, Bart, ditto. 

Guernsey *. 

John, Earl Delawar, Lieut.-General. 
I1766 Sir Richard Lyttelton, K. B. ditto. 
11770 Jeffrey, Lord Amherst, K. B. General. 
J797 Charles, Earl Grey, K. B. ditto. 

Hurst Castle. 

Salary, L.182: los. 

Hon. Sir Henry Beljenden, Knt. 
1761 George Anderson, esq. 
1767 §ir Robdrt Sloper, K. B. Lieut.-General. 
1796 William Gardiner, Major-General. 
1801 Lieut-Colonel Hon. John Creighton. 

■ ' 'jersey *; 

j John Huske, Lieut.-General. 

^1761 George, Earl of Albemarle, K. G. ditto. 
H772 Hon. Henry Seymour Conway, General. 
(1796 George, Marquis Tbwnshend, ditto. 

M 4 A List 

• The Governors of these islands have no fixed salaries, but from revenue and 
perquisites, they are esteemed worth L.iaoo per annum each. 

1 66 Military Department. 

List of the Governors y Lieutenant-Governors y and Commandants of the 
Garrison of Gibraltar , from 1704 (0 th^ present time. 



1704 Prince George of Hesse Darmstadt. 

Major-General Shrimpton, Lieut. -Governor. 
1706 Lieut. -General David, Earl of JPortmorc, Governor. 

Major-Gcneral Ramos, ") 
—10 Colonel Roger Elliot, /Occasional Commandants during; 

—13 — — Ralph Congreve, C the absence of the Governor. - 
—16 Stanhope Cotton, j 

—20 Brigadier-General Richard Kane,7 T • . t- 

n^ 1 ' n^ c Lieut.-Governors. 

_27 ■ ■'■ '- ■■ '■ Jasper Clayton, _J 

—30 Lieut. -General .Joseph Sabine, Governor. 
—38 ■ Francis Columbine, ditto. 

— 39 ' ~ William Hargrave, ditto. 

—49 ■ Humphry Bland, ditto. 

Colonel Lord Geo. Beauclerk,! Occasional Commandants dur- 
——— Hon. William Herbert, 5 ing the absence of the Gov; 
—42 Lieut. -General Thomas Fowke, Governor. 
—56 ■ James, Lord Tyrawley, ditto. 

Major-General William, Earl of Panmure, second in command. 

— 58 ', William, Earl of Home, Governor. Died inr 


Colonel William Tovey, Commandant until the arrival of 

—61 Major-General John Parslow^, Commandant.^ 

—62 Lieut.- General Hon. Edward Cornwallis, Governor. 

Major-General John Irwin, Commandant^, during the absence! 
of the Governor. 
—76 Major-General Robert Eoyd, Lieut. -Governor, made K. B.I 

in 1784. 
—76 Right Hon. General George Augustus Elliot, Governor, at! 

terwards Lord Heathfield, K. B. 
—^00 Lieut.-General Sir Robert Eoyd, K. B. Governor. 

Major-General Sir Henry Caldcr, Bart. Lieut. -Gov. Died. 

—92 -^ — Charles O'Hara, Lieut. -Gov. 

—'•94 General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B. Governor. 

—95 Lieut.-General Chailes O'Hara, ditto. 

—96 Majnr-General (now) Sir Thomas Trigge, Lieut.-Governor. 

j8o2 His R. H. General, Edward Duke of Kent, Governor. 

— 04 Lieut.-Gfneral Rt. Hon, Henry Edward Fox, Lieut. -Governor^ 


Military Department* 167 

List oj the Governors, Lieutenant-Governors j and Commandants of 
the island of Minorca, whilst in the possession of Great Britain. 

1708 Lieut.-General Stanhope, afterwards Earl Stanhope, Governor. 

—09 ' r** John, Duke of Argyle, ditto. 

—17 ' ' George (afterwards Lord) Carpenter, Lieut- 

—33 Brigadier-General Richard Kane, Lieut. -Governor. 
—37 Lieut.-General Algernon, Earl of Hertford, afterwards Diikc 
of Somerset, Governor. 
, Brigadier. General Philip Anstruther, Lieut, -Governor, 
—42 Field Marshal John, Earl of Stair, Governor. 
—48 Lieut.-General William (afterwards Lord) Blakcney, L.-Gov. 
General James Lord Tyrawley, Governor. 

Surrendered td the French in June 1756, by Lieut.-General 
—6^ Lieut.-General Sir Richard Lyttelton, K. B. Governor. 
Major-General James Johnston, Lieut. -Governor. 
Colonel John Crawford, Commandant in absence of the Go- 
vernor, and Lieut.-Governor. Died there in 1765. 
-^66 Lieut.-General Sir George Howard, K. B. Governor." 

— 68 John Mostyn, ditto. 

— 7° Major-General John Barlow, Commandant, 

—74 Lieut.-General Hon. James Murray, Lieut. -Govern6r. 

—78 _ . . Sir William Draper, K. B. second in command. 

— 7i9 Hph. James Murray, Governor. 

Diirrendered to the Spai]iards in February 1782, by General 
Murray, after making a most gallant defencej and retained 
by them at the peace in 1783. 
—99 Taken from the Spaniards Nov. 15. 1798, by a body of 
troops under the command of the Hon.. Lieut.-General 
Sir Charles Stuart, K. B. 
Major-General Hon. Henry Edward Fox, Lieut.-Governor. 
Restored to Spain by the peace of Amiens in 1804. 

A List 

1 68 Military DepartnienU^ 

Vrom the year 1596 tit the present time. 

N. B. The letters p. and /. affixed to the names, denotes vjhether 

they were constituted for life,' or during pleasure. 

Icq6 Mar. 29. Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, beheaded, /. 

1603 Sept. 10. Charles Blount, Earl of Devonshire,^. 

1609 June 27. George Carew, Earl of Totness,'^. 

J617 May 5. Horatio Vere, Lord Vere of Tilbury, /. 

3623 Aug. 26. Sir Richard Morrison, /, 

jgjg ., , I ■. Sir Thomas Stafford, /. 

1634 Sept. 2. ]\Jountjoy Blount, Earl of Newport,/. 

1660 Jan. 22, Sir William Compton, /. 

1664 Oct. 22. John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton,/. 

Sir John Duncomb, p. 

Thomas Chicheley, ^. 
167a June 4. Thomas Chichcley,/>. 
1679 Jan. 23. Sir John Chicheley,/'. 

Sir William Hickman,/. ' 

Sir Charles Musgrave,/. 
168 1 Jan. 28. George Legge, Lord Dartmouth,/!, 
1689 Apr. 28. David Schomberg, />. 
1693 July 28. Henry Sydney, Viscount Sydney, afterwards Earl 

of Romney, p. 
1702 June 29. John Churchill, Earl, afterwards Duke of Marlbo- 
borough, p. 

171 1 Sept. 10. Richard Savage, Earl Rivers, p. 

1712 5. James, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, killed in a 

duel by Lord Mohun, p. 
1714 Oct. 4. John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, ;&. >. 

1722 June 22. William, Earl Cadogan, />. 


Military Department, 169 

J 7 25 June 3. John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich,/?. 

—30 May 30. John Montagu, Duke of Montagu, />. 

•^S5 Charles Spencer, Duke of Marlborough,^. 

—57 Nov. 30. John, Viscount, afterwards Earl Ligonier, />, 

-—6^ John Manners, Marquis of Granby,/-. 

—72 Townshtend, Viscount Townshend, ;&. 

— 82 Mar. Charles, Duke of Richmond, Lenox, and Aubigny,/». 

—83 Apr. 9, George, Viscount, now Marquis Townshend, /*. 

Dec. Charles, Duke of Richmond,^. 

•—95 Nov. Charles, Marquis Cornwallis, fi. 

1801 June John Pitt, Earl of Chatham, />. 

—06 Feb. 8. Francis, Earl of Moira,/>. 


1603 Sir George Carew, afterwards Earl of Totness. 

—35 Sir William Hay don. 

—^S June 28. Colin Legge. 

— 70 Nov. 25. David Walter. 

— 72 Dec. 7. George Lpgge, afterwards Lord Dartmouth. 

— 81 Jan. 28. Sir Charles Mu?grave, Bart. 

—87 I. Sir Henry Tichbourne, Bart. 

— 88 Apr. 26. ^r Henry Goodricke, Bart. 

1702 Jan. 29. Jbhn Granville, afterwards Lord Granville of 

— 05 May 2. Thomas Erie. 
-t12 June 21. John Hill. 
—17 Mar. 19. Thomas Micklethwaite. 
—18 Apr. 22. Sir Charles Wills, K.B. 
—42 George Wade. 

— 48 Sir John Ligonier, K.B. afterwards Viscount 3nd 

Earl Ligonier. ' 
—57 Nov. 30, Lord George Sackville, removed. 
—59 Sept. 10. John, Marquis of Granby. 
—63 May 14. Honourable George Townshend, now Marquis 


I •76', 

176 , Military Department, 

1767 Honble. Henry Seymour Conway. 

1772 Oct. 17. Sir Jeffrey Amherst, K.B. afteryvards Lord Amherst, 

1782 Apr. 23. Hon. Sir Wm. Howe, K.B. now Viscount Howe. 

1804 Nov, 6. Sir Thomas Triggc, K.B. 

From the Union to 4he present 7ime. 

William Bridges, esq. 
1714 Michael Richards, esq. Major-General. 

—22 John Armstrong, afterwards ditto. 

—42 Thomas Lascelles, esq. 

—50 Charles (afterwards Sir Charles) Frederick, K. B. 

—82 Hon. Thonias Pclham, now Earl of Chichester. 

— 83 May John Courtenay, esq. 

— 84 Mar. 30. Hon. James Luttrell. 
-—89 ' Hon. George Cranfield Berkeley. 

—95 Alexander Ross, esq. Major-General. 

1 804 Oct. 6. Lieut. -Colonel James Murray Hadden. 

'A List of the CLER,KS of the ORDNANCE, 

From the Union to the present Time^ 

Charles Musgrave, esq. 
1 7 12 Edward Ashe, esq. 

— 14 William Cadogan, Lieutenant-General, afterwards 

Lord and Earl Cadogan. 


Military DepartmenU , 171 

Thomas White, esq. 

Leonard Smelt, esq. 

William Rowlinson Earle. 

Sir Charles Cocks, Bart, afterwards Lord Somcrs. 

John Aldridge, esq. 

Gibbs Crawford^ esq. r 

Humphrey Minchin, esq, 

Gibbs Crawford, esq. 
.p2 i John Sargent, esq. 

1802 July 5. Hon. William Wellesley Pole. 
—06 Feb. John Calcrafit, esq. 

A List of the STOREKEEPERS of the ORDNANCE, 
From the Union to the present Time. 

James Lewther, esq. 

17 1 2 Hon. Dixie Windsor. 

—15 George Gregory, esq. 

— 17 Sir Thomas Wheate, Bart. 

—21 George Gregory, esq. 

—46 Andrew Wilkinson, esq. 

—62 Sir Edward Winnington, Bart. 

—6^ Andrew Wilkinson, esq. 

— 78 Benjamin L'Anglois, esq. 

—80 Henry Strachey, esq. 

—82 John Aldridge, esq. 

Aprit Henry (now Sir Henry) Strachey. 

Dec. John Aldridge, esq. 

1795 Mark Singleton, esq. " 

2806 Feb. John M'Mahon, esq. 

A List 

172 Military Department, 

A List of the TREASURERS and PAYMASTERS of the 

' From the Union to the present Time» 

Hon. Henry Mordaunt, Lieut.>GeneraI. 

1720 Jdhn Plumtre, esq. 

1751 Francis Gashry, esq. 

3762 Charles Jenkinson, esq. now Earl of Liverpool. 

1 763 John Ross Mackay> esq. 

1780 Sept. 6. Richard Combe, esq. Died a few days afterwards. 

26. William Adam, esq. 

1782 April William Smith, esq. 

^7^3 '• William Adam, esq. 

Dec. William Smith, esq. 

1803 Joseph Hunt, esq. 

1806 Feb. Alexander Davidson, esq. 

A Li«t of the CLERKS of the DELIVERIES of the 

From the Union to the present Time, 

James Craggs, esq. 
1715 Thomas Frankland, esq. 

1712 Leonard Smelt, esq. 

1733 William Rowlinson Earle, esq. 

1746 Charles Frederick, esq; 

1 75 1 Job Staunton Cbarleton, esq. 

1758 Charles Cocks, esq. 


Military Department, ly^ 

1722 Benjamin L'Anglois, esq. 

1778 Henry Strachey, esq. 

1780 John Kenrick, esq. 

1783 ~ Thomas Baillie, esq. 

1802 Joseph Hunt, esq. 

1804 Hon. Cropley Ashley.' 

1806 Feb. James Martin Lloyd, esq. 

From 1660 to the present Time, 


This officer tftay not improperly be stiled the Minister of the War 
Department. He is in fact the Military Secretary to the King, and 
conveys his Majesty's orders to all Generals and Military Governors 
at home and abroad, relative to the troops and garrisons under thtit 
respective commands j and with him they correspond, and to him they 
make their returns and reports, (as well as j^to the Commander in 
Chief) and he lays the business before his Majesty, for his inspection 
and directions. All orders for marching, quartering, encamping, 
and recruiting the army, are signed by him, by his Majesty's com- 
mand y and all military commissions are made out at the War-Office, 
(Horse- Gxiards, Whitehall) and by him, or thc' Commander in Chief, 
carried fo his Majesty to be signed. The trust reposed in this officer 
is very great, as are the profits of his office, especially in time of war. 
He is always a member of the Privy-Council. 

1660 Matthew Locke, esq. 

1683 William Blathwayte, esq. 

1704 Henry St John, esq. afterwards Viscount Bolingbroke. 

1708 Robert Walpole, esq. afterwards Earl of Orford, K.G. 

1710 George Granville, esq. afterwards Lord Landsdown. 

1 7 12 Sir William Wyndhara, Bart. 

Francis Gwyn, esq. 


174 Military DepaHmerii, 

1 7 14 William Pultcney, esq. afterwards Earl of Bath. 

J717 James Craggs, jun. esq. 

17 18 Mar. Christopher Wandesford, afterwards Vise. CastlecOmer. 

May Robert Pringle, esq. 

Dec. George Treby, esq. 

J 7 24 Honble. Henry Pelham. 

1730 Sir Wm. Strickland, Bart. 

1735 Sir Wm. Yonge, Bart, and K.B. 

1746 Henry Fox, esq. afterwards Lord Holland. 

'755 William W. Barrington, afterwards Viscount Bar- 


•I 76 1 Honble. Charles Townshcnd. 

1763 Welbore Ellis, afterwards Lord Mendip. - •^^"" 

1765 William W. Viscount Barrington, again. 

1778 Charles Jenkinson, now Earl of Liverpool. *^ 

J782 Mar. Thoiiias Townshcnd,' esq. afterwards Lord Sydney. y^' 

July Sir George Yonge, Bart. -^^^ 

1783 Apr. Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick. 

Dec. Sir George Yonge, Bart, again. 

1794 William Wyndham, esq. 

1801 Feb. Charles Yorke, esq. 

1803 Aug. Charles Bragge, now Bathurst. 

1804 May William Dundas, esq. 

1806 Fq,b. 7, Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick, again. 


This office was one of the most lucrative in his Majesty's gift, not 
so much from the salary annexed to it, and the perquisites of office, 
but from the immense sums of money which formerly lay in their 
hands for a long space of time together, as the whole of the money 
voted by Parliament for the land forces passed through their hands. 
In the year 1782, this office underwent a reform, and the Paymaster- 
General was allowed a fixed salary of L.4000, and his Deputy a sala- 
ry of L.I 500 a-year, in lieu of all perquisites. 

The Paymaster-General is constituted by letters-patent, under the 
Great Seal. He Is always of the Privy Council, and in his office are 
a great number of clerks for the dispatch of business. 

A List 

Militarj Dspartmeni. 175 


A List of the Paymasters-General of the Land Forces, from 1660 
to the present Time. 

Sir Stephen Fox, Knt^ 

Nicholas Johnson, esq. 

Charles Fox, esq. 

Charles Fox, esq. 

Richard Jones, Earl of Ranelagh. 

John Howe, esq. for guards and garrisons, 

Charles Fox, for the other troops and J- St home. 

Chelsea Hospital. 
Honble. James Brydges, after- "J 

wards Duke of Chandos, ^for troops abroad. 

Thomas Moor, esq. j 

Robert Walpole, esq. 
Henry Clinton, Earl of Lincoln. 

Robert Walpole, afterwards K.B. and Earl of Orford. 
Charles, Lord Cornwallis. 

Honble. Spencer Compton, afterwards Earl of Wil- 
Hon. Henry Pelham. 
Sir Thomas Winnington, Bart. 
William Pitt, afterwards Earl of Chatham. 
Henry Vane, Earl of Darlington. 
Thomas Hay, Viscount Dupplin, afterwards Earl of 

Henry Fox, esq. afterwards Lord Holland. 
Honble. Charles Townshend. 
y Frederick, Lord North. 
f George Cooke, esq. 
S George Cooke. 
(^ Thomas Townshfend, esq. 
Richard Rigby, esq. 
Mar. Edmund Burke, esq. 
July Isaac Baxre. 
I «*-83 Apr. Edmund Burke. 

Dec. Wiiliaiia Wyndham Grenviile, 

[vol. ii'.l .N' 1784 

176 Military Department, 

A rWilh'amWyndham Gienvllle, now Lord Grcnvllle. 

1784 Apr. Iconstantine John, Lord Mulgrave. 

„ . , fConstantlne John, Lord Mulgrave. 
1789 Aug. 6. I jajnes, Marquis of Graham, now Duke of "Montrose. 

C Honble. Dudley Ryder, now Lord Harrowby. 
1791 Feb. 7 Thomas Steele, esq. , 

OUT V Thomas Steele, esq. 

1800 May 24- Iceorge Rose, esq. 
n y S George Rose, esq. 

1805 June 20. I Lord Charles Henry Somerset. 
„,,_,, S Richard Chandos, Earl Temple. 

1,806 Feo. iLcrdJohnTownshend. 


u4i and since 1760. 

Stephen, Earl of Ilchester, and James Cresset, esq. 
1775 Stephen, Earl of Ilchester, and Henry Bunbury, esq. 
— 76 Henry Bunbury, esq. and Thomas Bowlby, esq. 
—80 Henry Bunbury, esq. and Christopher Bowlby, esq. 
— 8r Henry Bunbury, esq. and Sir John Dick, bart. 
— 83 Sir John Dick, Bart, and William Molleson, esq. 
— 94 Sir John Dick, Bart, and John Martin Leake, esq. 
1802 John Marthi Leake, esq. and John Erskine, esq. 

Siiice I 'J Co, 

"1760 Thomas Gore, esq. 

-76 Christopher D'Oylcy, esq. 

— 8i Thomas Bowlby, esq. 

Qc George Aust, esq. 

A Lis 

Military Department, 


Since 1750. 

Thomas Morgan, esq. 
^Vl T^ , Sir Charles Gould, Morgan, Bart. 
I8c6 Feb. Nathaniel Bond, esq. . 

N ■;. 

A General 

178 Military Department. 

A General List of the Succession of Colonels to the 
several Regiments of Horse, Dragoons, and Infantry, 
in his Majesty's service, with the Dates of their Com-' 
missions, the Regiments they came from, and the. 
Regiments of such as exchanged Or were pronxotedtor 

1st Troop Horse Guards. 

1660 ,,pViarles, Lord Genard, afterwards Earl of Maccles; 

'lori i^i" ^^^^ — Died In 1693. , :!-,! ■^>-^ 

—68 Sept. lii.' James, Duke of Monmouth— Beheaded Jan. U. WS? 

—79 Nov.. 29. Christopher, Duke of Alberparle— Died 6th Octc 

be^ 1688. ^ ' 

—85 Aug. I. Lewis, Earl of Feversham— from 3d Horse Guard 

Died 8th April 1709. , xj - 

—89 Apr. 2. Richard, Earl of Scarborough— from 7th Hors 

Died Dec. 17. 1721. . . , , „ 

—go Mar. 9. Arnold, Earl of Albemarjie,: 'Oied r9thM^yJ7l 
1710 July 26. Henry, Earl (afterwards |>uke) o^ Portland. D« 

4th Jan. 1726. , , ', 

— icj July 7. John, Lord (afterwards Earl of) Ashburnham- 

2d Horse, bvoke— Died 9th March 1737. 
— ic Mar. 10. John, Duke of Montagii^resigned. .-. ,^ 

—21 Sept. 20. Henry, Lord Herbert, afterwards Earl of Pembro, 

—2d Horse. 
—33 July 4- Ho"- J°^" ^^^'^* afterwards Earl of Westmorel^ 
— 1 SI Grenadier Guards — removed. ^ 

—a? lune 21. Jphii, Duke of Montagu— again— 3d Horse. 
I •* ' 173 

Military Department. 179. 

1737 Aug. 30. John, Lord (afterwards Earl) Delawar. Died 1776/ 
— 66 Mar. 21. John, Earl Delawar — ist Grenadier Guards. 
— 67 Nov. William John, Marquis of Lothian. 

Reformed June 25. 1788, and made the 1st Regiment of 
Life Guards. 

^7fi?cMejJ5, William John, Marquis of Lothian^trp?n .Ueut.- 

, , " Colonel nth dragoons. ■ . ytii^n; au] -■>; 

•^^ mm 12.- Joseph, Lord Dover, K. B— from lith drageons. 
'"^^fj9^5* ; ^' Charles, Earl of Harrington— froip 29th foot. 

2d Troop of Horse Guards. 

1659 Sir Philip Howard— Died 2d Feb. 1685. 

i.7^85 Feb. II. George, Duke of Northumberland — ist horse. 
fe^9 Ap^- ^8* James, Duke of Ormond — exchanged from 1st F. G. 
1 17 1 2 Jan. 4. George, Duke of Northumberlarid, again— from ist 
lib .„.;• . . horse— Died. ' . "" ' ' ' 

!— ^15 Fels. 8. Algernon, Earl of Hbrlfford-^rjth foot— 1st horse. 
15-40. May 6. Charles, Duke of Marlborough— ist dragoons — 2d 

foot guards. 
ipT43 ^V^' 25. Charles, LordCadogan — 6th dragoons. 
jnK^^ Oct. 2. Lord Robert Bertie— from 7th foot. 
1—79 Apr. 24. JefFery, Lord Amherst— from 3d foot. 

Reformed June 25. 1788, and made the 2d Regiment of 
Life Guards, 


1788 June 25. jeflfery. Lord Amherst, K. B.— from 3d foot, 
i— 97 Aug. 7. Charles Schaw, Lord Cathcart— from 20th foot. 

^C . N3 Royal 

1 8 o Military Department* 

August. r>i 

es. Earl of P^terboroii^-T-fro'^ 4^?^ dragoons 
ce— Died 20tli Oct. 1714'.' '^^ ^ ^''^ ^ ~ 

Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. 

j66i Aug. 27. Aubrey, Earl of Oxford. 
—88 Feb. 4. James, Duke of Berwick— 8th foot— 3d dragoons. 
. Nov. 20. James, Duke of Hamilton — 5th horse. Killed. 

— Dec. 17. Aubrey, Earl of Oxford, again— Died 12th Pvlarch 

1703. -'__ 

1703 Mar. 13. George, Duke of N*orthumberland — from- >d '^liorse ; 

—12 Tan. 4. Richard, Earl Rivers — from 3d horse guards— Died; 

8th August. 
, Charles 

, broke _ , , 

-^15 June 13. JohH, Duke of Argyle— from 3d and 1 2th foot 

broke — removed to the 3d horse. i 

—17 Mar. 6. Charles, Marquis of Winchester, afterwards Duke 

of Bolton — removed, 
—35 -^"g- ^- J°^"» l)^'i^^ of Argylfe, again — 3d horse. 
—40 May 6. Algernon, Earl of Hertford, afterwards Duke of 

Somerset — from 2d horse guards — removed. 
—42 Feb. 24. John, Duke of Argyle, again. ^ 
— — Mar. 10. Algernon, Duke of Somerset — again, 
— 50 Feb. 15. Charles, Duke of Richmond. 
,~~^l Jan. 27. Sir John Ligonier, K. B. afterwards Viscount 'and 

Earl Ligonier — from 2d dragoon guards — to lA 

foot guards. 

—58 May 13. John, Marquis of Granby. 

—70 Oct. 25. Hon. Henry Seymour Conway — from 4th dragoons 

«-96 July 17. Charles, Duke of Richmond— late of 72d foot. 


Military Department, 18 r 

Dragoon Guards— 1 si (oy 'the King's) Regiment. 


Blue facings f half lape/h, red Jurniture^ royal lace. 

1685 June 6. Sir John Lanfer — killed at Stelnkirk, 2d Aug. 1692. 

— 92 Aug. 19. Henry Lurnley — Lieut. -Colonel. 

1 7 17 Dec. 31. Richard', Viscount Irwin — from i6th foot- — Died 

l—%Ei;-o 331C' loth April 1721. \J,~\>si . ,'t 

— 21 Apr? 10.' "Richard, Viscount Cobhai^— fr<3tn"'^4th''3tagoons — 

niL rfiL ,-„o;n Removed. 

— 33 June 22. Henry, Earl of Pembroke — from ist horse guards— 

-f,oi \-,n, Retired. 

— 43 Apr. 18. Sir Philip Honywood, K. B. — from 3d dragoons. 
— 52 July 8. Humphry Bland — from ditto. 
— 63 May 13. John Mostyn — from 7th dragoons. 
— 79 Apr. 25. Sir George Howard, K. B. — froiji ditto j 
—96 July aj. Sir WUliara Pitt, K. B. — from loth dragoons. 

Dragooit GUARDS— 2d (or the Queen's) Regiment. 

Buff coloured facings, half hpells, buff coloured furniture, royal lace. 

1685 June 10. Henry, Earl of Peterborough—from 2d foot— Died 
in 1688.^ 

—88 Dec. 3. Edward Villiers— Lieut.. Col. isthorse guards— died. 

— 94 Jan. 19. Richard Leveson — from 3d dragoons Died. 

—99 Mar. 15. Daniel Harvey— Lieut.-Col. 2d horse guards. Died. 
1712 Jan. 1. John Bland. 

W4_ 1715 

1 8 2 Military DepartmenU 

1715 Feb. 9. Thomas, Earl of Londonderry — to 3d foot. 
—26 Aug. 29. John, Cuke of Argyle — to 1st horse. 
-—'^^ Aug. 6. William Evans — from 4th dragoons — Died in 1740. 
— 40 May 6. John, Duke of Montagu — from ist horse guards. 
—49 July 24. Sir John Ligonier, K. B. — 4th horse — to royal 

regiment of horse guards." 
"""53 J^"' 27./ Hon. William Herbert — from 14th foo.t. 
—•57 Apr. 5. Lord George Sackville — from 3d horse — removed. 
—59 Sept. 10. Hon. John Waldegrave, afterivards Earl Waldegrave 

— from 2d horse — to 2d foot guards. 
—73 July 15. George, Marquis Townshend — from 28th foot. 

>fo^D-^}tf9fJ — - ,.J/[ CO 

'J .€>' ■ \\u\ QS— 

Dragoon Guards — 3d (or the Prince of Wales's) Regt. 

White facings^ hafflapeils, white furniture, royal lace. 

3665 July 15. Thomas, Earl of Plymouth — died. 

—87 Nov. 6. Sir John Fenwick, Bart. — from 5th foot-rBeheaded 

in 1696. 
' — 88 Dec. 31. Richard, Earl Rivers — to 3d horse guards. 
—93 Jan. 23. John, J^ord Berkeley — died in 1697. 
— Dec. I. Cornelius Wood — died in May 171 2. 
J 712 May 18. Thomas, Viscount Windsor — late 1st horse. Died 

in June 1738. 
— 17 Mar. 19. George Wade — from 33d foot — Died in 1748. 
— 48 Mar. 13. Hon. Sir Charles Howard, K. B. — from 19th foot — 

Died in September 1765. 
— 65 Sept. 6. Lord Robert Manners — from 36th foot — Died. 
—82 June 7. Philip Honey wood — from 9th dragoons— Died. 
— 85 Feb. 23. Richard Burton Phillipson — Died. 
— 92 Aug. 25. Sir William Faucett, K. B. — from rjthfoot. 
t8c4 Apr. q. Richard Vyse — from 20th dragoons. 

^ ^ -^ of xlu\ ^851 

r:'i MvX x% — . 

. Dragoon 

Military Department, 1 83 

■<^l'i Of 

Dragoon GuARDS^-4th(9r Royal Irish)' R.egiment. 

BluefacingSy half lapells^ blue furniture^ ivhite lace, iOt'th a red stripe. 

1685 July 28. James, Duke of Hamilton — to ist horse. 

— 88 Nov. 20. Charles, Earl of Selkirk. — died in 1739. 

— ^— Dec. 31. Charles Godfrey — died in 1715. 

— 93 Mar. 7. Francis Langstone — Lieut.- Colonel — Died in 1723. 

1713 Oct. 29. George Jocelinc — sold — Died in 1727. 

— 15 Feb. 9. Sherrington Davenport — died in 17 19. 

•—29 July 6. Owen Wynne — from 9th dragoons to 5th ditto. 

— -32 Sept. 29. Thomas Pearce — from 5th foot — Died. 

— 39 Aug. 26. James, Lord Tyrawley — from 7th foot to 2d grenadier 

—43 Apr. I. John Brown— from 9th dragpons, sold. 
— 62 Aug. 3. James Johnston — Lieut.-Col. ist royal regt. horse 

guards, to nth dragoons. 
-^75 Apr. 27. James Johnston — from 9th dragoons to 6th ditto. 
— 78 Apr. I. George Warde — from 14th dragoons. 
1803 Mar. 12. Miles Staveley— from 28th regt. light dragoons.^ 
.D3i:< — . 
jaT-Jool dj^ 'xnoiJ 

Dragoon Guards — 5th Regiment. 

Full green facings, halflapells, full green furniture, white lace, with 

.iwrU— a red stripe. 

,JooV([jj^i moil — ..' 

1685 July '^26. Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury. Died in 1718. 
—87 Jan. 22. Marmaduke, Lord Langdale— died in 1723. 
— — Feb. 13. Richard Hamilton— Kiied. 
—88 Dec. 31, John Coy— resigned. 


2 84 Military DepartmenU 

lSc)'j July I. Charles, Earl of Arran — from 3d horse guards. 

1703 Mar. 2. William, Earl Cadagan — from 2d foot guafds. 

— 12 Dec. 20. George Kellum — died in 1732. 

—17 May 20. Robert Napier— died in 1739. 

—40 May 6. Clement Neville — from 8th dragoons. 

—44 Aug. 5. Richard, Viscount Cobham-r— ist grenadier guards. 

—4 ? June 20. Thomas Wentworth — from 24th foot. 

—47 Dec. 22. Thomas Bligh — from 20th foot — Resigned. 

—58 Oct. 23. Hon. John Waldegrave-— from 8th dragoons, to-2d 

grenadier guards. 
—60 Nov. 27. Hon. John Fitzivilliam— from 2d foot— Died. 
r—Sp Aug. 27. John Douglas — from 14th foot — Died. 
•—90 Nov. 19. Thomas Bland — Lieut. -Col. 7th dragoons. 

Dragoon Guards — 6th Regiment. Carabineers, 

White facings, half lapells, "white furniture, yellow lace^ with a black 


1685 July 31. Richard, Lord Lumley—froiu'i St horse guards. 

—87 Jan, 26. Sir John Talbot— died. 

—31 Dec. 88. George, Viscount Hewet— '■died. 

—89 Dec. 30. Robert Byerley — Lieut.-Col.— Died in 1731. 

—92 Jan. 31. Hugh Wyndham — died. 

1706 Oct. I. Francis Palmes — late 21st dragoons. 

—12 Apr. 4. Leigh Blackwell — died in 1736. 

—15 Feb. 14. Richard Warring — died in 1737. 

—21 June 17. Richard, Viscount Shannon — ^from 25th feiot ):o 4lh 

horse guards. ■ .,\ 

—27 Mar. 6. George Macartney — from 5th foot. Di^d in 1730. 
— 30 July 6. Henry, Earl of Deloraine — from i6th foot., 
—31 Jan. I. Sir Robert Rich, Bart.— from 8th dragoOtts^ (bo- 1st 

grenadier guards. 
— 33 Aug. 7. Charles, Lord Cathcart-.-from 8th drago<Sfisc, Died 

in 1740. 


Military Department. 1S5 

1740 Dec. 20. Phineas Bowles— from 1 2th dragoons. 

—49 Nov. I. Hon. James Gholmondeley — from 12th dragoons to 
4th horse. 

— 50 Jan. 18. Lord George Sackville— ^from 20th foot to 2d dra- 
goon guards. 

—59 Apr. 5. Lewis Dejean — from 14th dragoons. Died. 

— 64 Sept. 28. Edward Harvey — from 12th dragoons to 6th ditto, 

—75 Oct. 18. William Augustus Pitt — from 12th drag, to loth do, 

—80 Nov. 20. Sir John Irwine, K. B.— from 57th foot. Died. 

— 88 July 10. Henry Laws, Earl of Garhampton— Lieut.-Colonel 
1st horse. 

Dragoon Guards — 7th (or Princess Roy aKs) Regiment. 

Black facings^ half lapells^ buff coloured furniture^ white and black 
striped lace. 

1688 Dec. 31. William, Lord Cavendish — died. 

— 90 Apr. 30. Meinhardt, Duke of Schomberg — died in 1719. 

1711 Jan. 27. Charles, Marquis of Harv\ach — diedin 1713. 

— 13 Oct. 12. Charles Sybourgh— Lieut.-Colonel — died in 1 73-3* 

— 20 July 18. Sir John Ligonier, K. B.*— removed to 2d dragoon 

— 49 July ?4- Sir John Mordaunt, K. B.— from 12th dragoons to 

loth ditto'. 
.. Nov. I. Henry de Grangue — from 9th dragoons. Died. 

^ — ^4 July 8. Hon. Henry Seymour Conway — from 13th dragoons 

to rst ditto. 
— 59 Apr. 9. Philip Honywood — from 9th dragoons. 
— 82 June 7. Studholm Hodgson — from 4th foot fo nth dragoons. 
— 89 M>atl 17^ Sir Charles Grey, K.B. — ^from 8th dragoons,. jto7th 

' - ') r' ' < dragoon guards. -j _ 

— 95 Nov. 9. Sir Ralph Abercromby, K. B. — from 6th foot to 

2d dragoons. 
— 9$ Nov. 9. Sir William Medows, K. B.— from 72d foot. 

Dragoons ' 

1 86 Military Department. 

Dragoons — 1st (or Royal) Regiment of Dragoons. 

plue facings, red furniture., royal lace. 

1683 Nov. 19. John, Lord Churchill, afterwards Duke of Marlbo- 
rough — 3d Horse Guards. 
Edward, Viscount Cornbury. 
Richard Clifford— died. 

Edward, Viscount Cornbury — again. Died in May 
171 1. ^ __ ■-\.4-P~ 

Anthony Hayford, Lieut.-Col. in ditto — Died. ^ ' T ' 
Edward Matthews — Died . 
Thomas, Lord Raby, afterwards Earl of Strafford — 

Died in November 1739. 
Richard, Vise. Cobham — 4th dragoons, "3d horse. 
Sir Charles Hotham — 8th foot. Died. 
Humphrey Gore— loth dragoons. Died. 
— 39 Sept. I. Charles, Duke of Marlborough — 38th foot, 2d 

horse guards. 
—40 May '-40. Henry Hawley — i 3th dragoons. Died. 
..—59 Apr. 5. Honble. Henry Sejmiour Conway---4th horse, dis- 
missed, 4th dragoons. 
^-64 !Mar. 9.. Henry, Earl of Pembroke— Lieut. -Colonel ijtli 
loo^rjt r{i:>. - dragoons. Died. 
-—94 Jan. 28. Philip Goldsworthy— Lieut.-Colonel 15th dragoons. 

j8oi 7. Thomas Garth— -from 22d dragoons. 

—85 Aug. 
—88 Nov. 





—89 July 
—94 Oct. 
-^7 May 




1715 June 
— 2j Apr. 


—23 J«n. 



Military Department, 18^7 

Dragoons — 2d (or Royal North British) Regiment, 
formed from old Troops. 

Blue facings ., blue furniture y royal lace. 

168 1 Nov. 15. Thomas Dalzell— Died. 

— 85 6. Lord Charles Murray, Earl of Dunmore— Lieut.- 

Colonel in ditto. Died in 1710. 
— 88 Dec, 31. Sir Thomas Livingston, Viscount Tivlot. Died in 
V .-: ■■ '^"'O' Jan. 1713. , . ^,^^ 

— 94. Apr.' 7. Lord John Hay — Died in April 17 — . ^ 
1714 '21. David, Earl of Portmore-^2d foot* JDie^tr^fi Ti^n. 

—17 ilebv 15. Sir James Campbell, K.B. — ptli foot. Killed at the 

battle of Fontenoy, April 30. 1745. 
— 45 May 28. John, Earl of Stair— 6th dragoons. Died. ^^^^ j^^- 
— 47 John, Earl of Crawfurd — from 25th foot, .j; »";■_„ 

— 50 Jan. 16. John, Earl of Rothes — from 6th dragoons tp 3d loot 

— j2 Apr. 29. John Campbell, Duke of Argyle—j-from 2 ist foot. 

—70 Nov. 10. William, Earl of Panmure — from 20th |bojt(. ^,,, ^^. 

— 82 Apr. 18. George Preston — from 17th dragoons. , ^^g^ p^ 

—85 Feb. 4. James Johnston — from nth dragoons. 
—95 Dec. 5. Archibald, Earl of Eglintoune — from 51st fopt. 
— 96 Nov. 5. Sir Ralph Abercromby, K.B.— from 7th dragoon 
,r,-F,r, r^;: GuErds. Dicd of his wounds in Egypt. t ; - _. 
i8ax May 16. Sir David Dundas, K.B. from 7th dragoons. 



i88 Military Department, 


Dragoons — 3d (or the King's own) Regiment. 

Blue facings y blue furniture, royal lace» 

1685 Aug. 2. Charles, Duke of Somerset — removed. 

— 88 ' Alexander Cannon — followed King Jamej 11. 

Dec. 31. Richard Leveson — 3d horse. 
—94 Jan. 30. Thomas, Lord Fairfax of Cameron— Lieut.-Colonel 

in ditto. Died in January 1710. 
-—^S ^^^* ^*' William Lloyd — Died; 
1703 Dec. 31. George Carpenter, Lord Carpenter — Died. 
— 32 May 29. Philip Honywood — nth Dragoons, 2d horse. 
—-43 Apr. 18. Humphrey Bland — 13th dragoons, ist dragoon 

— 52 July 8. James, Lord Tyrawley— 14th Dragoons, 2d foot 

— 55 Apr. 8. George, Earl of Albemarle — 20th foot. Died. 
— 72 Oct. 20. Charles Fitzroy, Lord Southampton — 14th dragoons. 

— 97 Mar. 20. Francis Lascelles — 8th dragoons. 
— 99 Sept. 4. Sir Charles Grey, K.B. now Earl Grey — 8th drag. 

Dragoons — 4th (or the Queen's own) Regiment. 

Full green facings, green furniture, white lace, with a red stripe. 

1685 July 17. James Berkeley, Viscount Fitzharding. 
— 88 Nov. 18. Thomas Maxwell. 

Dec. 3r. James, Viscount Fitzbarding— again. Died in Dec. 


Military Department, i^', 

1693 Sept. r. Augustus', Earl of Essex — Died in Jan. 1710. 

1710 Apr. 34. Sir Richard Temple, Bart. Viscount Cobham— 8th 

foot, broke, ist dragoons. 
—13 Oct. 24. William Evans — 13th foot, broke, 3d horse. 
'—'^^ May 13. Sir Robert Rich, Bart.— 1st grenadier guards. Died. 
—68 Feb. 3. Honble. Henry Seymour Conway — 4th dragoonrs, 

royal regiment of horse guards. 
—70 Oct. 24. Benjamin Carpenter— 1 2th dragoons. Died. 
— 88 Mar. 9. John, Lord Howard, K.B. — 33d foot, grenadier 

— 97 June 3. Sir Robert Sloper, K.B.— i-i4th dragoons. ^' 

i8o2 Aug. 14. Guy, Lord Dorchester, K.B.— 27th dragoons. 

Dragoons — 5th (or Royal Irish) Regiment. ^^ 

Bltte facings ) blue furniture, royal Jace. 

1688 Dec. 25. James Wynne — Died of his wounds in Flanders. 

—95 July 16. Charles Ross. 

1715 Oct. 8. Thomas Sydney — Lieut; -Colonel in ditto. Died. 

— ^29 Feb. I. Charles Ross — again. Died. 

—■32 Aug. 6. Owen Wynne — 5th horse. Died. 

— 37 June 17. Richard, Viscount Molesworth — 9th drag. Died. 

— 58 Oct. 18. John Mostyn — 13th dragoons, 7th dragoons. 

— 60 Nov. 27. Honble. Sir Joseph Yorke, iC.B. — 8th dragoons, 

nth dragoons. 
— 87 Apr. 4. Robert Cunningham, Lord Rossmore — 14th foot. 

N.B. This Regiment consisted of 9 troops, reduced to 6 in 1782, 
and was disbanded in i 799. 


I go Military Department. 

Dragoons — 6th (or EnniskiUen) Regiment. 
-v Formed at EnniskiUen. 

"Full yellow facings, full yellow furnitiure^ white and blue striped lace, 

1689 Dec. 31. Sir Albert Cunningham — Killed in Ireland. 

— 9 1 30. Robert Echlin — obliged to sell. 

1715 Mar. 4. John, Earl of Stair— ^2d dragoons, removed. 

—34 June 19. Charles, Lord Cadogan — 4th foot, 2d horse guards. 

—43 Apr. 25. John, Earl of Stair— again. 2d dragoons. 

—^45 May 29. John, Earl of Rothes— ^-ad grenadier guards, 2d 

—50 Jan. 16. Honble. James Cholmondeley — 3d horse. Died. 
— 75 Oct. 18. Edward Harvey— 3d horse. Died. 
—78 Apr. 2. James Johnston — 4th dragoon guards. Died. 
—97 Dec. 5. George Augustus, Earl of Pembroke— Lieut. -Col. 

2d dragoon guards. 

Dragoons— 7th (or Queen*s own) Regiment of Light 


White facings, white furniture, royal lace, 

1690 Dec. 30. Richard Cunningham — Broke. 
—96 Oct. r. William, Lord Jedburgh, afterwards Mat«iij|is of Lo- 
thian — 3d foot guards. ^ 
1707 Apr. 28. Patrick Hume, Lord Polwarth — Died.'" 
—09 Oct. 10. William Kerr— Died in January 174c. 



Military Department. 191 

1741 Aug. 12. Sir John Cope, K.B. — 9th dragoons. Died. 
—60 18. John Mostyn — 13th dragoons, jth dragoons. 

•—6^ May 13. Sir George Howard, K.B. — 3d foot, ist dragoon 

—79 Apr. 21. Sir Henry Clinton, K.B — 1 2th foot : died. 
—95 Dec. 26. David Dundas— from 22d foot to 2d dragoons. 
180 r May i6. Henry William Lord Paget— Lieut. -Colonel, 7th 


N.B. This Regiment was formed from five of the ten troops of 
militia horse raised in Scotland in 1688 j the five troops formed into 
a regiment of dragoons under Lord Forbes, disbanded in 1697. This 
regiment was unhorsed at Dunkirk for the ist dragoons, who sold 
theirs In Spain to save sea carriage — sent to Ireland as foot. Dis- 
banded in 1714. The private men made their officers, and kept up 
the regiment, until they received L.r2 for each horse. Restored, 
31st January 1715, by three troops from the Royal North British, 
two from the Royal Regiment, and one new raised. 

Dragoons— 8th (or the King*s Royal Irish) Regiment of 
Light Dragoons. 

YeUoiu facings, yellovo furnilure, white and yellow striped lace. 

1693 Feb. I.. Hein-y Cunningham — Killed at the battle of St Es- 
tevcn in Spain, January 26, 1706. 

I'7o6 Jan. 26. Robert Killigrew — Killed at the battle of Almanza 
in Spain, April 4, 1707. 

—07 Apr. 15. James Pepper-^Died October 1725. 

*— 19 Mar. 23. Phineas Bowles — 12th dragoons. ~ Died. 

^-22 Nov. 16. Richard Munden — 13th draj^oons. Died. 

-t»-25 Sept. 23. Sir Robert Rich, Bart — j 3th dragoons to 7th horse. 

*-3J .Tan. i. Chas. Cathcart, Lord Cathcart — 3 1st foot to 7th horse. 

[vol; li-l o 1733 

19? Military Department, 

1733 Aug. 7. Sir 'Adolphus OugKton, K.B. — Lieut.-Colonel 2(1 

foot guards. Died September 1736. 
• — 37 June 27. Clement Neville — I4tli dragoons, to 6th horse. 
— 40 May 6. Richard St George — 20th foot. Died. 
— $$ Jan. 22. Hon. John Waldegrave — 9th foot, to 5th dragoons. 
—59. Oct. 23. lion. Joseph Yorke— 9th foot, to 5th dragoons. 
—60 Nov. 27. John Severn — Lieut.-Colonel 9th foot. Died. 
— S7 July 13. Sir Charles Grey, K.B. — 28th foot, to 7th drag. gds.. 
— 89 Mar. 1^. Francis Lascelles — Lieut.-Colonel 3d dragoons. 
— 97 20. Sir Charles Grey, K.B.— again. 3d dragoons. 

— 99 Sept. Sir Robert Lawrie, Bart. — 28th dragoons. Died. 
1804 Sept. 13. John Floyd — 23d dragoons. 

N.B. This Regiment was raised in Ireland j disbanded lii 1714^ 
Re-established to its former rank 22d July 1715. 

Dragoons — 9th Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

Buff-coloured facings, buff-coloured furniturei while Idee, with a blui 


1715 July 22. Owen Wynne — 23d foot broke, 5th horse. 

—19 6. James Crofts— i8th dragoons broke. Died Mar. 1733- 

—32 May 29. Richard, Viscount Molesworth — 27th foot, jtk 

— 37 June 27. John Cope — 5th foot, 7th dragoons. 
— 4'i- May 10. John Brown — Lieut.-Colonel 2d horse, 5th horse. 
—43 Apr. I. Henry de Grangues— 30th foot. Died. 
— 49 Nov. I. George Reade-^9th foot. Died. 
—56 Apr. 2, John Jordan— 15th foot. Died. 
— ^6 May 22. Philip Honywood — 20th foot, 4th horse. 
—59 Apr. 6. Henry Whitley — Lieut.-Colonel loth dragoons. 
-—71 Jan. 17. J^mes Johnston — Lieut.-Colonel I st dragoons to 4ti 

dragoon guards. , "''l-^'- \<^— 

— '75 Apr. 27. Flower Mocher — Lieut.-Colonel. 
iSoi Aug. 6. Sir James Erskine St Clair, Bart. Earl of Rossly*^ 

Jan. 2, 1805, late Colonel Sussex Fencibles. 


Military . Department. j 93 

Dragoons — 10th (orthePrlnc of Wales's own) Regt* 
Light Dragoons. 

Deep yelhxv facingSy Jeep yellow furniture, white lace, with a green 


17 15 July 22. Humphrey Gore — 3 2d foot broke, ist dragoons., 
—-23 Jan. 12. Charles Churchill — r6th drag, broke, r^th marines. 
—45 June I. Richard, Viscount Cobham— from 6th horse. Died. 
—49 Nov. I. Sir John Mordaunt, K.B. — 12th dragoons. Died. 
—80 2. Sir William Augustus Pitt, K.B.— 12th dragoons to 

1st dragoon guards. 
H.R.H. George, Prince of Wales, was appointed 
Col. -Commandant of this regiment. 
*i-!-93 Jan. 20. H.R.H. George, Prince of Wales. 
— 96 July 18. H.R.H, George, Pripce of Wales— Colonel.^ 

Di^AGOo;^s— 11th Regiment of l-ight Dragoons. 

' j'-coloured facings i huff-coloured furniture^ white lace y with a 


1713' July 22. Philip Honywood— 31st foot, broke — 3d dragoons. 

~32 May 19'. Lord Mark Ker~i3th foot. Died. 

—52 Feb. 8. William, Earl of Ancram, afterwards Marquis of 

■ , Lothian — from 24th foot. Died. 
,—75 Apr. 26. 'James Johnston — from 4th drag, guards to 2d drag. 
ii^85 Feb. 4. Honble. Thomas Gage — from 17th dragoons. Died. 
|— 87 Apr. 4. Joseph, Lord Dover, K.B. — from 5th dragoons to 
|x ' I St horse guards. ' , ' ■ 

\^%<) IVIar. la^dStudholme Hodgson — from 7th djrag. guards. . Died. 
' —oS Oet*"a5,iWiUiam John, , Marquis of Lothian— ^formerly in ist 

-',., r." " life guards, 

■ , 02 Dragoons 

jg4 Military DepdrtmenU 

Dragoons— 12th (or Prince of Wales's) Regmient 6f 
Light Dragoons. ..^^^^•^^'S^- 

Black facings, half , lap^lls, black furniture^ wifb,, strl^es^^ol wbi 

17 15 July 22. Phlrieas Bowles— 1 2th foot^brfl[kei;8th dragopn^^ 
—19 May 23. Phineas Bowles—7th horse., ^doii .ii xbM 0|.-^ 
— 40 Dec. 23, Al^ander Rose — 20th foot. muH .9 .ttB\ jf.--. 

43 June 14. Samuel Warter Whitshed — 39th faot,t' ;^ oiqA. £f — 

46 Apr. 6. Thomas Kligh — 20th foot, 2d horse.. 

—47 Dec. 22. Sir John Mordaunt, K.B.~i8th foot to lOth dra^. 
•^49 July *4' Hon. James Cholmondeley — 34th foot to 3d horse^, 
_ Nov. I. Lord George Sackville — from 20th foot to 3d hors^ 

50 Jan. 18. Sir John Whitefoord,~Batt. — Lieut.- Colonel. __ 

—6^ Mar. 17. Edward Harvey — Lieut .-Colonel 6th dragoons J 

3d horse. ,,_ 
64 Sept. 20. Benjamin Carpenter— -Lieut,-Colonel 2d troop 

horse guards, 4th dragoons, v -. 
—70 Oct. 24. William Augustus Pitt — Lieut-Csd. ioth dragoonj 

lOth dragoons. 

75 18. Honble. William Keppel — 14th foot. Died. 

82 Mar. 18. Honble. George Lane Parker — 20th foot. Died. 

—94 Nov. 9. Sir James Stewarfe Denhara, Bart. — Lieut.-Colone 

13th dragoons. 



Military Deparimnt^ ^95 

I Dragoons— 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

^Deep green facingSy deep green furniture^ nuhite lace, with a yellow 


jyiS J'ttly ^i' Richard Munden — 30th foot broke, 8th dragoons. 
«— 22 Nov. 19. Sir Robert Rich, Bart. — 18 foot broke, 8th drag. 
—25 Sept. 20. William Stanhope, Earl of Harrington— 20th foot, 

— 30 July ■' ^J ^enry Hawley — 32dfopt, ist dragoons. _ 
—40 May 12. Robert Dalway — 39th foot, 1st dragoons. 
^—41 Jan. 9. Humphrey Bland— 36th foot, 3d dragoons. 
—43 Apr. 18. James Gardiner— Lieut.-Colonel 6th dragoons — Kil- 

■'v led at the battle of Prestonpans, 21st Sept. 1745. 
Si»45 ^Oct. *^ l^*^#rahcis Ligonier — 49th foot. Died. 
-*'46 Feb. 27. Philip Naizon — Lieut.-Colonel jst dragoons. Died. 
Sii.51 Jan. 26. Sir Charles Armand Powlett, K.B.-— Marines. Died. 
*' ■■- Dec. 25. Hon. Henry Seymour Conway — 34th foot, 4th horse. 
— 54 July, 8. John Mostyn — 7th foot, 5th xlragoons. ;; - 

J— 58 Oct. 18. Archibald Douglas — Lieut.-Colonel 4th dragoons. 

--78 Novi 27. Sir Richard Piers6n, K..B. — 36th foot. Died. 
isi8o ' 1$. Francis Craig-^LieutiTPolohbl ist foot , guards. 

jb3iU oJooi m^r— i3qq3^ ntjiilliW 
Ju9id — .psQ. iTtii'dnodjv}- 

Dragoons — 14th Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

Lemon- coloured facings, lemon-coloured furniture^ ivhite, red and 
green striped lace. 

[715 July 22. James Dormer — 7th foot, broke, 6tH foot. 
-20 Apr. 9. Clement Neville— 8th dragoons. 

° 3 ■ T737 

196 Military Department. 

1737 ^^^^ ^7* Archibald Hamilton — 27th foot. 

— 49 J^^y ^4* J3"»^s, Lord Tyrawley — loth foot, 3d drag, guards. 

—52 Nov. 27. Lewis Dejean — 37th foot, 2d horse. 

—57 Apr. 5. John Campbell, Marquis of Lome — 54th foot, 1st 

—6^ Sept. II. Charles Fitzroy — half pay p^th foot, 3d dragoons.^ 
—72 Oct. 20. Daniel Webb— 8th foot. '• ' '<-* *- -*= - "^ C'TD .*. ^i \ 

—73 Nov. II. George Warde— ^Lieut-Colonel nth dragoons, ist 

—78 Apr. 2. Sir Robert Sloper, K.B.— Lieut.-Colonel loth drag. 

4th dragoons. ' « 

—97 June I. John William Egerton, £arl of Bridgewater — 

half-pay dragoons. ^^ 

OS .3oG QY- 

Dragoons— 15th (or the King's) Regiment of Light 


Blue facings^ half lapells, 'white furniture, royal lace, 

1759 Mar. 10. George Augustus Elliot, Lord IHeathfield — Lieut.- 
Colonel 6th dragoons. ^ 
—90 July 16. Guy, Lord Dorchester— i47th foot, 27th dragoons, 
1801 Mar. 28. H.R.H. Ernest, Duke of Cumberland, - ^ - - 

.^ ,d3'i ^8-- 


Military DeparttneM* fgy 

loJiimsH .bffidirfoiA .\;s; anwl XV''^- 

Dragoons— 16th (or the Queen's) Regiment of Light 

Blue facings f half lapelh^ white furniture, royal lace. 

11759 18. John Burgoyne— Captain of horse, removed. 

•—79 Oct, 20. Honblc. William Harcourt — Lieut.-Col. 1 8th drag. 

Dragoons— 1 7th Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

White facings J half lapells, white furniture^ white lace, with a black 

edge» . "^ 

1759 Nov. John Hale — Licut.-Colonel 47th foot, Opvernor of 

-.;. . ■ -borfiijf^i I.Londonderry. • -^-.^o-O ,:'? '■tH/^{-. y:, , 

—70 Nov. 2. 'George Preston— Lieut.-Colonel 2d dragoons, 2d 
/ • '■ -i - dragoons. :— . 

—82 Apr. 18. Honble. Thomas Gage- — 22d foot, ist dragoons. :; 
— 8j Feb. 4. Thomas, Earl of Lincoln, afterwards Duke of New- 
castle — foot. Died. 
-*95 May 20. Olirer de Lancey— Lieut.-Colonel ditto. 

o 4 Dragoons 

198 'T'^i^'^^^ilitary Department, 

Pragoons — 18th Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

While facinj^s^ half labells. white furniture y red and while lace. 

J762 Aug. 3. Charles, Earl (now Marquis) of Drogheda— Lleut!- 

Colonel I St horse. 

3^ {l)2g v5rofl) rifdS— eKOooA^CI 
Di^AGOONS— i9tfi Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

1781 Sept. 25. Sir John Burgoyne, Bart.— .Lieut.-Coloncl of horse. 
P>86 Apr. 21. Honble. William Howe, K.B. now Viscount Howe— « 
23d foot. , 

•=?==« '/Ioooa: 

,}ij3f? co8r 
PRA<iooNS— 20th Regiment of Light IXragoons. 

J 792 July 6. Henry Farringdon Gardner— Lieut. -Col.-Comman- 

-^92 Sept. 13. George Sandfcrd — Lieut.-Col.-Commandant- 
—95 Nov. 9. Sir Charles Grey, K.B. Colonel— 2&th foot, 8th dragi 
w May 29. Francis, Lord Heathfield — 20th dragoons. 


Military Department, «95 

DRAGOoi?s-^21st Regiment of Light Dragoons. 

1794. Feb. 24. Thomas Richard Beaumont — Lieut.-CoL Commaridt. 
?8o2 July Banastre Tarleton— from ^2d dragoons. 

.<iJ— shaHgotCI lo {jtiwpiGM won) liiS. ,?9hBfi 

DfLAGOONs— 25th (now 22d) Regt of Light Dragoons. 

1794 Mar. 9. Francis Edward Gwyn — Lieut.-Cbl. 15th dragoons. 

r? ^0 f^flbloO-.JireiL 
?^ inwooziV wor 

Dragoons — 26th (now 23d) Regt. of Light Dragoons. 

J 795 May 25. Russel Manners — half-pay dragoons, broke. 
1800 Sept. John Floyd — 8th dragoons. 

. --.ojj: Sept. 13. tVilliam Cartwrrght— firom Lieut. -rColonel loth 

.JncbnsmmoD-;roD- • ■ ; >^~-v "~ 

•b m ; 10(^1 rij3s— bnolo ! \ ■: Dragoons 

2od Military Department 

Dragoons— 24th Regiment of Light Dragoons, 

1795 May 25. ■William Wynter Blathwaytc-7-royal regiment of 

i8or Mar. 28. Guy, Lord Dorchester — 15th dragoons.' ''-^^-^^ 
1802 Aug. 14. William Loftus — horse, 24th dragoons. 

J>RAG00Ns — 29th (now 25th) Regt, of Light Dragoons. 

1795 Mar. 15. Francis, Lord Heathfield— Lieut.-Colonel 6th dra- 
goons, 20th dragoons. 

—97 '. ■ > ■ ■ 29. Richard Vyse-; — Lieut.-Colonel. 

1804 Apr. 2. Richard Rich Wilford—H. P. Duke of York's Hus- 

Foot Guards— -Ist Regiment. Three Battalions. '_ 

1660 Aug. 26. Thi)inas; Lord Wentworth. . -, ^^f^I^ 

^ Nov. 23. John Russell— sold for L.c 100. '^ '^'^ TA V^ 

iiiSi Dec. 14. Henry, Duke of Grafton. /^ '" '^^^ ^^"" 

—88 Nov. 30. Edward, Earl of Litchfield—from 12th fipot* X)id 
in 1706. ^ ' '■ ■ ■'■^' 

. 1688 


Military Departments fioi 

1688 Dec, 31. Henry, Duke of Grafton, again — killed at Corke 

in 1690. 
— 89 Mar. 16. Henry, Viscount Sydney, Earl of Romney. 
—91 Dec. 27. Charles, Duke of Schomberg — Died pf his wounds 

received at the battle of Marsiglia. 
— 93 Nov. 39. Henry, Viscount Sydney, Earl of Rbmney— again. 

1704 Apr. 25. John, Duke of Marlborough — from 24th foot. 

—12 Jam I, James, Duke of Orraond— 2d horse, broke— 2d horse 

guards, removed. 
—14 Sept. 26. John, Duke of Marlborough, again — died. 
— 22 June 18. William, Earl Cadogan — from 2d foot guards. 
— 26 Aug. 26. Sir Charles Wills, K. B. — from 3d foot. Died. 
— 42 Feb. 18. His R. H. William, Duke of Cumberland — ^frotn 

2d foot guards. 
— 57 Nov. 30. John, Viscount (afterwards Earl) Ligonier — rbyal 

regiment horse guards. 
—70 Apr. 30. His R. H. William, Duke of Gloucester — from 3d 

foot guards. 
i8©5 Sept. 7. His R. H. Frederick, Duke of York — from 2d foot 


i? Aih bnbIoD..iii9iJ— •blsiF 

Foot Guards — 2d (or Coldstream) Regiment. Two 


1650 Aug. 26. George Monk, Duke of Albemarle. 

— 70 Jan. ^, William, Earl of Craven — died in 1695. 

—89 May I. Thomas Tollemache — from 5th foot. Died of hisf 

wounds received at Brest in 1694. 
— 94 Oct. 3, John, Lord Cutts — died in 1707. 
1707 Feb. 27. Charles Churchill— from 3d foot. 
—14 Oct. II. William Cadogan, Earl Cadogan — ^6th horse— 1st 

foot guards. ^ 

***22 Jmt to. 'Richard, Earl of Scarborough— from ist grenadier 


202 Military DepartmetiU 

1740 Apr. 30. His R. H. William, Duke of Cumberland— from ist 
foot guards. 

—42 Feb. i8i Charles, Duke of Marlborough— from 2d horse 
guards. Resigned. 

45 Oct. 5. William Anne, Earl of Albemarle— from 3d horse 


^^ Apr. 8. James, Lord Tyrawley — from 14th dragoons. 

"73 July 15. John, Earl Waldegrave — from 2d dragoon guards. 

^84 Oct. 27. His R. H. Frederick, Duke of York. 

1805 Sept. .7. His R. H. Adolphiis Frederick, Duke of Cam- 

N. B. — This regiment was formed by Oliver Crofiwell, for M^jor 
peneral George Monk, at Newcastle. ? . j^Ci ■, • ._- 

ifuA SQ— 

Foot GuARDs^^Sd (or Scotch) Regt* Two Battalions, 

.tooimdi; mr>b A bio J ,iQ ycM s8~ • 

1660 Nov. 23. George, Earl of Linlithgow— died in 169.0. 

— 84 June 13. James Douglas. 

—91 Sept. I. Charles Ramsay. 

1707 Aug. 25. William, Marquis of Lothian— from 7th dragoons. 

Died In 1712. 
—13 Oct. 10. John, Earl of Dunmore. 
—52 Apr. 29. John, Earl of Rothes — from 2d dragoons. 
—67 Dec. 16. His R. H. William, Duke of Gloucester — from J 3th 

foot. ^ ,. 

— 70 Apr. 30. John, Earl of Loudon— from 30th foot. ' ^^ '^ 

—82 May 9. John, Duke of Argylc— from ist foot. 

Military Department, 303 

-T aTOtl--»-fanait3cfinf!ij'5'io stJhC 

FooT-Trist (or Royal) Regiment. Two Battalions. 

-mBO 11^^^/^" W> iiQhiteiiacef wit^ ablue dpitbfe worm. 

1633 Jan. 26. Sir James Hepburne — killed at Savem in 16^6. 

—36 Aug. 26. James Hepburne. 

-i^7 Lord James Douglas— ^killed in Flanders. 

— 45 Oet. 2r. George, Earl of Dunbarton — removed from France 
with the regiment in 1666. Died in 1692. 

— 91 Dec. 31. Frederick, Duke of Schomberg— killed at the battle 
of the Boyne in 1690. 
, Mar. 5. Sir Robert Douglas— killed at the battle of Stein- 
kirk in 1692. 

— 92 Aug. I. George, Earl of Orkney — from 7th foot. Died in 

- '737- 
l'737 June 17 Hon. James St Clair — from 22d foot. Died; 

— 62 Dec. 17. Sir Henry Erskine, Bart— from 25th foot. Died. 

— 65 Sept.^Ji. John, Marguis of Lome, now Duke of Argylc— 

- C . 14th dragoons to 3d foot guards. O TOO'^ 

—82 May 9. Lord Adam Gordon-— from 26th foot. 

1801 Aug. 21. His R. H. Edward, Diike of Kent— from 7th foot. 

.?j\'l nihyLi: 

toogfiib iJc fliciV ^1^3 ««d^ol .QS .'KfA s^-t- 

..;.>-. vr<j-;—79t^?D«oiO 10^ :ivu u ; .uvv/ ,H .>? -JH ,01 .oyG[ vi?— . 

Foot — 2d, the Tangier (or g^e^'f |[fj^lj. ]^pg^i^.^nt. 

Blue facings y white lace, with a blue stripe. 

i66ti Sept. 30. Henry, Earl of Peterborough. 

— 63 Apr. 6'. Andrew, Earl of Tiviot — killed at Tangier in 1664. 

—64 June 10. Henry Norwood — Lieut.-Govemor of Tangier. 


i 264 Military Department 

1668 May 15. Charles, Earl of MIddleton — Governor of Tangier. 

— 75 Mar. 5. William, Earl of Inchiquin — ditto, 

— 80 Nov. 10. Sir Palmes Fairborne. 

— 82 Sept. 19. PiercyKirke — Gov. of Tangier — from 4th foot. 

— 91 Dec. 18. William Selwyn — exchanged Lieut.-Colonel 2d foot 

guards with 22d foot. Cashiered. 
1 701 June 28. Sir Henry Bcllasis, Knt. 
— 03 Feb. 27. David, Earl of Poitmore-— from 2d dragoons. 
— 10 Sept. 19. Piercy Kirke— -bought.' 
— 41 Aug. 12, Thomas Fowke — from 54th to 14th foot. 
— ^^ Nov. 12. Hon. John Fitzwilliam — from 2d foot guards to 

2d horse. .7^ 

— 60 Nov. 27. Sir Charles MontagUi K. B. — from 59th foot. DiedT 
— 77 Aug. 7. Daniel Jones — from 3d foot guards : died. 
— r93 Nov. 26. Alexander Stewart — Lieut.-Colonel 37th foot: died. 
— 94 Dec. 20. James Coates— Lieut.-Colonel 66th foot. 

N. B.— This regiment was formed from four regiments disbanded 
at Tangier. Has the device of a Lamb on its colours: 

Foot — 3d (or East Kent) Regiment, The BufFs. 

Buff facings 3 vohite lace^ luithyel/ow, black, and red stripes. 

1665 Mar. 31. Richard Sidney. 

— 68 Aug. 12. Sir Walter Vane — from 6th foot. A — — 

—73 Dec. 12. John, Earl of Mulgrave. - " - ■' 

— 82 Nov. 6. Philip, Earl of Chesterfield — died in 1714. 

— 84 Jan. 26. John, Earl of Mulgrave — again : died in 1724. , . 

—85 Oct. 25. Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe. .» il)!':. 

—88 Dec 31. Charles Churchill — from 2d foot guards. >)CJ \' ■ 

1707 Feb. 24. John, Duke of Argyle — sold. From 4tb /'hprse 

guards to 1st horse. 
— II Feb. 26. John Selwyn — sold. From 39th foot, brolce» 


Military Department, 205 

17 14 A^X, ,4^ -Archibald, Earl of Forfar — killed at Dumblain in 

*— 16 Jan. 5. Charles Wills— from 30th foot to ist foot guards,:^— 

— 26 Aug. 26. Thomas, Earl of Londonderry — from 3d horse. 

— 29 Nov. 24. William Tatton— Lieut.-Colonel ist foot guards. ,l 

—37 June 27. Thomas Howard— sold. From 24th foot. 

— 49 Aug. 21. George Howard — Lieut.-Colonel, 3d foot, 7th drag. 

—63 May 13. John Crawford — from half-pay 85th foot. 

—64 Nov. 12. Ralph Burton— from half-pay 95th foot. 

— 68 Nov. 7. Sir Jeffery Amherst, Lord Amherst — from 15th foot 

to horse guards. 
—79 Apr. 21. William Style — from foot guards ; died.' 
— <i-86 Apr. 18. Thomas Hall — from half-pay, 

. N. B.— This regiment has the device of a Green Dragon on its co- 
lours. In 1756 a second battalion was added to it, which in 1758 
was formed into the 61st regiment. 

bdbfl£<iail> ej 

Foot — 4th (or King's own) Regiment. 

Blue facings^ while lace^ with a blue stripe. 

i68o July 13. Thomas, Earl of Plymouth (natural son to King 
Charles n.) ^o bTi-rbl/i: . - ^ .-liK, v-^" 

— Nov. 27. PiercyKirke — from 2d foot. 

— 82 Apr. 25. Charles Tielawney. 

—88 Dec. II. Sir Charles Orby. 

— 92 Jan» I. Charles Trelawney, again— died in 1731. 

1702 Feb. 12. William Seymour— from 24th foot : died in 1727. " 

— 17 Dec. 25. Henry Berkeley— from 2d grenadier guards. 

— 19 Apr: 2^1. Charles Cadogan, Lord Cadogan— from 6th drag. 

— 34 Aug. 8. William Barrell — from 22d foot. 

— 49 Aug. 22. Robert Rich, Governor of Londonderry— Lieut.- 


2o6 Military Department, 

2756 May 12. Alexander Durotire — from 38th foot. 

— 6$ Jan. 13. Hon. Robert Brudenell — from 16th foot. 

—68 Nov. 47. Studholme Hodgson — from 50th foot to 7th dragoon 

—82 June 7. John Burgoyne— formerly of i6th dragoons. 
—92 Aug. 4. George Morrison— from 17th foot. 

N. B. — This regiment was raised to be sent to Tangiers. In 1756 
a second battalion was added to it, which in 1758 was disjoined from 
it, and formed the 62d regiment. 

Foot — 5th (or the Northumberland) Reghnent. 

Gosling green facings^ white lace, with two red stripes. 

1674 James O'Brien, Viscount Clare— Died. 

— 75 Aug. 2. Sir John Fenwick, Bart.-*-4th horse. 

— 76 Sept. II,. Henry Wisely — Died. 

-T-80 Dec. 10. Thomas Monk — Died. 

—85 Oct. 9. Thomas Tollemache- Lieut.-Coloncl ist foot guards, 

2d foot guards. 
— 89 May I. EdwardLloyd— Died 1694. 
—90 Nov. 6. Thomas Fairfax — Died 1710. 
1704 Feb. 5. Thomas Pearce — jthliorse. 
—32 Dec. 15. John Gope — 39th foot, '9th dragoons. 
—37 Jurie 27. Alexander Irvvine, 

—32 Nov. 27. Charles Whitefoord— Lieut. -Colonel 5th marines, 
—54 Aug. 20. Lord George Bentinck— ist foot guards. 
— 59 Oct. 24. Studholme Hodgson— fronj 50th fpot, 7th dr^igoon 

—68 Nov. 7. Hugh, Earl Percy— from half pay io8th foot* horse 



Military Department, loy 

47)54 Nov. I. Honble. Edward Stopford — Lieut.-Colonel 66th foot. 

— 94 Oct. '2$. Sir Alured Clarke, K.B — from 60th foot to 7th foo^. 
— 99 -^"g* 10. George Hewitt — from half-pay 2d battalion to 60th 

foot. Reduced in 1802. 
1801 21. Richard England — from 2d battalion 5th foot. 

N.B. This Regiment was formed in Holland by the States. 

FooT-*-6th (or the 1st Warwickshire) Regiment, 

Deep yellow facings, iphiteiace, with yellow and red stripe. 

1673 Dec. 12. Sir Walter Vane — Killed at the battle of Seneff, 

April ist, 1674. 
—74 Aug. 16. Luke Lillingston — -Died. 
— 77 Sept. 13. Thomas Astley — Died. 
*— 80 Apr. 3. Sir Henry Bellasis — Dragoons to 22d foot. 
—89 Sept. 28. William Babbington — Died. 
—91 Apr. 15. George, Prince of Hesse Darmstadt— Killed at Bar=. 

celona, 13th April 1705. 
*i^94 Feb. 1. Henry, Marquis de Rayda — drowned. 
"~95 J""^ 23 ' Ventris Columbine — died. 
1703 Nov. 2. James Rivers— died. 
•—06 Feb. 6. William Southwell — died. 
*-o8 June 1 4. -Thomas Harrison— rdied. 
— 16 Mar. 7. Richard Dormer — Lieut.-Colonel ist horse guards : 


*-2o Apr. 20. James Dormer — 14th dragoons, ist grengidier guards. 
— 38 Nov, I. John Guise. 

---65 June 14. William Rufane — from half-pay 76th foot. 
[*— 73 Feb. 19. John Gore — 6ist foot. 

[vol. ir.] " 17S7 

2oS Military DepartmenU 

1773 Nov. 18. Sir William Boothby, Bart.—50th foot. 

—87 Apr. 18. Lancelot Baugh— 58th foot. 

—92 28. Ralph Abercromby— from 7th dragoon guards to 

7th dragoons. 
—95 Nov. 4. ri.R.H. Prince William of Gloucester—half-pay. 

' N.B.— This Regiment, with the 5th, refused to come from Hol- 
land in 1685, for which King James II. broke them, and their rank 
was disputed. Foi-med as tlie last. 

.ealmet .1- .^loYi r 

__ omyX-.l^ .o^Q t\ ■ 

^^'^'^^ -i niloT, .bs •" i^— 

vinsH .1 .guA l^ '- 

1 iii\<)\ .IS .irqA li — 

^ooT— 7th Resiment. Royal FuzSeef&anul, q£— 

BluefaciffgSiWhitelace^'mtbabbiestripejAi .iqA |ib^ 

.V/ .l-jinfiCl .8 1 :nya bS— 

^;, ,-A x.-oia .,rA ,J)0 IV— ' 

168? .Tune u. George, Xord Dartmouth. ^ ^^ „ » ,.:r 

—89 Aug. 26. John, Lord Churchill, Duke of Marlborough— 3d) 

horse guards, 24th foot. , 

—92 Jan. 3. Lord George Hamilton, Earl of Orkney— 1st foot. 
— Aug. I. Edward Fitzpatrick-^drowned. -' 

-_q6 Nov. 12. Sir Chas. O'Hara, Lord Tyrawley— 49th foot broke. 
1713 Jan. 29. Honble. James O'Hara, Lord Tyrawley— 5th horse. 

39 Aug. 27. William Hargrave — 9th foot. 

__ CI Jan. 26. John Mostyn~2d foot to 13th dragoons. 

—54 Aug. 20. Lord Robert Bertie— foot guards to 2d troop horse 

—•76 Nov. 12. Richard Prescott— Lieut.-Colonel 7th foot. 
—88 Oct 20. Hon. William Gordon— from 6oth foot to 71st tootj 
— 8q Apr ' 8. H.R.H. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, to ist foot,; 
1800 Aug. 21. Sir Alured Clarke, K.B. 1st battalion 5th foot. 


Military Department* 2CJ^ 



t*oot--8th (oi* the King's) Regiment. 

Blue facings^ white lace^ with a blue andyeUavo stripe* 

1685 June 19. Robert, Lord Ferrers— died. 

— 86 Nov. I., James, Duke of Berwick — ist horse. 

• — 88 Dec. 31. James Beaumont — died 1701. 

— 95 26. John Richmond Webb — died 1724. 

1715 Aug. 5. Henry Morrison — died. 

—20 Dec. 5. Sir Charles Hotham, Bart— 36th foot, 1st dragoons. 

^21 Apr. 21. John Pocock~36th foot : died. 

—32 May 8. Charles Lanoe— 36th foot. 

—39 June 6. Richard Onslow— 39th foot, td rsf grenadier guards. 

■^45 Apr. 25. EdwardWolfe— 1st marines: died.' 

—69 Oct. 24. Honble. John Barrington— from 40th foot. 

<— 64 Apr. II. John Stanwix— from 49th foot. ' •— -«~,^. 

1—66 Dec. 18. Daniel Webb— from 48th foot to 14th dragoons. 

I— 7^ Oct. 20. Bigoe Armstrong — 60th foot. 

!-^94 July 30. Ralph Dundas— Lieut. -Colonel nth dragoons. 

N.B.— In 1756 this Regiment had a second battalion added, 
|v?hich m 1758, was disjomed from it, and formed the 63d regiment. 

^ oor— 9th (or the East Norfolk) Regiment. 

1685 June 12. Henry Cornwall— -died. 

r-S8 Nov. 20. Oliver Nicholas. 

Yellow facings, white lace, with two hlaci sir it. 





j688 Dec. 31. Thomas CteffpW--il5foke for covva^^^^ 

'V " ■ donderrv, 13th April 1689. 
-i8o Mav i. William Stewatt— Lieut.-Colonel i6th foot, remov- 

ed — dead 1726. , ; ^^ 

171 c Tuly 17. James Campbell— 2d dragooiiS.' 
--17 Feb. 15. Charles, Lprd Cathcart—Lieut.-Colonel 2d dragoons, 

31st foot. 
■^its Jan. 7. James Otway^died. 

25 Dec. 2j. Richard Kane — 23d foot, broke. 

—37 Jan. 27. William Hargrave— 35th foot, 7tli foot, 
—ao Aug. 28. George Reade— 29th foot. , . 

-^^9 Nov. I. Sir Charles Armand Powlett, K.B.— marines, 13th ^ 
dragoons. o 1 j 

—5 1 Jan. 26. Honble. John Waldegrave— foot guards to 8th drags. 

—57 Mar. 18. Honble. Joseph Yorke— -ditto to ditto. 

i-t8 Aug. 2q. William Whitmore— from 53d foot. 

—71 8. Edward, Earl Ligonier, K.B.— ist horse guards. 

^82 June 19. Thomas, Lord Sey and Sele--died. 

—•88 July 4. Honble. Alexander Leslie— died. ..^:,6\ «^^-\'jVi«:. 

—94 Dec. 31. Albemarle Bertie— 8ist foot to 77th foot. , 

FooT-^lOth (or North Lincolnshire) RegManfiafi^ 



Bright yelloiio facings^ white lace, with a blue str^.^ ; 


168 ? Jan. 26. John, Earl of Bath ,^v ^^^y^ ^ 

—88 Dec. 8. Sir Charles Carney— died. . '^ -. .-^^ 

1, John, Earl of Bath, again— died in 1701. 

—03 Oct. 20. Sir BeviUe Granville— Governdr of Barbadoes. ^ 
1703 Jan. 15. William, Lord North and Grey— died at Madric 
Oct. 31. i734. 

i; June 25. Henry Grove — Lieut. -Colonel ditto. 

__o7 27. Francis Columbine— Lifiut.-Colonel ditto. 

—48 Dec. 20. James, Lord Tyrawley— from 3d horse broke to 14' 
^ dragoons. 

Military Departnmir 

1749 Aug. 10. Edward Pole — from half pay : died. r 00 , 

— 63 June 14. Edward Sandford— from 26tli foot : died. "' V '~'^' 
— 81 Oct. 10. Sir Robert Murray Keit|lj I^,^t^frorn half pay 87tH 

foot : died. .v '/s._. /i ." 
—95 Jun^ 23. Honble. Henry Edw^c|^^j!g»"-i^'^pjQi ^^^ 

'OsD .8£ .■sjjA 

Foot — lith(i?r the, North Devonshire) Regiment. 

■ , >i;iJ( ■. r~ 

Full green facings, white lace, with two red an4 two gr^en stripes. 
,)ooi Ai\ 

1685 June 20. Henry^ Duke of Beaufort. 

■ Oct. 26. Charles, IVJarquis of Worcester. 

— 87 May 8. William, Marquis of Powis — went with King James 

to France. 
— 88 Dec. 31. Sir John Hanmer, Bart. — died. 
1702 Feb. 12. James Stanhope, Earl Stanhope — from 5th dragoons 

— 05 May 8. John Hill — removed : died 1705, 1st dragoons.' 
— 15 July 30. Edward Montagu: died. 
— 38 Aug. 9. Stephen Cornv/allis — 34th foot. 
— 43 May 21. Robinson Sowle— Lieut. -Colonel xith foot : died. 
— 46 Feb. 7. William Graham : died. 
— 47 Dec. T. Maurice Bocland— foot guards : died. 
— 65 Aug. 21. William A'Court-Ashe — late in 2d foot guards ; died. 
—81 ■ 10. Francis Smith — half pay 60th foot : died, 

y —94 Nov. 94. James Grant-— from 55th foot : died. 

.N.B. In 1755, this Regiment had a second battalion added to it, 
.jl^.which wa.s disjoined from , It iii 1758, and foriftei the 64th regiment 
'\ of foot. 

212 Military Department* 

Foot— 12th (or the East Suffolk) Regiment. 

Tellow facings, white lace, with yellow, crimson^ and black 

stripes . 

1685 June 20. Henry, Duke of Norfolk — frpm 22d foot. 

—86 July 14. Edward, Earl of Litchfield— from 1st foot guards. 

— 88 Nov. 30. Robert, Lord Hunsdon— died in 1702. 

— — Dec. 31. Henry Wharton : died. 

—89 Nov. I. R.obert Brewer— Lieut. -Colonel 12th. foot : died. 

J702 Sept. 28. John Livesay— died in 17 18. 

—12 Mar. 16. Richard Phillips—from 40th foot. , ,,. ^^. 

—17 Aug. 25. Thomas Stanwix---from 30th foot : diedvJuT of 

— ^2.5 Mar. 21. Thomas Whetham—from 27th ft)ot. ^ ••^,. 

—41 Aug. 12. Scipio Duroure— Lieut. -Colonel 1 2th foot : killed at:| 

—♦54 May 28. Henry Skelton — from foot suar(is : died. 
■.-T-57 Apr. 22. Robert Napier — Captain of2d foot : died. 
—66 Nov. 21. Sir Henry Clinton, K.B.—from foot guards to 7th! 

—79 Apr. 21. William Picton — from 75th foot. 

N.B. This Regiment had a second battalion added to it in 1756,' 
which was .disjoined from it in 1758, and formed the 65th regiment of 


Military Department, ft t ^ 

Foot — 13th (or the 1st Somersetshire) Regiment, 

Philomel yeiloiv'facingSy 'white lace ^ ivtlb ayei/oio str^e. 

1685 June 20. Thomas, Earl of Huntingdon — died 1701. 

—88 Nov. 28. Ferdinando Hastings— cashiered for extortion ^o his 

'■" ' regiment.^ . " ' ' - ,' ' 

— 95 Mar. 31. Sir John Jacobs— Lieut.-Gctloiicl 13th fotft ; idied in 

■ ■' 1739- - ■' • ■ ■ ..r.:.,.r 

170Z Mar, 15. James, Earl of Barrymore : removedl?! -^-^ 

— J 5 July 28. Stanhope Cotton : died. 

— 25 Dec. 25. Lord Mark Ker — from 29tli foot to 11 tb dragoons. 

—32 May 29. John Middlcton — ^from 25th foot : died. ■ 

—39 July 5. Harry Pulteney — from foot guards : resigned. 

— 66 June 2^. H.R.H. William, Duke of Gloucest e r !'' j - t o 3d 

foot guards. -•' - ' 

— 67 Dec. 16. Honble.James Murray — from 60th foot to 2ist foot. 
— 89 June 5. George Aiaslie — Lieut. -Colonel 15th foot : died. 
1804 July II. Alexr. Campbe]l-"h. p. 7th West India Regiment, 

Foot — 14th (or the Bedfordshire) Regiment. 

Buff facings f white lace^ with a blue and red worm, and buff strij>e, 

1685 June 22. Sir Edward Hales, Bart. : died. 
— 88 Dec. 31. William Beveridge — killed in a duel by one of his 

p 4 T792 

214 Military Depdrtment, 

1792 Nov. 22. Thomas Tidcomb — Lieut.-Colonel 13th foot : died 

1713 - June 15. Jasper Clayton — 3 1 st foot broke : killed at Dettingen. 
—43 June 22. Joseph Price— from 57th foot broke : died. 
—47 Dec. I. Honble. William Herbert — from ist foot guards to 

2d dragoon guards. ^ 

—53 Feb. 17. Edward Braddock — from foot guards : killed. 
"—$5 Nov. 12. Thomas Fowke— from 2d foot : dismissed. 
—56 Sept. 7. Charles Jeffereys— from 60th foot : died.' 
— 6s May 31. Honble. William Keppel^ — from 56th. foot to 12th 

— 75 Oct. 18. Robert Cunninghame — from 58th foot to 5th drag. 
—87 Apr. 4. John Douglas— from half pay to 5th dragoon guards. 
—89 Sept. I. George, Earl Waldegrave— from halt pay ; died. 
— — Nov. 18. George Hothara— from foot guards. 
j8o6 Feb. 15. Harry Calvert— 5th West India Regiment. 

Foot — 15th ( he Yorkshire East Riding) Regt. 

yellow facings, white lace, with a yellow and black worm., and a 

red stripe. 

Sir William Clifton, Bart— removed. 
Arthur Herbert, Earf of Torrington— died in 1716. 
Sackville Tufton- — died in, 1721. 
Sir James Leslie — broke at JJixmude^^-f q^ 
Emanuel Howe — died. ' t ^„ 

Algernon, Earl of Hertford — from 2d horse guards. 
Henry Harrison — died. 

John Jordan — Lieut.-Col. loth dragoons, to 9th 

1685 June 
—86 May 
—87 Apr. 
—88 Dec. 




— 95 Nov. 
1709 Oct. 
— 15 Feb. 




—49 Apr. 


Military Department, 215 

1756 May 22. Sir Jeffery Amherst, KiB-^from foot guards to 3d 
, •-.78 Sept. 2f. Sir Charles Thompson, Bart. K. B. — from 63d 

.;•■ foot. Resigned, 

iii^-ij^ Sept. 7. Richard, Earl of Cavan' — frdm foot guards : died. 
— 78 Nov. 12. Sir William Fawcett, K. B. — from foot guards to 

3d dragoon guards. 
— 92 Aug. 25. James Hamilton — Lieut.-Col. 25th foot, to 21st 

•—94 Sept. 20. Henry Watsdn Powell — from 69th foot. 

Foot— 16th (or Buckinghamshire) Regiment. 

Yellow facings, white Lace^ with a crimson stripe. 

1688 Oct. 6. Archibald Douglas. 

— — Dec. 31. Richard Hodges — killed at Stelnkirk In 1692. 
jkW^ -^92 Aug. I. John, Earl of Derby — died in 1736. 
1705 May 25. Francis Godfrey-— died. 
— II Feb. 17. Henry Durell, 

— 13 June 23. Hans Hamilton — from 34th foot : died in 1721- 
— 15 July 1.7. Richard, Viscount Irwin — from 2d horse. 
' •^I'j Dec. 31. John Cholmeley — died in 1724. 

»V*V' •ii_24 Apr. 7. Henry, Earl of Deloraine— from 2d grenadier 
guards, to 7th horse. 
^ — 30 July 9. Roger Handasyde — from 22d foot — died. 

— 6^ June 14. Hon. Robert Brudenell — from ^A foot guards to 4th 

—6$ June 25. Sir Willi am. Draper, K. B. — from 79th foot, to half 

pay liist ditto. 
—76 Mar, 4. James Gisborne — from halfJpay 5th : died. 


i2 1 6 Military Department. 

•1778 May 14. James Robertson — from 60th foot— died. 

—88 Mar. 6. Hon. Thomas Bruce— from half-pay looth foot ; 

• ~ died. 

—97 Dec. 15. Henry Bowyer — from 89th foot. 

A ^8^1 . 

Jyjlb : Joo'i bf s jrjoit — ^((i.HJlOQl!i bifi.HjDI ,i >v[P^ JCfs 
Greyish iDBifeM^gyjiHtM^M, '0itktfeS^Mli^^d'S^ifiMvnir&ie^ 

... I,,:- .,) ■ - •: '. ;■ ii-vf i , } Tit; .r .nf.1 it~»- 

j688 Sept. 27. Solomon Richards — broke for not relieving the city 
of Londonderry. -^ ^i' 

— 89 May I. Sir George St George — exchanged. '^ t^""? 

May 1. James Courthorpe — killed at Namur in KSgRr,^"^"""' 

— 95 Sept. 1. Sir Matthew Bridges — died. '^ * -' 

1705 Aug. 26. Holcroft Blood — died, 

—07 Aug. 20. James Wightman — died. 

— 22 Sept. 28. Thomas Ferrers— from 39th foot : died. 

■ Nov. 7. James Tyrrell — died. 

— 42 Aug. 31. JohnWynyard — from 17th dragoons: dead. 

— 52 Mar. 14. Edward Richbell — from half-pay : died. 

—54 Feb. 25. John Forbes — from 2d dragoons : died. 

— 59 Oct. 24. Hon. Robert Monckton— from 60th foot- — died. 

—82 May 29. George Morrison — Quarter-Master-General, to 4th 

— 92 Aug. 8. George Garth— frcHi foot guards. 


Military Department. 1217 

Foot — 18th (or Royal Irish) Regiment. 

Blue facings, tvbite lace^ with a blue stripe. 

1684 Apr. X. Arthur, Earl of Granard— died in 1689. 

— 86 Mar. i. Arthur, Lord Forbes — died In 1724. 

' — 88 Dec. 31. Sir John Edgworth — died. > 

— 89 May I. Edwiard, Earl of Meath — died In 1708. 

— 92 Dec. 19. Frederick Hamilton — died. 

1705 Apr. I. Richard Ingoldsby — from 23d foot : died. 

—12 Feb. 12. Richard Stearne, Lt.-CQl. 18th regt— died In 1732. 

—17 Dec. 24. William Cosby— died in 1737. 

— 32 Jan. 7. Sir Charles Hotham, Bart. — ist grenadier guards. 

—-35 May 13. John Armstrong — 43d foot. 

— 42 Dec. 18. Sir John Mordaunt, K. B.— 12th drag, to 58th foot. 

—47 Dec. 22. John Folliot— from foot guards — died. 

—62 Apr. I, Sir John Sebright, Bart. — 85th foot, broke. 

—94 Feb. 26. Sir James Murray, Battrr-from half-pay. 

; FooT-^19th (or 1st Yorkshire North Riding) Regt. 

Deep green failings ^ white lace ^ with two stripes, red and green. 

1688 Nov. 20. Francis Lutterell — died. 

— 91 Jan. I. Thomas Erie — from 2d dragoons, broke. 

1709 Mar. 23. George Freakc-^died. 

— 12 Apr. 3. Richard Sutton — 15th foot, broke, 

—15 Aug. 5. George Grove— died. 


2i8 Military DepartmeiU^ 

T]2g Oct. 27. Richard Sutton, again — from half pay. ^jvyj j^, 
—38 Nov. I. Hon. Charles Howard— ^dragoon guards, to 3d ^ra- 

^ ?hjio goon guards. ,,7 ,,,. ' 

— 48 Mar. 15. Lord George Beauclerk — from foot guards : died. 
—68 May 25. David Graeme — from 49th foot : died. 
■ — 97 Jan. 24. Samuel Hulse— from* 56th foot. 

N. B. — In 1756 a second battalion was added to this regiment, 
which was disjoined from it in-ijrjSj, and formed, the 66th regiment 

of.foot. '/ . ' -i " ■ "'"' ;■' 

Foot — 20th (or East Devonshire) Regiment. 

' Pa/e yel/ow facings, white /ace, with a r^d and black stripe: 

r688 Nov. 20. Sir Richard Peyton, Bart. 

89 June I. Gustavus Hamilton, Viscount Boyne — died in 1723. 

1706 May I. John Newton — died, ' ' , ,(.; ^..,., 

14 Oct. 4. Thomas Meredith — from 2l»t foot : died, ^j^ 68—- 

ip July - 7. William Egerton — from 36th foot : died,.r/» ',,?;_, 

32 July 22. Francis, Earl of Effingham, Lieut.-Col. isfgrena- 

dier guards, to, 8th dragoons. , ,1^'-^ 

—37 June 27. Richard St George, LieutirlQpK 7!^ 1^9fi?f > •^?-^^^^ 

dragoons. •. ,,...,. ■ -.■</- -r-j 

—40 May 6. Alexander Rose, J<je^t,.<;pl. 5th dragodi^!^ jfei^!!?2th 

ditto. ,.■ .-' . 

Dec* 26.' Thomas Bligh, Lieut.-Gol. 6th horse, to 2<i ditto. 

— 46 Apr. "9. Lord George SackviUe-rffrooi. jist foot guards, to 

1 2th dragoons. ~ i.-i 
—49, Nov. I. George, Viscouht Bury--fxom .2d foot |;uafdsj to 

3d dragoons. , ■ 

—55 Apr. 8. Philip Honywood, Lieut. -Colonel 3d dragoons,, to 

8th ditto. 


Military Department. 219 

1756 May 22. Williaw Kingsley— from 3d foot guards : died. 

"^6^ Nov. 3. Bernard Hale— Irish Artillery. Resigned. 

— 73 May I. Hon. George Lane Parker— ^ftoin foot guatds to 

rithdragoonsi"' '- ^4^ '^^ ,"."'^'^ - 
— 82 Mar. 25. Willlanx Wynyard— frcttii fobt'^t^s : died. 

— 89 12. West Hyde, Lieut.-Gol. ist foot guards: died. 

— 97 ' 2. Charles Leigh— from 82d foot. 

N. B. — In 1756 a second battalion waS^^addeil to this leglment, 
which was disjoined from it in 1758, and formed the 67th regiment of 

Foot — 21st Regiment (or Royal Scots Fuzileers). 

Blue facings J white lace^ with a white stripe. 

1678 Sept. 23. Charles, Earl of Mar — died in 1689. 

—86 July 29. Thomas Buchan. , 

— 89 Mar. 1. Francis Fergus O'Farrell — broke in 1695 forsurreh- 

renderiag Deyrise to the French. ' - 

— 95 Nov. 13. Robert Mackay. 

— 97 Jan. I. Archibald Row^ — killed In 1704, at Blenheim. 
1704 Aug. 25. John, Viscount Mordaunt — exchanged from 28th f. 
—06 June 26. Sampson de Lalo — killed in 1709 at Malplaquet. 
-—09 Sept. 4. John, Viscount Mordaunt, again— died in 1710. 
— fo May I. Thomas Meredith — from 37th' to 20th foot. 
' Dec. 8. Charles, Earl of Orrery — from ,5th footf- -died 

'*-ili($''Jufy-iri. George Macartney — from 22d foot, broke, to 7th 

—27 Mar. 9. Sir James Wood, Bart.—died. 


220 Military Department, 

1738 Nov. I. John Campbell — from 39th foot to 2d dragoons, 

— 52 Apr. 29. William, Earl of Panmure— from 25th foot to li 

-^70 May 10. Hon. Alexander Mackay — from half-pay i22dfoot. 
— 89 June 6. Hon. James Murray— from 13th foot. 
— 9^ .. M l 20. James Hamilton— from 15th foot. 
1803 -^"g* ^« Hon. William Gordon — from 71st foot. 

Foot — 22d (or Cheshire) RegimenC.« xi"t t^— 

Vale huff facings^ white lace j with one blue and one red strips,. 

1689 Mar. 16. Henry, Duke of Norfolk— -from i2thfoot: died in 
2701. : ';-!— 'W 

Sept. 25. Sir Henry Bellasis, Knt. — from 6th tdiirdfoot^ 

1701 June 29. William Selwyn— from 2d foot : died. 

— 02 — - 20. Thomas Handasyde— died in 1709. 

— 12 Apr. 3. Roger Handasyde, his son— 6th foot. 
— 30 Aug. 25. William Barrell— from 28th to 4th foot. 

—34 Oct. 30. Hon. Janies St Clair— from 3d foot guards to 1st foot. 

— 37 June 27. John Moyle — from 36th foot : died. 

— 38 Dec. 13. Thomas Paget — from 32d foot: died. 

-—41 Aug. 12. Richard O'Farrell, Lieut.-Col. 9th foot — died. 

— 57 July, II. Edward Whitmore, Lieut.-Col. 36th foot: died. 

— 62 Maf. 29. Hon. Thomas Gage-— from iSthfoot to 17th drag. 

— 82 Apr. 18. Charles O'Hara, from 2d foot guards, to 74th foot. 

— 92 ■- David Dundas, Lleut.-Col— 7th dragoons. 

— 93 Dec. 26. William Crosbie— 89th foot. 

—98 June 18. John Graves Simcoe--Canada corps. 


Military Department* 221 

Foot — 23d Regiment (or Royal Welsh Fuzileers). 

Blue facings^ white lace^ with red, blue, and yellow stripes. 

1688 Mar. 17. Henry, Lord Herbert of Cherbury— died in 1689. 

— 89 Apr. JO. Charles Herbert-— killed in 169 1. 

— 91 July 31. Toby Purcell--dicd. 

—92 Apr. 20. Sir John Morgan, JBart. , 

1 — 93 Feb. 28. Richard Ingoldsby— died. 

1705 Apr. I. Joseph Sabine, Lieut.-Col. 23d foot— died. 

— 39 Nov. 23. Newsham Peers, ditto — killed at Dettingcn. 

— 43 July 29. JohnHuske — from 3 2d foot : died, 

~6l Jan. 16. Hon. George Boscawen— -from 29th foot : died. 

— 75 May II. Hon. Sir William Howe, K. B. — from 46th foot to 

' ^^. 19th dragoons. 

— 86 Apr. *2i.'' Richard Grenville — from 2d foot guards, , 

N. B. — In 1756 a second battalion was added to this regiment, 
which was disjoined from it in 1758, and £oxiajB4 thp^SSt^ re^l^entjof 

Foot— 24th (or ^d Warwickshire) Regiment. 

Willow green facings^ white laee.., with one red and one green str^e,, 

1689 Mar. 28. Sir Edward Deling- -died in Ireland. 
' ■ ■ Sept. 27. Daniel Dering, his brother—died. 


222 Military Depart metiL 

1691 June 1. Samuel Venner— died. 

— 95 Mar. 13. Lewis M^rq. de Puizar — died. 

1701 — — 1. William Seymour — 4th foot. 

— 02 Feb. I. John, Earl of Marlborough— from 3d horse to irt 

foot guards. 
— 04 Aug. 25. William Tatton, Lieut.-Col. 24th foot, Major ist 

foot guards. 
—08 Mar. 9. Gilbert Primrose— died in 1731. 
— 17 Sept. 10. Thomas Howard, Lieut. -Colonel 24th foot, to 3d 

— 37 June 27. Thomas Wentworth — from 39th foot to 6th horse. 
— 45 Jan, 22. Daniel Houghton — from 45th foot : died. 
— 47 Dec. I. William, Earl of Ancram, Lieut.-Col. nth drag. 
— 52 Feb. 8. Hon. Edward Cornwallis — 40th foot : died. 
— 76 Jah. 15. William Taylor — from 60th foot : died. 
— 93 Nov. 18. Richard Whyte— from half-pay 96th foot. 

N. B.— A second battalion was added to this regiment, which in 
1738 was disjoined from it, and made the 69th regiment of foot. 

Foot — 25th (or the Suffolk) Regiment. 

• '■•■. 

Deep yellovo facings y white iace^ with ahlue^ yelloW^ and red stripe *. 

1689 Marl 19. David, Earl of Leven — Governor of Edinburgh 

Castle : died. I .^5. •' 

— p4 . •'■■ .-' James Maitland. ' -> 

17 II Apr. 15. William Breton— from 24th foot broke : died. 
— 15 Jan. 27. Richard, Viscount Shannon— from 6th foot broke, to 

7th horse. ■ ' ' 

—25 June 17. John Middleton— from — — — to 13th foot. 
— 32 May 29. John, Earl of Rothes— from f6ot guards, to 6th drag. 


• 800 men raised and armed at Edinburgh ta two hours.— (?«sw«* %%ih Mar:h 

Military DepartmenU 225 

1745 Apr. 25. Hugh, Lord Semple— from 42dfoot : died. 

—46 Dec. 25. John, Earl of Crawfurd — from 42d to 2d dragoons. 

—47 '-« I. William, Earl of Panmure — from 3d foot guards to 

2 1 St foot* 
—52 Apr. 29. William, Earl of Home— froiA 3d Ibot guards : 

—61 May 29. Sir Henry Erskine, Bart.— from 67th to 1st foot. 
—62 Dec. 22. Lord George Henry Lenox — Lieut.-Colonel 33d 

1805 Mar. 26. Honble. Charles Fitzroy— from half pay 2d battalion 

20tlj foot. 

Foot— "26th (or Cameronian) Regiment. 

Pale yellow facings, white lace, with one blue, and two yellow and 

red stripes *. 

1689 Apr. 19. James, fearl of Angus, son to the Marquis of Dou- 
glas — killed in 1092 at Steinkirk. 
—92 Aug. I. Andrew Monro. 
—93 — ^— 2^. James Ferguson — killed at the .Bush, in Brabant, in 

1705 Oct. 24. John Borthwick — killed in 1706 at Ramillies. 
— 06 Jan. I. John, Earl of Stair — from Dutch service to 2d dra- 

Aug. 24. George Preston, Lieut.-Governor Edinburgh castle. 

—•20 May 3. Philip Anstruther. 

■»—6o Nov. 26. Edward Sand ford — from 3 2d to 1 0th foot! 

—63 Jan. 14. John Scot — from io8th foot. 

[vol. ii.J , Q, 1775 

* Cameronlans, 180Q men, raised and formed intx> this regiment ip one day in 

225 Military DepartmetiU 

1775 Dec. 27. Lord Adam Gordon — from 66th to 1st foot. 

— 82 May 16. Sir William Erskine, Bart. — from 80th foot. 

— 95 Mar. 25. Hon. Charles Stiiart, K. B.-^frbm half-pay. 

180 1 28. Andrew Gordon — from 59th foot. 

Foot — 27th (or Enniskillen) R,egimeflti»,, .P-ais§4 ?^t 
Enniskillen. ado^, .^qs; anul S: 

abnA .1 
BufffacingSy ivhite lace,, with one blue aiid^iie'red stripe. 

1689 June 26. Z'achariah Tiffin — died". 
1-^02 — — 19. Thomas Whetham — from lath foot. 
— 25 Mar. 22. Richard Molesvvorth, Viscount Moleswortl!,. j^ ftQin 
19th foot, broke, to 9th diagoons. .,, , „ ^,x . 

— 3 1 May 29. Archibald Hamilton — from 14th dragoons. 
—37 June 22. William, Lord Blakeney, Lieut. -Colonel 27th foot. 
—61 Sept. 24. Hugh Warburton--frora 45th foot : died. 
— 71 - 5. Sir EyreCoote — from half-pay 79th to 37th foot. 

—73 Feb. 19. Eyre Massey, Lord Clarina, Lieut.- Colonel : died. 
1804 May 23. Francis, Earl of Moira--from half-pay 105th foot. 


Military Department, ii"/ 

Foot — 28th (or North Gloucestershire) Regimenti 

Bright yellovo facings, white lace, with one yellow and two black 


1694 Feb. 16. Sir John Gibson, Knt. Governor of Portsmouth- 
died in 1717. 
1701 Feb. r. Sampson de Lalo— from 21st foot': died. 
—06 June 29. John, Viscount Mordaunt— from 21st foot : died ia 


-^-09 Oct. I. Andrew Windsor — died. 
—15 Sept. 27. William Barrell — from 22d to I2th foot. 

30 Aug. 25. Nicholas. Price-— from 35th foot, broke : died. 

54 Oct. 10. Philip Bragg : died, 
h— 59 Oct. 24. George, Viscount (now Marquis) Townshend — from 
64th foot to 6th dragoon guards. . 

—73 July 15. Thomas Erie, Lieut. -Colonel. 
—77 Mar. 4. Sir Charles Gxey, K. B. — from half-pay 98th foot. 
—87 July 13. James Paterson, Lieut.-Col. : died. 
—89 — — . 6. Robert Prescott— from half-pay 94th foot. 

Foot— 29th (or Worcestershire) Regiment. 

i TelloW facings^ white lace, with two blue and one yellow stripe, 


702 Feb". -12. Thomas Farrlngton — from 28th foot : broke. 
h-i2 Oct. 7.~ Lord Mark Ker, Lieut.-Col. 15th foot, broke, to 
; 3th ditto. 

0.2 1725 

3a8 Military Departments 

1735 Dee. '25'.' Heriry 'Disney —from 36th foot : died. ■ .\^_ 

—31 Nov. 22. William Anne, Earl of Albemarle, Lieut.-Colpi^li 

2d foot guards, to 3d horse guard's. ,voVI 00-= 
—33 June 3. George Read---from 9th foot. 
— 39 Aug. 28. P^rancis Fuller, Lieut.-Col. ist foot guards. 
—48 June 9. Peregrine Thomas Hopson, Lieut.-Colonel 29111 

foot, to 40th ditto. 
—52 Mar, 4. Hon. George Boscawen— from foot guards to 23d 

—61 Jan. 16. George, Lord Forbes, Earl of Granard-— from 76th 

foot : died. 
—•69 Nov'. 3. William Evelyn— -from foot guards : died. 
—88 Jan. 29. Charles, Earl of Harrington— from 63d foot to ist 

regt. life guards. 
—92 Dec. 8. William Schaw, Lord Cathcart — from foot guards to 

- 2d life guards. 
•^97 Aug. 8. Gordon Forbes— from 105th foot. 

JFooT— 30th (or Cambridgeshire) Regiment. 

ValeyellowfaciAgs^ ivbite lace^ 'with a sky-blue stripe, 

iir .£ xaifi 08-' 

1702 Feb. 12. Thomas Saunderson— sold. '"H •'* •'^^ ^ '^^— 
— 04 Dec. 15. ThomaS Pownall— ditto. -^Qot 
—05 Oct. 13. Charles Willis— 3d foot. -^•'''^H -^ 
— 16 Jan. 5. George, Lord Forrester — from 2d grenadier guards. 
-^27 July 17. Thomas Stanwix — from 43d fobt^ bfoke., to. I2tli [ 

foot, broke. ^ ''",'' 

— — Aug. 25. Andrew Bisset— died. 

■—42 Oct. 24. Henry de Grangues— from 60th foot to 9th drag. 
-^43 Apr* I. Charles Frampton, Lieut.-Col. ist foot guards. 
—49 Nov. I. John, Earl of Loudovm—from 3d foot guards. 


Military Department . ' 22.9 

1770 Apr. 30. John Parslow — from 54th foot : died. 

— 86 Nov. 15. William Roy, Lieut.-Col. Engineers : died. 

— T90 July 10. Sir Henry Calder, Bart. L.-Col. 49th foot :^"di6(i> 

^«— 92 Feb. II. Thomas Clarke — from 31st foot : died. 

—90 Nov. 7. Robert Manners — from 2d batti 9th foot. 

Foot — 31st (or Hvintmgdonshire) Regiment. 

Bufffacings, white lace j with a blue and yellow nuorm^ and a small 

red stripe. 

1702 Feb. 12. George Villiers— -drowned in 1703, at Priuli. 
—03 Dec. 6. Alexander Lutterell : died. 
—06 Feb. I. Josiah Churchill — sold. 
— II Mar. I. Sir Harry Goring, Bart.— died in 1 73.1. 
^—16 Sept. 8. Lord John Ker — died. 

— 28 Aug. 31. Charles Cathcart — from 9th foot to 8th dragoons. 
—30 Jan. I. William Hargrave — from 9th foot. 
— 37 J""^ 27 • William Handasyde. 

— 45 Apr. 22. Lord Henry Beauclerk— from foot guards. Resigned. 
" — 49 May 8. Henry Holmes— -from half-pay marines, 
—62 Aug. 20. Sir James Adolphus Dickson Oughton, K. B.— 

from 55th foot. 
—80 May 3. Thomas Clarke— from 2d foot guards to 30th foot. 
— 92 Feb. II. James Stuart-T-frQia half pay as Lieut.-Golonel 90th 

foot. ,. .. ' ■ ', ' '.,'.1 

—93 Feb. 8. Henry, Lord Mulgr:jve— from foot guards. 

N. B.^-^Thls regiment had a second battalJon added to it in 1-756, 
but which was disjoined from it in f 7^8| and made the 7Cth regiment 

- }ool Jei ^- -^ ^"^^ 

<23o Military Department » 

Foot — 32d (or Cornwall) Regiment. 

White facings ^whiiilace^and a black stripe. 

jyo2 Feb. r2. Edward Fox — killed at Gibraltar in 1704. 
—04 Dec. 5. Jacob Borr— died. 

—-23 June 28. Charles Dubouray — from 46th foot, broke : died. 
—32 July — Thomas Paget, Lieut.. Colonel 2d grenadier guards, 

to 2 2d foot. 
—-38 Dec. 15. Simon Descury, tieut.-Col. 13th foot ; died. 
—-40 -25. John Huske, Major 2d foot guards, to 23d foot. 

—1-43 Aug. 27. Henry Skelton — froin 3d foot guards to 12th horse. 
—45 May 29. William Douglas— from 3d foot guards : died. 
— 47 Dec,. I. Francis Leighton, Lieut.-Col. 27th foot. 
—•73 June II. Robert Robinson — A. C. K. and Lieut.rColonel 67th 

foot. . 

—75 Oct. 18. William Amherst — from foot guards : died. 
—81 May 17. Ralph, Earl of Ross — half-pay 92d foot : died. 
j8o2 Sept. 4. James Ogilvie — from 89th foot. 

Foot — S3d (or 1st Yorkshire, West Riding) Regt. 

Kcd facitigs ^ white lace^ with a red stripe iri the middle,^. 

1101 Feb. 12. James Stanhope. 

— 03 George, Earl of Huntingdon — resigned : died in 

1705. ^ ^ ' . 

— 04 — — — Henry Leigh — died. 


Military Dcpat'tnient, 231 

1705 Feb. 12. Robert Duncanson — killed at Alcantara in 1705. 

June 9. George Wade, Lieut.-Col. 10th foot, to 4th horse. 

—17 Mar. 12. Henry Hawley, Lieut.-Col. 4th dragoons, to 13th 

- ditto. 
^30 July 9. Robert Dalzell — 41st foot, broke, to 38th ditto. 
—39 Nov. 7. John Johnson — Lieut.-Col. i2tli dragoons : died. 
—53 — — 20. Lord Charles Hay — from ist foot guards : died. 
—JS^ May 5. Sir John Griffin Griffin, K. B. — ^from 50th foot, _to 

horse grenadier guards. 
—^66 Mar. 21. Charles, Earl (afterwards Marquis) Cornwaliis, A. 

C. K. Lieut.-Col. 1 2th foot. ' 

]8o6 Feb. i. Hon. Sir Arthur Wellesley, K. B. Lieut.-Col. 3^ 

foot. ■ ' . 

■ .1. 

:i 03 ^h1 . 
'nEtTg ,io<. 
. .A dill's: .Ic^ . .. ... 

-jr0o{o3-.3i;3lJ:i:)ffB .*i ,0 ,,t-— ■ V -^ . ,: . 

Foot— S4th (or Cumberland) Regiment. 

■alb : gbiBug j 

Bright yellovo facings y "johite lace^ with a blue and yellow ivarm, and a 

red ilripe. 

12. Robert Lord Lucas— died in 1705. 
I. Hans Hamilton — from 1 6th foot. 
Thomas Chudleigh — died in 1726. 
Robert Hayes — died at Jamaica. 
Stephen Cornwaliis— nth foot. 
Lord James Cavendish — died in 1731. 
Hon. James Cholmondeley — from 59th foot, to 12th 

Hon. Henry Seymour Conway — from 4Sth foot, to 

13th dragoons. 
John Russell — from i st foot guards : died. 
Thomas, Earl of Effingham — from horse grenadier 
guards, to ist horse grenadier guards. 
— 60 Oct, 30. Lord Frederick Cavendish — from 67th foot, re- 
ri h ■ hi . '-- signed. "' '; 

—-97 July j'p. George Ferdinand, 'tord Southaiiipton — from ist 
' foot guards. 

0^4 Foot 

1702 Feb. 


—05 — . 
— II Nov. 
—23 Feb. 



-i— 32 Jan. 
—38 Nov. 
— 42 Dec, 




—49 July 


—51 D^c, 
—54 Dec. 


^3^ Military DepaHmenU 

Foot — 35th (or Dorsetshire) Regiment. 

Orange facings^ white lace ^ vjith one yelloiv stripe. 

1701 June %%. Arthur, Earl of Donnegal — killed in Spain in 1706, \ 
—06 Apr. 15. Richard Gorges — from nth foot, broke ; died in 

— 17 July 20. Charles Otway — died. 

—64 Aug. 10. Henry Fletcher, Lieut. -Col. 35th foot : died. 
1803 Mar. 17. Charles Lenox—from half-pay 2d batt. 35th foot. 

Foot — 36th (or Herefordshire) Regiment. 

Green facings, white lace, with one red and one green stripe. 

17:61 Aug. 31. ^illiam, Viscount Charlemont— removed by the 

Earl of Peterborough^. 
—06 May 16. Thomas Allnut— died. 

.—09 Mar. 20. Archibald, Earl of Isla, Duke of Argyle — resigned. 
—10 Oct. 13. Henry Disney — from 29th foot. 
—15 July ir. Winiam Egerton— froni 20th foot. 

— 19 July 7. Sir Charles Hotham, Ear^:.— from 44th ^nd i6th 

foot, broke, to 8th foot. 

— 20 Dec. 2. John Pocock — from 47th foot, broke, to 8th ditto. 
.—21 Apr. 21. Charles Lanoe— from ditto to -ditto. 

— 33 May 14. John Moyle-r-from ditto to 22d foot. 

— 37 June 27. Humphry Bland, Lt.-Col. 2d horse, to 13th drag. 

—41 Jan. 'g. James Fleming, Lieyt. -Col. 7th foot. 

— 51 Mar. 3f. Lord Robert Manners — from ist foot guards, to 3d 

dragoon guards. 
—~6$ Sept. 1 1. Sir Richard Pearson, K. B.— fiom 63d foot to 13th 

—78 Nov. 26. Hon. Henry St John— from half-pay 91st foot. 


Military Dephrtment, 233 

Foot — 37th (or the North Hampshire) Regiment. 

Y^llov) facings ) white laccj with a red and a yellow stripe. 

i'jOZ Feb. 13. Thomas Meredyth — from at st foot. 

— 10 May 10. William Windress : died. 

—15 Aug. 23. Honourable John Fane, Earl of Westmoreland — 

from Lieut. -Colonel 37th foot to 1st grenadier 

— 17 Dec. ir. Edward, Viscount Hinchinbroke — from 48th foot 

reduced : died. 
— 22 Aug. 4. Honble. Robert Murray — from 38th foot. 
— ^§ Mar. 13. Henry Ponsonby — killed at Fontenoy, 7th July 

—45 June 17, Sir Robert Munrp, Bart.' — killed at Falkirk, Jan. 

17.1746. ""^^i ^^^"') ^ivc— io:^ 
—46 Apr. 3. Lewis Dejein— from Lieut.-Colonel ist gi-enadier 

•i. '• v^i7 ,^!:v; guards to 14th dragoons- .*'i^>-ii>\r- ■ 
—52 Nov. 27. Honourable James Stuart— from 3d foot guards: ^ 

T.-j-> --J!-:' " died. -ri.'C:L^iV .citihrAf ^V {<)■■_■, •■/' ■ y 
—68 May 9. Sir George Gray, "Bart— from 6ist foot: died. 
— 73 Feb. 19. Sir Eyre Coote, K.B. — from 27th, foot : died. 
— 83 Nov. I. Sir John Bailing, Bart. — from 43d foot : died. 
— 98 Jan. 18. Sir Hew Dalrymple,' knt. — from 8ist foot. 

tod bt . 

254 Military Departtnent. 

Foot — 38th (or the 1st Staffordshire) Regiment. 

7e//oiu /acings, white lace^ with two red and one y el-low stripe. 

1702 Feb. 13. Luke Lillingston : died. 

—•08 June 2. .Tames Jones ; died. 

—I I Nov. 27. Francis Alexander, broke. 

— 17 Sept. 23. Richard Lucas — ^from 48th foot, broke. 

—29 Dec. 25. E.dward Jones : died. 

— 33 May 13. Honble.'Robert Murray—from 37th foot : died. 

— 38 Mai:. 30. Charles, Duke of Marlborough — from 1st dragoons. 

— 39 Nov. 7. Robert D^lzell — from 33d foot broke. ,. / 

— 50 Mar, 13. Richard Phillips — from 40th foot : died.' 

— 52 Feb. 27. Alexander Duroure — from Lieut. -Colonel 24th foot 

to 4th foot. 
— 56 May 26. Sip James Lockhart Ross, Bart. — from Lieut.-Col. 

33d foot. 
—60 Oct. 12. David Watson — from 63d foot. 
— 62 Nov. II. Andrew Robinson — from 45th foot. 
■ Apr. 12. Sherrington Talbot — from 74th foot. 

—66 Nov. 24. Cadwallader, Lord Blaney— from half pay 91st 

—75 Dec. II. Sir Robert Pigot, bart. — from 55th foot. 
— 96 Aug. 2. James Rooke — from half-pay. 
1805 Oct. 9. Honble. Sir George James Ludlow, K.B.— -from 

96th foot. 



Military Department, - 235 

Foot — 39th (or the East Middlesex) Regiment. 

Green /act figs, white lace, with a light green stripe. 

1702 Feb. 13. Richard Coote : died. 

— 03 Mar. 17. Nicholas Sankey : died. 

— .i(^ i II. Thoma's Ferrers — from 33d dragoons broke to 17th 

—22 Sept. 28. William Newton— from 15th dragoons broke : died. 
—30 Nov. 10. John Cope — Lieut.-Colonel 2d grenadier guards to 

5th foot. 
—32 Dec. 15. Thomas Wcntworth— from 24th foot. 
— 37 Tune 27. John Campbell — from 25th foot. 
—38 Nov. r. Richard Onslow — from 8th foot. 
—39 June 6. Robert Dalway — from 13th dragoons. 
— 4P D^c. 28. Samuel W. Whitshed — Lieutenant -Colonel 8th 

dragoons to 12th dragoons, 
—45 June 14. Edward Richbell — from 62d foot broke to 17th 

■i— 57 Mar. 14. John Adlercron — Lieut.-Colonel 7th foot : died. 
-^66 Aug. 6. Sir Robert Boyd, K.B. — from ist foot guards : died. 
—94 July 2. NIsbett Balfour — from 94th foot. 

Foot — 40th (or the 2d Somersetshire) Regiment. 

Buffjacings, white lace, with a red and a black stripe. 

1717 Aug. 23. Richard Phillips — from J2th foot. 
*— 50 Mar. 31. Honble. Edward Cornwallis — from foot guards to 
24th foot. 


236 Military Department, 

1752 Mar. 4. Peregrine Thomas Hopson— from 29th foot. 
—59 June 9. Honble. John Barrington — from 63d to 8th foot. 
— 60 Dec. 10. Robert Armiger — from 65th foot. 
— 70 Mar. 20. Sir Robert Hai»ilton — from 107th half pay. 
—86 Aug. ir. Sir George Osborn, Bart.— from 73d foot. 

.i>i'i)g moil— .; 
Foot— 41st Regiment. Formerly a Regiment of Invalids. 

'Bkee-facitf^f^ Ptain 'Button Holes. 

1719 Mar. II. Edmund Fielding— from 53d foot broke. 

— 43 Apr. I. Tomkins Wardour — Lieut .-Colonel 2d horse guards. 

—52 Mar: 4. John Parsons — from 2d foot guards. 

— 64 May 16. Alexander, Lord Lindores— from 3d foot guards. 

■'-^^ Sept. 6. John Parker — from fopt guards. 

— 71 Aug. 5. Jorden Wren— Lieut.-Colonel 37thioot. 

— 84 Jan. 14. Archibald McNab — from half pay late 88th foot. 

On the 25th December 1787, bis Majesty was pleased to make this 
a regiment of the line, and assign it the following uniform, viz. 

Red facings, white lace, with a black stripe in the middle, 

1787 Dec. 25. Archibald McNab : died. 

1790 Jan. 13. Sir Thomas Stirling, Bart.*— from half pay late 71st 


Military Department* *^\^ 

Foot— 42d (or Royal Highland) Regiment. 

Blue facings, luhite lace, with a red stripe. 

1739 Oct. 251 John, Earl of Craufurd— from 3d foot guards to 2d 

grenadier guards. 
—41 Jan. 14. Hugh, Lord Semple — Lieutenant-Colonel 19th foot, 

to 25th foot. 
—45 Apr. 25. Lord John Murray— from 3d foot guards. 
—87 June 1. Sir Hector Munro, K.B. — from Salf pay late 89th 

1806 Jan. 7. George, Marquis of Huntly— from 92d foot. 


N.B. This regiment had a second battalion added to it In 1758, 
and which was disbanded in 1763. Another second battalion was 
added to this regiment, and sent to the East Indies^ and was disjoined 
and formed into the 73d regiment in the year 1786. 

Foot— 43d (or the Monmouthshire) Regiment. 

White facings, white lace, with a red and a black stripe, 

1741 Jan. 3. Thomas Fowke— Lieutenant-Colonel 7th dragoons 

to 2d foot. 
— — Aug. 12. William Graham — Lieut.-Colonel 2d foot. 
—46 Feb, 7. James Kennedy— from marines, 



J Military uepartmenU 

I'jSi Mar. 24. Sharrlngton Talbot — from 74th foot to 38th foot, 
— 62 Apr. 12. Honble. Beniiet Noel — from 2d foot guards : died. 
— 66 Sept. 16. Honble. George Cary— from 63d foot : died. 
—92 Apr. 26^ Edward Smith — Lieut.-Colonel horse guards. 

Foot — 44th (or the East Essex) Regiment. 

Yellow facings, white lace, with h/ue, yellow, and black stripes. 

1741 Jan. 7, James Long — from ist foot. guards to 4th marines. 

— 43 Mar. ir. John Lee — Lieut.-Colonel 4th foot. 

— 51 Feb. 26. Sir Peter Halket, Bart. — Lieut.-Colonel 55th fobt, 

killed n^ar Fort du Quesne, 1755. 
— $$ Nov. 13. Robert Ellison — Lieut-Col. 55th fbot : died. 
—S6 Mar, 13. James Abercrombie — from 50th foot : died. 
— 81 May 4. Charles Rainsford — from foot guards. 


Foot— 45th (or the Nottinghamshire) Regiment. 

Deep green facings, white lace, with a green stripe. 

1741 Jan. II. Daniel Houghton — from ist foot guards to 24th foot. 

—45 June 2. Hugh Warburton — from 27th foot. 

— 61 Sept. 24. Andrew Robinson— from foot guards : died. 


Military Department > 23^ 

1761 Nov. II. Honble. Johii Boscawen — from 75tli foot ; died. 
— 67 June I. William Haviland— from 60th foot : died. 
— 84 Oct. 18. Sir John Wrottesley, Bart. — from foot guards : died, 
—87 Apr. 25. James Cunningharae — from half pay, late Governor 

of Barbadoes. 
— 88 Sept.Ti. James Worwood Adeane — from horse grenadier 

1802 Apr. 2^, Cavendish Lister— Lieut. -3d foot guards 


Foot — "i6th (or the South Devonshire) Regiment. 

Ts I low facing s^ white lace, with red and purple worms. 

J741 Jan. II. John Price — from ist foot guards. ' 

— 43 J^*^^ 23. Honourable Thomas Murray — Lieut.- Colonel 3d 

foot guards. 
— 64 Nov. 21. Honourable William Howe— Lieut.-Colonel v58th 

foot to 23d foot. 
— 75 May II. Honble. Sir John Vaughan, K.B. — frorh half pay 94th 

— 95 Aug. 8. Sir James Henry Craig, K.B.— Lieut.-Colonel iftk 

foot to 86th foot. 
1804 Jan. 6. John White — from ist West India Regiment. 

340 Military Department. 

I^ooT— 47th (or the Lancashire) Regiment, 

White facings f white lace^ with one red and two biack stripes. 

1741 Jan. 15. John Mordaunt— from 3d foot guards to 18th foot. 
—43 Mar. 13. Peregrine Lascelles— Lieutenant-Colonel ist foot 

—•72 Apr. 2. Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester— from half-pay 93d 

foot to 15th dragoons. 
—90 July 16. Adam Williamson — Lieut.-Colonel i8th footto 72d 

*' foot. 

—94 Mar. 19, William Palrymple — late Quartermaster-General in 

North America. 

Foot — 48th (or the Northamptonshire) Regiment. 

Bujffaa'ngs, white lace^ with a black and a red stripe. 

1 74 1 Jan. 13. Honble. James Cholmondeley — Lieutenant-ColoneJ 
3d horse guards to 34th foot. 

43 Mar. 14. Lord Harry Beaucierk — Lieutenant- Colonel ist foot 

I ' guards to 31st foot. 

4^ Apr. 25. Francis Ligonier — Lieutenant-Colonel 8th drag. 

,..46 — 6. Honble. Henry Seymour Conway — from foot guards 
to 34th foot. 

J 749 

Military Department, 241 

1740 July 24. George, Viscount Torrlngton— from half pay 4th 

—50 Aug. n. William, Earl of Home^from 3d ^foot guards to 

25th foot. 
—52 Apr. 29. Thomas Dunbar— Lieutenant-Colonel i8th foot^ 

resigned and made Lieut.-Governor. 
'•■'S^ Nov. II. Daniel Webb— from Lieut-Colonel 8th horse to 

8th foot. 
— 66 Dec. 16. William Browne— from the half pay of 73d foot : 

died. ' < 

—73 — — 15. William Alexander 3orrel-~-from 2d foot guards i 

—83 Mar. 31. Robert Skene— Adjut.-General North Britain : died. 
—87 May 23. Patrick Tonyn— from half pay. 
iSoj Jan. 1. Lord Charles Fitzroy— from 60th foot. 

Foot— 49th (or the Hertfordshire) Regiment. 

1^ Full green facings, Uibite lace, with two red and one green stripe. 

1743 Dec. 25. Edward Trelawny— governor of Jamaica. 
—54 Jan. 22. George Walsh— Lieut.-Colonel pth foot. 
—61 Oct. 24. John Stanwix— from 6oth foot to 8th foot. 
— 64 Apr. 21. David Graeme—from half pay 105th foot to 19th 
-68 May 25. Honble. Alexander Maitland — from ist foot guards. 

["▼OL. 11.] F Foot 

242 Military DepaxtmsnU 

Foot — 50th (or the West Kent) Regiment. 

Black facings, white lace, luith a red stripe. 

1755 Dec, i8. James Abercromby— Lieut, -Colonel ist foot to, 44th 
foot. , " ^ 

— ^d May to. Studholme Hodgson — from foot guards to 5th foot. ^ 

—59 Oct. 23. John Griffin Griffin — from 3d foot guards to 33d foot. 

—60 May 5. Edward Garf — from ist foot guards : died. 

— 64 Sept. 5. Sir William Boothby, Bart. — from 63d to 6th foot. 

— 74 Feb. 3. Micbael O'Brien Dilkes — late Q^uartermaster-Geiie- 
ral, Ireland. ' ' 

—75 Sept. I. Hdnble. George Monson— 'from half pay 96th foot : 

... . .._.,.-._._ ...died. ,. - '•,rti':i'-: . :i. 

— 77 Apr. 30. Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, JS^^n^&om 2d foot 
guaeds : died. 

—98 Aug. 31, Sir James Duff, knt.— from ist foot guards. 

Foot — 51st (or the 2d Yorkshire, West Riding) Regt. 

heep ^reen facings, white lace, with a green wonn stripe* 

i755 Dec. 19. Robert Napier— Adjutant-General Souya,]Kitain,, 

to i2th foot. 

ry Apr. 22. Thomas Brudenell— Lieut. -Colonel : died. .^ 

67 June 14. Honble. Archibald Montgomery, afterwards Earl 

of Eglintoune— from half pay 77th foot tb_2d 


9j Dec. 8. Anthony George Martin — ^from foot guards : died. 

<8oo May 9. William Morshead^-from 60th foot. 


Military Department, 243 

Foot. — 52d(or the Oxfordshire) Regiment. 

Buff facings tVi)hite lace, with a red worm and one orange stripe. 

1755 Dec. 20. Hedworth Lambton— from 3 d foot guards. 
—58 June 7. Edward Sandford— from 2d foot guards to 26th foot. 
—60 Nov. 27. Sir John Saunders Sebright— from 83d to i8th foot. 
—62 Apr. I. Sir John Clavering, K. B.— from 2d foot guards. 
—78 May 14. Cyrus Trapaud — from 70th foot. 
1801 — — 8. Sir John Moore,. K.-K^-from 2d batt. 52d foot. 

N.B. This regiment had a second battalion, which was formed into 
-the 96th regiment of foot, May 180 1 . 

Foot. — S3d (or the Shropshire) Regiment. 

Red facings, white lace^ with a red stripe. 

1755 Dec. 21. William Whitmore — frqm foot guards to 9th foot. 
T— 59 Apr. 5. John Toovey — dragoons.. 
t'Ui-70 Feb. ' 5. Robert Dalrymple Horn Elphinstone — from half pay 
1 20th foot. 
—94 Maijr"- 2.' Gerard Lake — from foot guards to 73d foot. 
— 96 Nov. 5. Welbore Ellis Doyle — from half pay : died. 
— 97 Jan. 3. Chailes Ctosbte — from half pay. 

R 2 Foot 

Military. Department* 

Foot. — 54th (or the West Norfolk) Regiment. 

Popinjay green facings^ ivhite lace, with a green stripe. 

1755 Dec^as. John Campbell — A. C. K. and Lieutenant-Coloiicl! 
4 2d foot to 14th dragoons. 

r^ Apr. 5. John Grey — Lieut .-Colonel 36th foot. 

67 Sept. 11. John Parslow — from 70th to 30th foot. 

76 Apr. 3c. Mariscoe Frederick — fromhalf pay 75th foot. 

1801 May 8. Sir David Baird, K.C.— from 2d battalion 54th foot. 

Foot.— 55th (or the Westmoreland) Regiment. 

Dark green facings, white lace, with two green stripes. 

1755 Dec. 25. Charles Perry — from foot guards. 
-— j7 Sept. 28. George Augustus Viscount Howe — from 60th foot ; 

John Prideaux— from foot guards : killed. 

James Adolphus Oughton — Lieutenant- Colonel 37th 
foot to 31st foot. 

William Gansell— from foot guaids. 

Richard, Earl of Cavan — from. foot guards. 

Robert Pigot — Lieut.-Colonel 38th to 38th foot. 

James Grant — Lieut.-Colonel 40th to i ith.foot. -* 

Loftui Anthony Tottenham— from half pay. 


—58 Oct. 


--59 July 


— 62 Aug. 


—74 Aug. 


—75 Sept. 




—91 Nov. 


Military Department. 245 

Foot. — 56th (or the West Essex) Regiment. 

Purple facings^ white lace, with a pink coloured stripe. 

1755 Dec. 28. Lord Charles Manners — from foot guards. 

««.6j: , 17. Honble. William Keppel — from foot guards to 14th 

—6$ June 12. James Durand — from ist foot guards. 
— 66 May 22. Hunt Walsh — Lieut.-Colouel 28th foot. 
—95 Mar. 7. Samuel Hulse — from foot guards. . 
■ — 97 Jan. 24. Honble. Chapel Norton— from 8ist foot. 

Foot.— 57th (or the West Middlesex) Regiment. 

Yellow facings y white lace, with a black stripe. 

'755 P^c. 26. JohnArabin — Lieut.-Colonel 8th dragoons. 

~57 Mar. 2:2. Sir David Cunninghame, Bart. — Lieutenant-Colonel 

2jth foot, 
[r— 67 Nov. 4. Sir Jol^h Irwine^ K.B. — ^half pay 74th f. to 6th horse. 
—80 i- . i ' I 2. John Campbell—- Lieut. -Colonel 17th foot. 


246 Military Department, 

Foot. — 58th (or the Rutland3hire) Regiment. 

Black facings , white lace, with a red stripe* 

1755 Dec. 28. Robert Anstruther — Lieut. -Colonel 26th foot. 
—67 — — 14. Robert Cunningbame — from half-pay to I4tli foot, 
—75 Oct. 18. Honble. George West — from foot guards. 
—76 Feb. 10. Lancelot Baugb— from foot guards to 6th foot. 
—87 Apr. 18. George Scot — from half pay 89th foot. 



Foot. — 59th (or the 2d Nottinghamshire) Regiment, 

Furple facings, white lace, with a red and yellow stripe, 


J755 Dec. 30. Charles Montagu — from foot guards to 2d foot. 

•—70 Nov. 27. John Owen — Lieut.-Colonel dragoons. 

— 76 Jan. 12. Sir David Lindsay, Bart. — from ist foot guards. 

— 97 Mar. 14. Andrew Gordon — Lieut.-Colonel 89th foot to 26th 

j8oi — — 28. Alexander Ross — from 89th foot. 


Military DepartmenU 247 

Foot. — 60th (or Royal American) RegimeiU. Four 


Blue facings^ white lace, with tivo -hlue stripes. 

Colonels in Chief, 

.01 .d^'- 
1755 Dec. 25. John, Earl of Loudoun. "' . -~ 

;— 57 — — 27. James Abercromby. 
—58 Sept. 20. Sir JefFery Amherst, K.B. 
— 68 . 27. Honble. Thomas Gage. 
> -» ■ Nov, 7. JefFery Lord Amherst. 
—97 Aug. 23. His Royal Highness Frederick, Duke of York. 


Colonels Commandant. 

1756 Jan. I. John Stanwix— from half pay 71st foot broke to 49th 

— — I 2. Joseph Dussaux — from half pay late 74tli foot broke. 
■ 3. Charles jeffereys — Lieut-Colonel 14th foot to 14th 

II —. .. 4. James Prevost-rtaised. the regiment in Germany and 


- 57 F^;c<a5'^ George Augustus, Viscount Howe — from foot guards 

. ^ to 55th foot. 

Sept. 28. Charles Laurence — Lieut. -Col. 45th foot. 

Dec. 20. Hon. Robert Monckton — Lieut.-Col. 47th to 17th f. 

— 59 Oct. 24. Honble. James Murray — Lieut.-Colonel 15th to t3th 

— 60 Dec. 9. William Haviland — Lieut.-Col. '27th to 45th foot. 
-6 1 Nov. II. Marcus Smith-t-Lieut.'Colonel 7th to 63d foot. 

R 4 Th: 

24? Military Department, 

The 3d and 4th battalions, commanded by Colonels Haviland and 
Smith, were disbanded in 1763. In September 1775, a 3d and 4th 
battalions were again added to this regiment, which were disbanded 
in 1783. 

1767 Dec. 16, Bigoe Armstrong — from p2d to 8th foot. 

—72 Oct. 20. Sir Frederick Haldimand— from 60th foot. 

—75 Sept. 17. William Taylor — Lieutenant-Colonel 32d to 24th 

... ——m 18. Augustine Prevost — Lieut .-Colonel 60th foot, 
r— 76 Jan. -J. James Robertson— Lieutenant-Colonel 6th to i6th 


' 16. John Bailing — from 28th to 43d foot. 

— 78 May 14. Gabriel Christie — from Quartermaster-General North 

In 1787, a 3d and 4th battalion were again added to this regiment. 

1787 Octv* ?^ir>3 William Rowley— from half-pay. , 

■ I. . r 3. Hon, William Gordon — from half-pay to ^^ foot; 

«_8S — — 20. James Rooke-r-from half-pay to 38th foot. ' 

•^89 Apr. Alured Clarke— Lieut .-Colonel 5th to jth foot. , 

■ — 94 Aug. 2 Thomas Carleton — from 93d foot. 

_96 - 6. Peter Hunter-r-from Lieut. -Colonel 60th to 9th foot. 

A 5th battalion added in December 1797, to consist of foreigners. 

1797 Dec. 30. William Morshead— from foot guards to 51st foot. 
—98 Nov. II. I William Gardiner — from half-pay to 99th foot. 

A 6th battalion added. 

1799 July 25. Robert Brownrigg — foot guards to 9th foot. 

1800 May 9. J T. Sloughter Stanwix — from foot guards, 

.^04 June 15. Lord Charles Fitztoy — from half-pa'y 2d batt. 20th 

foot to 4&th foot. 
—05 Jan. 4 Edward Morrison, Governor of Chester. 

— Oct. 12. Honourable John Hope — from half-pay late North 

Lothian Fencibles to 92d foot. 
—06 Jan. 7. 6 Napier Christie Burton — from Lieut.-Colonel 3d 
foot guards. 

N. B^ The 60th regiment consists of 6 battalions, and the figures 
shew by whom each battalion is commanded. 


Military Department. 249 

•ts tit- 

Foot — Gist (or South Gloucestershire) Regiment. 
The second battalion of the 3d Regt. 

Buff" facings^ white lace, with a blue stripe-. ■ 

1758 Apr. 21. Granville Elliot — frorrt the Elector Palatine's ser- 
vice. . 

"^5^, J^y *9« Sir George Gray, Bart. Lieut-Colonel horse gre- 
nadier guards, to 37th foot. 

—68 May 9. John Gore — from 3d foot guards to 6th foot. 

»-»73 Feb. 14. John Barlow, Lieut.-Col. 6rst foot : died. 

—78 May 24. Staats Long Morris — from half-pay ^pth foot : dl^d. 

jSqp Apr. 4. George Hewitt-^-from 2d batt. 5th foot. 

Foot— 62d (or Wihshire) Regiment. The second 
battalion of the 4th Regt. 

Tellowisb hufffacingSi white lace^ with two blue and one straw- 
coloured stripe.' 

1758 Apr. 21. William Strode— from foot guards. 
—76 Jan. 15. Valentine Jones, Lieut.-Col. 52d foot. 
— 79 Nov. 17. Edward Matthew — from foot guards. 
x8o6 Jan. George Nugent— from 85th foot. 


250 Military Departments, 

Foot — 63d (or West Suffolk) Regiment. The second 
battalion of the 8th Regt. 

Deep gneen facings, white lace , VDith a small green stripe. 

1738 Apr. 21. David Watson, ^r. M. G. to 38tli foot. 

—60 Oct. 12. Sir William Boothby, Bart. Lieut.-Col. jpth foot, 

'to 50th ditto, 
-—64 Apr. II. Richard Pearson — from foot guards to 36th foot. 
—65 Sept. 13. Sir Charles Ho^ham, Bart. — from foot guards to 

15th foot. -■■ r"^- /•;, .-iqt'i, .•^,,i,_ 

—68 Nov. 6. Fcancis Grant— from half. pay 9C)th foot. '^ Qc — 
—82 Jan. 2. Hon. Alexander I^eslie, Lieut.-Col. 64tfi1foOt,-^o 

14th ditto. \""' '•'■':"• 

— 88 July 4. George, Earl Waldegrave — from half-pay. 
— 89 Aug. 27. Alexander, Earl of Balcarras — from hqlf-pay-24 
batt. 71st foot. 

)0 ^qi- 

Foot — 64th (or 2d Staffordshire) Regiment. The 
second battalion of the 1 1th Regt. 

Black facings, white lace, and a black stripe. 

1758 Apr. 2i. Hon. John Banington — from 2d foot guards to 40tli 

—59 June 9. Hon. George Townehend — formerly in fioot guards, 

tp28th foot. J- 

MiHiary Department . 2S* 

1759 Dec. 20. Hon. George Gary— from foot guards to 43d foot. 
—66 Sept. I. John Pomeroy — from half-pay 123d foot. 
—90 June 26. John Leland — from foot guards. 

Foot — 65th (or 2d Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment. 
The second battalion of the 12th Regt. 

White facings J •white lace, with a red and block viorm^ and a black 


1758 Apr. 21. Robert Armiger— from foot guards to 40th foot. 
—59 Dec. ,8. George, Viscount Malpas- -from half-pay : died. 
—64 Mar. 22. Hon. Alexander Mackay — from half-pay I22d, to 

2 1 St foot. 
—70 Nov. 10. Edward Urmston— from 2d foot guards. 
—79 June 6' Thomas Calcraft— from half-pay : died. 
—83 Mar, 12. Charles, Earl of Harrington — from foot guards to 

29th foot. 
—88 Jan. 28. John Gunning — from half-pay : died. 
—97 Oct. II. Edmund Stevens— from foot guards. 

Foot — 66th (or Berkshire) Regiment. The second 
battalion of the 19th Regt. 

■ f 

Tellowish green facings^ white lace^ with crimson and green, and one 

green stripe, 

1758 Apr. 21. Edward Sandford— from 2d foot guards to 52d-foot. 
•— Aug. 24. John Lafausiile, Lieut.-Col. 8th foot. 


252 Military Department, 

1763 Jan, 19. Lord Adam Gordon — from 3d foot guards to 26th 

—76 Jan. 13. Joseph Gabbett, Lieut.-Col. i6th foot. 
—94 Nov. 22. Hon. Thomas de Burgh, now Earl of Clanricarde— 

from 96th foot. 

FooT-~67th (or South Hampshire) Regiment. The 
second battalion of the 20th Regt. 


Fale yellow facin^s^ white lace, with purple^ yeUow^and^reeS^tripes^ 

1758 Apr. 21. James Wolfe, Lieut.-Col. 2oth foot— killed at the 
battle of Q^uebec, Sept. 13. 1759. 

—59 Oct. 24. Lord Frederick Cavendish — from foot guards to 34th 

«— 60 ' 30. Sir Henry Erskine— restored to his rank, to 25th 

— 61 May 29. Hamilton Lambert, Lieut.-Col. 31st foot. 

— 74 Mar. II. Edward Maxwell Brown, Lieut.-Col. 21st foot. 

1803 — — I. Francis D'Oyley— from half-pay 2d batt. 15th foot. 

-— — ■•■■-■ 9. Peter Craig-.— from half-pay 2d batt. 62d foot. 


Military Department. 253 

Foot— 68th (or Durham) Regiment. The second 
battalion of the 23d Regt. 

Deep green facings J white lace, with yellow and black stripes. 

1758 Apr. 22. Joha Lambton— from foot guards. 

— 94 Mar. 26. John Mansell^ Lieut.-Colonel— killed at the battle 

of Gateau in Flanders, April 27. 1794. 
■■ May 2. Thomas Dundas — died in the "West Indies. 

— — Aug. 6. Alured Clarke — from 60th to 5th foot, 
— — Oct. 25., Hon. Charles Stuart — from half-pay to 26th foot. 
— ^^ Mar. i*-. Sir Thomas Trigge, K. B.— from 99th foot. 

Foot — 69th (or South Lincolnshire) Regimerj^ IJie 
second battalion of the 24th Regt. - ^ 

Willow green facings, white lace, with one red and two green stripes. 

1758 Apr. 23. Hon. Charles Colville, Lieut. -Col. 25th foot. 
—75 Sept. 1. Hon. Philip Sherard — from foot guards. 
— 90 '1 17. Ralph Abercromby — from half-pay to 6th foot. 

—92 Apr. 28. Henyy "Watson Powell, Lieut.-Col. 64th foot, to 

15th ditto. 
—94 June 20. Cornelius Cuyler— from 86th foot. 


^54 MiUtaty Department, 

Fdo'r--Srot!i (or Surrey) Regiment. The second batta- 
lion of the 31st Regt. 

Black facings^ white lace, viith a narrow black worm stripe. 

1758 Apr. 28. John Parslow— from foot guards to 54th foot. 
— 60 July 10. Cyrus Trapaud, Lieut.-Col. 3d, to jid foot. 
— 78 May 14. William Tryon— foot guards. Governor of New 

— 83 Aug. 16. John, Earl of Suffolk — ^half-pay . 

Foot— 7 1 st Regiment. This was the first battalion of the 
73d Regt. (Highlanders) raised by Lord Macleod. 

1777 Dec. 19. John, Lord Macleod— from the Swedish service. 
—89 Apr. 9. Hon. William Gordon— from 7th to 2ist foot. 
1803 Aug. 6. Sir John Francis Craddock, K. B.— from 2d batt. 
54th foot. 


Military Deparinienf* $ jj 

Foot— .72d Regiment. This was formerly the 78th Regt. 
(Highlanders) raised by the Earl of Seafortfi. 

1777 Dec. 29. Lleut.-Col. Commandant, Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth. 
— 8z Feb. 13. " Thomas Frederick Humberston Mac- 

1783 Nov. I. Colonel James Murray— from half-pay. 

— 94 Mar. 19. Sir Adam Williamson, K. B.-^from 47tli f. 

— 98, Oct. 23, 'I . i ,,_ James Stuart— feam SSthioot. 
AA Isr ionisyop gijhisu;^^ ;fool'!*-rtoxiT ini;»fliW .^x.\{.sM i''^ 

Foot — 73d Regiment. This was the 2d batt. of the 42dj( 
or Royal Highland Regt. in the East Indies, where it 
was regimented and made the 71st Regt. 

1786 Apr. 18. Sir George Osborne, Bart.— from foot guards to 

40th foot. - , •. 

-.— Aug. u. Sir William Medows, Lieut.-Col. 5th foot, to 7th 
' , ' - ■ - dragoon "guards. 
—26 Nov. 2. Gerard Lake— from 56th to 80th foot. 
1800 Feb. 14. George Harris, Lieut.-Col.— from^ 76th foot. 


256 Military Department, 

Foot — 74th Regiment. 

J787 Oct. 12. Sir Archibald Campbell, K. B. — ^half-pay as Lieut. 

Colonel 7 1 St foot. 
— 9c Apr. I. Charles O'Hara — from 2 ad foot ; died. 
1802 Mar. 21. John, Lord Hutchinson — .fi-om 2d batt. 40th foot. 

Foot— 75th Regiment. 

i'/87 Oot. 12. Sir Robert Abercromby, K. B. Licut.-Coloncl 37th 

Foot — 76th Regiment. 

1787 Oct. 12. Thomas Musgrave, Lieut.-Colonel 40th foot. 

, Foot — 77th Regiment. 

X787 Oct. 12. James Marsh, Lieut.-Colonel 43d foot. 
1804 June 15. Albemarle Bertie — from 9th foot. 


Military Department* 25; 

Foot— 78th Regiment (Highlanders). Two battalions. 

1793 Mar. ^8, Francis Humberstone Mackenzie (now Lord Sea- 
*''*'"-' forth), with temporary rank as Lieut.-Colonel 


1796 Feb. 27. Alexander Mackenzie, Lleut.-Col. 78th foot. 

Foot — 79th Regiment (Highlanders). 

1793 Aug. 17. Allan Cameron. 1 

Foot— 80th Regiment. 

1793 Sept. 12. Henry, Lord Paget, Lieut. -Col. 15th daagoons. 
—95 June 16. John St. Leger, Lieut.-Col. 16th dragoons : died in 
the East Indies. 
Soo Feb. 14. Gerrard Lake, Lord Lake — from 76'th foot. 

[vol. II.] r; Foot 

^5 8 Military Department, 

IFooT — 81st Regiment (or Lincoln Volunteers). 

Albemarle Bertie — from foot guards to 9th foot. 
Winter Blathvvaite, Lieut. -Col. horse guards to drag. 
Kon. Chapel Norton — from foot guards to 56th foot. 
Gordon Forbes — from half-pay to 29th foot. 
Sir Hugh Dalrymple, Knt. Lieut.-Col. 68th, to 

37th foot. 
John Graves Simcoe, from half-pay as Lieut.-Col. 

Commandant of a corps of cavalry, to 22d foot. 
Henry Johnson, Lieut.-Col. 17th foot. 















—98 Jan. 





Foot — 82d Regiment (or Prince of Wales's Volunteers). 
Two battalions. 

1794 Feb; I. Charles Leigh— from foot guards to aothfoot. 
— 97 Maf. 4. James Stuart, Lieut.-Col. 7 2d foot. 
— 98 Oct. 23. Henry Pigot— from foot guards. 

N. B. — The second battalion was afterwards reduced. 


Military DeparimenU - 259 

' Foot — 83d Regiment. 

1793 Sept. 28. William Fitch, Lieut.-Col. Commandant— LIeut.» 

Col. 15th foot. Killed in Jamaica. 
—95 Nov. i8. James Balfour— from half-pay. 

Foot — 84th Regiment. Two battalions. 

1793 Nov. 2. George Barnard — from foot guards. 

N. B.— The second battalion reduced in 1796. 

Foot — 85th Regiment. 

1793 Nov. 18. George Nugent — from foot guards. 
f8o5 Dec. Sir Charles Ross, Knt. — from hal£pay id battalion 

85th foot. 

s 2 Foot 

26o ' Military Department, 

Foot — 86th Regiment. 

1793 Oct. 30* Cornelius Cuyler, Lieut. -Col. 46tli, to 69th foot. 
—94 June 20. Russel Manners — from half-pay dragoons, to 26th 

—95 Mar. 25. William Grinfield — from foot guards. Died in the 

West Indies. ■ - 
1803 Jan. 5. Sir James Henry Craig, K. B. Lieut.-Colcftiel l6th 


Foot— 87th Regiment. 

1793 Sept. 18. Sir John Doyle, Bart. 

Foot — 88th Regiment (or Connaught Rangers). 

1793 Sept, 2,^. Hon. Thqmas de Burgh — from half-pay to 66th foot. 
— "94 Nov. 27. Jolm Rcid — from half pay. 


Military Deparime?it. S$i 

Foot — 89th Regiment. 

1793 Dec. 3. William Crosbie — from 22d foot. 
! — 95 Dec. 26. Andrew Gordon, Lieut.-Col. 26th, to 59th foot, 
— 97 Mar. 4. Henry Bowyer, Lieut.-Col. 68th, to 1 6th foot. 
Dec. 15. Alexander Ross, Lieut.-Col. 59th foot. 

1 80 1 Mar. 26. James Ogilvie — from 2d batt. 4th, to 3 2d foot. 

1802 Sept. 4. Sir Eyre Coote, K. B. — fronj half-pay :?d battalion 

J 7th foot. 


FooT-^90th Regiment (or Perthshire Volunteers). Two 
V battalions. 

1794 Feb; 10. Thomas Graham. 

N. B.— The second battalion reduced in 1796. 

Foot — 9 ] st Regiment. 
1796 May 3. Duncan Campbell. 

53' F«OT 

262 ■ Military Department, 

Foot — 92d Regiment. 

J 796 May 3. George, Marquis of Huntly — from 3d foot guards to 

4xd foot. , . . 

1806 Jan, 7. Hon. John Hope — from 60th foot. 

Foot- — 93d Regiment,' 

jSoo Ayg. 25. William Wemyss. 

Foot — 94th Regiment (formerly the Scotch Brigade, of. 
Three battalions). 

J 794 Oct. 9> Trancis Dundas. 

Foot — 95th Regiment (Riflemen). 

Clothed in green. 
:|8co Aug. 25. Coote Mahningham. 


Military DepartJiient, -^3 

Foot — 96th Regiment, Two battalions. 

1801 May 3. Hon. Sir George J. Ludlow, K. B. — from 38th foot. 
— Oj Oct. 12. GeorgeDon — ^from 7th West India regiment. 

Foot— 97th Regiment. 

1798 D^. 26* Sir John Stewart, Kn^. 

Foot— 98th Regiment. 

J 805 Mar. 2. John Burke. 

Foot— 99th Regiment. 

1805 Mar. 2. Francis, Viscount Matthew. ' 

Foot— 100th Regiment, 

1805 Mar, 2. Frederick John Falkiner. 

54 • Wt.t- 

264 Military Department* 

West India Regiments. (Black Troops.) 

1st Regiment. 

1795 Apr. 24. John Whyte — from lialf-pay to 46th foot. 

1804 Jan. ,5. Lord Charles Somerset — from half-pay late 103d foot. 

2</ Regiment. 

^795 -Apr. 24. Sir William Myers, Bart. : died. 
1S05 Richard, Earl of Cavan, 

3</ Regiment. 
1795 May 20. William Keppel. 

^th Regimeat, 
' < 29. Oliver Nicholls. 

5th. Regiment. ' 

. . . 20. Stevens Howe : died. 

—96 Nov. 30. Charles Graham — Lieut. -Colonel 42d foot : died. 
1800 Aug. 6. Harry Calvert — from foot guards to 14th foot. 
—06 Sir Charles Asgill, Bart.— from foo guards. 

dth Regiment, 
1795 May 29. John Whitelock. 

Military Department, 265 

*]th Regiment. 

i'/98 Sept. 6. John Moore — Lietit.-Colonel 51st foot. 
— 99 Nov. 25. George Don — Lieut.-Colonel 59th foot. 
1801 Isaac Gascoyne — from foot guards. 

8/^ Regiment, 
1802 Apr. 29. Thomas Hi slop. 

Royal Garrison Battalions, now stiled Veteran RegimentSj 
formed December 25, 1802. 

1st Regiment. 

1794 June 26. James Stewart. 

1802 Dec. 28. William Edraeston— late 95th foot. 

2d Regiment. 
1802 Dec 25. David Home — from 2d dragoons. 

, 3^ Regiment. 

1802 Dec. 25. James Lumsdaine — from half pay. 

4/A Regiment. 

j8o2 Dec. 25. Grice Blakenev — Lieut.-Colonel 14th dragoons. 


266 Military Department, 

^th Regiment. 

1802 Dec. 28. Charles Horneck — from half-pay. 

— 04 Apr. 16. Honble. Francis Needham — from foot guards. 

6th Regiment. 
i8c2 bee. 28. Paulus iEraillus Irving — from half-pay. 

' ']th Regiment. 

j8o2 Dec. 28. Thomas Murray. 

8/A Regiment. 
j8o5 Oct. 29. John W. T. Watson — from foot guards. 

gth Regiment. 
1805 Oct. 29. Colin Mackenzie, 'Lieut.-Col. 15th foot. 

' Royal Garrison Battalions. 

1st Regiment. 
1805 Feb. 2S' George Henry Vansittart. 


Military Department, 267 

2d Regiments 
1805 Feb. 25 John Robinson. 

^d Regiment. 
Honble. Thi)mas Maltland. 

Garrison Battalions reduced. 

1st Regiment. 

1803 July 9. John Leveson Gower. 
Oct. 22. Hildebrand Oakes. 

id Regiment, 
July 9. Robert, Earlof Roden. 

^d Regiment. 
Honble. William Lumley. 

^th Regiment. 
John C. Sherbroke. 

^tb Regiment. 
Honble. Thomas Maitland, 


268 Military Department, 

6th Regiment, 
James Durham. 

7//6 Regiment. 
John Robinson. 

%th Regiment. 

Jlobcrt Dudley Blake. 


gth Regiment. 

William, Earl of Craven. 

iQth Regiment, 
John Leveson Gower. 

ilth Regiment. 
Honble. John Brodrick. 

12th Regiment, 
George Henry Vansittart. 

i^th Regiment. 
James Lcith. 

14//& Regiment. 
Sir William Erskine, Bart. 


Military Department, '26g 

i^tb Regiment. 
Honble. C. Stapleton, 

\6th Regiment. 
Edmund, Earl of Corke, 


Regiments not Numbered, 
African Corps. 

1800 Apr. 28. Colonel John Eraser. 

Two Regiments of Infantry at Ceylon. 

J 80 1 Apr. 25. Colonel JosiaK Champagne. 
Colonel William Ramsay. 

York Rangers. 

1803 Sept. 25. Colonel C. Stevenson. 

Queen's German Regiment. 

Colonel Sir John Stewart, knt. 


^'jo Military Department* 

King's German Legion. 

1803 Nov. 12. Colonel in Chief, His Royal Highness the Duke of 


\st Regiments 
Colonel Baron Boek. 

2d Regiment, 
Colonel Shutte. 


1st Regiment. 
Colonel Charles Baron Linsinger. 

, 2.d Regiment, 

Colonel Victor Baron Alten. 

3</ Regiment. 
Colonfel J. G. Baron Reden. 


Military Department.^ ayi 


1st Regiment. 
Lieut.- Colonel Christian Baron Compteda. 

iJ Regiment. 
Colonel Adolphus Baron Barsse. 

3</ Regiment. 
Colonel H. Henuber, 

^th Regiment. 
Colonel Ernest B^ron Langwerth. 

^th Regiment. 
Colonel G. de Drieberg. 

6tb Regiment. 
Colonel A. Baron Honstedt. 

7/^ Regiment. 
Colonel F. Baron Dreehesel. 


ij/ Regiment. 
Colonel Charles Baron Alten. 


0.*]% Military Department, 

id Regiment. 
Lieut.-Colonel Colin Halket. 


Colonel Baron Decken. 


Captain J. Hessebroick. 

Captain George Frederick Schater. 

De Meuroix's Regiment. 

1794 Dec. 9. Colonel Count de Meuron. 

De Rolle's Regiment, at Gibraltar. 

1794 Dec. 9. Colonel Baron de RoUe. 

Regiment of Infantry at Malta* 
iSoi May I. Colonel Frederick de Watteville. 

Chasseurs Britanniques, at Malta. 

1803 Feb. ic. Colonel John Ramsay. 


Military Department* ^273 

Dillon's Regimeiit. 

1795 Feb. I. Colonel Edward Dillon. 

York Light Infantry Volunteers, in the West Indies. 

1804 Jan, 16. Colonel Sir Charles Green, Bart, 

Royal Corsican Rangers, at Malta. 

1804 Lieut .-Colonel Commandant Hudson Lowe. 

A Regiment in the East Indies, v 

Colonel Charles Baillie. 

Royal Maltese Corps, 

1 8C4 Colonel William Anne Villetes. 

[vol. ir.] T Succession 

274 7d Hilary Department, 

Succession of Master-Generals, and Lieutenant- 
• Generals of the Ordnance. 


1596 Mar. 29. Robert, Earl of Essex. 
1603 Sept. 16. Charles, Earl of Devonshire.. 
—09 June 27. George, Earl of Totness. 
May , Horatio, Lord Vere. 
Aug. 26. Sir Richard Morrison, Knt. 
. Sir Thomas Stafford, Knt. 
. Mountjoy^ Earl of Newport. 
, Sir William Compton, Kut, 
John, Lord Berkeley. 
Sir John Duncomb, Knt. 

■— Thomas Chicheley. 

1670 June 4. Thomas Chicheley. 
— 79 Jan. 23. John Chicheley. 

. — — Sir William Hickman. 

^— Sir Charles Musgrave, Knt. 

— 81 Jan. 28. George, Lord Dartmouth. 

. — 89 Apr. 28. David Schomberg. 

—93 J"^y 28. Henry, Viscount Sidney, afterwards Earl of Romnev 

1702 June 29. John, Earl of Mailborough. 

— II Jan. 10. Richard, Earl Rivers. 

—^12 Sept. 5. James, Duke of Hamilton. 

— 14 Oct. 4. John, Duke of Marlborough. 

— 22 June 2 2. William, Earl Cadogan. 

25 .' 3. John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich. 

— 30 May 3. John, Duke of Montagq. 

55 Chailes, Duke of Marlborough. 

— 57 Nov. 30. John, Viscomit Ligonier. 
— 63 John, Marquis of Granby. 

'72 George,, Viscount Townshend. 

-iii82 Charles,, Duke of Richmond. 

8^ George, Viscount (now Marquis) Townshend. 

1783 Charles, Duke of Richmond. 

— 95 Charles, Marquis Cornwallis. 

J 806 Feb. 8. Franci?, Earl of Moira. 


Military Department, I'j^ 


1603 Sir George Carew, Knt. 

"—^^ Sir William Haydon, Knt. 

—36 Jan. 28. Colin Legge. 

—70 Nov. 2j. David Walker. 

—72 Dec. 7. George Legge. 

—81 Jan. 28. Sir Charles Musgrave, Bart. 

— 87 Jan. I. Sir Thomas Tichbourne, Bart. 

—88 Apr. 26. Sir Henry Goodrick, Bart. 

1702 June 29. John Granville. 

—05 May 2. Thomas Erie. 

—12 June 21. John Hill. 

—17 Mar. 19. Thomas Micklethwaite. 

18 Apr. 21. Sir Charles Wills, fe. B. 

—42 George Wade. 

.—48 Sir John (afterwards Viscount and Earl) Ltgonier, 

R. B. 
—57 Nov. 30. Lord George Sackville. 
—59 Sept. 10. John, Marquis of Granby. 
—63 George, Viscount Townshend. ^ 

—67 Hon. Henry Seymour Conway. 

— 72 Jeffrey, Lord Amherst, K. G. 

— 82 Hon. Sir William (now Viscount) Hov^Ci K. B. 

1804 Nov. 6. Sir Thomas Trigge, K. B. 

Succession of Colonels to the Royal Regt. of Artillery. 

1705 Apr. 14. Albert Borgard. 
—50 Mar. 8. William Belford. 
-i— 57 Feb. 4. Borgard Michelson. 
-*-59 Nov. 20. George Williamson. 
*— 62 Mar. 10. Thomas Desaguliet^. 
—■71 Jan. I. Thomas Orde. 
—77 Apr. 25. James Pattison. 
—8© Mar. 21. John Godwin. 

T2 I78I 

276 • Miliiar'j Department. 

Samuel Cleaveland. 
II. Joseph Brome. 
William Martin. 
Benjamin Stehelin. 
Duncan Drummond. 
Antliony Farrihgton. 
Ellis Walker. 
Thomas Davies. 
Philip Martin. 
Vaughan Lloyd. 
Sir John Stewart, knt. 
Sept. 12. William Congreve. 

Wm. Orchard Huddleston. 
George Fead. 


1781 Dec. 


—82 Mar. 


—86 Feb. 


—94 Aug. 


— 95 Mar. 


— 96 Apr. 


' Sept. 


—99 July 




i8ci Oct. 


— 02 May 


1627 July 


Thomas Rudd. 
Sir Charles Lloyd. 

—62 Apr. 


Sir Barnard de Gomme. 

—85 Dec. 


Martin Beckman. 

171 1 Sept. 


Michael Richards., 

— 14 Dec. 


John Armstrong. 

— 42 July 


Thomas Lascelles. 

—57 May 


William Skinner. 

— 8r Tan. 


James Bramham. 

—86 Nov. 


Sir William Green, Bart. 
Gother Mann. 

N. B.— ^The 60th regiment of infantry consists of six battalions 3 
the 1st regiment of four battalions j the 27th regiment of three batta- 
lions j the 2d, 3d, 4th, 3th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 
15th, i8th, 2ist, 23'd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 30th, 31st, 32d, 34th, 
35th, 36th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 42d, 43d, 44th, 45th, 47th, 48th, 
50th, 51st, 52d, 53d, 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 6ist, 62d, 63d, 
66th, 67th, 69th, 71st, 72d, 78th, 79th, 8 2d, 83d, 87th, 88th, 
89th, 90th, 91st, 92d, 95th, and 96th regiments, have each two 
battalions. All the other regiments of infantry of one battalion 


C 277 ] 


On the 18th May 1784, an act of Parliament empowering his Ma- 
jesty to appoint six Privy Counsellors to be Commissioners for the 
affair's of India j one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, 
and the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the time being, always to be 
two of them ; three of whom shall make a board, and the said Secre- 
tary of State to be President, and In his absence, the Chancellor of 
the Exchequer j and in absence of both, the seniftr Commissioner shall 
be President. Their powers are very great, they having the superin- 
tendence and controul over all the British territorial possessions In the 
East Indies, and over the affairs of the United Company of Merchants 
trading to thf East Indies. ' , ' 

The President has the casting vote. His Majesty may revoke the 
commission at pleasure, and appoint new commissioners. Since this 
act passed. It was found necessary, from the great Increase of business 
which came before the Board, to Increase the number of the Commis- 
'sloners: the President has a salary of L. 2000 per annum, and three 
of tlie commissioners have each of them a salary of L. 1500 per annum. 

The Board Is vested with great powers'j and the Directors of the 
East India Company must, if required, lay all their letters and papers 
before them, and receive their orders ; and if they are not contented 
therewith, they can appeal to his Majesty in Council, 

T 3 A List 

a 7 B East-India Company, 

Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India. 

1^84 Tliornas, Lord Sydney, President. 

Right Hon. William Pitt. 
Right Hon. Henry Dundas, 
Thomas, Lord Walsinghatn. 
William Wyndham Grenville. 
Constantine John, Lord Mulgrare. 

1790 Mar. 6. William Wyndham Grenville, President. 

, Right Hon. William Pitt. 
Right Hon. Henry Dundas. 
Constantine John, Lord Mulgrave. 
Lord Frederick Canii^bell. ^ ^\ 

Hon. Dudley Ryder. 

1791 M^y 12. William Wyndham, Lord Grenville, Presidicnt. 

Right Hon. William Pitt. 
Rt. Hon. Henry Dundas. 
Lord Frederick Campbell. 
• James, Duke of Montrose. 
Thomas Steele, esq. 

1792 Rt.Hon.H. Dundas,President. 
Rt. Hon. William Pitt. 
James, Duke of Montrose. 
Lord Frederick Campbell; 
Thomas Steele, esq. 

3793 Rt. Hon. H. Dundas, President. 

William W. Lord Grenville. 
Rt. Hon. William Pitt. 
James, Duke of Montrose. 
^ Richard, Earl of Mornington, now Marquis W?l 

Robert, Viscount Belgrave, now Earl Grosvenor. 
Henry, Lord Apsley, now Earl Bathurst. 
Honble. Edward Jaines Eliot. 
Hon. Robert Banks Jenkinson, now Lord Hawkcs- 



EasUludia Company. 279.: 

I'jne June 30. Right Hon. Henry Dundas, President, 
William W. Lord Granville. 
William Henry, Duke of Portland. 
- Rt. Hon. William Pitt. 
James, puke of Montrose. 
Richard, Earl of Mornington. 
Robert, Viscount Belgravc. 
Henry, Earl Bathurst. 
Hon. Edward James Eliot. 
.Hpnble. Robert JB. .Tenkinsqn. 
Sylvester Douglas, esq. 
Rt. Hon. Henry Dundas, President. 
William W. Lord Grenville. 
William Henry, Duke of Portland. 
Rt. Hon. William Pitt. 
James, Duke of Montrose. 
Robert, Viscount Belgrave. 
Henry, Earl Bathurst. 
Robert B. Lord Hawkesbury. 
Sylvester Douglas, esq. 
William Dundas, esq. 
Rt. Hon. Hi Dundas, President. 
William W. Lord Grenville. 
William H. Duke of Portland. 
Rt. Hon. William Pitt. 
James, Duke of Montrose. ' 
Robert, Viscount Belgrave. 
Henry, Earl Bathurst. 
Sylvester Douglas, esq. 
William Dundas, esq. 
George Canning, esq. 
Rt. Hon. Henry Dundas, President. 
William, Lord Grenville. 
William Henry, Duke of Portland. 
Rt. Hon. William Pitt. ^ 

James, Duke of Montrose. 
Robert, Viscount Belgrave. 
Henry, Earl Bathurst. 
Sylvester Douglas, esq. 
William Dundas, esq, 
Thomas Wallace, esq. 
Richard Chandos. Earl Temple. 
George Viscount Lewisham, now Earl of Dart- 
mouth, President. 
William Henry, Duke of Portland. 
Robert Banks, Lord Hawkesbury, 

T 4 iSqi. 

28o East-India Company, 

l8oi Robert, Lord JHobart. 

Henry Addington, cscj. 

James, Duke of Montrose. 

Henry, Earl Bathurst. 

Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie. 

William Dundas, esq. 

Thomas Wallace, esq. 

Charles George, Lord Arden. 

Thomas, Lord Pelham. 

Edward Golding. 
j8cz Robert, Viscount Ca?tlereagh, President. 

William Henry, Duke of Portland, 

Robert, Lord Hawkesbury. 

Robert, Lord Hobart. 

Honble. Charles Yorke. 

Henry Addington, esq. 

Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie. 

William Dundas. 

Thomas, Lord Pelham. 

Charles George, Lord Arden. 

Edward Golding, esq. 
3803 Robert, Viscount Castlereagh, President. 

Wrn,. Henry, Duke of Portland. 

Robert, Lord Hawkesbury. 

Robert, Lord Hobart. 

Thomas, Lord Pelhairi, 

Henry Addington, esq. 

James, Duke of Montrose. 

Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie. 

Thomas Wallace, esq. 

Charles George, Lord Arden: 

Hon. Thomas Maitland. 

1804 Robert, Viscount Castlereagh, President. 
William Henry, Duke of Portland. 
James, Duke of Montrose. 
Robert, Lord Hawkesbury. 
John J. Earl Camden. 
Dudley, Lord Harrowby. 
Right Hon. William Pitt. 
Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie. 
Thomas Wallace, esq. 
Richard, Viscount Dunlo. 

1805 Robert, Viscount Castlereagh, President. 
. William Henry, Duke of Portland. 

Robert, Lord Hawkesbury. 
John J. Earl Camden. 


East-India Company, 281 

1805 Henry, Lord Mulgrave. 
Right Hon. William Pitt. 
Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie. 
Thomas Wallace, esq. 
Richard, Earl of Clancarty. 

1806 Feb. Gilbert, Lord Minto, President. 

George John, Earl Spencer. 
William Wyndham, esq. 
Right Hon. Charles James Fox. 
William, Lord Grenville. 
Lord Henry Petty. 
George, Viscount Morpeth. 
John Hiley Addington, esq. 
John Sullivan, esq. 


Charles William Boughton Rouse, (now Sir Charles.) 
1 79 1 Henry Beaufoy, esq. 
— 95 Honble. William Brodrick. 
1803- Benjamin Hobhouse, esq. 
1804 George Peter Holford, esq. 

yissistant Secretaries and Chief Clerks, 

Honble. William Brodrick. 
1795 James Bradley, esy. 
— 96 William Cabell, esq. ' 
1804 John Meheux, esq. 

A List 

282. East- India Company, 

A List of the Governors, Councils, Commanders In 
Chief of the Forces, and Judges, at the principal Set- 
tlements in the Jlast Indies, pertaining to the British 
East-India Company, from 1784, 

BENGAL— Calcutta or Fort William. 


Warren Hastings, esq. 
1785 Charles, Earl (afterwards Marquis) Cornwallis, K.G, 
— 92 Sir John Shore, Bart. 

— 97 Richard, Earl of Mornington, now Marquis Wellesley, 
1804 Charles, Marquis Cornwallis. Died in 1805. 
— 05 Sir George Hilario Barlow, Bart. 

Commanders in Chief, 

1772 Lieut.-General Sir John Clavering, K.B. Died In 1777. 

—78 — Sir Eyre Coote, K.B. 

—84 ' Robert Sloper. 

— 86 General Charles, Earl Cornwallis, K.G. 

—92 Lieut.-General Sir Robert Abercromby, K.B. 

—97 Sir Alurcd Clarke, K.B. 

i8co ' Gerard Lake, now Lord L^ke, 

Council in 1*]%$. 

Charles, Earl Cornwallis, Governor-General and President. 
Sir John Macpherson, Bart, 
Hon. Charles Stuart. 
John Shore, esq. 


Mast'India Company* ^ 28; 

Councii in 1805. 

Sir George Hilario Barlo\V, Governor. 
Gerard, Lord Lake, Commander-in-Chief, 
George Udny, esq. 
John Lumsden, esq. 

Hon. Henry Wellesley, 


Sir Elijah Impey, Knt. Chief Justice^ 
1^95 Sir William Dunkin, Knt. 
—97 Sir John Anstruther, Bart, 

"Puisne 'judges, - 

1774 Sir Robert Chambers. 

Stephen Csesar Le Maistre, esq. 

—83 Sir William Joaes, vice Le Maistre. 
—91 Sir William Dunkin, vice Chambers. 
~95 Sir James Watson, Knt. L.L.D. F.R.S, vice Jone:;, 
—97 John Royds, esq. vice Dunkin., 
—99 Sir Henry Russell, Knt. 


1774 Sir John Day, Knt. 
—86 Thomas Davies, esq, 
1802 R. Smith, esq. 


sSif East-India Compatv^, 



George, I.ord Macartney, K. B. afterwards Earl Macartney. 
1785 Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell, K. B. 
—93 Robert, Lord Kobart, now Earl of Buckinghamshire. 
•^-97 Edward, Lord Clive, now Earl of Powis, 
1802 Lord William Henry Bentinck, 

Commanders of the Land Forces, 

1774 Major-General Sir Hector Munro, K. B, 

-•84 Lieut-General Sir John Dalling, Bart. 

— 86 Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell, K. B. in absence fjf 

Earl Cornwallis. 
— 89 Major-General Sir William Medows, K.'B. 

«_96 Sir Alured Clarke, K. B. 

1802 Lieut. -General James Stuart. 

—04 i Sir John F. Craddock, K. B. 


Lord W. H. Bentinck, Governor. 

W. Petrie, esq. 

John Chamier. 

Licut.-General Sir John F. Craddock, K. B. 


Chief Justice, Sir Thomas A. Strange, Knt. 
p . I J y Sir Henry Gwillim, Knt. 

" ' ( Sir Benjamin Sullivan, Knt. 
Advocate-Gen, Alexander Anstruthcr, esq. 


EasUlndia Company. 285 



1784 William Hornby, esq. 
— 85 R. H. Boddam, esq. 

87 Major-General Sir William Medows, K. B. in absence of 

Earl Cornwallis. 
1800 Jonathan Duncan, esq. 

Commanders of the Land Forces. 

1787 Sir William Medows, K. B. 

— 89 Major-General Sir Robert Abercromby, K. B* 

— p4 ' ' Oliver Nicholls. 

Hon. Sir Arthur Wellesley, K. B. 

Colonel Hon. W. Monson. 


Governor, Jonathan Duncan, 
.fames Rivett, esq. 
William Page, esq. 
Major-General O. Nicholls. 
Recorder, Sir William Tyer, Knt. 


Thomas Lechmere, esq. 
George Parry, esq. 

Sir John Mackintosh, Knt. 


285 Easl'India Company • 



Daniel Corneille, esq. 
1786 Colonel Robert Brooke. 
1 80 1 Colonel Robert Patton. 


Philip Dundas, esq. 

Sir George Leith, Bart. 


[ 287 ] 


In ancient times the Kings of England used to hear and determine 
causes ; but it is. declared by law, that if the King cannot determine 
every controversy, he, to ease himself, may divide the labour among 
persons, men of wisdom, and fearing God, and out of such to appoint 
Judges. The Saxon Kings of England appointed a Judge after this 
manner, who was, in fact, the King's deputy. After the Norman 
Conquest, the person invested with that power had the style of Capi'' 
talis Justicioy or Justiciarius Anglice. These Judges continued 
until the erection of the Courts of King's Bench, and the Common 

The last person that had the office of Justictarius Anglicet was 
Philip Basset ; and he, for the better support of his high office, re- 
ceived an annual stipend of a thousand merks out of the King's Ex- 
chequer, at Easter and Michaelmas, by equal portions, as Hugh Bi- 
god his predecessor did. 

A List of the JusTici^rRS of England. 

1067 Odo, Bishop of Bayeux. 

William Fitzosbern. 
— 72 Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutance in Normandy, 
—73 William of Warren, or de Waienna. 

Richard de Benefacta. 
— 80 William de Carilefo, Bishop of Durham. 
—87 Odo; Bishop of Bayeu:!c, a second time. 


Justiciars of England. 

1088 William, Bishop of Durham, a second time.' 

Ranulph Flambard, Bishop of Durham. 

Hugh de Bocland. 
1107 Roger, Bishop of Salisbury. 
—14 Radulphus. 

Ralph Basset. 

Richard Basset, son of Ralph. 

Geoffrey Ridel. 

Geoffrey de Clinton. 

Alberie de Vere. 
—53 Henry, Duke of Ndrmandy. 
—62 Richard de Luci. 

Robert, Earl of Leicester. 
—81 Ralph de Glanvil. 
— 85 Gilbert Glanvil, Bishop of Rochester. 
— 89 Hugh, Bishop of Durham. 

William, Earl of Albemarle. 
—90 William de Longchamp, Bishop of Ely, Justiciar SiPuth of 

Hugh, Bishop of Durham, north of Trent. 
—94 Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
—96 Geoffrey Fitzpeter, Justiciar of all England. 
1200 John Grey, Bishop of Norwich. 
—06 Simon de Patteshull. 

Eustace de Fauconberg. 

Richard de Mucegos. 

Walter de Cresping. 

Saherus, Earl of Winchester. 
— 13 Peter do Rupe, Bishop of Winchester, Justiciar of England. 
— 14 Hubert de Burgo. 
— 16 William, Earl of Pembroke. 
— 19 Hubert de Burgo, afterwards Earl of Kent. , 
— 31 Sir Stephen de Segrave, Knt. 
—32 Simon de Pateshull. 
—33 Hugh de Pateshull, son of Simon de Pateshull. 

John de Kirby. 

William de Culeworth. 

Hugh Giffard. 
—38 Henry de Bathon, 
— j5 John, Abbot of Peterborough. 

Robert de Shouden. 

John de Hare. 

Nic de Handle. 
—57 Hugh Bigod, made by the Barons: 
—60 TlVe Abbot of Westminster. 

Hugh Le Despenccr. 
— 'i6i Philip Basset. 


Court q/ Kmg*s Bench, 289 

Of the COURT of KING's BENCH. 

This Court obtained its present name from the King sometimes sit- 
ting here on a high bench, and the judges, to whom the judicature 
belongs in his absence, on a low bench at his feet. This Court, in 
ancient times, was called Curia Domini Regis : and in the reign of 
King Edward I. a statute passed, by "which it was enacted, that this 
Court should attend the King, and follow him, so that he might- have 
at all times near him men learned in the laws, to do justice to such as 
might require it. It was afterwards fixed to be held at Westminster j 
and the judges took their oaths in the Court of Exchequer before the 
Lord High Treasurer. The judges of this Court used to ride to 
Westminster Hall on mules j but Sir John Whiddon, in the reign of 
Q^ueen Elizabeth, first introduced horses j but of late years they gb in 
coaches. In the reign of King Edward II. Hervey de Stanton, at 
that time Chancellor of th^ Exchequer, was appointed Chief Justice 
of this Court, with a special command not to resign the office of Chan- 
cellor, but to execute the same by some proper person, whenever he 
should be obliged to hear causes in this court. 'JThe Chief Justice of 
this court is always appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, when that 
office becomes vacant by death, or unexpected resignation. 

In this court are tried all pleas between the Crown and the sifbject, 
of treasons, felonies, misprision of treason, and other pleas which 
properly belong to the King j and also in whatsoever relates to the 
. loss of life or member of any subject, in which the King is concerned, 
as he is a sufferer by the loss of the life' or limbs of his subjects. This 
court hath power to examine and correct all errors in facto, and in 
in law, committed by the judges and justices in their judgments and 
proceedings in courts of record ; and this not only in pleas of the 
crown, but also in all pleas, real, personal, and mixed, the Court of 
Exchequer excepted. It hath also power to correct other errors and 
misdemeanors extrajudicial, tending to the breach of the peace, or 
oppression of the subject j and to grant prohibitions to courts ecclesi- 
astical a'nd temporal, to keep them within thdr own jurisdiction ; and 
may admit any person to bail for any offence allowed bailabld by law. 
If a freeman of any city, borough, or town-corporate, be unjustly 
disfranchised, the party aggrieved may have relief here. It hath also 
power to hold plea by bill, detinue, covenant, promise, or other per- 
sonal actions" against any one in the Marshal's custody, or any officer 
or person belonging to the court. 

VOL. II.] 'tt ' • *The 

1 90 Court of King's Bench. 

The jurisdiction of this court extends all over England, and is not 
so subject to cbntrout as others, because the law presumes the King to 
be here in person. So supreme also is the jurisdiction of this couit, i£ 
any record be removed hither, it cannot be remanded back but by act 
of Parliament. 

The Judges or Justices of this court, are the Premier Justices of 
Oyer and Terminer and Goal-delivery in the kingdom : so that when- 
ever this court sits in any county, the commission directed to the jus- 
tices in Eyre of Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery, are ipso facto 
void, without a formal revocation of commission. They are also the 
chief coroners of the land, aud therefore they receive appeals by bill, 
much rather than the sheriff and coroners. 

A List of the Chief Justices of the King^s B^nck. 

i.ijS Nicholas Hanlow, October 3, 
— 68 Robert Brun. - 

" — 78 Rplph de Hengham, June 23. 
— 90 Gilbert de Thornton. 
— (>6 Roger Brabason. 
13 17 William Inge, August 6. 

Henry le Scroop, June 15. 
— 23 Hervey de Stanton, June i. 
— 24 Geoffrey le Scroope, July 9. 
— 30 Robert de Malberthorpe, May i. 

Henry le Scroope, October 28. 
— 31 Geoffrey le Scroope, Dec. 19. 
— 34 Richard de Willoughby, Sept. lO. 
— 41 Robert Parning, July 24. 
-^47 William de Thorpe, Nov. 26. 
— 51 William de Shareshull, Oct. 20. 
— 58 'J'homas de Seaton, July 5. 
-^62 Sir Henry Green, Knt. May 24. 
— dG John Knyvet, Oct. 19. . - - , 

John de Cavendish, Oct. 29. Beheaded by the- Kentish rebels. 
— r82 Robert Tresylian, June 22. 
-7-88 Walter de Clapton, January 31. 
1401 William Gascoigne, Nov, 15. 
'''■ — 14 William Hankford, Jan. 29. 

Court of King's Bench, 29 1 

X424 WilHam Clieyne, January 21. 
—39 John Ivya, Jan. 20. 
— -40 John Hody, April 30. 
—62 John Markham, May 13. 
—69 Thomas Billing, Jan. 23, 
—82 William Husee, May 7. 
— 96 JohnFinux, Nov. 24. 
1526 John Fitzjames, Jan. 23. 
—39 Sir Edward Montagu^ Jan, 21. 
—46 Sir Richard Lister, knt. Nov. 9. 
—52 Sir Roger Cholmley, knt. Mar, 21. 
—53 Sir Thomas Bromley, knt. Oct. 4. 
-—54 Sir William Portman, knt. June ir. ' * 
—56 Sir Edward Saunders, knt. May 8. 
—59 Robert Catlin, Nov. 18. 

— 74 Sir Christopher Wray, knt. Nov., 8. ' , . 

1603 ^'^ J°^n Popham, knt. April 11. 
-^07 Thomas Fleming, June 25. 

—13 Sir Edward Coke, knt. Oct. 25. C^e^*^ 

— 20 John Ley, Jan. 29. J^ i*'*^ '- ' ^'^' 

—24 Sir Randolph Crape, knt. 'Jan. 26. - — -' 
— 26 Sir Nicholas Hyde, knt. Jan. 31. 
— 31 Sir Thomas Richardson, knt. Oct. 24. 
—^S Sir John Bramstone, knt. April 14. 

—43 Sir Robert Heath, knt. Oct. 31, ' 

— 60 Sir Robert Forster, knt. Oct. 22. 
— ^7, Sir Robert Hyde, knt. Oct. 19. 
— 65 Sir John Keyling, knt. Nov. 21. 
-—71 Sir Matthew Hale, knt. May 18. 
— 76 Sir Richard Rainsford, knt. April 12. 
— 78 Sir William Scroggs, knt. May 31. 
—81 Sir Francis Peraberton, knt. April 1 1. 
—82 Sir Edmund Saunders, knt. Jan. 23. 

— 83 Sir George JeiFeries, knt. Sept. 28. afterwards Lord High 
-'85 Sir Edward Herbert, knt. Oct. 23.' 
•^7 Sir Robert Wright,, knt. April 22. 

"- Sir John Holt, knt. April 17. 
I7^°'^ir Thomas Parker, knt. March t6.' afterwards created Lord 

Q (Parker ; and in 17 18 made Lord High Chancellor. 
— ^^ g/ohn Pratt, Knt. May 19. 

^^ r"?^^^ Raymond, knt. Feb. 28. afterwards created Lord 

Sir P°"^^- 
^^ Har? Yorke, knt. Oct. 27. created after^vards Lord 
^37 SirWiU^^^' and in 1737 made Lord High Chancellor. 
^cl Sir DudleJ-ee, knt. June 14. 
'>'* -ler, knt. April 20. 

u 2 1756 

29^ Puisne Justices of the King's Bonch» 

1756 William Murray, Lord Mansfield, Oct. 24. created in 1776, 

Earlof Mansfield. ' ' '.' ^ ■ 

— 88 Lloyd, Lord Kenyon, June 7. ■ 'C'"** 

1802 Sir Edward Law, knt. April, now Lord Ellenborougli. 

Puisne Justices of the King's Bench. 

1250 Alanus Le Zoush. «-«»' 
— jj Dc Bathan. t^— i 
62 Thomas Basset. , i{^~» 

Nic. de Turri. c i,— - 

Richard de Middleton. 

William Banquer. 
.: — 69 Nov. 30. John Le Britton. =— i— r|^-. 

'William de St Omer's. ^ .da'l ii~. 

Richard de Stains. .jqO 5^— 

—70 James Panton. ^ .v? veT,^ P-^-. 

Ralph Hengham. 

John de Cokefeud. 

Richard Stanes. 
74 Nic. de Stapleton. 

William de Saham. 

Mart, de Litilbir. 

John de Cobham. 
— 77 Walter de Wymb urn. 

John de Mitijigham. 
— 83 John de Cave. 

— 85 Elias de Suttone. 

-^8'9 ' Ralph de Sandwico. 

—90 Roger Brabason. 

Robert Mallet, 
-.—94 John Lovel. 

— 96 William de Ormesby. 

1308 Sept. 6. Gilbert dc Ruberry. 

Henry Spigurnell. 

Roger Le Brabason. 
— 16 Geoflfrey Le Scroope. 

—21 Robert de Malberthorpe. 

— 22 Walter de Say. 

William de I)ive. 





Puisne Justices of the King's Bench. 293 

1324 John de Stonore. 

—25 Walter Frishney. 

—29 Robert de Malberthorpe. 

—31 Jan. i8. Geofirey Edenham. 

, .Richard de Willoughby. 
D^c. J5. Thomas de South. 
— 32 Mar. 2. Thomas de Southere. 
I — — 28. William de Denum. 

—33 Jan. 28. Thomas Bacon. 
—34 Mar. 20. William de Shareshull. 
—35 Sept. 24., Robert de Scardeburgh. 
— 39 Apr. 4. Robert Brundish. 

William Fauiit. 
-i-40 May 2. William Scott. 
■ Sept, 6. John de Shardelow. 

— 41 Jan. 8. ^Robert de Scardeburgh. 
—42 Oct. 28. William Basset. 
—43 Jan. 10. Adam de Staingrave. ^ 

Roger de Baukwell. 
—46 Nov. 10. William de Thorpe. 
—^•n . 26. Roger de Baukwell. 

—55 Feb. 5. Thomas de Seton. ^ 
•—$6 Oct. 12. William de Norton, 
— 78 May 6. Robert Tresylian. 
— 83 Feb. 26. David Haneraere. 
— 88 Oct. 25. John de Lokton. 
— 89 May 20. John Hull. 

Hugh Hulse, 
1400 Sept. 30. John Hill. 
—14 May 2. Robert Thirwell, 
— 1(5 Jan. 16. Roger Horton. 

William Cheyne. 
—24 Jan. 23. John Halls. 
— 26 Feb. 6. William Westberry. 
— 34 J^ly 3" William Godrede. 
— 44 Feb. 6. John Markham, 

William Yelverton. 
— 57 May 9. Richard Bingham. 
— 65 Aug. 9. Thomas Billing. 
— 66 .Tune 4. William Laken. 
--7 1 Oct. 9. Sir Richard Bingham, knt. 
Richard Nule. 
William Yelverton. 
— 7^ June 17. John Needham. 

William Lakine. 
—7^ "^ir. 29. Thomas Young. 

tj 3 1478 

^ 294 Puisne Justices of the Kin^^s Bench, 

1478 Sept. 29. Guido Fairfax. 

William Jenney. 
_85 Oct. 20. John Sulliard. 
—88 July 16. Thomas Tremayle. 
— 99 Nov. 24. Robert Reed. 
1507 Apr. 28. Robert Brudnell. 
— 10 May 21. Humphrey Coningsby. 
•^22 Feb. 6. John Fitzjames. 
—33 Aug. 23. William Luke. 

Sir John Spilman, knt. 
---41 Jan. 26. John Port. 
.-„ . July 5. William Coningsby, 
Nov. 22. Edward Mervin. 

Robett Brood. 

Thomas Bromley. 

William Portman. 

John Widdon. 

Francis Morgan. 

Sir James Dyer, knt; 

William Rastell. 

William Dalison. 

Reginald Corbet. 

John Southcote. 

Thomas Carrus. 
•^74 Nov. 16. Thomas Gawdy. 
—76 May i^. John Jeoffries. 

John Clinch. 

Robert Schute. 

Francis Gawdy. 

Edward Fenner. 

Christian Yelverton^ 

David Williams. 

Laurence Tanfield. 

Sir John Crokenight, knt. 

Sir John Doderidgc, knt. 
22. Robert Houghton. 

Sir Thomas Chamberlain. 

Sir James Whitlock, knt. 

Sir Henry Yelverton, knt. 

Sir George Crook, knt. 

Sir Robert Berkeley, knt. 

Sir Robert Heath, knt. 

J'homas Mallet. 

Sir Robert Brerewood. 

Sir Thomas Mallet, knt. 

Thomas Twysden, esq . 


Pmsne jfuftices of the Kin^*s Bench. 295 

1660 Nov. 26. Wadham Wyndham, esq. 

— * June 28. Sir jbhn Keyling, knt. / 

,—^5 Nov. 3. Sir W, Mortxin, knt. vice Keyll'ng'» 
—68 Feb. 6. Sir Richard Rainsford, knt. -^ i > 

—-72 Jan. 22. Sir William Wild, knt. and baft. Revoked April 

29-1679. ■ ■ . '\ ■ ,;^ r 

Apr. 13. Sir ThoiTias Tones, knt. Revoked vSeptemb^^ 28. 

—79' 30. Sir Francis Pemberton, ktit. vice' Wild. 

f— 80 24. Thomas Raymond, esq. - :--:i^.U'lf 

—83 25. Sir Francis Witkens, knti •'•';; 

Sept, 25. Sir Richard Holloway, knt. vice 'Rayfiriond." Revok- 
ed July 2. 1688. '''^^•"{f 
Oct. 22. Sir Thomas Walcott, knt^i^ R^signted. 

— 84 29. Sir Robert Wright, knt. vice Walcot. *."— «^ 

— 87 Apr. 16. Sir John Powell, knt. Revoked July -2. 1688. >^*< 

28. Sir Richard Allebone, knt. 7 tX ?fT^ 

Ur.88 June 29. Sir Thomas Powell, knt. 
Sir Robert Baldocke, knt. 

r— 89 Apr. 20. Sir William Dolben, knt. 
Sir William Gregory, knt. 
May 8. Giles Ayres, esq. 

V-93 Feb. 19. Samuel. Eyres, esq. ~ - 

—95 Oct. 25. Sir Thomas Rokeby, knt. ■ no( .01 .ctai 

—96 June 27. Sir John Turton, knt. Revoked' Jun^ 8. 1702., 

— 98 Jan, 30. Sir Henr3t Gould, knt. r A'-I/' ,, . 

1700 — — 26. Sir Lyttleton Powis,knt. Resigned in 1725. 

-T-02 June 18. Sir .John Powell, knt. 

Sir John Blencow, knt. 

—10 May 12. Robert Eyre, esq. vice PowelU 

—13 Junq 4. Sir Thomas Powis, ^nt, vice ^l«icow. Revoked 
October 14. 1714. . - 

—14 Oct. 26. Sir John Pratt, knt. vice Powis. Made Lord Chief 
Justice of King's Bench. 

—18 May 19. John Fortescue Aland, esq. vice Pratt, created in 
1746 JjOrd Fortescue of Credan in Ireland. Re- 
moved to the Common Pleas in 1727-8. 

—23 Jan. 31. Sir Robert Raymond, knt. vice Eyre. Made Lord 
Ch[ef Justice of King's Bench, 

—24 Mar. 16. James Reynolds, • esq, vice Raymond. Made Chief 
Baron of Exchequer. 

—26 Nov. 4. Edmund Probyn, esq. vice Sir L. Powis. 

—27 Sept. 27. Sir Francis Page, knt. vice F. Aland. 

—30 June 23. William Lee, esq. vice Reynolds. Made Lord Chief 
Justice of King's Bench in 1767. 

—37 25. Sir William Chappie, knt. vice Lee, 

—40 TSO', 2^. Martin Wright, esq. vice Probyn. 

■v4 17.12 

29^ 4. ,u\iQ?«''^ ^f Common Pleas* 

1742 Feb. 16,, Sir Thomas Dennison, knt. vice Page.flo ff^trv 

— 45 Apr. Sic Michael Foster, knt. vice Chappie. 

— j5 :¥^', ,;3r Sir John^ Eardley Wilmot, knt, vice Wright. Made 
,uj lOjib loi bc-i»ord Chief Justice of Common JPleas in 1766. 

'—'O^ Dec. Sir Joseph Yates, knt. vice Foster. Removed to 

the Common PJeas in 1770. 

"—6^ Apr. 19. Sir Richard Aston, knt. vice Dennison. 

— 66 Sept. James Hewitt, esq. vice Wilmot. Made Lord Chan- 

cellor of Ireland in 1767, andcreated Lord LifFord 
in that kingdom. 

• — 67 Dec. Edward Willes, esq. vice Hewitt. 

— 70 May 4. SirWilliani Blackstone, knt. vice Yates. Removed 
the same year to the Common Pleas. 

June 29. Sir William Henry Ashurst, knt. vice Blackstone. 

— 78 May i. Francis Buller, esq. 'vice Aston. 'C"^t E£- 

— 87 Sir Nash Grose, knt. vice Wiiles. ' "^^^ 

— 94 June Sir Soulden Lawrence, knt. vice Buller. " 

— 99 Sir Simon le Blanc, knt. vice Ashurst, •" " 

4q38 IX— 

' JgaS lop 

Of the COURT of common PLEAS. 

This Court, in ancient times, was kept in the King's own palace, 
distinct from that of the King's Bench. But on the confirmation of 
Magna Charta by King John, in 1215, it was fixed at Westminster, 
where it still continues. In it are debated all controversies, in mat- 
ters civil, between subject and subject, according to law. Here real 
actions are pleadable, and fiines and recoveries suffered, and in no other 
court but this j it may also grant prohibitions, as the court of King's 
Bench doth. The Magna Charta proves its authority in these words, 
viz. Communia placita non sequantur curiam nostram, sed teneantur in 
al'iquo cerlo loco ; the Exchequer being the place where those causes 
were heard, and not any other court, until the confirmation oi Mafna 
Charta by King John. And by a statute, 28th of Edward I. it J* de- 
clared, lliat no filea xhall he thenceforth held in the Excbequen ^on- 
nary to the form of the great charter. 

Soon after the fixing of this court at Westminster, siich a^ultitude 
of c:inses were brought before it, that the King, for the greater dis- 


Chief yustices of the Common Pleas, i^y 

patch of business, found it necessary, instead of three, to constitute six 
judges, whom he appointed to sit in two places ; but at present the 
number is only four. They sit together in Westminster Hall, to hear 
and decide causes J but ' no coUnselloi^ can plead for them under the 
degree of a Serjeant, ■ •-••-■ ^ - 

c!K>c;iijn;>v-l 3t)iv .ini 5no3e-' ^ J. 
-nsHD ^loJ sbfiM -lomliW sloiV .pas ,JJi. 
i)''iQfiiil ino»Ih3iB3iabnr> ^^^V^ '''' bnfibil ■ ;. 


1233 July" 6. iR-obert de Ros. 
— 35 Thomas de Muleton, 

—42 I Roger Turkelby, 

—48 Peter de Rupibus, Bishop of Winchester. 

—49 Henry de Mara. 

—75 Sept. 3. Roger de Seyton. 
—78 June 23. Thomas de;WeyIand. 
— 99 John de Mettlngham, 

1301 Sept. 9. Ralph de Hingham. 
— 09 Mar. 15. William de Bereford. 
—27 July 18, Henry de Stanton. 
— 28 Feb. 4. William de Herle. 
— 30 Sept. 3. John de Stonore. 
— 32 Mar. 2. William de Herle. 
—34 Nov. 18. Henry le Scrope, 
— 36 July 7- John de Stonore. 
—42 Apr. 27. William Scot. 
—43 May 9. John de Stonore. 
— ^^ Feb. 10. Roger Hillary. 
—57 June 27. Robert de Thorpe. . 
—72 Apr. 14. William de Fincheden. 
— 75 Oct. 10. Robert Bilknap. 
— 78 5. Sir Robert de Preston. 

— 88 Jan. 30. Robert de Charleton, 
—96 15. William Thirning. 

1414 June 26. Richard Norton. 
—23 May 5. William Babingtori. 
—36 Feb. 9. John Joyn. 
'~39 J^J^' 20. John Cottismore. 
—49 16. John Prisot. 

— t'j May II. Robert Danby. 
Sept. 5. Richard Choke. 


c 9 8 Chief Juitkes of the Common Pleas* 

1472 May 29. Thomas Brian. 
150 1 Oct. 28. Thomas Wood. 
-i-07 Apr. 26. Sir Robert Read, knt. 
— 19 Jan. 27. John Cranby. 
— 21 Apr. 13. Robert Biudnel. 

3 £ Nov. 22. Robert Norwich. 

»_36 Sir John Baldwin, knt. 

46 6. Sir E4ward Montagu, knt. 

j3 Sept. 5. Sir Richard Morgan, knt. 

^4 Oct. 28. Sir Robert Brooke, knt, 

j8 5' Anthpny Brown. 

— 59 J^"' ^^* ^'^^ James Dyer^knt. 
—82 May 2. Edmund AndefS^n. 

.92 June 2. Sir John Popham, knt. 

1603 Apr. IT. Edmund Anderson. 

—05 Aug. 26. Francis Gawdy. 

— 06 June 30. Sir Edward Coke, knt. 

— -13 Nov. 26. John Hobert. 

—26 28. Sir Thomas Richardson, knt. 

—31 Oct» 26. Sir Robert Heath, knt. 

— 35 J^"* ^"^^ Sir John Finch, knt'. afterwards Lord Finch. 

—39 27, Edward Lyttleton, afterwards Lord Lyttleton, and 

Lord Chancellor. 
—40 29. Sir John Banks, knt. 

— 60 Oct. ^2. Sir Orlando Bridgman, knt. 
— 68 May 23. Sir John Vaughan, knt. 

— 74 Jan. 23. Sir Francis North, knt. made Lord Keeper, and cre- 
ated Lord Guilford. 

Sir Francis Pemberton, knt. 

Sir Thomas Jones, knt. 

Sir Henry Bedingfield, knt. 

Sir Robert Wright, knt. 

Sir Edward Herbert, knt. 
— 89 May 6. Sir ^enry PoUexfen, knt. 
— 92 Apr. 30. Sir George Trcby, knt. 

1701 July 5. Sir Thomas Trevor, knt. afterwairds Lord Trevor. 
"-J4 Oct. 26. Sir Peter King, knt. afterwards Lord King, and Lord 

High Chancellor. 
'—25 June 3. Sir Robert Eyre, knt. 
— 36 Jan. 31. Sir Thomas Reeve, knt. 
—37 29. Sir John Willes, knt. 

— 62 23. Sir Charles Pratt, knt. afterwards Lord High Chan/ 

cellor, and created Lord Camden. / 

•^66 Aug. Sir John EardlyWilmot, knt. resigned. 
—71 Jan. 25. Sir William de Grevj knt. afterwards Lord Wajing- 
ham, resigned. - 


Puisne Justices of the Common Pleas, 299 

1780 June 9. Alexander Weddcrburne, esq. created Lord Lc|^gli- 

—-80 Sir James Eyre, knt. 

•""99 July John, Lord Eldon. u': 

1801 May Sir Richard P. Arden, (afterv\rardsIioi:^.Aly?nl?y). 

—04 Sir James Mansfield, knt. H, -.SS: Mo'/L i 

Puisne Justices of the Common Pleas, 

1233 July (5. Robert de Bellchamp, 

Reginald de Moyun. 

■ Robert de Rokele. 
Thomas de Muleton. 
■—35 Apr. 12. Adam, the son of William. 

Robert de Lexinton. x^ ^b — 

William de Cule worth. T ?'-" 

Gilbert de Preston. 

Roger de Turkelby. 
— 42 Jollan de Nevill. 

—43 Robert de Esseburne. 

— 44. John de Cobeham. 

—45 Robert de Nottingljam^ 

—47 William de Wyland. 

—50 Henry de Bathon. 

John de Gatesden. 

Simon de Wauton. 

Henry la Mare. 
—52 Sept. 3. William Trussell. 
—54 Nov. Roger de Wircestre. 
—SS ' Giles Erdinton. 

—S'S John de Weville. 

— 57 Apr. 13. Robert Brevis. 
—59 Dec. 29. Roger de Turkelby. 
— 62 II. William de Wilton. 

— 63 Gilbert de Preston. 

John de Weville. 
-—■64 Nicholas- de Turri. 

— ^S Sept. 3. lulco, the son of Warren. - 

Harvey d^ Borkham. 

William Bonquer. 


300 Puisne Justices of the Common Pleas, 


John de la Lynde, 
Walter de Eerstide. 
Adam de Gregnvil. 


John le Briton. 
Henry de Montefort. 
Roger de Messenden. 
Gilbert de Preston. 


Roger de Seyton. 
Mart, de Litilbiri. 


.John de Cobham. 

— 71 May- 

15. Robert Fule. 


3. Stephen Hayme. 


William Willon. 

'.y2_ .m 

Ralph de Henghara. 

-F .cfV 

—75 Sept. 

3. Richard de Stanes. 
John de Lovetot. ' 
Ralph de Frenyngham. 

— 77 Nov. 

2. Roger Loveday. 
Geoffrey Lukemore. 
Geoflfrey Newbald. 
Thomas de Wayland *. 

-78 Jan. 

23. Walter de Helynn. 


Stephen Pensester. 


Elias de Beckingham. 


Robert Hertford. - 
William de Giselham, 
Robert de Thorpe. 


William Ormsby. 

—98 Mar. 

15. Peter Malore. 

— 99 Nov. 

William de Hereford. 

1300 June 

13. Lambert de Freckingham. 

— 05 Nov. 

22. Henry de Guldeford. 


20. Hervey de Stanton. 

—08 Sept. 

16. William Haward. 

— 09 Nov. 

17. Henry de Scroope. 


28. John de Foxile. 

— 10 Oct. 

6. John de Benestede. 
William de Burrie. 

—13 Feb. 

19. John Bacon. 

— 15 Sept. 

28. William Inge. 

~l6 Mar. 

10. Gilbert de Routuji.' 

T? = 

13 '9 

• Hemovcd for his mal-administration to the pc6ple, 1x88, disinherited >^d ba- 
nished the land. 

Puisne Justices of the Common Pleas* 301 

13 16 Apr. 20. John Mutford. 
—19 June 5. John de Doncaster. 
— ai Oct. 16. William de Herle. 

John de Stonore. 

John Buesser. 
—29 Mar. 6. Richard de Wylughjjy, 
— 30 2. John Traverse* 

. Dec. 30. Thomas Bacon. 

—31 Jan. j8. Robert deMalberthorpe^ 

John de Cantebring. 

John Inge. 
—33 Jan. 28. John de Shardelow. 
— 34 Feb. 3. Richard de Attelburgh. 
■""35 J"V ^^* GeoflFrey le Scroope. 

Sept. 24. John Trevignon. 
— 37 Mar. 18; Roger Hillary. 
— 38 William Scott. 

William Basset. 
^41 Sept. 6. Robert de Scardeburgh. 
Feb. 4. James de Woodstock. 
May 21., Robert Parning. 
June 8. Thomas de Hippiscots. 
—42 May 30. Richard de Kelleshal. 
Oct. 28. Adam de Staingrave. 
—43 Apr. 23. William de Thorpe. 

John de Stonford. 
—48 Jan. 14. Thomas de Fencents. 
— 55 Feb. 5. Henry Greabe. 
— ^6 Oct. 12. Thomas de Seton. 
— 58 J^^y 5* Henry de Motelaw. 
—60 1 1. John de Moubray. 

Oct. 25. William de Shipwith, 
—62 Sept, 30. Thomas de Ingleby. 

John Knyvet. 
— ()6 William de Fyncheden. 

Oct. 29. William de Wychinghaca. 

Roger de Kirkiton. 
— 72 Nov. 27. John de Cavendish. 

Roger de Meres. 
— 75 28. Robert de Folthojpe. 

—78 26. Henry de Percehay. 

June 26. Thomas de Ingelby. 
— 81 Dec. 6. Henry Asty. 
— 84 June 27. John Holt. 

William Burgh. 
— 88 Apr. II. John Wadham. 


3 2^ Puisne Justices of the Common Fleau 

J388 Apr. II. Richard Sidenham. 
William Thirning. 
—89 May 20. William Rickhill. 
— 91 Jan. 15. John Penros. 

John Hall. 
—97 J^ly 7- John Markham. 

08 William Hankford. 

r— 99 William Brenchley. 

1405 May 14. JohnCokayn. 

08 June 17. John Colpepper. 

May 14. Robert Hill. 

09 June 19. Robert Thirwett. 

16 June 16. William Lodington. 

John Preston. 
William Cheyne. 
Roger Horton. 

21 June 30. William Babington^ 

—.23 Jo^n Martin. , 

May 5. John Halls. 
John Irving. 
— 26 Feb. 6. James Strangeways. 
William Westbury. 
— 30 Oct. 15. John Cottesmore. 
William Pastonc. 
—39 Nov. 3. Richard Newton. 

8. Thomas Fulthorpe. 
— 40 Apr. 27. William Ayscoghe. 
—44 John Portington. 

—45 Nicholas Ayshton. 

— 50 Aug. 14. Robert Danvers. 
— 52 June 28. Robert Danby. 
— 54 Ju^y 9* Walter Moyle. 
— 58 May 9. John Needham. 
— 62 Apr. 8. Sir Peter Ardea, knt. 
.—67 27. Thomas Littleton. 

— 68 Nov. 4. Thomas Young. 

71 Oct. 9. Sir Walter Moyle, knt. 

Sir Richard Choke. 

72 May 29. Richard Neel. 

— 82 Nov. 20. JohnCatesby. 
._85 Roger Townshend. 

—86 Oct, 13. Sir Humphrey Starkey. 
—87 Jan. 31. William Calow. 

Feb. 3. John Haugh. 
..—88 4. William Danvers, 

—90 Aug. 14. John Vavasor, 


Puisne Justices of the Common Pleas*. 303 

1494 Feb. II. JohnFineux. 
—99 Nov. 24, Thomas Wood. 
1502 , 3. John Fisher. 
-—03 July 2. John Kingsmill. 
—07 Apr. 26. John Boteler. 
—10 25. Robert Brudnel. 

JVTay 21. William Greville. 
William Fairfax. 
— 14 Apr. 26. Richard Elliot. 
— 15 May 29. Lewis Pollard. 
— 18 John More. 

—21 Richard Brooke. 

— 27 Thomas Engefield, 

William Shelly. 
— 31 Nov. 22. Robert Norwich. 
—38 Oct. 9. Sir Thos. Willoughby, knt. 
—'39 June 30. Sir Christopher Jeuny, knt. 
— 43 Nov. 20. Humphrey Brown. " 
— 46 4". John Hinde. 

— 49 May 20. John Hales. 
—50 Oct. 22, Sir Edward Molineux, knt. 
— 52 Nov. 16. William Cook. 
— SS Oct. 4. Edward Saunders. 
— S6 Mar, 8. Sir James Dyer, knt. 
—58 Oct. 27. Robert Catlin. 
—59 Nov. 18. Anthony Brown. 
Oct. 16. Richard Western. 
— 62 Feb. 10. John Welsh. 
—66 Nov. 12. Richard Harper. 
—72 May 14, Christopher Wray. 
Oct. 14. Roger Manwood. 
31. Robert Mounson. 
— 81 Feb. 13. William Perian. ' 
—85 June 29. Francis Rhodes. 
— 89 May 10. Thomas Walmsley. 
— 93 Jan. 25. Francis Beaumont. 
—94 Jan. 21. Thomas Owen. 
— 97 Nov. 30. Thomas Meade. 
—98 June 30. John Glanvil. 
—99 George Kingsmill. 

1 60 1 Nov. 25. Peter Warburton. 
—03 Feb. 3. William Daniel. 
— r05 Thomas Coventry. 

— 07 Nov. 24. Sir Thomas Forster, knt, 
— II 7. Humphrey Winch. ■ 

*— 12 26. Sir Austin Nichols, knt. 


^o4 Puisne Justices of the Common Plectf^ 

i6i7' Mar. 3. Sir Richard Hutton, knt. 

—21 William Jones. 

—23 Feb. ik. Sir George Crook, knt. 

24 Oct. 18. Francis Hervy. ' <- 

29 Feb. 2. Sir Humphrey Davenport. 

21 May 8. Sir George Vernon, knt. 

32 Oct. II. Francis Crawley. 

04 14. Sir John Finch, knt. 

—38 Mar. 14. Edward Reeve. 

aQ Jan. 27. Robert Forster. 

60 May 31. Sir Robert Forster, knt. 

Sir Thomas Mallet, knt. 
Sir Robert Hyde, knt, 
.Tuly 7' Thomas Tyrell, esq. 
Nov. 3. Samuel Browne, esq. 

63 . 4- John Archer, esq. 

68 Apr. 16. Sir W. Wild, knt. and bart. 

—72 25. Sir Robert Atkyns, knt. 

Dec. 28. Sir William Ellis, knt. , 
Jan. 22. Sir Hugh Wyndham, knt. 
—76 Apr. II. Sir Thomas Jones, knt. 

Oct. 23. Sir William Scroggs, knt., 
Sir Thomas Rokesby, knt. 
— 78 June 15. Vere Bertie, esq. 

Oct. 23. Sir William Dolben, knt. 
— 79 Apr. 30. Sir William Ellis, knt. revoked April 21. 1687. 
— 80 26. Sir Job Chavleton, knt. revoked April 20. 16&6. 

Feb. 12. Sir Christopher Levinz, knt. revoked Feb. 9. 1685, 
vice Bertie. 
— 83 Apr. 25. Sir Francis Withens, knt. 

Sept. 25. sir Richard Hollpway, knt. 
---84 Oct. 29. Sir T. Street, knt. vice Wyndham. 

Feb. 7. Sir Thomas Jones, knt. revoked April 20. 1686. 

Sir Job Charieton, knt. made Chief Justice of Ches- 
ter in 1686. 
Sir Francis Withens, knt. 
— 85 Oct. 10. Sir Robert- Wright, knt. 

Feb. 13. Sir Henry Bedingfield, knt. vice Llvinz. Made 
Loi-d Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. 
—86 Apr. 21. Sir Edward Lutwyche, vice Jones. 

24. Sir J. Powell, knt. vice Charieton. Determined 
June 23. 1702. 
— 87 14. Sir Christopher Milton, knt. vice Ellis. Revoked 

July 3. 1688. 
27. Sir Richard AUibone, knt. vice Ellis. Died »688. 


Puisne ymtices of the Common Pleas » 305 

1688 July 3. Sir Thomas Jenner, knt. 
Sir Thomas Powell, knt. 
Sir Robert Baldocke, knt. 
Oct. 22. Sir Thomas Stringe, knt. 
— 89 Mar. 18. Sir John Powell, knt. 

Sir William Dolben, knt. 
Apr. 17. Sir William Gregory, knt. 
May 8. Thomas Rokesby, esq. 
9. Peyton Ventris, esq. 
—91 Oct. 30. Sir Edward Nevill, knt. 
—95 26. Sir John Powell, knt. 

—97 Nov. 24. Sir John Blencowe, knt. Resigned in 1772. 
—98 Henry Gould, esq. — 

—99 Thomas Bury, esq. 

1700 Robert Tracy, esq. Resigned in 1726. 

— 05 Feb. II. Robert Dormer, esq. 
— 14 Oct. 27. Sir Peter King, knt. 
i Nov. 20. Sir John Blencowe, knt. 

Robert Dormer, esq. 
—22 June 25. Alexander Denton, esq. vice Blencowe. 
— 26 Oct. 20. Robert Price, esq. vice Dormer. 

Nov. 4. Sir Francis Page, knt. 
.—27 Oct. 24. Spencer Cooper, esq. vice King. 

— 28 Jan.- 27. Sir John Fortescue Aland, knt. (afterwards created 
Lord Fortescue of Creden in Ireland in 1746 }) 
he resigned in 1746, vice Page. ^ ^ 

— 33 Apr. Thomas Reeve, esq. vice Price.- Made Lord Chief 

Justice of the Common Pleas. 
— 36 Feb. 9. Sir John Comyns, knt. vice Reeve. Made Lord 
Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. 
William Fortescue, esq. vice Comyns. 
Sir, Thomas Parker, knt. vice Denton, (afterwards 

Chief Baron of the Exchequer.) 
Sir Thomas Burnet, knt. vice Fortescue. 
Sir Thomas Abney, kut. vice Parker. 
Sir Thomas Birch, knt. vice F. Aland. ' 
Nathaniel Gundry, esq. vice Abney. 
Sir Edward Clive, knt. vice Burnet. Resigned 1770. 
Hon. Henry Bathurst, vice GUndry, (created Lord 
Apsley, and made Lord High Chancellor in I770' 
Hon. William Noel, vice Birch, 
^'ir Henry Gould, knt. vice Noel. 
Sir Joseph Yates, vice Bathurst. 
Sir William Blackitone, knt. vice Clive. 

Fvoi.. II. 1 ■ X ^77^ 

—38 j«iy 

— 40 Apr. 



—43 Teb. 
—46 June 


— i4 



— 57 









3o6 ^ - Court of Exchequer.. 

1771 Jan. 23. Sir Georr^e Nares, knt. vice Yates. - --/firv jJJ* oX 

—80 July 15. John Hea'' . esq. "ice Blackstone. . >ufii6iMmsfi 

-^86 Sir John vVilson, kot. vice Nares. , ,;.; pz^qml s/IjIc 

—93 Mar. Sir Giles Rooke,knt. vice Wilson«v:>-irr ibtii 01 morlw 

—94 Sir Soulden Lawrence, knt. vice Gould. 

June Sir Francis Buller, knt. vice Lawrence. 

1800 , Sir Alan Chambre, knt. vice Buller. 



// .81 3Hi/l i^X— 

The Court of Exchequer is one of the four great Courts of the 
Kingdom, and is held in a room contiguous to the north-west corner 
of Westminster Hall, and is so named from a chequered cloth which 
anciently covered the table, where the Judges and Chief Officers sat. 
This Court was first erected by King William the Conqueror, for the 
trial of all causes relating to the revenues of the Crown j and in the 
same Court there are now also matters, of equity between subject and 
subject. In this last, the Lord High Treasurer, or the Chancellor 
of the Exchequer, presides, assisted by the Lord Chief Baron, and the 
Barons of the Exchequer : But the judicial proceedings, according to 
law, are oftly before the Barons or Judges of the Exchequer j and here 
before them are tried all causes relating to the King's revenue j such 
as are concerning accounts, disbursements, customs, and fines imposed. 
The Judges of this Court are called Barons, viz. one Lord Chief Ba- 
ron, and three other Barons. They are styled Barons, as in ancient 
times Barons sat here by the King's appointment to try causes ; but 
in latter times only mfen skilled in the. law have been ap^ointejfi Judges 
in this Court ; and they still retain, the Jtitiejpf^aren^ . '* ^. 

To this Court appertains another person called" a Baron^ viz. the 
Cuvsitor Karon, who sits in Court with the other Barons 5 but is no 
judge, liii ollice being only to administer the oath to thesheriifs, under- 
sheriffs, bailiffs, searchers, surve^povs, and other oiBcers of the Custom- 

When at any time the Barons are of different opinions concerning 
the decision of any cause, they call to their assistance the Chancellor 
of the Exchequer, who decides in favour of one of the parties by his 
castinij vole. 



Chief Baroni of the Exchequer. 303^ 

To this office belong a King*s Remembrancer, Lord Treasurer'! 
Remembrancer, Clerk of the Pipe, Comptroller of the Pipe, Auditors 
of the Imprest, Remembrancers &f the First Firttits, &c. &c. AIlo£ 
whom in their proper places. •' -^C'-^ ^.i^ioo^i ssIiO li:-: ,iRi;/i^ f-^-^- 

Chief Barons of the £xcHfi(^ER. 

1247 Alanus de Watsand. 

1303 July 26. William de Carleton* 

—17 June 18. Walter de Norwico. 

—27 July 17. Hervey de Stanton. 

— 28 Feb. 2. Walter de Norwico, 

—30 12. John de Stonore. 

— 34 Nov. 19. Henry le Scroope. 

— 38 Mar. 20. Robert de Sadington. 

— 44 July 2. William de Shareshull. 

—46 Nov. 10. John de Stonford. 

—51 Apr. 7. Gervis de Wilford. 

—-6^ William Skip with. 

— ^ Oct. 29. Thomas de Lodelow. 

. — 75 Feb. 3. William Tarks. 

— 76 Nov. 12. Henry Asto. 

— 81 Dec. 6. Robert de Plefyngtono 

— 84 June 27. William de Karleol. 

— 87 Aug, 8. Robert de Plefyngton. 

— 88 Apr. 24. Thomas Pynchebeck. 

— 89 May 12. John Cassey. 

1401'Nov. 15. Thomas Cokayn. 

—14 14. William Lasingby. 

—20 4. William Babington. 

— 23 May 5. John Iven. 

1 — 36 Feb. 9. John Fray, 

— 48 May 2. Peter Ardern. 

— 63 Sept. 29. Richard Illingworth. 

—72 May 22. Sir Thomas Urswyk, knt. 

—80 Apr. 3. William Nottingham. 

—84 June 26. Sir Humphrey Starkey, knt. 

— 87 Oct. 29. William Hody. 

1513 Jan, 8. John Scot. 

X 2 J522 

308" Chief Barons of the Excbequen 

1522 Feb. 8. John Fitz-James. 
—26 Jan. 4. Richard Brooke. 
—29 May 12. Richard Leicester. 
— 46 Nov. ii. Sir Roger Cholmley, knt. 
— 52 May 21. Henry Bradshaw. 
— 53 Sept. I. Sir David Brooke, knt. 

— 57 Mar. 2. Clement Higham. ul £_^S.I 

— 59 Jan. 22. Sir Edward Saunders, knt. 8c)— 

— 77 ~ 24. Sir Robert Bell, knt. Et"* 

Oct. 12. Sir John JeoiFries, knt. It""" 

— 79 Jan. 4. Roger Manhood. -1 tC""" 

1603 Apr. 26. Sir Williani Periam, knt. 
— 04 Oct. 27. Thomas Fleming. 

— 07 June 25. Lawrence Wandfield. i>^ C««- 

— 25 May 10. Sir Joseph Walter, knt. '-• 

— 30 Jan. 16. Sir H. Davenport, knt. ' 

— 43 25. Sir Robert Lane, knt. 

— 60 June I. Sir Orlando Bridgman, knt. — 

— 66 Nov. 7. Matthew Hale, esq. • 

— 71 May 23. Sir Edward Turner, knt. • ^"-^j. E'ci"" 

—76 Apr. 12. William Montagu, esq. -S.'gaA iq^ 

—86 21. Sir Edward Atkyns, knt. 8q— 

—89 17. Sir Robert Atkyns, K.B. '<^ Q<?— 

•—95 J""^ i°* ^" Edward Wardj knt. 
1716 Sir Thomas Bury, knt. 

—22 May 4. Sir James Montagu, knt. »; ■^'■'- "^s^- ■€->— 

—23 Nov. 16. Sir Robert Eyre, knt. Made Lortf GHief Justice of 

the Common Pleas. 
— 25 June I. Sir Jeffrey Gilbert, knt. 
—26 Oct. 22. Sir Thomas Pengelly, knt. 
— 30 Apr. 28. Sir James Reynolds, knt. 
— 38 July 6. Sir Jo. Comyns, knt. 
— 40 Nov. 28. Sir Edmund Probyn, knt. 
— 42 Dec. 4. Sir Thomas Parker, knt. Resigned. 
—72 Oct. 28. Sir Sidney Stafford Smythe, knt. Resigned. 
— 77 Nov. 29. Sir John Skynner, knt. Resigned. 
— 87 Jan. 26. Sir James Eyre, knt. 
—-93 Feb. 12. SirArchd. Macdonald, knt. 


Barons of the Exchequer, 309 


Barons of THE-jtSaodiulli^BR* 

1253 June 16. Peter de RievalHs. 

—68 William de Grancurt. 

^73 William de Cliff. .. ji« ^^ 

■—75 W.alter de Hopton, ^:g ,.5, 

—77 June 8. John de Cobham. 

Roger de Northwood. 

John de St Valerico, iT ,^S iJaO liO— 

—80 June 23. Philip de Willby. ijj .?.£ anof ^o— 

—84 Peter de Cestria. ,^^^y .,jg .^.j ^eM ?5~ 

—86 William de Karleton. m .,;« a, -.„t ;;. 

William de Middleton. 
— pr Adam de Stratton. ;,_ 

—92 Peter de Leycestre. ,?!— * 

—93 Jan. 2. Roger de Leycestre. 
— ^l Aug. 28. RicTiafd de Saham. 
—•98 John de Insula. 

—99 Oct. 17. Richard de Abyan. 
1300 June 13. Roger de Higham. 
—06 Oct. 19. Humphrey de Waldene. 
— 08 Sept. 16. Thomas de Cantebrig. 
Nov. 10. John de BanqueU 
28. John de Everdon. 
—II July 17. Roger Scotre. 
— 12 Mar. 3. * Walter de Norwico. 

8. John Abel. 
—15 Sept. 20. * Harvey de Stanton. 
— 17 Dec. 29. Ingel. de Warlec. 
— 18 June 18. John de Okeham. 
— 19 July 24. Robert de Woodhouse. 
—21 Aug. 6. Lambert de Trickingham. 

Walter de Friskeney. 
— 23 June I. William, de Fulburn. 

■ July 20. Roger Beler. 
—24 Sept. 20. Edward de Passelce. 
, May 21. Robert de Aleston. 
June 1 8. William de Everdon. 
—27 Sept. I. John de Redesvvell. 
— 28 Feb. 4. William de Bodon. 

X 3 - 1328 

3 1 o Baron f of the Exchequer* 

1328 Oct. 15. Robert de Nottingham. u^ Oifi 

—30 Apr. 16. Robert de Wodehouse. jyi |ij— 

—31 Dec. 20. William de Coshale. Qi"" 

—32 Oct. 10. Thomas de Garton. .<• * r-u\ S£— 

. ' Nov. 2. Thomas de Blaston. C .8i ^bM |.s>-« 

Robert de ScarburgW-. >. ■ . . .^i f ,£ .voVl — — . 

Dec. 18. John de Hildesley. rtb-xsV/ .iiKilliW .Sc xeM ^-~ 

July 14. Adam de Steyngreeir; . " ' ' ' M Mi ,na| 8s:— 

—35 Nov. 9. Adam de Lymberg. * .8 .da? ?.^— 

r— 37 Oct. 10. Nicholas Hawman. ,vc*t;>'.j iiiiii: // 

Nov. 10. John de Shoreditch, ^inoH tf»-go.H ^' .-o'/i '■ --- 
—41 June 21. William de North well, 

Jan. 20. Thomas de Blaston. 

William de Broclesby. 

* Gervase Wilford. _ - 

William de Stow. , ( 

—44 July 2. Alanos de Ashe. ' 

—48 May 8. John de Honton. 
—51 Apr. 16. Jacob Hose. 

"—SS ^^y 24. William de Thorpe. \ 

-—SS Nov. 27. William de Retford. H. 

—57 Oct. 6. Henry de Greystick. I 

—58 July 5. John de Buckyngham. s' 

•—6^ Robert de Pleste. A 

-^66 Oct. 29. Almaricus de Shirland. 

Nov. 3. John de Stokes. 
—75 Oct. 5. Henry de Bercehay. 
—76 Nov. 27. Lawrence AUerthorpe. 
— 77 14. Nicholas de Draydon. 

—78 May 6. William Gunthorpe. 
John de Bockle. 

Oct. 9. Richard Stokes. 

Jan. 26. William Gunthorpe. 
— 85 William Ford. .Mi-ir^ i,5 - 

— 87 Nov. 5, John Gary. 'vsM fS -^ 

—89 May 12. Williani Dubridge. 
— 94 Oct. 24. Ralph de Selby. 
1400 14, Thomas Ferriby. 

Thomas Staverton. 
—01 June 27. John Tuttlebury. 

William Ermyn. 
—02 Mar. I. Roger West wood. 
—03 Thomas Overtun. 

—08 Nov. 8. Henry Somer. 
— 09 Henry Muston. 



X&M qp — 

vnV: S-, 




•voK IPC -. 


.Jcjaa ^. - 



'I ' 

.ds? lb=r- 


9tTu| ^8-^ 

<i d8— 


^ TQ— 

10? >• 

.laO s: 

• t-'.? - 

Barons of the Exchequer, 


1410 June 19. 
— 14 Nov. 10. 

— 22 July 13. 
— 24 May 18. 
— — Nov. 3. 
— 26 May 26. 
— 28 Jan. 28. 
--35 Feb. 8. 

—39 Nov. 3. 
—.44 Feb. 5. 

—46 Feb. 6. 
— 49 May 26. 
— 58 Nov. 2. 

^59 3°- 

Oct. 10. 

^— 63 Nov. 4. 
—68 Sept. 29. 
Oct. 30. 
— 8i Feb. 3. 
—84 June 26. 
—86 Sept. 24. 

— 97 May 2. 
1501 12. 

— 02 Oct. II. 
—04 Feb. 18. 

—12 June 27. 
—14 May 6. 
—•22 June 10. 
—23 Oct. I. 

—39 May 5. 
—33 -A-Pr- 27- 
—39 M- 

— 40 Aug. I. 

—43 6. 

—47 Feb. 15. 

Richard Banks. 

Robert Milton. 

Roger Walthom. 

William Hassil. 

Thomas Banke. 

Thomas Banaustre, 

William Warde. >b nilo^ 

Nicholas Dixon, ^b xnfifaA 

* John Fray. ^ J ab ta&hh 

William Derby, clerk. '-^ fWorioiVI 

Roger Hunt. ^ ^b ndol 

John Ardern. '■ iW 

Robert Frampton, AT 

William FuUan. W 

John Holme. 

John Durem. 

Brian RouclifF. 

Thomas Thorpe. 

John Clerk. 

John Ingoldesby, 

Ralph Wolsey. 

Nicholas Strathem. 

Thomas Whittington. 

Edward Goldsborough. 

John Hulgrave. 

Thomas Goldsborough. 

Nicholas Lathelle.. 

Thomas Roch. 

Andrew Dyraock. 

Bartholomew Westby. 

William Boiling, 

John Alley n. 


Robert BJagge. 

Edmund Denny. 

William Wotton. // 

John Hales. >l 

John Pettit. 

William Ellis. 

* John Scott. 

Thomas Walshe. 

Nicholas Luke. 

John Smith. 

Lewis Fortescue. 

Robert Curson. 

.01 .J:jv 

-.01 .foVi 
.IS' =■ ' 


-ib nriol 

i r1r,_.rf 



YbM ^i-^-^ 

.0 xi— 

;,.. fino; 


x^l h- 





.JaO .&d— 






cJc»o it— 


4; '^£.1/1 

X 4 


' j i 2 Baronr of the Exchequer » 

^1548 May 5. John Darnell. 1 .1*1 anuV 8^dx 

—49 Nov. 28. Edward Saxilby. ' ,x .6^'i Q^— 

""SS Sept. 29. Robert Brown. . '-^""1 

—59 Jan. 31. George Freville. fnA ■ , - 

—62 Thomas Pyne. 

May II. John Birch. 
~^6^ Nov. 12. James Lord. 
-—76 Jan. '20. Thomas Greek. 

Christopher Muschamp. — 

John Southerton. 
Robert Shute. 
John Clinch. 
Edward Flowerduc. 

Thomas Gent. ,»jji i dij— 

Matthew Ew'^ens, - iqA -— — 

John Savile. 
Robert Gierke. 

George Snigg. r8;— ' 

Nowel Sotherton. -'^— 

John Altham. 
Sir Edward Heron, knt. 

Edward Bromley. '. o?-~ 

Thomas Caesar. — — . 

John Altham. ™— ■ 

12. John Denham. 

Sir Joseph Trevor, knt, 
•—27 Nov. 13. George Vernon. 
«— 31 May 16. James Weston. 

Oct. 24. John Padget. 
—34 Apr. 30. Richard Weston. 
—38 Oct. 29. William Page. 
—39 Jan. 22. Edward Henden. 
—60 June 4. Thomas Leeke. 

June 23. *Sir Edward Atkyns, knt. 
July 7. Sir Christopher Turner, knt. 
"-^^ Mar. 9. Clement Spelman, esq. 

Nov. 16. Sir Richard Rainesford, knt. 
4. John Archer, esq. 
•-'6^ Feb. I. Timothy Littleton. 
— 70 June 20. Hugh Windham, esq. 
— 72 May 23. Sir Edward Turner, knt. 
— 73 Jan. 24. Sir Edward I'hurland, knt. Revoked April 29. 

■ — 75 J""e 4- Vere Bertie, esq. 
—76 Apr. 12. * William Montagu, esq. 


—78 Nov. 



—79 June 


''^A-8a Nov. 


—84 Oct. 


—88 June 


—94 Feb. 


-98 July 


1603 Apr;. 


—04 Oct. 


•--06 July 


—07 Feb. 



—09 Feb. 


— 10 May 


—II Feb. 


— 17 May 




Barons of the Exchequer, 31 3 

Francis Bramstone, esq. Revoked April ;j!^.. 1679. 
Sir Richard Weston, knt. - ;/- . 

William Gregoty, esq. Revoked Feb. 9. 1685. 
Sir Thomas Raymond, knt. made one of the Justi- 
ces of the Common Pleas, vice Bramstone. 
Sir Edward Atkyns, Knt. ; , : j ■ 
William Leak, esq. -J ■.'(■'.'[ .,) .';'•'' 

Thomas Street, esq. Revoked: Oct. 28. 1684. 
Sir Robert Wright, knt. vice Street. Made J.K.B. 
Sir Edward Atkyns, koXi Made Lord Chief B4r_on. 
Sir Richard May, knt. .;r>' .,,.j„q ^ .nij'. .-^-^ , 
Sir Edward Nevill, knt. vice Wright. 'Revoked 

April 20. 1686. 
Sir Thomas Jenner, knt. ,. ,,, i 
Sir Richard Heath, knt. >k?r Atkyns. ^Revoked 

Nov. 3. 1688. 
Christopher Milton, esq. vice Neville. 
Sir Thomas Powell, knt. vice Heath. 
, Charles Ingleby, esq. vice Jenner. Revoked Nov. 
3. following. - .. 

John Rotherham, vice Powell. 
Sir Edward Nevill, knt. vice Ingleby. , 

8. Nicholas Lechmere, esq. vice Rotherham^ -^ I , , 

Sir Joseph Turton, knt. -^^ 12— 

John Powell, esq. -' ,., 

Sir Littleton Powis, knt. ^ 

John Blencowe, esq. vice Turton. 
Henry Hatsell,' esq. vice Blencowe. Revoked June 
8. 1702. 
— — Nov. 24. Robert Tracy, esq. vice Sir L. Powis. JMade one 

of the Judges of the Common Pleas. >0 B^**- 
1701 Jan. 26. * Thomas Bury, vice Tracy. Revoked and renew- 
ed Nov. 20. 1714. 
—03 June 18. John Smith, esq. vice Powell. 

Robert Price, esq. vice Hatsell. 
— 08 Sir Salathiel Lovell, knt. 

— 13 June ^4. Sir William Bannister, knt. 

Oct. 26. * Sir James Montagu, knt. 

— 17 Jan. 24. John Fortescue Aland, esq. vice Bury. 
— 18 May 22. Sir Francis Page, knt. 
— 22 May 24. * Jeffrey Gilbert, esq. vice Montagu. 
— 25 June I. Sir Bernard Hale, knt. vice Gilbert. 
—26 Nov. 4. Sir Lawrence Carter, knt. vice Price. 

' * Sir John Comyns, knt. vice Page. 
—27 Nov. 27. Sir William Thompson, knt. vice Hale. 
—36 Feb. 9. William Fortescue, vice Comyns. 

, 1738 

1678 June 




■ 7- 























— 87 Apr. 


















— 96 Sept. 





314 Barons of the Exchequer, 

1738 July 6. * Thomas Parker, esq. vice Fortescue. 

— 39 Nov. 15. Martin Wright, esq. vice Thompson. 

— 40 Apr. * James Reynolds, esq. vice Parker. 

— — Nov. 28. Sir Thomas Abney, knt. vice Wright, 

—43 Feb. 15. Charles Clarke, esq. vice Abney. 

— 45 Apr. Edward Clive, vice Carter. 

— 48 June Hon. Heneage Legge, vice Reynolds. 

— 51 * Sir Sydney Stafford '^mythe, knt. vice Clarke. 

-;~^4 Sir Richard Adams, knt. vice Clive. 

— 59 Sept. Sir Richard Lloyd, knt. vice Legge. 

— 62 Sir Henry Gould, knt. vice Lloyd. Made one of 

the Judges of the Common Pleas. 
— 6^ Dec. Sir George Perrot, knt, vice Gould. 

—72 Oct. 28. * Sir James Eyre, knt. vice Smythe. ;,^ j^ 

—-74 Apr. 8. sir John Burland, knt. vice Adams. -^^ z'zio. 

— 75 May 20. Sir Beaumont Hotham, knt. vice Perrot.;. ^i^jiglj^Q^gg 
—76 Apr. 6. Sir Richard Perryn, knt. vice Burland. _ • 

—87 Jan. 26. Sir Alexander Thompson, knt. vice Ejrtfi,''""^* 
— -pp Nov. Sir Robert Graham, knt. vice Perryn. ''•'-^ ^^}^^^^ 

*i'8lc5 Jan. 31. Sir Thomas Manners Sutton, knt. vice Hotkiiiiv ^' "^ 

""^i^. B:— t^bse liiarked * rose to be Chief Barbns^*<rHfe'''Ei^ 

clie4uei^. '''-•• ' ^ ,<Jiijp3t& 

CuRsiTOR Barons of the Excheqjier, 
Fro^i the Restoration to the present Ttffie, 

j668 Mar. 17. Sir Richard May, knt. 

— 88 Mar. 27. William Carr, esq, 

—89 July 9. George Bradbury, esq. 

— 96 Mar. 17. Richard Wallop, esq* 

—97 Sept. 24. Sir Wiiliam Simpson, knt. 

1708 June 16. SirSalathiel Lovel, knt. 

—14 Nov. 20. Sir William Simpson, knt. 

— 27 June 27. Sir William Thompson, knt. 

— 30 Dec. II. Sir James Reynolds, knt. 

John Birch, esq. • 

•—^S George Clive, esq. 

«lL,38 William Fortescue, esq. 

'i--40 William Kynaston, esq. 

—44 Jan. Edward Barker, esq. 

—SS Mar. John Tracy Atkyns, esq, 

,—-73 Aug. Francis Masseres, esq. 


Court of Exchequen^y^ 31 5 


King's Remembiulncer. 
otoxnoO -:■ 

This office is i^ the- King's gift ; and he ha^ irndir him eight attor- 
neys, or sworii clerks, two of which are distinguished by the title of 
Secondaries^ ^ ^ ' 

In this office tlie state of all accounts, except sheriffs and bailiffs ac- 
counts, concerning the King's revenue, is entered j all securities for 
the faithful exercising of offices taken j and all proceedings thereupon 
made. In short, from hence issues forth process, to cause all ac- 
countants to come in and account. The Exchequer being also a court 
of equity, as was before observed; all proceedings touching the same 
are in this office. 

King's Remembrancers, 
From the Accemon of his present Majesty to the present Time* 

1760 Samuel, Lord Masham. 
— 76 Lionel Felton Hervey. 
— 85 Hon. Edward James Elliot. 
—97 Right Hon. Thomas Steele. 

Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, 

Whose office is to make process against all sheriffs, receivers, &c. 
for their accounts, and many other things of moment. This office is 
in the Kind's gift, and here are six attorneys or sworn, clprks,. of 
which the two first are called Secondaries. y\ ;;„„-. 


3 1 6 Court of Exchequer » 

Lord Treasurer's Rememrrancers, 
From the King's Accession in 1^60 to the present Time, 

1760 Richard Heron, esq. (now the Right Hon. Sir Richard Heron,'^^' 

1805 Snowdon Barne, esq. 

The following Officers appertain to the Court of the Reeeijpt of his 

Majesty's Exchequer, . ,^ . ,„ ^ 

Clerk, of the Pipe, 

In whose office all accounts which pass the Remembrancer's offict 
are brought. All accounts of sheriiFs and bailiffs are made up by him, 
and he gives them (as he does other accountants) their quietus est, 
when their accounts are even. He makes leases of the King's lands, 
and extended lands, by warrant from the Lord Treasurer, or Com- 
missioners of the Treasury. He has eight attorneys or swoso. clcek^ 
under him, whereof the two first are Secondaries. ,,,^rj, j,- ^^^,,. 

A List of the Clerks of the Pipe, 

From the King''s Accession in 1760 to the present Timei 

'iQ. nHoI 
1760 John Shelley, esq. (now the Right Hon. Sii: John Shelley, 

Bart). - _ _ ' -■' 

-•83 Lord William Cavendish Bentinck. 

Court of Exchequer. 317 

Comptroller, of the Pipe. 

He writes in his roll all that is drawn down from the Remembran- 
cer's office into the great roll of the Pipe, and makes process for the 
recovery of any debt due to the Crown, by a writ, called the Summons 
of the Pipe, 

A List of the Comptrollers of the Pipe, 
From the Agcession of his present Majesty to the present Time. 

lido Hon. Horace Walpole, afterwards Earl of Orford. 
—97 John Tekel, esq. 

Auditors of the Imprest, 

' 'Of which there are two. The office of one is in Scotland Yard j 
and of the other in Lincoln's Inn. They audit th« great accounts of 
his Majesty's moneys, imprest, mint, customs, wardrobe, first-fruits 
and tenths, naval and military expences, &c. &c. - The places of 
Auditors of the Imprest being for life, it was settled, that the noble- 
men who then held them should each receive L.7000 a-ycar ftx^lifein 
lieu of them. );;! > > :> : 

The Auditors of the Imprest-office being suppressed by act of Par- 
liament in 1785, the following Commissioners were appointed for au- 
diting the public accounts \ the Comptrollers of the army-accounts for 
the time being, to be always members of this board. 

Sir John Dick, Bart, one of the Comptrollers of the army ac- 
counts. Died. 

Sir William Musgrave, Bart. Died. 

William Molleson, esq. one of the Comptrollers of the arniy-:. 
accounts. Died. 

John Thomas Batt, esq. 

7ohn Martin Leake, esq. 
~ Sir Charles William Rouse Boughton, Bart. 

Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie. 

John Erskine. 


3 1 8 Court of Exchequer, 

Remembrancer of the First Fruits and Tenths. ' » "Jol tjno 

He takes all compositions for first fruits and tenths, and makes pro- 
^s against such as are backward to pay. 

The Duke of Grafton, Hereditary Remembrancer. 

Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer. 

He has under him four ushers, and six messengers, whose offices are 
all in his gift. 

List of the Ushers of the Receipt of the Exchec>uj:r from thoo. 

?6o Hon. Horace Walpole, afterwards Earl of O^f^^^^gHli"^ ^ u— 
On the death of the Earl of Orford, this office was suppressed. 

The Court or Office of th^ Receipt of his Majesty* s Exchequer. 


Auditor of the Receipt (^ the Exchequer. 

This is an office of great trust and profit. He files the bills of the 
tellers, by which they charge themselves with all the moneys received j 
and. by warrant from the Lord Treasurer, or the Commissioners of 
the Treasury, he draws all orders, to be sioned by him or them, for is- 
suing forth all monies, by virtue of Privy Seals j which are recorded in 
the clerk of the Pells ofhce, and entered and lodged in the Auditor's 
office. He also, by warrant of the Lord Treasurer, or the Commis- 
sioners of the Treasury, makes debentures to such as have fees, annui- 
ties, or pensions, by letters- patent from the King, out of the Exche- 
quer, and directs them for payment to the tellers. He daily receives 
the state pf the account of each teller, and weekly certifies the whole 
lo'the Lords of the Treasury, 


Court of Exchequer*. 5,19 

At Michaelmas and Lady-day he makes a declaration. This is an 
abstract of all accounts and payments made in the preceding half year j 
one for the Lords of the Treasury, and the other for the Chancellor of 
the Exchequer. He keeps the registers appointed for payments in 
course, upon several branches of the King's revenue. He holds his 
office for life j and for the discharge of these offices he has a chief 
clerk, a clerk of the Debentures, a clerk of the Register and Issues, 
a clerk of the Cash-book, and a clerk for making out Exchequer billsj 
and in the office for annuities under the Auditor are two chief clerks, 
and nine clerks under them. 

A List of the Auditors of the Exchequer, 
From the /^ccesiion of the House 0/ Hanover to the present Time. 

Charles, Earl of Halifax, resigned. 
1714 George Montagu, esq. (afterwards Earl of Halifax), Oct. 3. 
— ^^ Robert, Lord Walpole, (afterwards Earl of Orford) May 12. 
—51 Henry, Earl of Lincoln (afterwards Duke of Newcastle). 
-—95 William Wyndham, Lord Grcnville. 

The Four Tellers of the ExcHECiUER, 

Each of whom has his deputy, his first clerk, and four other clerks." 
When they enter upon office, they must each of them give security to 
the amount of L. 20,000 for the faithful discharge of their trust. Their 
office is to receive all money due to the King, and thereupon to throw 
-dowfi a bill through the Pipe into the Tally-court *, where it is re- 
•'v';---'- .- -..■'. ..'"'/'-''.i./^rr, ■:...■.'-'.,: . "celved 

• The TaHy*court in the Excheqaer, takie* Us name frbin the French word 
tailler, to cut : a tally being a piece of wood wrote upon both sides, containing an 
a€quittancc for money received ; which being cloven asunder by the depuf-cham- 
berlains, one part, called the stock, is delivered to the person who pays or lends mo- 
ney to the government ; and the other part, called the counter- stock, or counter- 
foil, remains in the office, to be kept till called for, and joined with the stock. 

This method of striking tallies is very ancient ; and has been fbund, by long expe- 
rience, to be the best way of preventing fraitds that ever was invented ; ^r it is 
morally impossible so to counterfeit a tally, but upon rejoining it with the counter- 
jfoil, the intended fraud will be obvious to every eye, either in the.notches or the 
•cleaving, in the length or in the breadth, ot in the uatural growth, or in the shape 
«f the counterfoil. ' ''^ . . ■ ; 

320 Court of Exchequer, 

ceived by tKe Auditor's clerk, who there attends to write the words 
of the bill upon a tally, and then delivers the same to be entered by 
the Clerk, of the Pells, or his under clerk, who attends to enter it in 
his book. Then the tally is cloven by the two deputy Chamberlains j 
and while the senior deputy reads one part, the junior examines the 
other part with the two clerks. 

A List of the Tellers of the Exchequer, 
From the Accession of the House of Hanover to the present Time. 

Tellers at the demise of Q^ueen Anne. 

George, Viscount Dupplin, (afterwards Earl of Kinnoul). 
Basil, Earl of Denbigh. 
John, Lord Delawar. 
John Smith, esq. 
1715 Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart, vice Lord Dupplin. 
Lord William Powlett. vice Lord Denbigh. 
Sir Richard Onslow, Bart, (afterwards Lord Onslow), vice 
Lord Delawar. 

16 Richard Hampden, esq. vice Sir Roger ^Mostyn. 

18 Thomas Nev\'port, LordTorrington, vice Hampden. 

Thomas, Lord Onslow, vice Lord Onslow. 

ip Hon. Thomas Parker (afterwards Earl of Macclesfield), vice 

Lord Torrington. 
— 24 George Treby, e<;q. vice John Smith, cst\. 
— 2^ Hon. Thomas Tovvnshend, vice George Treby, esq. 
— 30 Sir Charles Turner, Bait, vice Lord William Powlett. 

38 Hon, Philip Yorke (now Earl of Hardwicke), vioe. Sir Charles 


40 Horace Walpole, esq. (afterwards Lord Walpole) vice Lord 

Onslow. ' 

—.57 Janles, Earl Waldegrdve, vice Lord Walpole. 
— 63 George Grenville, esq. (now Marquis of Buckingham), vice 

. Lord Waldegrave. 
— 64 Robert, Lord Henley, (afterwards Earl of Northington) vice 

Lord Macclesfield. 
— 80 Hon. John Jefferies Pratt (now Earl Camden), vice Hon. 

Thomas Townshend. 
— 86 Edward, Lord Thurlow, vice Lord Northington. 



Court of Exchequer, 321 

The Clerk of the Pells 

Is In the nature of a Comptroller. He is called the Clerk of the 
Pells from the Latin vrotd fie/Zis^ a skin j his office being to enter the 
Tellers bill into a parchment skin, and all receipts an^ payments for 
the King, for what cause, and by whomsoever. He has a deputy ; 
a clerk for the introitus, or intomes j and another for the exitusy or 
issues. He has also a clerk of the declarations, and a clerk of the 
patents. •'•'4^ V&'t*'*" 


A List of the Clerks of the Pells, 
From 1760 to the present Time, 

1760 Right Hon. Sir Edward Walpole, K.B. 
—84 Right Hon. Isaac Barre. 
1803 Hon. H. Addlngton. 

Chamberlains of the Exchequer. 

In their custody are many ancient records, leaguer, arid treaties with 
foreign Princes \ the standards of money, weights, and measures j 
those ancient books called the Black Book of the Exchequer,^ and 
Domesday book, which last contains an account of all the cities, 
towns, villages, and families in England in the reign of William the 
Conqueror. Under them are four deputy Chamberlains, in whose 
office are preserved all the counter- foils of the above tallies, so exactly 
arranged that they can be easily found, in order to be joined with 
their respective tallies ; which being done and proved true, they de- 
liver it attested for a lawful tally to the Clerk of the Pipe, to be al- 
lowed in the great roll. 

[vol. h.] y A List 

^22i. Masters of the Chancer'^. 

A List of the Chamberlains of the Exchequer, 
From 1760 to the present Time. 

1760 Sir Simeon Stewart, Bart. 

Sir John Miller, Bart. 
— 72 Montagu Burgoyne, esq. vice Miller. 
— 79 Hon. Frederick North, vice Stewart. 


From the^year 1660 to the present Titilib,.\s. .da"?* ic-^ 

j66o June I. Sir William Child. He surrendered to his son, J&ine 
Sir Justinian Lewen. 
sir Thomas Estcourt. 
.. I ' 2. Sir Thomas Bird. 

, ,1 11. — — 4. Sir Thomas Bennct. a 

■■■ 5. Sir Mondiford Branistone. , 

Sir Ralph Hobart. 
Sir William Glascock. 

— — 6. Sir Walter Lyttleton, 

Sir Edward Pierce. , , 

— — 16. Toby Woolrich, L.L.D. ^^^^ [.. Ri vj-M 

1664 Oct. 14. John Coel, in the place or Sir ToB^ Molineux, de- 
. ceased. ^ y , ■ ^„^,^ ,^, _ 

— 6$ June 26. Sir William Lisle. 

Nov. 15. Richard Proctor. 
• — 67 Oct. 3. Sir Thomas Croft. ,j , 

— 6q Nov. John Halsey. ,; 

— 70 Robert Stow. , 

July Sir Timothy Baldwin, . ."^ 

—71 Dec. Andrew Hackct. 

Jan. Sir William Beversham. 

Masters of the Chancery* 323 

1672 June 17. Sir Lacon William Child, 

July Howell» L.L.D. 

Dec. Sir Edward Lowe. 

Sir William Bargiter. 
— 73 Jan. Sir Myles Cooke. 

Feb. Sir Samuel Clarke. 

— 75 Feb. 7. Sir John Hoskins. 
— 80 July Sir Adam Otteley. 

— 82 Apr. 16. Sir Robert Legard. 
— 83 Feb. Sir James Astry. 

—84 May 31. John Edisbury, L.L.D. 
— 85 July 4. John Methuen. 
—88 Mar. 16. Samuel Keck. ^ 

May 26. Roger Meredith. 
■—91 Aug. 20. Henry Newton, L.L.D. succeeded Sir Myles Cooke, 

and surrendered his office August 20. 1701. 
"^93 J""^ Sir Richard Holford. 

Oct. 20. Thomas Pitt : he surrendered his office May 3; 17 1 2. 
1700 July Sir Thomas Gery. 

—01 Feb. 2r. William Rogers. 
7—03 July 22. John Hiccocks. 
—06 Aug. 7. James Medlycott. 
— 07 ' " 22. William Fellows. 
— c8 ^^'■^•'^ •■'*- John Meller. 
— 'lo July 24. John Orlebar, 

Dec. 2. Fleet^vood Dormer. 
—II June 6. Samuel Browning. 
— 12 Oct. 17. Robert Holford. 

Nov. 3. Henry Lovibond. 
—16 Mar. 9. John Bcnnet. 

— 19 Oct. 14. Richard Godfrey. ' ' 

— 20 Jan. 7. James Lightbourn. 

July 29. John Borret. 
—21 Jan. 10. Edward Conway. 
^ May 18. Henry Edwards. 

William Kinaston. 
h-03 June I. 7>iOmas Bennet. 

Feb. r. Francis Elde. 
—24 Aug. 5. Mark Thurston. 
—26 Dec. 14. Francis Cudworth Masham. 

Feb. 17. Samuel Burroughs. 
Robert Yard. 
—28 May 29. Anthony Allen. 
John T'othill. 

Y 2 


324 Masters of the Chancery. 

William Spicer. 
Richard Edwards. 

Edmund Sawyer, vice J. Lightbourn, deceased. 
Henry Montagu, vice John Bennet, ditto. 
Thomas Lane, vice W. Knyaston, do. 
John Waple, vice M. Thurston, do. 
Peter Holford,- vice R. Holford. 
Thomas Harris, vice A. Allen, deceased., 
Peter Davall, vice E. Sawyer, do. 
Samuel Bonner, vice J. Waple, resigned, 
fohn Browning, vice F. Elde, deceased. 
Thomas Anguish, vice W. Spicer, resigned. 
William Graves, vice S. Burroughs, deceased. 
Samuel Pechell, vice P. Davall, do. 
John Eames, vice T. Bennet. 
Edward Montagu, vice H.Montagu, resigned. 
Thomas Cudden, vice S. Bonner, deceased. 
Robert Pratt, vice R. Edwards. 
Edward Leeds, vice T. Lane, deceased. 
William W. Pepys, vice R. Pratt, do. 
John Hett, vice T. Cudden, do. 
John Orde, vice T. Harris, resignddi*- *^^ . 
G. Bicknell, vice J. Browning. 
John Eardley Wilmot, vice C. Bicknell, deceased. 
. Alexander Thompson, vice S. Pichell, do. 
Alexander Popham, vice T. Anguish, do. 
Thomas Walker, vice A. Thomson, made a Judge. 
John Spranger, esq. vice Hett. 
Nicholas Smith, esq. vice Eames. 
Nathaniel Smith, esq. vice Walker. 
John Simeon, esq. vice Montagu. 
John Campbell, esq. vice Graves. 
Nicholas Ridley, esq. vice Popham. 
Francis Paul Stratford, esq. vice Anguish. 
John Springett Harvey, esq. vice Thomson. 
Samuel Compton Cox> esq. vice Smiths 
James Stanley, esq. vice Spranger. 
'805 Robert Steele, esq. vice Ridley, 


\f^\ June 2 

—32 Mar. 31' 

—38 May 

—39 Mar. 




— 54 May 

—S9 Oct. 

— 60 Mar. 

— 6r Sept. 


—63 Jan. 

r-~6^ July 

r-^5 Sept. 


—67 Aug. 

—73 Jan. 

—75 July 


•—78 Mar. 


— 8r 

— 82 May I 







— 02 



Master of the Rolh* 335 

Of the master pf the ROLLS. 

""f he Master of the Rolls is the first of the Twelv? Masters in Chan- 
cery, and he is called the Master of the Rolls, from having the cus- 
tody of all charters, patents, commissions, deeds, and recognizances, 
■which being made into rolls of parchment, gave occasion for that name. 
This repository of public papers is called the Rolls, being situated in 
Chancery -lane, and was a chapel founded for the converted Jews, 
which, after their being expelled the kingdom, was annexed for ever 
to the office of the Master of the Rolls. Here are kept all the records 
since the beginning of the reign of King Rjchard III. all prior to that 
period being kept in the Tower of London. The Master of the Rolls 
is an officer of great trust j he is always of the Privy Council j and his 
office is of great profit, though much short of what it has been. He 
Is so far an assistant to the Lord High Chancellor, as to h,ear causes in 
his absence, but does not go so far as to make a decree. By virtue of 
his office, he keeps a court at the Rolls, with two assistant Masters in 
Chancery, where he hears and determines causes that come there be- 
fore him J but his decrees are appealable to the Court of Chancery. 
His place Is in the JCing's gift j and he has the gift of the six clerks 
offices, of the examiners offices, three clerks of the petty bag, and the 
six clerks of the Rolls Chapel, hie has under him a secretary, two 
registers, and an usher. 

In Parliament-time, when he sits In the House of Lords, his place 
Is next to the Lord Chief Justice of England, upon the second wool- 
sack. ' '' " ' " '"' .' *. 

Masters of the Rolls. 

1291 Oct. 1. Adam de Osgodeby. 
13 16 Aug. 19. William de Ayremynne. 
— 18 William Anyne. 

S— 23 May 26. Richard de Ayremynne. 
—24 July 4. Henry de Cliff'. 
—32 Jan. 20. Michael de Wath. 
—36 Apr. 28. John de Sanco. 

Y3 1339 


.ns\ s;|.-H 


.V.,VI ^|,— 

4 od— 

i. ^8-, 

) l^^ 

■I q8-J 

; .^Q-^ 


326 . Masters of the Rolls, 

1339 William de Kilderly. 

Thomas de Evesham. 
—40 Feb. 2J. John de Thoresby. 
— 44 ' David de Wollere. 

—70 Mar. 28. William deBevestalL 
—81 Sept. I. John de Waltham. 
—86 Oct. 24. John de Brereton. 
—94 July 22. John Searle. 
— 97 Sept. II. Thomas Stanley. 
1401 — — 24. Nich. Bedwith. 
—04 Mar. 2. John Wakening. —i 

—15 June 3. Simon Gaunstede. ^ — 

—23 Oct. 28. John Fraunke. -^ 

—38 Nov. 13. John Stopmden. — ^ 

—46 Mar. 29. Thomas Kirkby. -- = 

—61 Dec. 23. Robert d6 Kirkham. 
—71 Apr. 29. John Alcock. 

Feb. 22. William Morland. 
—75 May 2. John Morton. 
—78 May 30. Robert Morton. 
—83 Sept. 22. Thomas Barrow. 
— 85 Nov. 13. William Eliot. 

— 87 26. David Williams* 

—91 May 5. John Blithe. 

—93 Feb. 13. William Wareham. 

1501 — — I. William Baron. 

—04 Nov. 13. Christopher Benebrigge. 

—07 Jan. 22. John Yonge. 

—09 June 12. John Yonge. 

—16 May 12. Cuthbert Tunstall. 

— 2% Oct. 20. John Clarke. 

—23 — — 19. Thomas Hannibal. 

—27 June 26. John Taylor. 

—34 Oct. 8. Thomas Crooipbwell. 

•^'3)(i June 10. Christopher Hales- 

— 41 July I. Robert Southwell. 

—49 Dec. 19. John Beaumont. 

■—51 June 18. Sir Robert Bowes, knt. 

—S?) Sept. 18. Sir Nic. Hare, knt. 

— 57 Nov. 8. Sir William Cordell, knt. 

— 80 May 30. Sir Gilbert Gerrard, knt. 

— 93 Apr. \o. Sir Thomas Egetton, knt. 

1603 May 18. Edward Bruce. 

r— 08 Dec. 2. Sir Edward Phillips, knt. 

— 10 Jan. 16. Julius C:€sar. 

—14 Oct. I. Julius Cfesar. 

— 29 Apr. 10. Sir Humphrey Mav, knt. 


Auorneys-Generaln':i^ 327 

1 1630 Nov, 29. Sir Dudley Diggs. 
—38 Charles Caesar. 

—42 Jan. 30. Sir John Culpeper. 
— 45 Nov. 22. William Lenthall. 
— 60 Nov. 3. Sir Harbottle Grimstone, Bart. 
— 84 Jan. 12. Sir John Churchill, knt. 
•—85 Oct. 20. Sir John Trevor, knt. 
— 89. Mar. 13. Henry Powle, esq. 
—92 Jan. 13. Sir John Trevor, knt, 
1717 July 13. Sir Joseph Jekyll. For life. 
■^38 Sept. 29. Hon. John Verney. 

—41 Nov. 7. William Fortescue, esq. .,^^^,. ^ j...., 

—50 Jan. 13. Sir John Strange, knt. jaO Pff— 

— 54 May 25. Sir Thomas Clarke, knt. t ( .voVl 85:-- 

—64 Dec. 4. Sir Thbmas Sewell, knt. .D<"' -tsM <) - 

— 84 Mar. 27. Sir Lloyd Kenyon, Bart, created Lord KenjTiot^^^iid 
made Lord Chief Justice of King's Bench. , „__^ 
— 88 June , 7. Richard Pepper Arden, esq. 
1801 May 30. Sir William Grant, knt. __, 


The Attorney-General is a great Officer of the Crown j and is . 
made by letters-patent. He is to exhibit informations, and prosecute 
for the King in matters criminal ; and to file bills in Exchequer, for 
any claims concerning the Crown, in inheritance or profit ; and others 
may bring bills against the King's Attorney. 

The Solicitor-General is likewise a great Officer of the Crown,. and 
is made by letter s-pal^ent. He is a second or deputy to the Attorney- 



328 'Aitomeys'GeneraU 



1278 William de Gisilham. 

•^'jQ Gilbert de Thormton. 

.^80 Alanus de Waldingham. 

— oi William Inge. 

Hugo de Louther. 
..n^ John de Mutford. 

_pp Nic. de Warwick. 

1306 John de Cestria, 

..01 John de Mutford. 

. — 08 Matthew de Scaccario. 

—I a John de Norton. 

—15 William de Langlcy. 

—18 Adam de Fynebam. 

—20 Galfridus de Scrope. 

—22 Nov. 6. Galfridus de Fyngale. 
..24 Adam de Fyneham. 

—26 Feb. 26. William de Merston. 

Alexander de Hadenham. 

Adam de Fyneham. 
—28 Richard de Aldeburgh. 

<— 33 Simon de Trewythosa. 

.—37 Aug. 4. John de Clone. 

May 28. John de Lincoln. 
—38 July 16. Johnde Clone. 

William de Mevington, 
—41 William de Thorpe. 

—42 John de Lincoln. 

John dc Clone. 
—48 Oct. 12. Simon de Kegworth. 
—52 Henry de Graistock. 

John Gaunt. 
—59 May 4. Richard de Freysley. 
^6i William de Rlejte. 

—62 Nov. 4. William de Nessefield, 
—65 — — ij. Thomas de Shardlow. 
—66 May 12. John de AshweH.. 

Michael Skilling. 
—78 Thomas de Shardlow. 

— 8i William Ellis. 

—84 William de Horneby . 


.\f A ^ Jt^of-neyS'General, c ; : 329 

1386 Edmund BrudcneH. 

— 90 Sept. 30. William de Lodington. 
i^oi Thomas Cowley. 

—07 July 13. Thomas Dereham, 

Aug. 17. Roger Hunt. 
— 12 Thoraa^s Tickhill. 

— 13 Jan. 16. William Babington. 
—21 William Babthorpe. 

—29 Oct. 28. John Vampage. 
— 51 June 30. William Nottingham. 
—61 Aug. 12. John Herbert. 

Henry Southncll. 
— 71 .Tune 16. William Husee. 

83 May 28. Merganus Kidwelly, 

85 Sept. 27. William Hody. '; -^ " " 

86 July 8. Jacob Hubbard. 

1509 Apr. 28. John Ernly. ^ ^ 

— 18 Jan. 26. John Fitz-James. <V- 

—23 Apr. X. Radulphu? Swillington, ■ • "^ 

—29 June 3. Christopher Hales. ' ' ®*^~-- 

—36 July 10. Sir John Baker, knt. ''^^^'■' ^^"^ 

—40 Nov. 8. William Whorwood. .^ ^^^ 

— 45 June 18. Henry Bradshaw. ^- ^'^"^ 

— 51 May 21. Edward Griffith. ^ 

— 53 Sept. 30. Edward Griffith. 

— 58 Jan. 22. Gilbert Gerrard. ^ - 

— 80 June I. John Popham. - . - 

— 91 June 2. Sir Thomas Egerton, knt. 

— 93 Apr. 10. Edward Coke. 

1606 July 4. Sir Henry Hobart, knt. 

— 13 Oct. 27. Sir Francis Bacon, knt. afterwards Vise. St^ Albans. 

— 16 Mar. 12. Sir Henry Yelverton, knt. ^i''"- . 

— 20 Jan. 1 1. Sir Thomas Coventry, afterwards Lord Coventry. 

— 25 Oct. 31. Robert Heath. 

— 31 Oct. 27. William Noy. 

— 34 Sept. 22. Sir John Banks, knt. - 

— 40 Jan. 29. Sir Edward Herbert, knt, 

— 60 May 31. Jeffry Palmer, esq. 

— 70 Sir Heneage Finch, knt. and bart. afterw. Lord Finch, 

— 73 Nov. 12. Sir Francis North, knt. afterwards Lord Guildford. 

—74 Sir William Jones. . '. 

— 79 Oct. 27. Sir Cresvel Livinx, knt, 

— 80 Feb. 14. Sir Robert Sayer, knt. 

—87 Dec. J3. Sir Thomas Powis. 

— 88 Mar. 4. Henry Pollexfen, esq. 

—89 May 7v Sir George Treby, knt. 


33© Solicitors-General, 

j6g'j May 2. Sir John Somers, knt. afterwards Lord Soraers. , 

p3 Apr. 4. Edward Ward, esq. 

___p5 June 10. Sir Thomas Trevor, knt. afterwards Lord Trevor. 

1 70 1 July 5« Edward Northey, esq. 

— 07 Apr. 25. Sir Simon Harcourt, knt. afterwards Lord Harcourt. 

— 08 Oct. 21. Sir James Montagu, knt. 

— 10 Sept. 18. Sir Simon Harcourt, again. 

Oct. 19. Sir Edward Northey, knt. again. 
— 17 Mar. 14. Nicholas Lechmere, esq. afterwards Lord Lechmere. 
— 20 May 9. Sir Robert Raymond, knt. afterwards Ld. Raymond. 
—.23 Jan. 31. Sir Philip Yorke, knt. afterwards Earl of Hardwicke. 
— 33 Nov. 30. Sir John Willes, knt. 
■ — 36 Jan, 26. Sir Dudley Ryder, knt. 

— 54 ■Ap'^' 20. Hon. William Murray, afterwards Earl of Mansfield, 
— 56 Nov. 6. Sir R. Henley, knt. afterwards Earl of Northington. 
— 57 July I. Sir Charles Pratt, knt. afterwards Lord Cainden. 
— 62 Jan. 25. Hon. Charles Yorke. / - 

— 63 Dec. 16. Sir Fletcher Norton, knt. afterwards Lord Grantley. 
— 65 Aug. 25. Hon. Charles Yorke, afterwards Lord Morden. 
— 66 William de Grey, esq. afterwards Lord Walsingham. 

— 71 Jan. 23. Edward Thurlow, esq. now Lord Thurlow. 
— 78 June 16. Alex. Wedderburne, esq. now Lord Loughborough, 
— 80 July II. James Wallace, esq. 

— 82 Apr. 20. Lloyd Kenyon, esq. and Chief Justice of Chester. 
— 83 James Wallace : died. 

Nov. 18. Joha Lee, 
Dec. 26. Lloyd Kenyon. 
— 84 Mar. 30. Richard Pepper Arden. 

Sir Archibald Macdonald, knt. 

Sir John Scott, knt. now Lord Eldon. 

Sir John Mitford, knt. now Lord Redesdale. 

Sir Edward Law, knt. now Lord Ellenborough, 

Hon. Spencer Percival. 

Sir Arthur Pigot, knt. 


146 1 Mar. 12. Richard Fowler. 
— 69 Jan. 31. Richard Page. 
— 83 Aug. 26. Thomas Lynon. 
— 84 Oct. 20. Continued. 
— 85 Nov. 15. Andrew Dimmock. 










— 2 




SoUciton-GeneraL 33 1 

1306 July 12. John Ernley. 

— 13 John Port. 

— 21 8. Richard Lister. 

— 25 Aug. 14. Christopher Hales. 

— 31 Baldwine Malet. 

— 33 Oct. Richard Rich. 

—35 Apr. 13. William Whorwood. 

— 40 Henry Bradshavv. 

— 45 June 8, Edward Griffin. 

— 52 May 21. John Gosnol. 

— S3 ^ept. 30. William Cordell. 

— 57 Nov. 20. Richard Wensto. 

— 58 Feb. I. William Rosewell. 

— 65 June 27. Richard Onslow. 

— 68 Mar. 14. Thomas Bromley. 

— 79 June 26. John Popham. ^ 

— 81 28. Thomas Egerton. 

— 92 16. Edward Cocke. 

— 94 Nov. 6. Thomas Flerning. 

1603 Apr. 2. Coatinued. 

— 07 June 25. Francis Bacon. 

—13 Oct. 29. .Henry Yelverton. 

— 16 Mar. 14. Thomas Coventry. 

— 20 Jan. 22. Robert Heath. 

— 25 Nov. I. Richard Skelton. 

— 34 Oct. 17. Sir Edward Littleton. 

— 39 Jan. 25. Edward Herbert. 

— 40 29. Oliver St John. 

— 43 Oct. 30. Sir T. Gardner, knt. and bart. 

— 60 June 6. Heneage Finch, esq. 

— 70 May ir. Sir Edward Turner, knt. 

— 71 20. Francis North, esq. 

— 73 Nov. 14. Sir William Jones, knt. 

— 78 Sir Francis Winnington, knt. 

Jan. 13. Heneage Finch, e^q. 
— 85 Feb. 7. Continued. 
— 86 Apr. 26. Sir Thomas Powis, knt. 
— 87 Dec. 13. Sir William Williams, krit. 
— 88 May 4. Sir George Treby, knt. 
— 89 7. John Somers, esq. 

—92 Mar. 2. Thomas Trevor, esq. 
—95 July 13. John Hawles, esq. 
1702 June I. Simon Harcourt, esq. 
— 07 Apr. 25. Sir James Montagu, knt. 
— 08 Oct. 21. Robert Eyre, esq. 
— 10 May 13. Sir Robert Raymond, knt. 


332 Chief yusiices in Eyre* 

17 14 Oct. 15. Nicholas Lechmere, esq. 

—15 Dec. 21. John Fortescue Aland, esq, 

—16 Feb. 6. Sir William ThQinpson, knt, 

— 10 Mar. 22. Sir Philip Yorke, knt. 

—23 Feb. 3. Sir Clement Wearg, knt. 

— 26 Apr. 23. Charles Talbot, esq. 

—33* Nov. 30. Dudley Ryder, esq. 

— 36 Jan. 26. John Strange, esq. 

— 42 Nov. 27. Hon. William Murray. '•IH^ ^^ 

—45 Apr. 20. Sir Richard Lloyd, knt. 

—36 Nov. 6, Hon. Charles Yorke. 

—61 Dec. 14. Fletcher Norton, esq. 

•—6^ Nov. William de Grey, esq. 

—66 Aug. Edward Willes, esq. 

—67 Dec. 23. Jo. Dunning, esq. 

—70 Mar. Edward Thurlow, esq. 

— 71 Jan. 23. Alex. Weddcrburne, esq. 

—78 June 16. James Wallace, esq. 

—80 Sept. I. James Mansfield, esq. 

— 82 Apr. 20. John Lee, esq. 

— — • July Richard Pepper Arden, esq. 

—83 Apr. John Lee, esq. 

Nov. i8. James Mansfield, esq, 

Dec. 26. R. P. Arden, esq. 
— 84 Apr. 7. Arch. McDonald, esq. 
— 88 Juue 28. Sir John Scott, knt. 
— 93 Feb. 13. Sir John Mitford, knt. . 
— 99 Sir William Grant, knt. 

1801 Hon. Spencer Percival. 

— 02 Apr. Thomas Manners Sutton. 

—05 Sir Vicary Gibbs, knt. 

-1—06 Feb. Sir Samuel Romilly, knt. 


When the forest-laws were in force, tlie office of Chief Justice in 
Eyre was an office of great trust and digni;ty. There are two of them, 
one whose power extended south of the river Trent j the other to the 
north of that river. By ancient custom they should go their circuits 
every third year, and punish all abuses committed in his Majesty's 

forests 5 

Chief JuHkes in Eyre. 333 

forests ; but the office is now a mere sinecure, the verdurers of th e 
different royal forests transacting all the business. 

A List of the Chief Justices in Eyre, North and South of Trent, 
From the Reign of King Henry VIII. (o the present Time. 

1524 Thomas, Marquis of Dorset. 

Sir Thomas Lovel, knt. 

Thomas, Lord Cromwell, (afterwards Earl of Essex). 
—41 Thomas, Earl of Rutland. North. 
— 46 Sir Anthony Brown. North. 
—48 Francis, Earl of Shrewsbury. North. ' 

Henry, Marquis of Dorset, (afterwards Duke of Suffolk) . South, 
—54 Henry, Earl of Sussex. North. 
—64 Robert, Earl of Leicester. South. 

Francis, Earl of Bedford. South. 
— 88 Charles, Earl of Nottingham. Sduth. 
1603 Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury. North. 
—.12 Francis, Earl of Rutland. North, 

— 18 George, Marquis (afterwards Duke) of Buckingham. South- 
— 32 Henry, Earl of Holland. South. 

— 33 Thomas, Earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk. North. 
— 46 John, Earl of Rutland. North. v . .,, . 

— 60 William, Marquis (afterwards Duke) of Newcastle.: '-'I^^h. 
■ Aubrey, Earl of Oxford. North. 

— 76 James, Duke of Monmouth. North. 
—79 Philip, Earl of Chesterfield. South. 
—85 Henry, Duke of Newcastle. North. 

Theophilus, Earl of Huntingdon. South. 

— 89 John, Lord Lovelace. South. 

James, Earl of Abingdoru South. 
— 91 William, Earl (afterwards Duke) of Devonshire. North. 
— 97 Thomas, Lord Wharton. South. 
1702 Montagu Venables, Earl of Abingdon. South. 
—05 Thomas, Lord Wharton, (afterwards Earl and Marquis of 

Wharton). South. 
— 07 William, Duke of Devonshire. North. 
—10 Montagu Venables, Earl of Abingdon. South. 
— — John, Duke of Newcastle, Sept. 23. North— Died 17 11. 

334 Serjeants at Law. 

1 7 14 Evelyn, Marquis of Dorchester, (afterwards Duke of Kingston), 

November 4. North. 
— :i5 Charles, Earl of Tankerville, December 9. South. 
— 16 Thomas, Earl of Westmoreland, December 13. North.' 
— 19 Bennet, Earl of Harborough, May 3. North. 
— 22 Charles, Lord Cornwallis, January. South. 
— 30 Charles, Earl of Carlisle. North. 
— ^^ John, Viscount Lymington, (afterwards Earl of Portsmouth), 

January 11. ' North. 
— 34 Peregrine, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, June 21. North. 
— 40 William, Earl of Jersey, May 12. South. - » -^ 5^ 

—42 George, Earl of Cardigan, February 14. Norths". •'*>*^ ^^^ 
— 46 George Dunk, Earl of Halifax. South. 
— 48 Thomas, Duke of Leeds, November 1 2. South. 
— 52 Edward, Duke of Somerset, February 1 1. North. 
—^S Samuel, Lord Sandys, December. South. 
— ^6 Richard, Earl of Breadalbane, December i x. South. 
— 58 Richard, Lord Edgecumbe, January 24. North. 
— 59 Samuel, Lord Sandys, February 13. North. 
— 61 Thomas, Duke of Leeds, April 14. North. 
— 6^ John, Lord Monson, November 5, South. 
— t66 Charles, Earl Cornwallis, December 20. South. 
— 69 Sir Fletcher Norton, knt. (now Lord Grantleyl) January 

South. Died. 
— 74 Thomas, Lord Pelham, March 12. North. 
— 75 Thomas, Lord Lyttleton, November 18. North. Died. 
— 80 Charles Wolfran Cornwall esq. September 6. North. Died. 
— 89 Thomas, Viscount Sydney, June. South. 

George Evelyn, Viscount Falmouth. North. 

-—90 Honble. John Charles Villiers. North. 
iSoo Thomas Grenville, esq. South., 


■J ,i\l[!UY 

1660 May 31. Sir Orlando Bridgeman. 

June 21. Sir Thomas Widdrington, Sir Thomas Bedingfield, 
Samuel Brown, John Glyn, an^d Erasmus Earle, 
Sir Robert Bernard, Matthew Hale, John May- 
nard, Richard Newdigate, Thomas Twysden, Hugh 
V^indham, John Fountain, Evan i^Sey, John Ar- 
cher, and Walter Thomas. , ' • 
6. Sir John Glanville — King's Serjeant. 


Serjeants at Law, 

1660 Ju3j4 ■ 4. iThomas . Tyrrel,. Christopher Turner, Sir George 
iDalHson, George Beare, Edmund Hoskins, Wad- 
, ham Windham, Job Charlton, Sir William Mor- 

ton, John Parker, John Keeling, John Merefield, 
and Thomas Brome. 
Nov. 8. John Glynne— King's Serjeant. 

10. John Maynard — King's ditto. 
Oct. 5. Sir William Wild. 

Richard Raynesford. 
Charles HoUowayne. 
Frederick Hyde. 
— 61 Nov. 6. Sir John Keeling — King's Serjeant. 

10. Sir William Wild. . 

— 6^ July I. Sir William Morton— King's ditto. 

May 20. Sir Job Charleton — King's ditto. 
—68 Sir John Vaughan. 

—69 June 26. Timothy Tourner, William Ellis, Nicholas Willi- 
mot, Thomas Hards, Gibbon Goddard, Sir Richard 
Hopkins, Thomas Flint, John Turner, Sir John 
Howell, Francis Bramstone, Christopher Goodfel- 
low, Samuel Baldwin, Thomas jPowis, Thomas, 
Jones, and Sjr William Scroggs. / 
, July 28. John Barton. 

Sir Henry Peckham. 
Nov. 2. Sir William Scroggs— King's Seijeant. 
—70 Majfj Timothy Tournor — King's ditto. 
•—ytfr i I9> Sir Edward Turner. 

Apr. 28. William Ellis — King's ditto. 
Dec. 12. Thomas Jones. 

Sir Edward Thurland — King's ditto. 
— 72 Mar. 12. Sir Robert Atkins — Her Majesty's Solicitor GenernK 
Jan. 13. Samuel Baldwin— King's Serjeant. 
Dec. 12. Sir Edward Thurland — His Royal Highness's At- 
, torney-General. 
— 74 Jan. 12. Sir Francis North — Attorney-Genera], 

29. Tristram Conyers, Edward Pecke, Richard Crooke, 
Sir Nicholas Pedley, George Strode, Sir Thomas 
Skipwith, Lestrange Calthorpe, Sir Robert Shaftoe, 
and Francis Pemberton. 
Feb. 5. Sir Richard Stote. / 
c II. Robert Stevens. 

Franciscus Barrel!. 
— 75 Apr. 2. Richard Rigby. 

22. Edward Pecke — King's Serjeant. 
:.\^ .:• 2;^. Lestrange Calthorpe— King's ditto. 
May 18. Vere Bertie. 
Aug. II. Sir Francis Pemberton — King's ditto. 


33^ Serjeants at Law, 

1675 Feb. 12, William Montagu. 
—76 May 12. Thomas Hardress. 

George Strode — King's Serjeant. 
June 28. -Sir Richard Stote — King's ditto. 
— 77 July 3. Sir William Dolben, Richard Hoi! oway, John Symp- 
son, Richard Weston, Robert Baldock, William 
Gregory, Francis Wingfield, George Johnston, 
Thomas Walcott, Thomas Strode, Sir Thomas 
Stringer, Thomas Streete, and Thomas Holte. 
Get. ir. Sir John Shaw. 

Thonias Rawlms. 
Thomas Raymond. 
24. Sir William Dolben— King's Serjeant. 
Feb. 18. John Sympson— King's ditto. 
— 78 Oct. 23. Thomas Streete — King's ditto. 
Feb. 5. Richard Weston — King's ditto. 
Jan. 27. Sir Thomas Stringer — King's ditto, 
Feb. 12. Edward Atkyns. 
William Leake. 
—80 Sir George JefFereys, Sir John Kelynge, Robert 

Wright, Edmund West, Thomas Walcot, Sir John 
Bcynton, Edward Birch, Edward Bigland, Wm. 
Richardson, William Bugby, Edmund Saunders, 
John Windham, and Sir Francis Manley. 
May 12. Sir George Jeffereys — King's Serjeant. 
13. Sir John Kelynge — King's ditto. 
17. Sir Robert Wright— King's ditto. 
Nov. 29. Sir Creswell Lcvinz — Attorney-General. 
— 82 Feb. 19. Sir John Eoynton — King's Serjeant. 
•^83 Apr. 5. Sir Francis Wythens. 

Sir Richard HoUoway — Kmg's ditto. 
Nov. 22. Sir John Shaw— rKing's ditto- 
Feb. I. Sir Thomas Skipwith — King's ditto. 

2. Sir Edward Nevile — King's ditto. 
Nov. 28. Sir Thomas Jenner, John Wyndham, Edwin Wyatt, 
Edward Birch, Henry Bedingfield, Thomas Far- 
rer, Sir Paul Barret, Anthony Farrington, John 
Jeffreyson, Edward Lutwyche, Richard Heath, 
Henry Selby, John Millington, Thomas Powell, 
Owen Wynne, Edward Pudsey, John Windham, 
John Norris, William le Hunt, Edwgrd Nevil, 
William Rawliiison, and Christopher Milton. 
— 84 Feb. 9. Sir John Maynard, Sir George Strode, Sir Thomas 
Stringer, Sir Robert Baldock, Sir Thomas Holt, 
Sir Thos. Jenner, Sir Thos. Skipwith, Sir Edward 
Nevile, Sir John Shaw, Sir Henry Bedingfield, Sir 
Edward Lutwyche, King's Serjeants. 


Serjeants at Law. ^t,"/ 

1685 May 2. Sir John Boynton — King's serjeant. 
Oct. 8. Sir Edward Herbert — King's ditto. 
—86 Apr. 22. Sir John Holt— King's ditto. 

Sir Ambrose Phillips — King's ditto. 
23. William Ravvlinson, George Hutchins, Hugh Hedges;, 
William Killingworth, John Tate, Thomas Geeres, 
John Powell. 
—87 21. Sir Richard AUibone. 

27. Charles Ingleby. ■ 

—88 June II. William le Hunt, Jphn Rotherham, Vincent Denn, 
Salathiel Lovell, Sir Henry Chapcy, William Moss, 
Henry Trinder, Francis Fuller, William Thomp- 
son, John Green, Anthony Bower, John Mosyer, 
William Coward, Gyles Eyre, Samuel Eyre, John 
Warren, and Edward Smith. 
— '89, Apr. II. Sir Penry Pollexfen, Nichola,s Lechmere, Thomas 
Rookeby. John Thurbarne, William Wogham, 
William Powlett, Nathan Bond, Gyles Eyres, 
Henry Hatsell, John Blencow, Peyton Ventris, 
John Powel, Roger Belwood, John Tremayne, 
John Trenchard and John Turton. 
May 2. George Hutchin — King's Serjeant. 
4. William Woghan — King's ditto. 
Nathaniel Bond — King's ditto. 
John Tremayne — King's nitto. 
21. William Thorripson — King's ditto. 
John Trenchard— King's ditto. 
—92 Apr. II, Sir George Treby, Samuel Eyres, Framcis Purley, 
William Coward, George, Thomas Good- 
inge^ Henry Gould Roger Moore, Reginald Britt- 
land, John Darnell Joseph Girdler, Littleton 
Powis. Nathan Wright, Charles Bonython, Tho- 
mas Burton, John Rovve, and Edward Smith. 
— 93 May 6. Sir George Hutchins- — Kmg's Serjeant. 
— i-94 Feb. 20. Henry Gould — King's ditto. 
— 95 Apr, 3. Sir Salathiel Lovell — King's ditto. 

June 3. Sir Edward Ward. 
— 96 J?ec. 30. Nathan Wright— King's ditto. 
— 98 Jan.- 3. John Darnell— King's ditto. 

1700 Oct. I. Sir John Jekyll — Chief Justice of Chester. I 

John Green, Charles White^cre, Thomas Gibbons, 
' Thomas Barry, John Keen, Philip Neve, Nicholas 
Hooper, Henry Turner, Robeit Tracy, .lames 
Mundy, John Hook, Laurence Agar, John Pratt, 
W^illiam Hall, James Selby, John Smith, and Tho» 
mas Carthew. 

[vol.. n.J z 1700 

338 Serjeants at Law. 

1700 Oct. 22. Thomas Gibbon. 
Robert Tracy. 
31. Sir Joseph Jekyll — King's Serjeant. 
Feb. 5. Charles Whiteacre — King's ditto. 
— 01 June 29. Sir Thonias Trevor. 
— 02 8. Sir Thomas Powis — Queen's ditto. 

Robert Price — Queen's ditto. 
2.4. Sir Salathiel Lovell — Queen's ditto. 
Nicholas Hooper — Queen's ditto. 
Sir John Darnell — Queen's ditto. 
Sir Joseph Jekyll — Queen's ditto. 
— 05 June 8. Thomas Parker, Henry Chetham, James Grove, 
William Banister, Sir John Broderick, Joseph 
Weld, John Bennet, Heory Lloyd, Richard 
Wynne, Richard Richardson, John Hoo, John 
Cheshire, John Birch, John Comyns, and Thomas 
Webb. ' 
Thomas Parker— Queen's Serjeant. 
— 06 Apr. 15. Robert Dormer — a Judge of the Common Pleas. 
— 10 May 6. Sir Robert Eyre. 

Thomas Pengelly. 
— II Nov. 27. John Cheshire — Queen's Serjeant. 
, •;— 14 Oct. 23. Sir Peter King. 
Sir, Samuel Dodd. 
Sir James Montagu. 
Dec. 20. ^ir Francis Page, John Cuthbert, William Bridges, 
Henry Stevens, James Reynolds, Navhaniel Meade, 
William Earle,.Thom3s Hanbury, Edward White- 
acre, William Braithwayte, John Darnell, John 
Belfield, William Salkeld, and Edmund Miller. 
Jan. 5. Sir Nicholas. Hooper — King's Serjeant. 
Sir John Cheshire — King's ditto. 
26. Sir Francis Page— King's ditto. 

— 17 Nov. 8. Sir Thomas Powit — King's ditto. 
■ — 18 June 24. Thomas Hanbury — King's ditto. 

John Foitescue Aland — Baron of the Exchequer. 
—19 Sir Thomas Pengelly — King's 6rst Serjeant. 

— 21 29. Edward Whitacre— King's Serjeant* 

— 22 May 31. Jeffrey Gilbert. 

Alexander Denton. 
— 2^ Jan. 27. Sir Robert Raymond. 
Edmund Probyn. 
Feb. 17. Laurence Carter, Thomas Morley, Fettiplace Nott, 
William Chappie, Joseph Girdler, John Raby, 
John Baines, Richard Commyns, James Shepheard, 
Gyles Eyre, William Hawkins, and Matthew 

Serjeants at Law, "^^jg 

1724 Apr. 39. Laurence Carter— King's Serjeant. 

—25 June 15. Bernard Hale. 

—26 Oct. 17. Edward Whitacre — King's first Serjeant. 

Jan. 30. John Cheshire — King's first ditto. 
-—27 May 14. William Chappie — King's ditto. 
James Shepheard — King's ditto. 
Aug. I. Sir Nicholas Hooper^— King's ditto. 
. Edward Whiteacre — King's ditto. 
William Chappie — King's ditto. 
James Shepheard— King's ditto. 
Oct. 9. Spencer Cowper. 
Edward Corbett. 
— 29 J^ov. 25. Sir Wm, Thomson, 

; V,,>-j Simon Urlin. 
—30 June II. William Lee. 
Thomas Birch. 

Matthew Skinner — Kin^ Serjeant. 
Gyles Eyre — King's ditto. 
Thomas Parker— King's ditto. 
Richard Wynne— King's ditto. 

1733. April 23. 
^"^^nion of the Society in Fleet-street with that in Chancery-lane). 

Thomas Reeve — Justice of the Common Pleas, 1733 j 

Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, 1736. 
Martin Wright — Justice of the King's Bench, 1740. 
1733 Nov. 4. Sir Philip Yorke, Lord Hardwick — Lord Chief Jus- 
tice of the King's Bench, 1733 > ^otd Chancellor, 

— 36 May. William Fortescue — Baron of the Exchequer, 1736; 
Justice of the Common Pleas, 17385 Master of the 
Rolls, 1743. 
John Toller. • - 

June. Thomas Parker — iBaron of the Exchequer, 1736; 
Justice of the Common Pleas, 1740 j Lord Ch>ef 
Baron of the Exchequer, 1742. 
Tliomas Hussey. 
Abraham Gapper. 
Robert Price. 

MichaeHForster — Justice of the King's Bench. 
Thomas Burnet — Justice of the Common Pleas, 1741. 
2^2 1737 

24.f S^rj<iants at Law* 

1736 jLine. William Wynne. 

John Agar. 
Richard Draper. 
Roben J. Ketleby. 
W^illiam Hay ward. 

Samuel Prime — King's Serjeant, I757. 
Thomas Barnardiston. 
Edward Bootle. 
— 27 Feb, 5. Sir John Willes — Lord Chief Jukice of the Common 

— 40 Jii:;c 19. James Reynolds— Baron of the Exchequer, 1740. 

Edward Willes, ■ — ^ 

Nov. 28. Thomas Abney — Baron of the Exxhequer,' i^4Cj ' 
Justice of the Comraon PleaSj 1743. 
* — 41 [an. 23. William Eyre. 

May 5. Thos. Dennison — Justice of the King's Bench, 1741. 
Edward Leeds — King's Serjeant, 1 7 97. 
■ — 13 Apr. 20. Charles Clarke— Baron of the Exchequer. 
— 45 May I. Edward Clive— Baron of the Exchequer,. 174J J 

Justice of the Common Pleas, 1753. i 

— 47 Ji!!ic 29. Heneage Legge — Baron of the Exchequer. 

David Poole — King's Serjeant. 
— JO 27. Nathaniel Gundry — Justice of the King's Bench. 

Sidney Stafford Sraythe — Baron of the ExchequeVj 
1750; Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, 1772. 
— 73 Feb. 10. Richard Adams. 

Geortfe Wilsx)n. "i 

— 54 I\!ay 4. Dudler: Ryder — Lord Chief Justice of the King's 
Bench. ^-i-.-a .. s \y.! ■; ; ; 

Henry Bathurst. — Justice of the Coinmon Pleas, 1754^ 
Lord Apsley and Lord Chancellor, 1771 J now j 
Earl Ba'thurst.' ■' 

— ^^ Apr. 16. John EardleyWilmot- — Justice of the King's Bench, ' 
J 75? J Lord Chief Justice of the Common PleaB, 
Lorn ax Martin. 
James Hewit — Justice of the King's Bench, 1766 ; 

Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1768. 
William Davy — King's Strjeant. - 
—56 Dec. 1 i. William Murray, afterwards Earl Mansfield — Lord 

Cliicf Justice of the King's Bench, 1756. 
— 57 May 6. William Noel — Justiceof the Common Pleas. 
Thomas Staynford. 

James Forster — King's Serjeant, 1772. ^*^'- 
~59 2. William Whitaker— King's ditto. - '^^M 

George Nares — Justice of the Common Pleas, 1771- 
Anthony Keck. 


Serjeants at Law, 341 

1759 Nov. 17. Richard Lloyd — Baron of the Exchequer. 
— 61 ' Henry Gould, Baron of the Exchequer, 1761 ; Jus-, 

tice of the Common Pleas, 1762. 
Joseph Sayer. , . .Mi.i , 
— 62 Jan, 23. Charles Pratt — Lord Chief Justice of the Common 
Pleas J Lord Camden and Lord Chancellor, 1766. 
John Burland — Baron of the Exchequer, 1774. 
—6^ Jan. ^4. George Perrot — Baron of tl;ie Exchequer. 
John Aspinall. 

John Glynn— Recorder of London, 1772. 
—64 23. Joseph Yates — Justice of the King's Bench, 

.-y^5 Apr. 24. Richard Aston — Justice of the King's, Bench. 
Richard Leigh — King's Serjeant, 1^7 i. 
William Jephson. 
.77-68 Jan. 29. Edward Willes — Justice of the King's Bench. 
—70 Feb. 12. William Blackstone — Justice of the Common Pleas. 
June 27. Sir William Ashurst — Justice of the King's Bench. 
—71 Feb. I. William de Grey— Lord Cliief Justice of the Com- 
mon Pleas. 
— 72? May 13. William Kempe. 
Thomas Walker. 
Harley Vaughan. 
Nov. 6. James Eyre— Baron of the Exchequer. 
.ii.":': ,/ , George Hill — King's Serjeant, 1772. 

,-^-74 A'pr. 29. Nash Grose — Madera Judge of the King's Bench, 
James Adair — Recorder of London^ 1779. 
, ~75 May 19. Beaumont Hotham — Baron of the Exchequer. 
.^-;r ' John Heath — Justice of the Common Pleas. 

vjT~76 Apr. 26. Richard Perryn — Baron of th^ Exchequer. 
- — 77 Nov. 27. John Skynner — Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 
>,ife78 May 7. John Bulier-— Justice of the King's Bench. 
^3Sr79 NoiV. 29. James Clayton Bolton. 
—80 June 14. Alexander Wedderburne, I^otd Loughborough-r- 

Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. 
— "81 Cranley Thomas Kerby. 

Giles Rooke. 
—86 George Bond. 

John Wilson. \ . 

— 87 Feb. Sir Alexander Thompson— Baron of the Exchequer, 

Simon le Blanc. 
Soulden Lawrence. 
May 7. William Cockeli. 

Nov. 17. Cliarlcs Runnlngton, Samuel Marsh, James Watson 

z ^ 1785 

342 Justices of the Grand Sessions, 

1788 June 9. Sir Lloyd Kenyon, Bart. 

Ralph Clayton, esq. 
— 89 / Sir John William Rose, knt. 

— 93 Samuel Haywood, esq. ' 

John Williams, esq.' 

Arthur Palmer, esq. 
—99 Baker John Sellon, esq. 

John Vaughan, esq. 

John Lens, esq. 

John Bayley, esq. 

Arthur Onslow, esq. 

William Mackworth Pread, esq. 

A List of the JustJCES of the Grand Sessions for the 
Counties in Wales, from 1760 to the present time. 

Chester, Montgomery, FUnt^ and Denbigh-shires. 

Hon. William Noel, Chief Justice. 

Taylor White, esq. 
J 762 ' John Morton, esq. Chief Justice, vice Noel. 

—72 ' John Skinner, esq. vice White. 

— 77 Francis Buller, esq. vice Skinner. 

— 7^ Hon, Daines Barrington, vice Buller. 

—80 Lloyd Kenyon, esq. Chief Justice, vice Morton. 

-^84, Richard P. Arden, esq. Chfef Justice, vice Kenyon. 

— 88 July Edwaid Bearcroft, esq. Chief Justiccf, vice Arden'.* 

Frartcis Burton, esq. v^ce Barrington. 
— 9c Nov. 3c. James Adair, esq. Chief Justice, vice Bearcroft. 
— 98 Aug. William Grant, esq. vice Adair. 

— 99 J"'y Ji'mes Mansfield, esq. vice, Grant. 

'804 Vicary Gibbs, esq. vice Mansfield. 

— Cf Jr.n. Robert M. Dallas, esq. Chief Justice, vice Gibbs. 


Justices of the Grand Sessions. 

Brecon^ Glamorgan, and. Radnor-shires. 

John Williams, esq. 

John Hervey, esq. 
1^64 . John Richmond Webb, esq. vice Hervey. 

.^66 William Whitaker, esq, vice Webb. 

—77 AbelMoysey^ esq. vice Whitaker. 

—87 George Hardinge, esq. vice Williams. 

Cardigan^ Carmarthen., and Pemhroke-shires. 

John Pollen, esq. 

Edward Poore, esq. 
~~75 William Beard, esq. vice Pollen. 

—80 Archibald Macdonald, esq. vice Poore. 

—88 John Lloyd, vice Macdonald. 

—89 July John Mitford, esq. vice Beard. 

WilUam Chetwynd, esq. vice Mitford. 
—98 John Compton Cox, esq. vice Grant. 

1804 Honble. Richard Ryder, vice Cox. 

Caernarvon, Anglesey' and Merioneth-shires. 

R. Holland, esq. 

Honble. Daines Barrington. 
1764 James Hayes, esq. vice Holland. 

.—7^ Thomas Potter^ esq. vice Barringtbn. 

— 93 June John Anstruther, esq. 

—97 July Thomas Manners Sutton, esq. vice Anstruthev, 

1802 Apr. Hugh Leycestre, vice Sutton. 

—04 Robert Steele, esq, vice Potter. 

7. 4 


344 fimn^i^yJ^v^h ofLamner. 

■ ■■■■■'•■, \, ■ \ \ ■. - 

The court Of i-Bifi l«y^ri«^^W;^4.ANC>A^T?5£lt. 

There i$ anothier Court at Westi^inster, calle^ The Duchy (!qurt 
of Lancaiter, where all causes any way relating to the revenue of the 
Duchy of Lancaster are trlejd. Another branch of the same Court 
is established at Preston in Lancashire, called The Court of (he Coun- 
ty Pa/aline of Lancaster ^ for the san[ie purposes in that county as the 
other is in Westminster. 

These Courts xvere erected by King Henry IV. after his having 
deposed King Richard IL when possessing the Duchy of Lancaster 
in right of his mother, he imagined h's claim to be better than tha^ 
to the throne, and therefore separated it from the Crown, and erect- 
ed these Courts for its use. 

The Chief Judge of these Courts is the Chancellor, under whom 
are a set of inferior officers in each court for the conducting of business. 

A List of the CHANCELioRs of the Duchy of Lancaster, 
Trom 1660 to the present Time. 

i66q June x. Charles, Lord Seymour of Trowbridge. 

—72 Feb. 14. Sir Robert Carr, Knt. and Bart. 

— 80 Sir Thomas Ingram, Knt. 

— 88 Robert, Lord Willoughby of Eresby. 

— 97 Thomas, Earl of Stamford. 

J702 Sir John Leveson Gower, Bart, (afterwards Lprd 

Cower.) ':'■•' 
— 06 June 10. James, Earl of Derby. 
— 10 William, Lord Berkeley of Stratton. 

-r- J 4, Oct. 12. Heneage, Earl of Aylesford. 
-^16 Mar. 6. Richard, Earl of Scarborough. 


Court of the Dacby of Lancaster. 345 

J717 June 12. Nicholas Lechmere, esq. (afterwards Lord Lect- 

mere) for life. 
—27 July 17. John, Duke of Rutland. 
—36 May George, Earl of Cholmondeley. 

-^43 Dec. 22. Richard, Lord Edgecumbe. 
—58 Jan. 24. Thomas Hay, Viscount Dupplin (now Earl of Kin- 

—62 Dec. i^. James Smith, Lord Strange. 
—71 June 14. Thomas, Lord Hyde, (now Earl 6f Clarendon.) 
'-'■'-' *— 82 Mar. 27. John, Lord Ashburton. 
" "—83 Aug. 29. Edward, Earl of Derby. 
' •' Dec. 31. Thomas, Earl of Clarendon, 

—86 Sept. 9. Charles, Lord Hawkesbury, (now Earl of Liverpool), 
1803 Thomas, Lord Pelharti, (now Earl of Chichester. 

•—04 Henry, Lord Mulgrave. 

—05 Jan. . R.obert, Earl of Buckinghamshire, 

July f. Dudley, Lord Harrowby. 
rr06 Feb. . , Edward. Earl of Derby. 

Attorney 'Gener a L 
John Ord, esq. 

King's Sergeant. 
T, Plummer, esq. 

' King's Counsel. 

William Walton, esq. 
Robert Capper, esq. 
Wm. Thomas Roe, esq. 

Receiver-General. - 
^ Thomas, Lord Bolton. 


Sir William Henry Ashurst, esq. 
Alexander Popham^ esq. > 

First ProthonQtary. 

Hon. and Rev. Robert Cholmondeley, Died. 
1784 Hon. John Charles Villiers. 


; 46 ' Officers of the County Palatine of Lancaster* 

Officers of the County Palatine of Lancaster. 

1806 Feb. Edward, Earl of Derby. 

Edward King, esq. 

- John Miller, esq, 

Attorney-General and Sergeant, 
WIIHanj Cockell, esq. 


C 347 ] 

Of the General Post-Office, and Postmasters- 


It is not easy to determine when the Post was first established In 
England. Anciently the management of the foreign mails was under 
the direction of a stranger ; who, by the permission of the Govern- 
ment, was chosen by the foreigners, merchants, nnd residents in the 
city of London j who even pretended to have a right by prescription 
of chusing their own Postmaster. However, in the year 1568, a dif- 
ference arising between the Spaniards and Flemings in London, each 
chose their separate Postmaster ; and this contest occasioned a repre- 
sentation from the citizens to the Privy Council, to beseech her .Ma- 
jesty, Queen Elizabeth, to fill that important post with one of her 
English subjects. From this time to the year 1660, the Posts in this 
kingdom underwent various regulations, until King Ch'arles II. that 
year, had a General Post-Office erected, to be kept within the city 
of London, under the direction of a Postmaster- General, appointed 
by the King. By this act, the Postmaster-General was empowered 
to appoint Post-houses in the several parts of the country, hitherto un- 
provided, both in post and by-roads : The postage of letters to and 
from all places therein mentioned^ was not only ascertained, but 
likewise the rates of post-horses, to be paid by all such as should ride 

The revenue of the Post in England was, in former reigns, f?irraed^ 
and continued to increase with amazing rapidity, when it was taken 
into the hands of Government j and by an act of Parliament, in the 
year 1710, it was established, not only for the kingdom of Great Bri- 
tain,^, but likewise for that of Ireland, and dominions beyond seas. 

The office of Postmaster-General is at present under the direction of 
two Commissioners, who have a salary of L.5000 per annum. They 

- ' ' ' are 

348 Postmasters-General. 

are excluded from sitting in the House of Commons. Under their 
.orders are all the packet-boats that are established at Falmouth, in 
Cornwall, and all the Postmasters in the different towns in the king- 
dom. They are assisted by a Secretary and four clerks, a Receiver- 
General, an Accountant-General, a Comptroller- General, &c. under 
whom are a very great number of inferior officers necessarily em- 

A List of the Postmasters-General, from the Union of the two 
kingdoms to the present time. . 

Queen Anne. 

C Sir Robert Cotton, Bart. 
^ Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart. 
r Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart. 
\ John Evelyn, esq. 

King George I. 

^'i^S r Charles, Lord Cornwallis. 

([^J^™c.s Craggs, esq. . 
—21 y Charles, Lord Cornwallis. 

jt Hon. Edward Carteret. 
— 21 C Hon. Edward Carteret. 

\ Galfridus Walpole, esq. 
—26 f Hon. Edward Carteret. 

\ Edward^ Harrison, esq. 

King George II. 

•33 THon. Edward Carteret. 

■J Thomas Lord Lovell, afterwards Viscount Cpk*;, and 
C Earl ot Leicester. 


Fosfmasters'Generah 349 

iTao y Thomas, Earl of Leicester. 

■^7^^ , . . J Sir John Eyles, Bart. 
■*^4.c ' V Thomas, Earl of Leicester. 

^•* 7 Sir Everard Fawkener, knt. 

___._ C William, Earl of Besborough. 

(.Hon. Robert Hampden, aftenvards Lord Trevor aiid 
Viscount Hampden. 

King George IIL 

1762 Nov, f^y Hon. Robert Hampden. 

t John, Earl of Egmont. 

CHon. Robert Hampden. 
—63 Sept. 10.4 Thomas, Lord Hyde, (afterwards Earl of Claren- 

C don.) 
'—^S July 20. J William, Earl of Besborough, , 

\ Thomas, Lord Grantham. 
56 Dec. 27. S Wills, Earl of Hillsborough. 

(_ Francis, Lord Le Despencer. 
—68 Jan. 20. S Francis, Lord Le Despencer. 

\ John, Earl of Sandwich. 
'—70 Dec. 10. y Francis, Lord Le Despencer. 

X Hon. Henry Frederick Thynne, afterwards Carteret, 
—82 Jan, rWiUiam Wildman, Viscount Barrington, 

ji Hon. Henry Frederick Carteret. 
—82 Apr la j Charles, Earl of Tankerville. 

^'lHon.H.r. Carteret. 
83 Apr. 9. 5 Thomas, Lord Foley. 

1 Hon. H. F. Carteret. 
—84 Jan. 6. y C'^^'^^^s, Earl of Tankerville. Resigned in 1786. 

\ Hon. H. F. Carteret, now Lord Carteret. 
—86 Sept. p. r Thomas,' Earl of Clarendon. 

1^ Henry Frederick, Lord Carteret. 
— 87 June 23. r Henry Frederick, Lord Carteret. 

(_ Thomas, J^ord Walsingham. 
—89 y Thomas, Lord Walsingham. 

{^ John, Earl of Westmoreland. 
--.90 C Thomas, Lord Walsingham. , 

i Philip, Earl of Chesterfield. 
^ f Philip, Earl of Chesterfield. 

9^ (. George, Earl of Leicester. 


350 ' Posimasiers'GeneraL 

Q . C George, Earl of Leicester. 

'79«» I WilUam, Lord Auckland. 

{George Sutherland, Earl Gower, 
William, Lord Auckland. 
Q C William, Lord Auckland. 

^^^^ I Lord Charles Spencer. 

f James, Duke of Montrose, 
"" ^ \ Lord Charles Spencer. 

r -p -u S Robert, Earl of Buckinghamshire. 
—00 J^eD. Ijohn Joshua, Earl of Carysfort. 

A List 

C 35^ ] 

A List of the Principal Officers of his Majesty's 
Mint, in the Tower of London, from 1760 to the 
present Time. 


Salary, L.450 for himself and Clerk. 

John JefFeries, esq. 
1766 Feb. William. Whitmore, esq, 

—71 Oct. I. Robert (afterwards Sir) Pigot, esq* 
— 96 Sir Walter James James, Bart. 

Master Worker, 

Hon. William Chetwynd, afterwards Viscouat Chet- 
— 69 June 3. Hon. Charles Sloan Cadogan, now Earl Cadpgan. 
— 84 Jan. Thomas, Earl of Effingham. 

— 89 Feb. 12. Philip, Earl of Chesterfield. 
—90 Jan. 20. George, Earl of Leicester. 

P4 July Rt. Hon. Sir George Yonge, Bart. 

—99 Feb. Robert Banks, Lord Hawkesbury. 

J 80 1 Feb. Charles George, Lord Arden, ^ 

_02 , Jo^" Smyth, esq. 

04 Henry, Earl Bathurst, 

—06 Feb. Lord Charles Spencer. 


352, Officers of bis Majesty's Mint, 


JohnBuUer, esq. 
1^86 Joseph Smith, esq. 

_()^ John Carthew, esq. 

1802 John Tekel, esq. 

Surveyor of the Meltings, and Clerk of the Irons. 

George Augustus Selwyn, esq, 
175II Hon. Spencer Percival. 

A List 

C 353 3 

A List of the Commissioners appointed by Act of Par*-^^ 
liament, to examine, take, and state the Public 
Accounts of the Kingdom. 

1780 July 3. Sir Guy Carleton, K. B. 

Thomas Anguish, esq. 

Arthur Pi got, esq. 

Richard Neave, esq. 

Samuel Beachcroft, esq. 

James Tierncy, esq. 

George Drummond, esq. 
—83 William Rose, esq. vice Tierneyc 



William MolUson, esq. 

John, Lane, esq. vice MolUson. 

[vol. II.] 

A. a 


[ 354 ] 

Commissioners of Customs^, 

1660 Sept. 20. Sir Job Harby, Sir John Wolstenholme, Sir John 
Jacob, Sir Nicholas Crispe, Sir John Harrison, and 
Sir John Shawe, 

-_>7i . 27. Sir George Downing, Sir William Thompson, Sir 
William Lowther, William Garway, Francis 
Millington, and John Upton. Salary L.2000 
per annum each. 

—72 Mar. 30. Sir Richard Temple, Sir George Downing, Sir Wil- 
liam Thompson, Sir William Lowther, William 
Garway, Prancis Millington, and John Upton.— 
Salary, L.2000per annum each. 

.^73 — — 18. The same. 

—75 Jan. 8. Sir Richard Temple, Sir Edward Deering, Sir Geo. 
Downing, Sir William Lowther, Charles Cheyne, 
Francis Millington, and John Upton. Salary 
L.I 260 per annum each. 

■ — 77 Nov. 9. Sir Richard Temple, Sir Edward Deering, Sir 
Francis Lawley, Sir George Downing, Sir Wm. 
Lowther, Charles Cheyne, and Francis Milling- 
tdn. Salary L.1200 per annum each. 

— 79 Feb. 14. Sir Richard Temple, Sir Edward Deering, Sir Fran- 
cis, Lawley, Sir George Downing, Charles Os- 
borne, Charles Cheyne, and Francis Millington, 
yice Sir W. Lowther. Salary L.i 200 per annum. 


Commissioners of Customs. 355 

1679 Apr. 10. Sir Richard Temple, Sir George Downing, Charles 
Cheyne, Francis Millington, and Joha Upton.— 
Salary L.I 200 per annum. 

— 80 July I. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Sir Richard Temple j 
Sir George Downing, Barts. John Upton, and Ni- 
cholas Butler, esqrs. vice F. Millington. Salary 
L.I 200 per annum. 

—81 Nov. II. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Andrew Newport, Sir 
Richard Temple, Sir George Downing, and Ni- 
cholas Butler, M. D. 

— 84 Mar. 7. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Sir Dudley North, 
Andrew Newport, Sir Richard Temple, Sir Geo. 
Downing, and Sir Nicholas Butler. Salary 
L.1200 per annum. 

■ Aug. I. Charles, Viscount New'haven, Andrew Newport, 
Sir Richard Temple, Sir Nicholas Butler, Sir 
John Buckworth, and William Dickinson. Salary 
. L.I 200 per annum. 

■ I Dec. 31. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Andrew Newport, 
Sir Richard Temple, Sir Nicholas Butler, Sir 
John Buckworth, William Dickinson, and Tho- 
mas Chudleigh. Salary L.1200 per annum. 

—85 Feb. 28. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Sir John Werden, Sir 
Nicholas Butler, Barts. William Dickinson, and 
Thomas Chudleigh, esqrs. vice A. Newport and 
Sir J. Buckworth. Salary L.1200 per annum. 

— — Apr. 2. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Sir Dudley North, 
Sir John Werden, Sir Nicholas Butler, Sir John. 
Buckworth, Barts. William Dickinson, and 
Thomas Chudleigh, esqrs. Salary L.[200 per 

— 86 June 25. Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Sir Dudley Nortl", 
Sir John Werden, Sir John Buckworth, Sir Ni- 
cholas, Butler, Barts. William Dickinson, 
Thomas Chudleigh, and Samuel Clarke, esqrs. 
Salary L.1200 per annum. 

— — — July 9, Charles, Viscount Newhaven, Sir Dudley North, 
Sir John Werden, Sir Nicholas Butler, Sir John 
Buckworth, Barts. William Dickinson, Thomas 
Chudleigh, and Samnpl Clarke, esqrs. Salary 
L.r200 per annum. 

A a 2 1679 

^^6 Commissioners of Customs* 

1687 Feb. 25. Sir Dudley North, Sir John Werden, Sir Nicholas 
Butler, Sir John Buckworth, Barts. and Thomas 
Chudleigh, esqr. vice Viscount Newhaven.— 
Salary L.1200 per annum. 

— ^^88 Jan. J 4. Sir xNTIcholas Butler, Sir Dudley North, Sir John 
Werden, Barts. Thomas Chudleigh, and William 
Cullisford, esqrs. Salary L.I200 per annum. 

- ... Feb. 28. Sir Nicholas Butler, Henry Browne, Sir Dudley 
North, Sir John Werden, Barts. and William 
Cullisford, esq. vice T. Chudleigh, esq. Salary 
L.i2cb per annum. 

■ — 89 Apr, ^c. George Booth, esq. Sir Richard Temple, Sir John 
Werden, Sir Robert Southwell, Sir Robert Clay- 
ton, Sir Patience Ward, Barts. and Thomas 
Pelham, esq. vice Sir N. Butler, H. Browne, 
Sir D. North, and W. Cullisford. 

— 91 Mar. 24. George Booth, Sirs Richard Temple, John Werden, 
Robert Southwell, Robert Clayton, and Patience 
Ward, Barts. and Henry Guy, esq. vice Thos. 
Pelham. Salary L. 1000 per annum. 

. July 3. George Booth, Sirs Richard Temple, John Werden, 

Robert Southwell, Patience Ward, and Robert 
Clayton, Barts. Charles Godolphin, esq. vice 
Henry Guy. Salary L. 1000 per annum. 

—94 Aug. 14. Sirs Robert Clayton, Patience Ward, Robt. South- 
well, Barts. Charles Godolphin, esq. Sir Walter 
Young, Bart. James Chadwick, and Samuel 
Clarke, e^qrs. vice G. Booth, Sirs R. Temple 
and J. Werden. Salary L.iooo per anniim. 

.•-96 Apr. 14. Sirs Robert Clayton, Patience Ward, and Robert 
Southwell, Barts. Charles Godolphin, Sir Walter 
Young, James Chadwick, Samuel- Clarke, and 
Benjamin Overton. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

— 97 June 21. Charles Godolphin, esq. Sir Walter Young, Bart. 
Samuel Clarke, Benjamin Overton, Sir Henry 
Hobart and John Austin, Barts- Robert Henley, 
esq. vice Sirs R. Clayton, P.Ward, R.South- 
well, Barts. and James Chadwick, esq. Salary 
"L.IOOO per annum. 

— 98 Aug. 20. Charles Godolphin, Sir Walter Young, Samuel 
Clarke, Benjamin Overton, Sirs Henry Hobart 


Commissioners of Customs. 357 

and John Austin, Earts. Robert Henley, and 
Sir William St Q^uintin. Salary L.iooo per an- 

1699 Nov. 22. Charles Godolphin, Sir Walter Young, Samuel 
Clarke, Benjamin Overton, Robert Henley, esqrs. 
Sir William St Quintin, Bart, and Hon. Thos. 
Newport, vice Sirs H. Hobart and J. Austin. — 
Salary L.iooo per annury. 

1701 Dec. 18. Charles Godolphin, Samuel Clarke, Benjamin Over- 
ton, Robert Henley, Thomas Newport, Arthur 
Maynwaring, and William CuUisford, esqrs. vice 
Sirs W. Young and W. St (Quintin. Salary 
L.1900 per annum. 

—02 June I. The same. 

— — Aug. 21. The same. 

—03 July 14. Charles Godolphin, Samuel Clarke, Thomas NeAv- 
port, Arthur Maynwaring, William Cullisfcrd, 
esqrs. Sir John Werden, Bart, and Richard 
Bretton, esq. vice B. Overton and R. Henley. — 
Salary L.iooo per annum. 

—05 May 15. Charles Godolphin, Samuel Clarke, Thomas New- 
port, William CuUisford, Sir John Werden, Ri- ' 
chard Bretton, and Thomas Hall, vice A. Mayn-, 
waring. Salary icocl. per annum. 

—06 June 6. Charles Godolphin, Samuel Clarke, Thomas New- 
port, William CuUisford, Sir John Werden, Tho- 
mas Hall, and Sir Matthew Dudley,, vice R. 
Bretton. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

■♦-08 May 4. Charles Godolphin, Samuel Clarke, Thomas New- 
port, William CuUisford, Sirs John Werden, 
Mfitthew Dudley, and John Stanley, Barts. vfce 
T. Hall. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

— — Dec. 23. Charles Godolphin, Thomas Newport, William Cul- 
lisford. Sirs John Werden, Matthew Dudley, 
John Stanley, Barts. and John Shute, vice S. 
Clarke. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

—II Jan. 25. Charles Godolphin, Sirs John Werden and John 
Stanley, Barts. Matthew Prior, John Bridges, 
Robert Williamson, and Edward Gibbons, vice 
T. Newport, W. Cullis'ord, Sir M. Dudley, and 
J. Shute. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

A a 3 ■ 17 14 

358 ^ Commissioners of Customs, 

17 14 May 47. Sirs John Werden and John Stanley, Matthew Prior, 
John Bridges, Robert Williamson, Edward Gib- 
bons, Charles Godolphin, and Sir David Nairne^ 
Salary L. 1000 per annum. > 

— — Nov. 9. Sir John Stanley, John Bridges, Robert Williamson, 
Sir John Werden, Matthfew Prior, Edward Gib- 
bons, and Sir David Nairne •, their patent revo- 
ked, and Sirs Walter Young, Matthew Dudley, 
John Stanley, Barts. John Bridges, Robert Wil- 
liamson, John Pulteney, and Thomas Walker, 
appointed. Salary I^. 1000 per annum. 

<— — Dec. 4. Sirs Walter Young, Matthew Dudley, John Stan- 
ley, Barts. Robert Williamson, John Pulteney, 
Thomas Walker, and Sir Charles Peers, vice 
Bridges. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

—15 Mar. 17. Sirs Walter Young, Matthew Dudley, John Stan- 
ley, Barts. John Pulteney, Thomas Walker, 
Sirs Charles Peers and Thomas Frankland, vice 
R. Williamson. Salary L.iooo per annum, 

—18 Jan. 2. Sirs Walter Young, Matthew Dudley, John Stan- 
ley, Barts. John Pulteney, Thomas Walker, Sir 
Charles Peers, and Robert Baylis, vice Sir T. 
Frankland. Salary L,iooo per annum. 

—20 Oct. I. Sirs Walter Young, Matthew Dudley, John Stanley, 
Barts. John Pulteney, Thomas Walker, Sir 
Charles Peers, and Robert Baylis. 

—21 Sept. 4. Sirs Walter Young and John Stanley, John Pulte- 
ney, Thomas Walker, Sir Charles Peers, Robert 
Baylis, and Sir John Evelyn, vice Sir M. Dudley. 
Salary L.ioco per annum. ■ 

—22 Mar. 27. Sirs Walter Young and John Stanley, Thomas 
Walker, Sir Charles Peers, Robert Baylis, Sir 
John Evelyn, and Thomas Maynard, vice J. 

—23 June 27. Sirs Walter Young and John Stanley, Thomas Wal- 
ker, Sir Charles Peers, Robert Baylis, Sir John 
Evelyn, Thojnas Maynard. Sir James Campbell, 
Humphiy Brent, John Campbell, Brian Fairfax, 
Henry Hale, George Driimmond, and John Hill, 
Commissioners for England and Scotland. Salary 
L.IOOO per annnm. 


Commlsshners of Customs. 359 

1727 Oct. 18. Sirs Walter Young and John Stanley, Thomas Wal- 
ker, Sirs Charles Peers and John Evelyn, Thomas 
Maynard, Sir James Campbell, Humphry Brent, 
John Campbell, £rian Fairfax, Henry Hale, 
George Drummond, John Hill, and Allan Bro- 
derick, vice Robert Baylis. Salary L.iooo per 
annum. ' 

—28 July 19. Sir Walter Young, Sir John Stanley, Thomas Wal- 
ker, Sirs Charles Peers, John Evelyn, and Jas. 
Campbell, Barts. Humphry Brent, John Camp- 
bell, Brian Fairfax, Henry Hale, Geo. Drum- 
mond, John Hill, Allan Kroderick, Gwynn 
Vaughan, and Thomas Maynard. Salary L.iooo 
per annum. With a clause, that seven of the 
said Commissioners from time to time shall have 
their chief residence in the port of London ; and 
that five of the said Commissioners shall have 
their chief residence at Edinburgh, for managing 
the said customs. 

—30 Sept. 21. Sirs Walter Young and John Stanley, Thos. Wal- 
ker, Sirs Charles Peers, John Evelyn, and James 
Campbell, Barts. John Campbell, Brian Fair- 
fax, Henry Hale, George Drummond, John 
Hill, Gwynn Vaughan, and George Ross, vice 
H. prent. 

— -31 May 14. Sirs Walter 'Young and John Stanley, Thos. Wal- 
ker, Sirs Charles Peers, John Evelyn, and James 
J Campbell, Barts. John Campbell, Brian Fairfax, 

Henry Hale, George Drummond, John Hill, 
Gwynn Vaughan, George Ross, and Wardel 
George Westby. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

Aug. 28. Sir John Stanley, Thomas Walker, Sirs Charles 

Peers, John Evelyn, and Tames Campbell, Barts. 
John Campbell, Brian Fairfax, Henry Hale, 
George Drummond, John Hill, Gwynn Vaughan, 
George Ross, Wardel George Westby, and Sir 
Robert Baylis, vice Sir W. Young. Salary 
L. 1000 per annum. 

—32 Jan. , 2. Sirs John Stanley^ Charles Peers, John Evelyn, and 
James Campbell, Barts. Jphn Campbell, Brian 
Fairfax, Henry Hale, George Drummond, John 
Hill, Gwynn Vaughan, George Ross, Wardel 
, George Westby, Sir Robert Baylis, and Edward 
Trelawney, vice T. Walker. 

Aa4 , 1735 

^5© » Commissioners of Customs, 

*735 ^^y *4* Sirs John Stanley, Charles Peers, John Evelyn, and 
James Campbell, Barts. John Campbell, Brian 
Fairfax, George Drummond, John Hill, Gwynn 
Vaughan, George Ross, W. G. Westby, Sir Ro- 
bert Baylis, Edward Trelawney, and Sir Robert ' 
Corbett, vice Hale j fourteen commissioners for 
Great Britain. 

—37 Oct. 15. Sirs John Stanley and John Evelyn, John Campbell, 
Brian Fairfax, John Hill, Gwynn Vaughan, 
George Ross, W. G. Westby, Sirs Robt. Baylis 
-" and Robert Corbett, R. Chandler, Beaumont 
Hotham, Richard Somers, and Colin Campbell, 
vice Sirs Charles Peers and James Campbell, 
G. Drummond and E. Trelawney. 

—41 June 2^. Sirs John Stanley and John Evelyn, John Campbell, 
Brian Fairfax, John Hill, George Ross, W« G. 
Westby, Sir Robert Baylis, Richard Chandler, 
Beaumont Hotham, Richard Somers, Colin 
Campbell, Edward Riggs, and Isaac Leheup, 
vice G. Vaughan and Sir R. Corbett. 

—42 Feb. 12. Sirs John Stanley and John Evelyn, John Campbell, 
Brian Fairfax, John Hill, George Ross, W. G. 
Westby, Sir Robert Baylis, Richard Chandler, 
^ Beaumont Hotham, ' Richard Somers, Colin 
Campbell, Isaac Leheup, and Gwynn Vaughan, 
vice E. Riggs and I. Leheup. 

■ ' Sept. 9. Sirs John Stanley and John Evelyn, Brian Fairfax, 
John Hill, Sir Robert Baylis, Richard Chandler, 
W. G. Westby, Beaumont Hotham, and Samuel 
Mead. At this time the commission for the Uni- 
ted Kingdoms was divided, and the above nine 
commissioners were appointed for the management 
of the customs in England, and the remainiug 
five for Scotland. 

—44 Dec. 15. Sir John Evelyn, Brian Fairfax, John Hill, Sir Ro- 
bert Baylis, Richard Chandler, W. G- Westby, 
Beaumont Hotham, Samuel Mead, and Gwynn 
Vaughan, vice Sir J. Stanley. 

— 47 July 27. Sir John Evelyn, Brian Fairfax, Sir Robert Baylis, 
Richard Chandler, W. G. Westby, Beaumont 
Hotham, Samuel Mead, Gwynn Vaughan, and 
William Levinz, vice J. Hill. 


Commissioners of Customs. . * 36 1 

1748 Dec. 30. Sir John Evelyn, Brian Fairfax, R. Cavendish 
Chandler, W. G. Westby, Beaumont Hotham, 
Samuel Mead, G. V^ughan, William Levinz, 
and Edward Hooper, vice R- Baylis. 

•—50 Apr. 14. Sir John Evelyn, R. Cavendish Chatidlef, W. G. 
Westby, B. Hotham, Samuel Mead, G. Vaug- 
han, W. Levinz, Edward Hooper, and Sir Miles 
Stapleton, vice B. Fairfax. 

—52 June 17. Sir John Evelyn, R.- Cavendish Chandler, W. G. 
Westby, B. Hotham, Samuel Mead, G. Vaug- 
han, W. Levinz, Edward Hooper, and Th6mas 
Tash, vice Sir IVf. Stapleton. 

— j6 Dec. 10. Sir John Evelyn, ,R. Cavendish, B. Hotham, Sa- 
muel Mead, G. Vaughan, W. Levinz, ' Edward 
Hooper, Thomas Tash, Claudius Amyand, vice 
W. G. Westby. 

—58 July 4. sir John Evelyn, R. Caver\dish, B. Hotham, Sa- 
' muel Mead, W. Levinz, Edward Hooper, Tho- 

mas Tash, Claudius- Amyand, and Henry Pel- 
ham, vice G. Vaughan. 

—61 Mar, 24. Sir John' Evelyn, B. Hotham, Samuel Mead, Wro; 
Levinz, Edward Hooper, Thomas Tash, £)lau- 
dius Amyand, Henry Pelham, and John Frede- 
rick, vice R. Cavendish. 

—72 Sirs J. Evelyn and B. Hotham, Barts. S. Mead, 

W. Levinz, E. Hooper, C. Amyand, H. Pel- 
ham, John Frederick, and Henry Banks, esqrs. 
vice T. Tash, December 11. 

"-"S^ Mar. 15. S. Mead, E. Hois>per, C. Amyand, H. Pelham, 
esqrs. Sir J. Frederick, Bart. H. Banks, esq. 
.Sirs William Musgrave and Joseph Pennington, 
Barts. and Corbyn Morris, esq, vice Evelyn, 
Hotham, and Levinz. 

—65 Tune 8. S. Mead, E. Hooper, H. Pelham, esqrs. Sir J. Fre-. 

dcrick, Bart. H.' Banks, esq. Sirs W. Musgrave 

and J. Pennington, Barts. Corbyn Morris, esq. 

and the Honble. Henry Grenville, vice Amy- 

■ and. 

—66 Aug., 1 6,,,$.. Mead, E. Hooper, H. Pelham,- esqrs. Sir J. 
Frederick, Bart. H. Banks, esq. Sirs W. Mus- , 


362 Commissioners of Customs, 

grave and J. Pennington, Barts. C. Morris, esq. 
and James Jeffreys, esq. vice Grenville. 

1769 Dec. 5. S. Mead, E. Hooper, H. Pelham, esqrs. Sir J. Fre- 
derick, Bart. H. Banks, esq. Sir W. Musgrave 
Bart. C. Morris, J. Jeffreys, esqrs. and Thomas 
Boone, esq. vice Pennington. 

—76 Octt 31. E. Hooper, H. Pelham, esqrs. Sirs J. Frederick and 
W. Musgrave, Barts. C. Morris, J . Jeffreys, T. 
Boone, Welbore Ellis Agar, and William Hey, 
esqrs. vice Mead and Banks. 

—78 Sept. 29. E. Hooper, H. Pelham, esqrs. Sirs J. Frederick and 
W. Musgrave, Barts. J. Jeffreys, T. Boone, W. 
E. Agar, W. Hey, and Thomas Allan, esqrs. 
vice Morris. 

—82 Mar. 27* E. Hooper, H. Pelham, esqrs. Sir W. Musgrave, 
Bart. James Jeffreys, T. Boone, W. E. Agar, 
W. Hey, T. Allan, esqrs. and Sir Stanier Por- 
ten, knt. vice Sir J. Frederick. 

—.85 Feb. 8. E. Hooper, H. Pelham, esqrs. Sir W. Musgrave, 
Bart. J. Jeffreys, T. Boone, W. E. Agar, W. 
Hey, esqrs. Sir S. Porten, knt. and John Pow- 
nall, esq. vice T. Allan. 

Aug. E. Hooper, H. Pelham, J. Jeffreys, T. Boone, W. 

E. Agar, W. Hey, esqrs. Sir S. Porten, Knt. 
John Pownall, and Joah Bates, esq. vice Sir W. 

—86 Nov. 15. E,. Hooper, H. Pelham, T. Boone, W. E. Edgar, 
W. Hey, J. Pownall, J.Bates, esqrs. Sir Alexr. 
Munro, knt. and Richard Frewin, esq. vice Sir 
S. Porten, and J. Jeffreys,. 

--87 E. Hooper, T. Boone, W. E. Edgar, W. Hey, J. 

Bates, esqrs. Sir A. Munro, knt. R. Frewin, 
William Stiles, and William Roe, esqrs. vice H. 
Pelham and J. Pownall. 

—93 T. Boone, W. E. Edgar, W. Hey, J. Bate, esq. 

Sir Alexander Munro, knt. R. Frewin, William 
Stiles, Wm. Roe, and Francis Fownes Luttrell, 
vice E. Hooper, esq. 

•—97 T. Boone, W. E. Edgar, J. Bates, esqrs. SirAlexr. 

Munro, knt. R. Frewin, W. Stiles, W. Roe, 


Commissioners of Excise, 363 

F. F. Luttrell, and John Buller, esqrs. vice W. 

1799 T.Boone, W.E.Edgar, esqrs. Sir A. Munro, knt. 

R. Frewin, W. Stiles, W. Roe, F. F. Luttrell, 
J. Bnller, and Gloucester Wilson, 'esqrs. vice J. 

1805 Sir A. Munro, knt. R. Frewin, W, Roe, F. F. 

Luttrell, J. Buller, G. Wilson, James Hume, 
John Williams, and James Willis, esqrs. vice 
W. E. Edgar, T. Boone, andW. Stiles. 

Receivers-General of the Customs. 

William Mellish, esq. 
1763 William Levinz, esq. 

—65 William Mellish, esq. 

1^86 Bamber Gascoigne, sen. esq. 

—92 George A. Pcchell, esq. 

Commissioners of Excise. 

1660 Feb 8, Sir Matthev^ Hale, Lord Chief Baron j Sir Edward 
Atkyns, and Sir Christopher Turner, Barons of the 
Exchequer j Sir Richard Browne, Lord Mayor of 
London j Sir William Doyley, Sir Henry Vernon, 
Sir George Bimon, William Prynne, John Birch, 
Robert Scawen, Francis Finch, Nathaniel Martin, 
and Edward Wingate, Commissioners for discharg- 
ing, settling, and recovering the arrears of Excise 
due to the King. 


•64 ' Commissioners of Excise* 

j66o Nov. 29. Sir George Bimon, and others, or any three of them, 
to receive all arrears of Excise due to November 
8th, last past, within London, Westminster, South- 
wark, Surrey, and Middlesex, (South Mimms in 
Middlesex excepted), yi\\.\i an allowance of 2s. in 
every 20s. they shall receive. 

-T-64 Mar. 20. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Sir George Bimon, Francis 
Finch,. and Edward Wingate. 

-^6$ June 24. Sir John James, John James, Richard Kingdom, and 
William Hiccocks, Commissioners within London, 
Westminster, Southwark, and counties of Middlesex 
and Surrey, (except South Mimms in the county of 
Middlesex), on behalf of his Majesty's Farmers of 
the Excise. 

-^6 Oct. ' Robert Huntington, Richard Kingdom, John James, 
jun. and William Forthe, Commissioners for the 
abovesaid places for the Farmers of the Excise, 
with an allowance from the King of L.2000 per an- 
num, payable quarterly. 

William Forthe, L.L.D. Robert Huntingdon, Rich- 
ard Kingdom, and John James. Salary L.500 per 
annum each. 

•—70 Aug. 15. Sir Samuel Morland, Robert Huntingdon, William 
Forthe, and Richard Kingdom. Salary L.500 per 

Sept. 24. Sirs Samuel Morland and John James, Robert Hunt- 
ingdon, William Forthe, and Richard Kingdom. 
Salary L.500 per annum. 

—71 May 15. Sirs Samuel Morland, Robert Southwell, (one of the 
Clerks of his Majesty's Privy Council), and John 
James, Robert Huntingdon, William Forthe, and 
^ Richard Kingdom. Salary L.500 per annum. 

-r72 Jan. 31. Sirs Samuel Morland, John Davys, Robert Southwell, 
and John James, Robert Huntingdon, and Richard 
Kingdom. Salary L.500 per annum. 

—73 Sept, 13. Sirs Samuel Morland, Robert Wiseman, Robert 
Southwell, John James, and Robert Huntingdon, 
William Forthe, and Richard Kingdom. Salary 
J-. 500 per annum. ' 


Commissioners of Excise, 2>^^ 

1673 ^^c* ^- ^^^^ Samuel Morland, Robert Wiseman, Robert 
Southwell, John James, Robert Huntingdon, Wil- 
liam Forthe, Richard Kingdom, and Richard Brett. 
Salary L.500 per annum. 

—74 Oct. 33. Sirs Samuel Morland, Robert Wiseman, Robert 
Southwell, and John James, Robert Huntingdon, 
Richard Kingdom, Francis Finch, and Henry Fre- 
derick Thynne, vice W. Forthe, and R. Brett. 
Salary L.500 per annum. 

—-75 Oct. 7. The same. 

—77 Nov. 9. Sirs Samuel Morland, Robert Wiseman, Robert 
Southwell, and John James, Robert Huntingdon, 
Henry Frederick Thynne, Edward Wingate, Fre- 
derick Christian Howard, and Sir John Elves 
vice R. Kingdom, and F. Finch. Salary L.500 
per annum. 

—78 Aug. 3. Sirs Denny Ashburnhamj Samuel Morland, Robert 
Wiseman, John Elves, Robert Southwell, John 
James, Robett Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, 
Edward Wingate, and Frederick Christian Howard, 
vice Henry Frederick Thynne. Salary L.500 per 

—79 Mar. II. Sirs Denny Ashburnham, Robert Wiseman, John 
Elves, Robert Southwell, and John James, Ro- 
bert Huntingdom, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. Ed- 
ward Wingate, Frederick Christian Howard, and 
John Bende, vice Sir S. Morland. Salary L.500 
per annum. 

21. Hon. Charles Bertie, Sirs Denny Ashburnham, Ro- 
bert Southwell, and John James, Robert Hunting- 
don, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. Edward Wingate, 
Frederick Christian Howard, and John Bende, 
vice Sir J. Elves. Salary L.500 per annum. 

May 14. Sirs Denny Ashburnham, and Robert Southwell, 
Robert Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, L.J-..D, 
and Edward Wingate, vice C. Bertie, Sir J. James, 
F. C. Howard. Salary L.500 per annum. 

— 81 Feb, 14. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Robert 
Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. and Ed- 
ward Wingate, vice Sir R. Southwell. ^ Salary 
L.5C0 per annum. ' ■ , 



66 Commissioners of Excise. 

1683 May 19. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Robert 
Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. John 
Freind, Felix Calvert, and Nathaniel . Hornby, 
vice E. Wingate. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

'—84 Apr. 10. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Robert 
Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. John 
Freind, Felix Calvert, Nathaniel Hornby Patrick 
Traunt, and William Bridges, Commissioners of 
Excise and Hearth-money. Salary L.IOOO per 

Sept. 17. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Robert 
Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. John 
Freind, Felix Calvert, Nathaniel Hornby, Pa- 
trick Traunt, William Bridges, and Richard 
Giaham. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

—85 Mar. II. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Robert 
Huntingdon, Charles Davenant, L.L.D. John 
Freind, Felix Calvert, Nathaniel Hornby, and R. 
Graham, vice W. Bridges. Salary L.iooo per 

Aug. 26. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Charles 
Davenant, L.L.D. John Freind, Felix Calvert, 
Nathaniel Hornby, and Richard Graham, vice R. 
Huntingdon. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

—88 Feb. 22. Sir Denny Ashburnham, Francis Parry, Sir John 
Freind, Charles Davenant, L. L. D. Nathaniel 
Hornby, Richard Graham, and John Wilcox, jun. 
vice F. Calvert. Salary L.iooo per annum. 

—89 Apr. 20, Sirs Henry Fane, Henry Ashurst, and Humphrey 
Edwin, Thomas Frankland, Francis Parry, John 
Danvers, and John Wilcox, vice Ashburnham, 
Freind, Davenant, Hornby, and Graham. Salary 
L.800 per annum. 

Oct. 14. sirs Henry Ashurst, John Morden, Samuel Dash- 

v.ood, and Humphrey Edwin, William Strong, 

John Foche, and Stephen Evance, vice Fane, 

Frankland, Parry, Danvers, and Wilcox. Salary 

' L.IOOO per annum. 

— -91 Apr. 13. Sirs Samuel Dashwood, Stephen Evance, Francis 
Parry, William Strong, John Foche,' Nathaniel 
Hornby, John Wilcox, jun. Tliomas Hall, and 


Commissioners of Excise* 367 

Thomas Aram, vice Ashurst, Morden, and Edwin. 
Salary L.800 per annum. 

1694 Aug. 14. Sirs Samuel Bashwood, Stephen Evance, and John 

Foche, Francis Parry, William Strong, Thomas 

Hall, Edward Clarke, John Danvers, and Foot 

Onslow, vice Wilcox and Aram. Salary L.800 

. per annum. 

Mar. 9. Sirs Samuel Dashwood, Stephen Evance, and John 
Foche, Francis Parry, William Strong, Thomas 
Hall, Edward Clarke, John Danvers, Foot On- 
slow, and Sir Philip Meadows. Salary L.806 per 

— ^6 June 30. Sirs Stephen Evance and John Foche, Francis Parry, 
William Strong, Edward Clarke, John Danvers, 
Foot Onslow, Sir Philip Meadows, and Thomas 
Everard, vice Dashwood and Strong. Salary 
L.800 per annum. 

— 98 Aug. 15. Edward Clarke, Foot Onslow, Philip Meadows, 
Thomas Everard, Sir William Ashurst, Christo- 
pher Montagu, John Smith, William Carr, and 
Wm. Fleming, vice Evance, Foche, Parry, Strong, 
and Danvers. Salary L.800 per annum. 

—99 June 22. Foot Onslow, Sir Philip Meadows, John Smith of 
Beaufort Buildings, Wm. Fleming, Francis Parry, 
William Strong, George Townshend, Philip Ry- 
ley, and Richard Cocks, vice Clarke, Everard, 
Ashurst, Montagu and Carr. Salary L.800 per 

1702 June 19. Foot Onslow, Sir Philip Meadows, Francis Parry, 
William Strong, George Townshend, Philip Ry- 
ley, and Richard Cocks, vice Smith and Fleming. 
Salary L.800 per annum. 

Oct. 8. Foot Onslow, Sir Philip Meadows, Francis Parry, 
William Strong, George Townshend, Philip Ryley, 
and Sir Marmaduke, Wy vill, vice Cocks. Salary 
L.800 per annum. 

—63 Dec. 17. Foot Onslow, William Strong, George Townshend, 
Philip Ryley, Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Edward 
Noell, and John Boys, vice Meadows, and Parry. 
Salary L.800 per annum. 

—06. June 6. Foot Onslow, William Strong, George Townshend, 



68 Commissioners of Excise* 

f} ^ V' )?bU»p Ryley, Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Edward 
Noeli, and Christopher Montagu, vice Boys, Mea- 
dows, and Parry. Salary L.800 per annum. 

J 7 10 May 20. WijlHain Strong, George Townshend, Philip Ryley, 
Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Edward Noell, Christ©. 
pher Montagu, Sir William GiiFord, Nicholas Pol- 
leifen, and Whitelock Bulstrode, vice Onslow and 
Strong, Salary L.800 per annum, ^ 

Oct. 20. William Strong, George Townshend, Philip Ryley,' 
Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Edward Noell, Christo- 
pher Montagu, Nicholas PoUexfen, Whitelock 
Bulstrode, and James Vernon jun, vice Gifford. 

Salary L.800 per annum. 

• — 12 July 7. William Strong, George Townshend, Philip Ryley, 
1 '.,i,ii., -Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Edward Noell, Christo- 

pher Montagu, Whitelock Bulstrode, James Ver- 
non jun. and John Price, vice PoUexfen. Salary 
L.800 per annnm. ' - ' ' 

-—14 Feb. 2. George Townshend, Philip Ryley, Sir Marmaduke 
Wyvill, Edward Noell, Christopher Montagu, 
Whitelock Bulstrode, James Vernon, John Price, 
and John Whetham, vice Strong. Salary L. 800 
per annum. 

Nov. X2. George Townshend, Philip Ryley, Sit Marmaduke 
Wyvill, Edward Noell, Christopher Montagu, 
Whitelock Bulstrode, James Vernon, John Whet- 
ham, Sir William Ashurst, and Will|api Carr, vice 
Price. Salary L.800 per annum. -,,^^j 

— 15 Nov. 24. George Townshend sen. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 
Christopher Montagu, James Vernon, John Whe- 
tham, Sir William Ashurst, William Carr, Roger 
Gale, and John Brougham, vice Ryley, Noell, and 
Bulstrode. Salary L.800 per annum *. 

—19 Mar. 3, Gcorj^e Townshend- sen. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 
Christopher Montagu, James Vernon, John Whe' 
tham', William Carr, Rpger Gale, John Broug- 
ham, and Benjamin Mildmay, vice Ashurst. Sala- 
ry L.rooo per annum. 

—20 June 18. George Townshend senr. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill^ 
Christopher Montagu, James Vernon, John Whe- 
tham, Roger Gale, John Brougham, Benjamin 
Mildmay, and Richard Elliott, vice Carr. 


• The Salary of the Commissioners of Excise wa» increased to L.xooo per an- 
num each, Sept. 8, 1718. 

Conimisssloners of Excise* 369 

1721 Mar. 15. George Townshend sen. Sir Marmaduke Wyvlll, 
Christopher Montagu, James Vernon, John Whc- 
tham, Roger Gale, John Brougham, Benjamin 
Mildmay, and Richard Elliott. 

p— 22 Mar. 20. George Townshend sen. Christopher Montagu, 
James Vernon, John Whetham, Roger Gale, John 
Brougham, Benjamin Mildmay, Richard Elliott, 
and George Duckett, vice Wy\'ill. 

^24 May 20. George Townshend sen. Christopher Montagu, 
James Vernon, John Whetham, Roger Gale, Ben- 
jamin Mildmay, Richard Elliot, George Duckett, 
and Patrick Haldane, vice Brougham. 

1—26 June 22. George Townshend senior, Christopher Monta:gu, 
James Vernon, John Whetham, Roger Gale, Ben- 
jamin Mildmay, Richard Elliott, George Duckett, 
Patrick Haldane, and Charles Polhill. 

Oct. II. Christopher Montagu, John Whetham, Roger Gale, 
Benjamin Mildmay, Richard Elliott, George 
Duckett, Patrick Haldane, Charles Polhill, and 
John Fowlejun. vice Tovvnshend. 

-*-27 Nov. 3. Christopher Montagu, John^ Whetham, Roger Gale, 
Benjamin Mildmay, Richard Elliott, George 
Duckett, Charles Polhill, John Fowle, and Tho- 
mas Wylde, vice Haldane. 

#*i28 June 26. Christopher Montagu, John Whetham, Roger Gale, 
Richard Elliot, George Duckett, Charles Polhill, 
John Fowle, Thomas Wylde, and James Vernon, 
vice Mildmay. 

r»*'29 May 21. Christopher Montagu, John Whetham, Roger Gale, 
George Duckett, Charles Polhill, John Fowle, 
Thomas Wylde, James Vernon, and Robert Eyre, 
vice Elliott. 

—32 Oct. 20. Christopher Montagu, John Whetham, Roger Gale, 
Charles Polhill, John Fowle, Thos. Wylde, James 
Vernon, Robert Eyre, and Humphry Thayer, vice 

— 3 S Nov. John Whetham,, Charles Polhill, John Fowle, Tho- 

mas Wylde, James Vernon, Robert Eyie, Hum- 
phry Thayer, Hon. Horatio Townshend, and Sir 
Thomas Robertson, vice Montagu and Gale. 

[vol. n.] fib 1737 

^yo Commissioners of Excise, 

1737 Oct. Charles Polhtll, Johrt Fotvle, Thomas Wylde, Jamie* ' 

Vernon, Robert Eyre, Humphry Thayer, Hon. 
Horatio Townshend, Sir Thomas Robinson, and 
William Burton, vice Whetham. 

^36 Jan. • Charles Polhill, John Fowlc, Thomas Wylde, Jame's 
*': Vernon, Robert Eyre, Hon. Horatio Townshend, 

''* '■} Sir Thomas Robinson, William Burton, and Johii 1 

Orlebar, vice Thayer. 

—40 Nov. Charles Polhill, John Fowle, James Vernoti, Robert " 

Eyre, Hon. Horatio Townshend, Sir Thomas Ro-) 
binson, William Burton, John Orlebar, and Augus- 
tus Earle, vice Wylde. 

—^42 Feb. Charles Polhill, John Fowle, James Vernon, Robert 

Eyre, Hon. Horatio Townshend, William Burton, 1 
John Orlebar, Augustus Earle, and David PapU-l 
Ion, vice Robinson. 

—50 t^^ Charles Polhill, James Vernon, Robert Eyre, Hon.; 

Horatio Townshend, William Burton, John Orle- 
bar, Augustus Earle, David Papillon, and John 
Wyndham Bowyer, vice Fowlet 

-i-51 Dec. Charles Polhill, James Vernon, Robert Eyre, Wil- 

liam Burton, John Orlebar, Augustus Earle, Da- 
vid Papillon, John W. Bowyer, and William Mel-i 
lish, vice Townshend. 

—53 Feb. Charles Polhill, James Vernon, William Burton,i 

John Orlebar, Augustus Earle, David Papillon,i 
John W. Bowyer, William Mellish, and Frederick 
Frankland, vice Eyre. 

—54 April. Charles Polhill, James Vernon, William Burton, 
John Orlebar, Augustus Earle, John W. Bowyer, 
William Mellish, Frederick Frankland, David Pa- 
pillon jun. vice D. Papillon. 

iir^$^ April. James Vernon, William Burton, John Orlebar, Au- 
gustus Earle, JohnW. Bowyer, William Mellish, 
Frederick Frankland, David Papillon jun; and 
William Cayley, vice Polhill. 

w-56 April. William Burton, John Orlebar, Augustus Earte, 
John W. Bowyer,' William Mellish, Frederick! 
Frarikland', David Papillon jun. William Caylef 
and Thomas Farrington, vice Vernon. 

Cojnmissioners of Excise, 37 1 

1758 Feb. William Burton, John Orlebar, Augustus Eatic, 

John W. Bowyer, William Mellish, Frederick. 
Frankland, David Papillon jua. William Cayley, 
and George Lewis Scott, vice Farrington. 

w^O Oct. William Burton, John Orlebar, Augustus Earle, 

John VV. Bowyer, Frederick Frankland, David 
Papillon, junr. William Cayley, George Lewis 
Scott, and Henry Poole, vice W, Mellish. 

h-62 June 19. W. Burton, J. Oflebar, J. W. Bowyer, F. Frankland, 
D. Papillon, W. Cayley, G. L. Scott, H. Poole, 
esqrs. and Thomas Bowlby, esq. vice Earle. 

6^ Feb. t^. W. Burton, J. Orlebar, J. W, Bowyer, D. Papillon, 
W. Cayley, G. L. Scott, T. Bowlby, Henry Ver- 
non, and John Bindley, esqrs. vice Frankland and 
In.,: , Poole. 

'-6^ Jan. 5. W. Burton, J. Orlebar, J. W. Bowyer,.D. Papillon, 
W. Cayley, G. L. Scott, T. Bowlby, Henry Ver- 
non, and Richard Baggot, esqrs. vice Bindley. 

Aug. 24. W. Burton, J. Orlebar, J. W. BoTvyer, D. Papillon, 
W. Cayley, G. L. Scott, T. Bowlby, R Baggot, 
esqrs. and Sir Henry Poole, Bart, vice Vernon. 

^f>6 W, Burton, J. W. Bowyer, D. Papillon, W. Cayley, 

G. L. Scott, T. Bowlby, R. Baggot, esqrs. SirH. 
Poole, Bart, and G. Q^uarme, esq. vice Orlebar. 

-67 Jat^;^'i*t/'W. Burton, J. W. Bowyer, D. Papillon, G. L. Spott, 
T. Bowlby, R. Baggot, esqrs. Sir Henry Poole, 
Bart. G. ^uarme, and Richard Stonehewer, esqrs. 
vice Cayley, 

' Aug. 26". W. Burton, J. W. Bowyer, D. Papillon, G. L. 
^ .'d -T Y : g^Qj^^ T. Bowlby, R. Baggot, G. Ouarme, R. 
* '^' "■- ' Stonehewer, and Anthony Lucas, esqrs. vice 


^72' Oct;' 3 iV'^. Burton, J. W. Bowyer, D. Papillon, G. L. 
Scott, -T. Bowlby, R. Baggot, G. Ouarme, Antho- 
ny Lucas, and William Lowndes, esq. vice Stone- 

—74 May 14. W. Burton, J. W. Bowyer, D. Papillon, G. L. 
,.fr Scott, T. Bowlby, G. Ouarme, Anthony Lucas, 

William Lowndes, and William Burrell, esqrs. 
vice Baggot. 

.t'" ' fib 2 J 776 

^y2 Commissioners of Excise, 

1776' OctJl;^IiiJ. W. Bowyer, D. Papillon, D. t. Scott, A. Lucas, 
W. Lowndes, W. Burrell, Stamp Brooksbank, 
J. Pownall, and Heneage Legge, esqrs. vice Bur. 
ton, Bowlby, and Q^uarme. 

80 Dec. 2. D. Papillon, G. L.Scott, A. Lucas, W. Lowndes. 

W. Burrell, S. Brooksbank, J. Pownall, Heneagt 
,. , Legge, and, Charles Garth, esqrs. vice Bowyer. 

—81 Aug. 25. D. Papillon, A. Lucas, W.Lowndes, W. Burrelll 

. SI Brooksbank, J. Pownall, H. Legge, C. Garth 

,. )H. ,iJ;<:iin';;J:. and Martin Whish, csqrs. vice Scott. 

■*^8jr; D. Papillon, A. Lucas, W. Lowndes, W. Buriell 

S. Brooksbank, J. Pownall, C. Garth, M. Whish 
and George James Cholmondeley, esqrs. vio 

—-84 May J-S^ ~I). Papillon, A. Lucas, W. Lowndes, W. Burrell 
. ;; S. Brooksbank, J. Pownall, M. Whish, Georg 

James Cholmondeley, and Henry Reveley, esqrj 
vice Charles Garth. 

—85 Feb. 5. D. Papillon, A; Lucas, W. Lowndes, W. Burrel; 
S. Brooksbank, M. Whish, Geo. J. CKolmondelej 
Henry Reveley, esqrs. and Hon. John Luttrel 
vice J. Pownall. 

—89 D. Papillon, W. Lowndes, W. Burrell, S. Brook: 

bank, M. Whish, G. J. Cholmondeley, Henry R« 
veley, Hon. John Luttrell, and Timothy Caswel 
esqrs. vice A. Lucas. 

k— -po • W. Lowndes, S. Brooksbank, M. Whish, G. *.! 

Cholmondeley, and Henry Reveley, esqrs. Hon. 
Luttrell, Timothy Caswell, Robert Nicholas, an 
John BuUer, esqrS. vice Papillon and Burrelj. 

—^2 W. Lowndes, M. Whish, esqrs. Chairmen, G. 

Cholmondeley, H. Reveley, esqs. Hon. J. Luttrel 
T. Caswell, Robert Nicholas, John BuUer, esqr 
and Hon. Edmu,nd Phlpps, vice S. Brookbank. 

— 93 W. ^Lowndes, M. Whish, G. J. Cholmondele; 

Henry Reveley, esq. Hon. John Luttrell, Timotb 
Caswell, Robert Nicholas, esqrs. Hon. Edmot 
Phipps, and William Jackson, esqrs. Vice Joh; 
Buller, esq. ■ 



Co?}imissmers of Appeal, 37; 

ypy W. Lowndes, M. Whisli, esqrs. Chairmen, G.J. 

Cholmondeley^ esq. Hon. John Luttrell, Timothy 
Caswell, Robert Nicholas, esqrs. Hon. Edmund 
Phipps, W.Jackson, and Richard Spiller, esqrs. 
vice H. Reveley, esq. 

tSoi W. Lowndes, M. Whish, esqrs. Chairmen, Hon. J. 

Luttrel, Timothy Caswell, Robert Nicholas, esqrs. 
Hon. Edmund Phipps, Wm. Jackson, and Richard 
Spiller, esqrs. and Lord George Seymour, vice G. 
J. Cholmondeley, esq. 

W. Lowndes, M. Whish, esqrs. Chairmen, Hon. J. 
Luttrell, R, Nicholas, esq. Hon. E. Phipps, W. 
Jackson and Richard Spiller, esq. Lord George 
Seymour and Edward Fisher, vice T. Caswell. 
—05 W. Lowndes, M. Whish, esqrs. Chairmen, Hon. J. 

Luttrell, R. Nicholas, esqrs. Hon, E. Phipps, W. 
Jackson and R. Spiller, esqrs. Lord George Sey- 
mour and George Watson, esqrs. vice E. Fisher. 

RECEiVKRS-GfiNEaAL of the Excise. 

Sir William Milner, Bart. 
1 1774 George James Williams, esq. 

|i~8l George James Cholmondeley, esq. 

Commissioners of Appeal in the Excise. 

3662 Feb. 21. Robert Spencer, Henry Vernon, Sir Richard Browne, 
. and others. Salary L. 200 per annum. 

— 68 Feb. 45. Robert Spencer, Sir Henry Vernon, Sir Richard 
BroTvne, senr. Sir Samuel Morland, Charles Ben- 
net, Sir William Doyley, William Prynn, Robert 
Scawen, and William Coward. Salary L.200 per 

-—69 Nov, II. Robert Spencer, Sirs Henry Vernon, Samuel Mor- 
land, and John Walpole, Charles Bennet, Sir Wm. 
Doyley, Robert Scawen, and Robert Coward. 

17. Robert Spencer, Sirs Henry Vernon, and Samuel 
Morland, Charles Bennet, Sir William Doyley, 
U Robert Scawen, Robert Coward, and John Tre- 


Bb3 • 1670 

374 Commissioners of Appeal. 

1670 Apr. ig. Robert Spencer, Sirs Henry Vernon, Sarauel Mor- 
land and John Walpole, Charles Bennet, Willianr 
Dowley, John Trelawney, Peter Prideaux, anc 
William Coward. 

—•73 June 10. Robert Spencer, Sirs Henry Vernon, W. Doyley, 
Thomas Earrey, and Paul Neile, Charles Benneti 
Pet^r Prideaux, John Trelawney, and W, CowardJ 

Feb. 9. Robert Spencer, Sirs Henry Vernon, W. Doyley, 

''^'* ■ • - -^ Thomas Berry, and, Paul Neile, Charles Bennet/ 

Peter Prideaux, John Trelawney, W. Cowardji 

Charles Pidgeon, and Francis Stephens. - ' 

— 76 May 4. Charles Fanshawe, Robert Spencer, Sirs W. Doyley; 
Thomas Berry and Paul Neile, Chas. Bennet, Peteti 
Prideaux, John Trelawney, William Coward,! 
Charles Pidgeon, and Francis Stephens. 

■p-77 Aug. .17. Charles Bertie, Henry Fanshawe, Charles Fanshawe,, 
Robert Spencpr, Sirs Thomas Berry and Paul 
Neile, Peter Prideaux, John Trelawney, Francis 
Stephens, and Edmund Doyley. 

—79 Feb. 20. Charles Bertie, Charles Fanshawe, Robert Spencer,. 
Sir Paul Neile, Peter Prideaux, John Trelawney;, 
William Coward, Francis Stephens, Edmund Doy., 
ley, and Robert Maddox, 

Mar. 29. Charles Bertie, Robert Spencer, Henry Fanshav. e, 
Charles Fanshawe, Sir Paul Neile, Pftfer Pri- 
deaux, John Trelawney, Francis Stephens, Ed- 
mund Doyley, Robert Maddox, and" Thomas: 

Ma/ I^^-Robert Spencer, Charles Fanshawe, Sir Paul Neile,! 
John Trelawney, and George Doddington. 

—82 Feb. 10. Robert Spencer, Charles Fanshawe, Sir Paul Neile, 
George Doddington, and Edward Seymour. 

, ?Ajprf.,, 2. The same. 

Robert Spencer, Viscount Tiviot, Charles Fanshawe, 
Sir John Pettus, George Doddington, and Edward 

—86 Feb. 26. The same. 

—89 May 29. Sir William Honywood, Richard Beke, Geo, Dod- 
dington, Thomas Conyngsby, and John Locke. 


Commissioners of Appeal, 375 

1690 June 16. Sir William Honywood, Richard Beke, Geo. Dod- 
dington, Edmund Chaloner, and John Locke. 

1702 June 27. The same. 

—04 Nov. 16. Sir William Honywood, Richard Beke, Geo. Dod- 
. dington, Edmund Chaloner, and Joseph Addison. 

—05 May 10. Sir William Honywood, Richard Beke, Edmund 
- ' Chaloner, Joseph Addison, and John Goodman. 

1707' Dec. 24. Sir William Honywood, Edmund Chaloner, Joseph 
Addison, Thomas Goodman, and James Ashburne. 

— 08 Aug. 13. Sir William Honywood, Edmund Chaloner, Joseph 
Addison, Thomas Goodman, James Ashburne, and 
Walter Hungerford. 

J —10 May 25. Sir William Honywood, Thomas Goodman, James 
• ' Ashburne, Walter Hungerford, and William Lyn- 

'—13 Feb. 17. Sir William Honywood, Walter Hungerford, Dun- 
can Dee, William Gower, and Edward Hunger- 

14 Dec. 30. Thomas Goodman, John Shorter, Jam^sJVIfl|itagu, 

Peter Hussey, and Pollexfen Drake. '•"* * *='^"" 

<■'— 16 Sept. 26. Thomas Goodman, John Shorter, James Montagu, 
Peter Hussey and Duncomb Drake. 

—19 Dec. 15. John Shorter, James Montagu, Peter Hussey, Dun- 
comb Drake, and Joseph Mason. 

^^^ 22 Oct. 19. James Montagu, Peter Hussey, Duncomb Drake, Jo- 
seph Mason, and Humphry Fowle. 

>l!*?^25 Nov. 3. James Montagu, Duncomb Drake, Humphry Fowle, 
Sir Moor Molineux, and John Paul Yvonet. 

—34 July. Humphry Fowle, James Montagu, Sir Moor Moli- 

neux, John Paul Yvonet, and Edwin Coney. 

—44 July. Humphry Fowle, Sir Mpor Molineux, John Paul 

Yvonet, Edwin Coney, and Edward Montagu. 

j2 Aug. Humphry Fowle, Sir Moor Molineux, John Paul 

Yvonet) Edward Montagu, and Robert Coney. 

— 56 Aug. Sir Moor Molineux, John Paul -Yvonet, Edward 
, Montagu, Robert Coney, and Thomas Cowslade. 

B b 4 1761 

276 Commissioners of Salt-Duties, 

1761 : John Paul Yvonet, Richard Montagu, Robert Coney,] 

John Cowslade, and John Bridges, esq. vice Moli- 
I neux. - >'*-l 

—63 John Paul Yvonet, Richard Montagu, Robert Coney» 

John Cowslade, and Marmaduke Sowle, vice 
Bridges. ,,^ . 

° . , ■■'Of I ^:0*-^ 

^>~jS$ Jo^" Paul Yvonet, Robert Coney, John Cowsladcj 

Marmaduke Sowle, and Francis Hale, vice Mon- 

mm~^S Robert Coney, John Cowslade, and George Chad, 

John Grey and Daniel Bull, vice Yvonet, Sowle> 
and Hales. ' 

«— 80 AUgtf '^'^ flobert Coney, John Cowslade, Qeorge Chad, Danitl 
Bull, and Robert Hicks. ' '' 

—03 Robert Coney, John Cowslade, George Chad, Robert 

'^' p*^ , Hicks, Francis Fownes Luttrell, esqrs, 

1800 Robert Coney, Robert Hicks, Francis Fownes Lut- 

;/....>• trell, George Chad, and Charles Agar, esqrs. 

"— jPji I ' ." ,3^obert Coney, Robert Hicks, Francjs Fownes Lut- 
', ' j^ trell, Charles Agar, and John Touchet, esqrs. 

—03 Robert Hicks, Francis Fownes Luttrell, Charles 

■ Agar, John Touchet, and Richard Bevan, esqrs. 

—05 Robert Hicks, Charles Agar, John Touchet, Richarc 

Bevan , and John William Bramstone, esqrs. 

Commissioners of Salt-Duties. 

1702 June .:|5« Sir Marmaduke Wyvil, John Danvers, Thomas Ar- 
ran, Ashburnham Toll, and Thomas Everard, Com- 
missioners for the Receipt, Management and Go-, 
vernment of the Duties upon Salt and Rock Salt. 
Salary L.500 ptr annum. 


Commissioners of Sali'Duties. 2)77 

17(52 Oct. 8. John Dativers, Thomss Aram. Ashburnliam Toll, 

Thomas Everard, and John Wenyeve. 
— 04 Jan. 22. John Danvers, Thomas Aram, Ashburnham Toll, 

* John Wenyeve, and Humphry Griffith. 
—06 June I. John Danvers» Thomas Aram» Humphry Gtiffith, 

Edward Brereton, and Thomas Hopkins. 
■—08 May 6. John Dahvers, Thomas Aram, Humphry Griffith, 

Edward Brereton, and James Cardonnel. 
— 13 • Apr. 16. John Danvers, Thomas Aram, Humphry Griffith, 

Edward Brereton, and Martin Kiliigrew, 
— 14 Nov. 20. Benjamin Mildmay, John Danvers, Thomas Wood- 
cock, James Cardonnel, and Charles Dent. 
— 15 Nov, 24. Benjamin Mildmay, Thomas Woodcock, James Car- 
donnel, Charles Dent, and Arthur Ingram. 
—19 Apii 6. Benjamin Mildmay, Thomas Woodcock, James Car- 
donnel, Arthur Ingram, and Thomas Milner. 
^ r— ?0 Mar. I. Thomas Woodcock, Jame? Cardonnel, Arthur Ing- 
;t ,l32aJ,3i.;y ' j.3j„^ Thomas Milner, and Robert Baylies. 

•*^0ct«""8I. Thomas Woodcock, James JCardonnel, Arthur Ing- 
aaa/ro'i zbn/ifB' , ram, Themas Milner, and Sir John Fryer > 
,^ifljg2ip|^.,:3llfe Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel, Arthur Ing- 
ram, Thomas Milner, Sir Thomas Rouse. 
.Jul eanvrol ■'AJ^l^I*. Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel, Thomas Mil- 
.27P23 ,i^A-)uo V, .w. j^gj.^^ Sjr Thomas Rouse, and William Churchill 
■0 ,ll3vf.*iiJ. ^ junior. 

."2'j~TT^jiI bii -.».<. ■^^°"^** ^^°"'^^°^'^> James Cardonnel, Thos. Mil- 
ner, William Churchill, junr. and Edward Astley. 
^-■^ •••■^'D&i"'^. Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel, William 
■'laizrsiB-ic Churchill junior,. Edward Astley, and Lewis 
George Scheie. 
—27 Oct. 25. Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel,' William 
Churchill junior, Edward Astley, and William 
Wynde. i 

—32 June 7. Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel, William 
Churchill junior, Edward Astley, and William 
— 33 Eeb. James Cardonnel, William Churchill, Edward Ast- 

ley, William Wynde, and Henry Talbot. 
—41 June. James Cardonnel, Edward Astley, William Wynde, 

Henry Talbot, and Thomas Sutton. 
—42 Feb. , James Cardonnel, Edward Astley, Henry Talbot, 
Thomas Sutton, and John Vere. 
Aug. Edward Astley, Henry Talbot, Thomas gutton, 
John Vere, and Joshua Churchill. 
—53 Apr, Edwa'rd Astley, Henry. Talbot, Thomas Sutton, 

Joihua Churchill, and John Milbanke. 

^37 8 Commissmers of Siamp-Duties, ' 

'75^ Jan. 3. Edward Astley, Henry Talbot, Joshua Churchill, 
John Milbanke, and Denzil Onslow. 

1763 Sept. 10. H. Talbot, J. Churchill, J. Milbanke, D. Onslow, 
and Henry Fane, vice Astley. 

—6$ H. Talbot, J. Churchill, J. Milbanke, H. Fane, and 

Sir John Gresham, vice Onslow. 

d^ H. Talbot, J. Churchill, H. Fane, Sir John Gre- 
sham, and Oliver Tilson, vice Milbanke. 

— '71 H.Talbot, J.Churchill, 8ir J. Gresham, O. Tilson, 

andMilward Rowe, vice Fane. 

^73 H. Talbot, Sir J. Gresham, O. Tilson, M. Rowe, 

and John Hillersdon, vice Churchill. 

—.82 H. Talbot, Sir J. Gresham, O. Tilson, J. Hlilers- 

dor», and Ed. Bishop, vice Howe. 

— 84 Jan. Sir J. Gresham, O. Tilson, J. Hillersden, C. Bi- 

shop, and Richard Gamon, vice Talbot. 
Apr, Sir J. Gresham, O. Tilson, J. Hillersden, C. Bishop, 

and Sir Richard Reynell, Bart, vice Gamon. 

— 85 June. O. Tilson, J. Hillersden, E. Bishop, Sir R. Reynel, 

and Edwin Francis Stanhope, esq. vice Gresham. 

— 93 J. Hillersden, E. Bishop, Sir R. Reynell, Edwin 

asW /sofir, .-y/H. Francis Stanhope, and John Mortlock. 

-,!(,- "J* Hillersden, Sir R. Reynell, E. F. Stanhope, J. 
Mortlock, and William- A. S. Boscawen. 

The duty done by the Commissioners of the Excise since 1800. 

Commissioners of Stamp Duties. 

1694 May 21. Christopher Montagu, John Stanley, EdwardLloyd, 
.'arfP/biR.! Henry Cornish, Henry Harris, Jacob Vanderesch, 

and James Isaacson, commissioners for the several 
duties upon stamped Vellum, Parchment, and Pa- 
per, to commence from June 28. 
—98 Sept.- 13. John Stanley, Edward Lloyd, Henry Cornish, 
Henry Harris, Jacob Vanderesch, James Isaacson, 
and Thomas Farrington. 


Commissioners of Stamp-Duties, 379 

I'joo Dec. 7. Edward Lloyd, Henry Cornish, Henry Harris, jas. 
Isaacson, Thomas Farrington, Richard Uthwayt, 
and Robert Pooley. 
— 02 June 13. Edward Lloyd, Henry Cornish, Richard Uthwayt, 
Robert Pooley, and John Weneyve. 
Oct. 8. Edward Lloyd, Henry Cornish, Richard (Jthwayt, 
Robert Pooley, and Richard Dyott. 
— 06 June 26. Edward Lloyd, Henry Cornish, Robert Pooley, Ri- 
chard Dyott, and John Molesworth. 
— 08 May I. Edward Lloyd, Robert Pooley, Richard Dyott, 

John Molesworth, and Richard Martyn. 
— 10 June I. Edward Lloyd, Robert Pooley, Richard Dyott, 

Richard Martyn, and Richard Steele. 
— 13 June 12. Robert Pooley, Richard Martyn, Richard Steele, 

Sir ErOtas Gardiner, and Thomas Palmer. 
—14 Jan. 15. Robert Pooley, Richard Martyn, Sir Brocas Gardi- 
ner, Thomas Palmer, and Charles Vivian. 
May 5. Sir Brocas Gardiner, Thomas Palmer, Charles Vi- 
vian, Richard Shdlton, and George Cowper. 
Dec. 20. Richard Martyn, Richard Pye, Thomas Warner, 
Nicholas Carew senior, and Roger Gale. 
., -T"! C, May '4. Sir Brocas Gardiner, Richard Pye, Thos. Warner, 
" " '"' ' Nicholas Carew senior, and Roger Gale. 

Nov. 28. Sir Brocas Gardiner, Richard Pye, Thos. Warner, 
Nicholas Carew senior, and Richard Houlditch. 
-^17 Feb. 21. Sir Brocas Gardiner, Richard Pye, Thos. Warner, 

Nicholas Carew senior, and John Shutz. 
— 21 Jan. 29. Sirs Brocas Gardiner and Richard Pye, Thos. War- 
ner, John Schutz, and George Townshend. 
May 12. Sirs Brocas Gardiner and Richard Pye, John Schutz, 
George Townshend junior, and John Turner. 
— 22 Oct. 12. Sir Brocas Gardiner, John Schutz, George Towns- 
hend junior, John Turner, and John Shorter. 
— 27 Mar. 17. Sir Brocas Gardiner, John Schutz, John Turner, 

John Shorter, and William Hewett. 
— 28 Jan. 2. The same. , 

■—21) June 3. Sir Brocas Gardiner, John Turner, John Shortef, 

William Hewett, and Richard Shelly. 
• — 34 I. Sir Brocas Gardiner, John Shorter, Richard Shelley, 

^^, ,\ " William Fisher, and JJurrington Goldsworthy. 

'—5^ May 6. Sir Brocas Gardiner, John Shorter, Richard Shelley, 
; . r. William Fisher, and Brinley Skinner. 

— ^ I^eb. 2, Sir Brocas Gardiner, John Shorter, Richard Shelley, 
. ./ozofiJK'J «3.-aij^ ^^.t. William Fisher, and William Blair. 

Apr. 2. Sir Brocas Gardiner, Richard Shelley, William Blair, 
Matthew Kenrick, and John Bird. 


^8o Coinmissionen of Stamp-Duties, 

1739 Feb. 7. Richard Shelley, William Blair, Matthew Kentick, 
John Bird, and John Plumptree junior. 

_i2 Aug. 30. Richard Shelley, William Blair, Matthew Kenrick, 

John Plumptree junior, and John Bernard. 

r^ Apr. 15. Richard Shelley, William Blair, Matthew Kenrick, 

John Bernard, and Robert Thompson. 

rr Dec. 5. William Blair, Matthew Kenrick, John Bernard, 

Robert Thompson, and George Whitmore. 

62 Mar. 17. William Blair, John Bernard, Robert Thompson, 

George Whitmore, and John Kenrick. 
—63 Feb. 8. John Bernard, Robert Thompson, and Sir James 
Calder, Edward Tucker, and Marmaduke Gwynn, 
vice Blair, Kenrick, and Whitmore. 
(,a*H6^ .Jatii) 4. J. Bernard, Sir J. Calder, E. Tucker, M. Gwynne, 
\tnBi\i)r'-'^T ?? and James Bindley, vice Thompson. 

-T-»65 Aug. 24. William Blair, J. Bernard, George Whitmore, John 
j,b'fr: =' . T Kenrick, and James Bindley, vice Calder, Tuc- 

'.2ip ker, and Gwynne. 

,?a^7c Aug. 3. W. Blair, G. Whitmore, J. Kenrick, J. BUuilgy, 
^ia: and William Bailty, vice Bernard. 

\lfi^^ ^' ^^^'^^1 ]' Kenrick, J. Bindley, W. Bailey, and 

W. Waller, vice Whitmore, 
Jtfii^g J* Kenrick, J. Bindley, W. Bailey, W. Waller, 

aadi , and Martin Whish, vice Blair. 

>».S£ J. Bindley, W. Bailey, W. Waller, and Richard 

Tickel, and George James Cholmondeley, vice 
Kenrick and Whish. 
_8z J. Bindley, W. Bailey, W. Waller, R. Tickel, and 

the Hon. John Byng, vice Cholmondeley. 
—83 J. Bindley, W. Bailey, R. Tickel, Hon. J. Byng, 

and Everard Fawkener, vice Waller. 
— 9^ J. Bindley, W. Bailey, Hon. J. Byng, E. FaWkener, 

and Charles Mellish. 
— 9j J. Bindley, Hon. J. Byng, E. Fawkener, C. Mel- 

. lish, and Lewis Jenkins. 
— 97 J. Bindley, Hon. J, Byng, E. Fawkener, L. Jen- 

kins, and William Robert Spencer. 
. — ^99 J. Bindley, L. Jenkins, W. R. Spencer, W. Lake, 

and Edward Finch Hatton. 
1800 J. Bindley, E. Fawkener, L. Jenkins, W. R. Spen- 

>T .)Vr. cer, and W. Lake. ' 

aii;ji8b4 J. Bindley, L. Jenkins, Wm. R. Spencer, W.Lake, 

and Edward Fincli Hatton. 


Commissioners for Taxes, 381 

Commissioners for Taxes. 

Edward Younge, Henry Kelsall, Christopher JR.ig- 
by, Richard Frankland, John Trenchard, and 
John Fane, esqrs. 
1762 Feb. E. Young, C. Rigby, John Trenchard, J. Fane, 

esqrs. and George Q^uarme and Thomas Windham, 
esqrs. vice Kelsall and Frankland. 
Apr. 27. Henry Reade, E. Younge, C. Rigby, J. Trenchard, 
J. Fane, G. Quarme, and Tho. Wyndham, esqrs. , 
^^^'Ych. I. E. Younge, J. Trenchard, T. Wyndham, esqrs. 
and William Blair, Daniel Bull, George Blount, 
and Thomas Bradshaw, esqrs. vice Reade, Rigby, 
Fane, and O^uanne. 
'•-*6j July 24. E. Younge, J. Trenchard, T. Wyndham, D. Bull, 
G. Blount, T. Bradshaw, esqrs. and Christopher 
Rigby, esq. vice Blair. 
—67 Oct. 24. E. Younge, C. Rigby, J. Trenchard, T. Wyndham, 
. . D. Bull, G. Blount, esqrs. and Edward Tucker, 
nt ,l3:!loi I 5 gjq_ yjgg Bradshaw. 

-^73 May 29. C. Rigby, J. Trenchard, T. Wyndham, D. Bull, 

G.Blount, esqrs. and Charles Bering and John 

Eames, esqrs. vice Younge and Tucker. 
—77 C. Rigby, J. Trenchard, D. Bull, G. Blount, C. 

Dering, J. Eames, esqrs. and G.Heathcote, vice 

—83 J. Trenchard, D. Bull, G. Blount, C. Dering, J. 

Eames, and G. Heathcote, esqrs, and Alexander 

Popham, esq. vice Rigby. 
— 84 July 6. J, Trenchard, D. Bull, G. Blount, C. Dering, J. 

Eames, G. Heathcote, esqFS. and Francis Fownes 

Luttrell, esq. vice A. Popham. 
—89 J. Trenchard, D. Bull, G. Blount, C. Dering, J. 

Eames, F. F. Luttrell, A. Popham, and William 

Lowndes, esqrs. 
— 91 J. Trenchard, G. Blount, C. Doring, J. Eames, 

F. F. Luttrell, A. Popham, William Lowndes, 

and Barne Barne, esq. 


382 Commissioners for Wine Licences, 

1793 J. Trenchard, G. Blount, C. Bering, J. Eaines, 
A. Popham, W. Lowndes, B. Barne, and Edward 
Medows, esqrs. - _. _. -- 

— ^$ J. Trenchard, G. Blount, C. During, A. Popham, 

W. Lowndes, B. Barncj E. Medows, and Hor^^e 
Hayes, esq. 

—98 W, Lowndes, B. Barne, E. Medows, H. HayeSj 

George Trenchard Goodenough, and Henry Hodg- 
son, esqrs. 

Commissioners for Wine Licences. 

1 661' Ma^ 25. Sir Charles Harbord, his Majesty's Surveyor-Gene- 
. '5 cCOill* ral j Sir Philip Warwick, Edmund Windham, 

Clement Spelman, Robert Cole, Francis Cornwal- 
lis, John Rushworth j John Phillips, one of the 
Auditors of his Majesty's Revenues j Francis Die- 
kins, and John Loving, commissioners for granting 
Licences for selling of Wines by retail, in pursu- 
ance of an Act of Parliament passed April 25. 
Oct. 7. Sir Maurice Berkeley, Sir John Coleton, and Ri- 

5j1 chard Downes. 

— 71 May 17, Sir John Griffith, Sir Philip Froud, Edmund War- 
cup, and Richard Downes. 

—76 July 5. Sir John Griffith, Nathaniel Curson, Arthur Fleet- 
wood, Michael Brighouse, Robert Ryves, and 
Charles Ryves. 

—77 Dec. 18. Nathaniel Curson, Michael Brighouse, Charles 
Ryves, Robert Ryves, Edmund Long, and John 

—78 Mar. 15. Edward Christian, Henry Deering, William Clough, 
Michael Brighouse, Edmund Long, and John Tay- 

—79 Nov. 18. Robert Woolsey, William Young, John Tayler, 
L.L.D. Henry Deering, and Michael Brighouse. 

—87 Jan. 16. Robert Woolsey, William Young, John Tayler, 
L.L.D. Henry Deering^ Michael Brighouse, and 
Gerard Russell, 


Commissioners for Wine Licenses. 38^ 

lyoi Dec. 24. Nicholas Fenn, Thomas Lake, John Harwood, Rqw 
', bert Lowndes, and Thomas Goodhall. 

—05, 26. Thomas Lake, John Harwood, Robert Lowndes, 

Thomas Goodhall, and William Congreve. 

—12 Apr. 19. Robert Lowndes, William Congreve, John Wind- 
ham, George Scott, and John Floyer. 

—14 I)ec. 21. Robert Lowndes, Daniel Deering, Richard Plump- 
ton, William George Cresset, and Charles Green- 

—19 Mar. ' I. Robert Lowndes, Daniel Deering, Richard Plump- 
ton, Charles Greenwood, and Wm. East, junr. 

—20 Dec. 2. Daniel Deering, Richard Plumpton, Charles Green- 
wood, William East junior, and John JolifFe. 

—27 Oct. 26. Daniel Deering, Richard Plumpton, John JolifFe, 
Joseph Ferrers, and Gilbert East, 

—30 Nov. 2. Richard Plumpton, John JolifFe, Joseph Ferrers, 
Gilbert East, and Anthony Corbiere. 

—34 Richard Plumpton, John JolifFe, Joseph Ferrers, An- 

thony Corbiere, and Thomay Gordon. 

—40 Feb. Richard Plumpton, John JolifFe, Anthony Corbiere, 

; Thomas Gordon, and Henry Harris. 

<-^4i'''June. Richard Plumpton, Anthony Corbiere, Thos. Gor- 
■'^•^ ' ' don, Henry Harris, and William Adams. 

2ILAt'-' ' 1%\ Richard Plumpton, Thomas Gordon, Henry Harris, 

-Oil?. -i Oil St -J William Adams, and James Ramsden. 

iii%iS'Ti^ly,"' Thomas Gordon, Henry Harris, William Adams, 
^ ,'^ "' 'I' James Ramsden, and Henry Yelverton, sen. 

'•^^O^fmg.' Henry Harris, William Adams. James Ramsden, 
Henry Yelverton, and Philip Meadows. 

In 1758, the management of the Wine Licences was put under the 
Commissioners for the Stamp Revenue. 


;84 Commissioners for Licensing Hackney Coaches, 

Commissioners for Licensing Hackney Coaches. 

1687 Nov. 4. John Phelips, Thomas Napier, Thomas Prise, Rich- 
1 ard Sheldon, and-Jerom Nipho, Commtssioners for 

Regulating and Licensing of Hackney Coaches 
within the cities of London and Westminster, 
Henry Ashurst, Walter Overbury, Henry Hilli- 
grew, Henry Villers, and Richard Gea. The 
three last of which, by vote of the House of Com- 
mons, were removed March 20. for receiving 
bribes, and acting arbitrarily. 
«„pf July 12. Daniel' Blake, Thomas Strickland, Edmund Clarke, , 

Charnock Heron, and William Congrevc. 
1702 Daniel Blake, Edmund Clarke, Charnock Heron, 

William Congreve, and Abraham Magny. 
— 07 Oct. 13. Daniel Blake, Charnock Heron, Abraham Magny, 

Evert JoUyvet, and George Clerke. 
— -ic June 2. Daniel Blake, George Clerke, John Wey, Thomas 
. Sutton, and Moore Molineux, Commissioners of 
Hackey Coaches and Chairs within the cities of 
London and Westminster, and suburbs thereof. 
Oct. 8. John Wey, Thomas Sutton, Moore Molineux, Chas. 
Bernard and John Idle. 
— 17 Aug. 21. John Wey, 'i'iiomas Sutton, Moore Molineux, John 

Idle and Wavel Smith, 
—22 June 30. John Wey, Thomas Sutton, John Idle, Wavel Smith, 
find Francis Capper. 
John Wey, Thomas Sutton, John Idle, Fiancis Cap- 
per, and Nicliolas Philpot. 
John Wey, John Idle, Francis Capper, Nicholas Phil- 
pot, and Thomas Sutton, junr. 
Ihe snme. 

John Wey, John Idle, Francis Capper, Thomas Sut- 
ton, and John Philpot. 
John Wey, Francis Capper, Thomas Sutton, John 
Philpot, and John Cookson. 















Commissioners for Licensing Hackney Coaches, 2>^^ 

1 74 1 J9hn Wey> Francis Capper, John Philpot, John 

Cookson, and Thomas Bond. 
—49 Francis Capper* John Philpot, John Cookson, Thomas 

Bond, and John Soley. 
—S^ May. Francis Capper, John Cookson, Thomas Bond, John 

Soley, and William Gollop. , 

•—58 July. ^Francis Capper, John Cookson, Thomas Bond, John 

Soley, and Thomas Nuttal, 
—59 John Cookson, Thomas Bond, John Soley, Thomas 

Nuttal, and Richard Capper. 
— 62 John Cookson, John Soley, Thomas Nuttal, Richard 

Capper, and Nathan Templeman. 
— 75 Jan. 21. John Cookson, John Saley, Thomas Nuttall, Richard 

Caper, and William M. Pleydell. 
Mar. John Cookson, John Soley, Richard Capper, William 

M. Pleydell, and Jacob Reynardson. 
— 86 John Soley, Richard Capper, Jacob Reynardson, 

- William Douglas, and M. Morgann, esqrs. 
1801 ' John Soley, Jacob Reynardson, William Douglas, M. 

Morgann, and Ralph Dorvill Woodford, esqrs. 
•—02 John Soley, Jacob Reynardson, Wm. Douglas, Ralph 

Dorvill Woodford, and Ed^vard Williamsi esqrs. 
—05 }ohu Soley, Jacob Reynardson, Wm. Douglas, Ed« 

ward Williams, and John Hawbrth, esqrs. 


3.86 Officers of the Duchy of CornwalL 

Officers of the Duchy of Cornwall. tt\ 

Lord Warden of the Stannaries, 

1760 James, Earl Waldegrave. 

—63 Humphrey Morrice, esq. 

— 83 George, Viscount Lewisham, afterwards Earl of Dartmouth, 

— 88 Sir John Morshead, Bart. 

—96 John Willet Payne, esq. 

1803 Thomas Tyrwhitt, esq. 


1760 Henry Roscwame, esq, 
—83 John Thomas, esq. 


1760 Sir Edward Bayntun Rolt, Bart., 
—96 Sir John Morshead, Bart. 

Auditor and Secretary. 

1760 William Trevanion, esq. 
—67 Riehard Hussey, esq. 
—70 John Buller, esq. 
—83 Henry Lyte, esq. 
— 91 John William Payne, esq. 
—96 Thomas Tyrwhitt. 
1803 John M^Mahon, esq. 



Officers of the Duchy of Cornwalh 38^ 


1760 Edward (afterward Lord) Eliot, esq. 
1804 Thomas Brinsley Sheridan, esq. 


1760 Charles Trelawney, esq, 
— 6^ John Luxmore, esq. 
— 84 Peter JollifFe, esq. 
iSoo James Hare, esq. 

Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal, 

1802 Hon. Thomas Erskine, now Lord Ersklrte,. 
—06 WilHam ^^dam, esq. 

^ ^Attorney-General. 

Hon. Thomas Ersklnc. 
'793 Robert Graham, esq. 
1800 Vicary Gibbs, esq. 
— og William Adam, esq. 
—06 William Garrow, esq. 


Arthur Pigott, esq. 
1793 John Anstruther, esq. 
f— 95 Vicary Gibbs, esq. 
1800 Thomas Manners Sutton, esq. 
—02 William Adam, esq. 
55 William Garrow, esq'. 
-06 Joseph Jekyll, esq. 

c c 2 Havenor 

38S Officers of the Duchy ofCornwalh 

Havener of the Duchy Poriff in the Counties of Cornwall ani 


Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton. 

Constable of Launceston Castle, 1 


Hugh, Duke of Northumberland. 

Stewards of Estates and Revenues in divers Counties. 

John, Earl of Brldgewater. 

Somersetshire. 'l 

■ ■ 'A 

William Strong, esq. 

Watwick Hale Tonkin, esq. 

Richard Gray, esq. ' 

Samuel Selwood, esq. 


Officers of the Duchy of Cornwall, • 389 

The Honourable the Council of His Royal Highness the Prince ^f 


Thomas, Lord Erskine. 
Hugh, Duke of Northumberland. 
Francis, Earl of Moira. 
John, Lord Hutchinson. 
Thomas Tyrwhitt, esq. 
General Samuel Hulse. 
John M'Mahon, esq. 
Rt. Hon. Richard B. Sheridan. 
George, Lord Keith, K.B. 
John Nesbit, esq. 
William Garrow, esq. 
Joseph Jekyll, esq. 

c c 3 REGENCY, 

C 390 3 


The King of Great Britain is the Sovereign and Supreme Head of ' 
the united kingdoms of England and Scotland j as he is also of Ire- 
land, and of all other the dominions belonging to the British Crown. 
He has a claim to the sovereignty of the seas environing Great Britain 
and Ireland, and the isles adjacent, as far as the shores of neighbour^ ' 
ing nations. Therefore it was formerly the custom for all foreigner^ 
to ask leave to fish and to pass in these seas, and to lower their top- 
sails to all the British ships of war. 

Our King gives place to no Monarch, except the Emperor of Ger- 
many, and that upon account of antiquity j for the Crown of Great 
Britain is free and independent. 

From the Restoration to the time of King James's abdication of the 
Crown, there was no Regency j but after King William III. came 
over, and was proclaimed and crowned, his aflfairs calling him abroad, 
his Majesty, May 5. 1695, appointed seven of the wisest and ablest of 
the Nobility, to be Guardians, Justices, and Lieutenants in England, 
during his absence. 

By a clause in an act passed in the I2th and T3th of King "William 
III. " For the further limitation of the Crown, and better securing 
the rights and liberties of the subject," it was enacted, *' That no 
person who shall come to the possession of the Crown, shall go out qf 
the dominions of England, Scotland, or Ireland, without consent of 
Parliament." But his late Majesty King George I. on his accession 
to the Throne, repealed the said clause, in these words following : 
*t And the restrictions, by the said clause meant or intended, are and 
shall be repealed, 'and sha^ll for ever be, sind be deemed and taken to 
be, void and of none effect." "'.' " ' * ' " ' 


Regents f Guardians, ^c» of Great Britain, 391 

During the reign of King William III. they were also written and 
called Guardians, Justices of England^ and his Majesty''s Lieutenants 
in the same. On Q^ueen Anne's decease, they were styled Justices of 
Great Britain. When King George I. visited his dominions abroad, 
the Prince of Wales was constituted Guardian of Great Britain, and 
iXieutenaifk in the same j and whenever afterwards his Majesty's af- 
i fairs required him to cross the seas, he appointed some of his prime 
I Ministers of State, Noblemen, and others, his Guardians and Justices 
[of the kingdom of Great Britain, and his Lieutenants in the same. 
And King George II. whenever he went to visit his German domi- 
nions during the lifetime of his Royal Consort Q^ueeii Caroline, ap- 
pointed her Majesty Queen' Regent j and, after her death, the great 
Officers of State, and others whom his Majesty could confide in, 
were appointed Regents. 

Regents, Guardians, Justices, and Lieutenants 
in England and Great Britain, in the absence 

of the King. 

1695 May 5. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, 

Sir John Somers, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. 
Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lord 
Privy Seal. 
, William, Duke of Devonshire. 

**'^' Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury, one of his Majesty's 

', Principal Secretaries of State. 

^^gjf Charles, Earl of Dorset. 

iiLD^ Sidney, ^Lord Godolphin. 

90 May I. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Sir John Somers, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. 
Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Keep- 
er of the Privy Seal. 
William, Duke of Devonshire, Steward of the House- 
Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury, one of his Majesty's 

Principal Secretaries of State. 
Charles, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, Chamberlain 

of the Household. 
Sidney, Lord Godolphin. 

c c 4 T697 

3i rn 

392 Regents, Guardians, ^c* of Great Britain* 

1697. Apr. I3. Tlidmas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Sir John Sotners, Lord Chancellor. 

Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Keep- 
erofthe Privy Seal. 

William, Duke of Devonshire, Steward of t]je House- 

Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury, one of the Principal 
Secretaries of State. 

Robert, Earl of Sunderland, Chamberlain of the 

Charles, Earl of Dbrset and Middlesex. 

Henry, Earl of Romnev, Lord Warden of the Cinque 
, - ■■ Ports. 

ySi ,xipatKyoint\i\ jw: E^. Russel, esq. first Commissioner of the Admiralty. 
'""^^T^iy 18. TThomas, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 

John, Lord Somers, Lord High Chancellor of Eng- 

Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgoinery, Lord 
V Keeper of the Privy Seal. 

!>rfori.5ff- William, Duke of Devonshire, Steward of the Houses 


Charles, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex. 

John, Earl of Marlborough, tutor to his Royal High- 
ness William, Duke of Gloucester. 

Henry, Earl of Romiiey, Lord Warden of the Cinque 
Ports., .J .- 

Edward, Earl of ' Orford, first Commissioner of the 
Admiralty. ; ' ) 

Charles I\'Jontagu, first Coipmissionct qi tlie Trea- 
->-99 June i. Thomas, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 

John, Lord Somers, Lord High Chancellor of Eng- 
^ Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lor4 
President of the Council. 

John, Viscount Loivsdale, Lord Keeper of the Privy- 

Wiliiam, Duke of Devonshire, Lord Steward of the 

John, Earl of Bridgewater, first Commissioner of the 
Admiralty. . ' 

John, Earl of Marlborough, Governor to his Royal ' 
Highness Williarn Duke of Gloucester. 

Edward, Earl of Jersey, Secretary of State. 

Charles Montagu,,.^ fi«t Commissioner, of the Trea- 

1 700 

Regents i Guardians^ ^c. of Great Britain, 393 

1 700 July 4t Thomas, Lord Archbi^iop of Canterbury. 

Sir Nathan Wright, Lord Keeper of the Great SeaL 
William, Duke of Devonshire, Steward of the House- 

[32; Edward, Earl of Jersey, Chamberlain of the House- 

hold. ; - 

John, Earl of Bridgewater, first Commissioner of the 

John, Earl of Marlborough. Tutor to his Royal High- 
ness William, Duke of Gloucester. 
Ford, Earl of Tankerville, ^rst Commissioner of the 
Mipoil' ■■••I ; } Treasury. :,, ; ^^, i ,,;-,' 

— O^ June 29. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
vrlriY I'b'A irij Jf) 7'ifr.- Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Pre- 
sident of the Council, and first Commissioner of 
the Admiralty. 
William, Duke of Devonshire, Steward of the House- 
Charles, Duke of Somerset. 

Edward, Earl of Jersey, Chamberlain of the House- 
Sidney, Lord Godolphin, first Commissioner of the 

The following Noblemen were Lords Chief Justices of Great Britain, 
from the death of the late Queen Anne, Aug. r. 17 14. to Septemr 
ber 18. following 5 on which day his late Majesty King George I. 
landed at Greenwich, 

1714 * Thomas, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 

* Simon, Lord Harcourt, Lord Chancellor. 

* Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord High Treasur- 

er, (also Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.) 

* John, Duke of Buckinghamshire and Normanby, 

Lord President of the Council. 

* William, Earl of Dartmouth, Lord Privy Seal. 

* Thomas, Earl of Straflford, first Commissioner of 

the Admiralty. 
■* Sir Thomas Parker, Lord Chief Justice of the 
King's Bench. 


* These ieven iverc Lords Justices, by virtue of their otEces, and the Act of 
Parliamcni afore-mentloncd. To them his Majesty King George I. was pleased 
to add the eighteen Noblemen next after'mentioned. 

594 Regents t Guardians , ^c, of Great Britain, 

1714 Sir William Dawes, Archbishop of York. 

Charles, Duke of Somerset. 
Charles, Duke of Bolton. , 

William, Duke of Devonshire. 
ailld Jnv Henry, Duke of Kent. 

John, Duke of Argyle. 
James, Duke of Montrose. 
John, Duke of Roxburgh. 
Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, 
Arthur, Earl of Anglesey. 
Charles, Earl of Carlisle. 
Daniel, Earl of Nottingham. 
Montagu, Earl of Abingdon. 
Richard, Earl of Scarborough. 
^yfjf;,.^.^,j,Edward, Earl of Orford. 

Charles, Viscount Townshehd. 
Charles, Lord Halifax. 
William, Lord Cowper. 
— 16 July 5, His Royal Highness George Augustus, Prince of 
..d'J ii? Wales, Guardian of the Realm, and Lieutenant 
within the same. 
'7-J9 May 9. William, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Thomas, Lord Parker, Lord High Chancellor. 
Evelyn, Duke of Kingston, Lord President of the 

Council. .., .,^,., , ' 

Henry, Duke of Kent, Lord Privy Seal. 
John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, Lord Steward 

of the Household. 
Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle, Lord Chamber- 
lain Qf the Household. 
Charles, Duke of Bolton, Lord Lieutenant of Ire- 
Jolin, Duke of , Marlborough, Captain-General of 

the Forces. 
John, Duke of Roxburgh, Secretary of State for 

Scotland. , 

Charles, Earl of Sunderland, , First Commissioner of 

the Treasury. " ''/■■.. 

Jumcs, Earl of Beffej^J,ey»7 Tjr^t Commissioner of 

the Admiralty. ...•,,,:) .Vwj' 
James, Earl of Stanhope,' and the Right Hon. James 
Craggs, junr. Secretaries of State. 
— 20 June 14. William, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Thomas, Lord Parker, Lord High Chancellor. 
Charles, Viscount Townshend, Lord President of 

the Council, 
Evelyn, Duke of Kingston, Lord Privy Seal. 


Regents^ Guardians, ^c, of Great Britain, ^g^$ 

1^21 John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, Lord Steward 

of the Household. 

Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle, Lord Chamber^ 
lain of the Household. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Lieutenant of Ire- 
land. ^ 

Charles, Duke of Bolton. 

William, Duke of Devonshire. 

John, Duke of Marlborough, Captain- General of 
the Forces. 

John, Duke of Roxburgh, Secretary of State for 

Charles, Earl of Sunderland, First Commissioner of 
the Treasury. 

James, Earl of Berkeley, First Commissioner of the. 

James, Earl Stanhope, and the Right Hon. James 

, Craggs, junr. Principal Secretaries of State. 
—23 May 29. William, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Thomas, Earl of Macclesfield, Lord High Chancel- 

Henry, Lord Carleton, Lord President of the Coun- 

John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, Lord Steward 
of the Household. 

Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle, Lord Chamber- 
lain of the Household. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Lieutenant of Ire- 
land. ' ' 

William, Duke of Devonshire. 

John, Duke ot Roxburgh, Secretary of State for 

James, Earl of Berkeley, First Commissioner of the 

Francis, Earl of Godolphin, Groom of the Stole. 

William, Earl Cadogan, General and Commander- 
in-Chief of the Forces. 

Charles, Viscount Townshend, Secretary of State. 

Simon, Viscount Harcourt. 

John, Lord Carteret, Secretary of State. 

The Right Hon. Robert Walpole, First Commis- 
sioner of the Treasury. 
—25 June 3. William, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
^ %ter, Lord King, Lord High Chancellor. 


\g6 Regents, Guardians, &'c, of Great Britain^ 

1^25 June 3. William, Duke of DevonsWre, Lord President of 
the Council. 

Evelyn, Duke of Kingston, Lord Privy Seal. / - 

Lionel Cranfield, Duke of Dorset, Lord Steward of 
tlie Household. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain of the 

Charles, Duke of Bolton, Constable of the Tower of 

J'jhn, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, Master-Ge- 
neral of the Ordnance. 

John, Duke of Roxburgh, and Thomas Holies Pel- 
ham, Duke of Newcastle, Secretaries of State. 

James, Earl of Berkeley, First Commissioner of the 

Francis, Earl of Godqlphin, Groom of the Stole. 

Charles^, Viscount Townshend, Secretary of State. 

.Simon, Viscount Harcourt. 

John, Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 

The Right Hon. Sir Robert Walpble, First Commis- 
sioner of the Treasury. 
-—27 June 2. William, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Peter, Lord King, Lord High Chancellor. 

William, Duke of Devonshire, Lord President of 
the Council. 

Thomas, Lord Trevor, Lord Privy Seal. 

Lionel Cranfield, Duke of Dorset, Lord Steward of 
the Household. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain of 
the Household. 

Charles, Duke of Bolton, Governor of the Isle of 

John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, Master-Ge- 
neral of the Ordnance. 

'Jhoinas Holies, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of 
Slate. -I' .1 ■■; ■ ■ 

Jame<y Earl of Berkeley, •Ittst iGommissioner of the 
Admiralty. . l.jiimJ)/. 

Fi:nicls, Earl of Godolphin^' Groom of the Stole. 

Charles, Viscount Townshend, Secretai^ of State. 

•fiimon, Viscount Harcourt. 

John, Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 

The Right Hon. Sir Robert Walpole, First Commis- 
sioner of the Treasury. y'V 
— 29 May 14. Her Majesty {^ueen Caroline. 

. ••-.•■p':-i''' ' ' . ■< ' 


Regents y Guardians, ^c, of Great Britaiu, 397 

1732 May 8.- Her Majesty Queen Caroline. 
•—40 May. John, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord. Chancellor. 
Spencer, Earl Wilmington, Lord President. 
John, Lord Harvey, Lord Privy Seal. 
Lionel, Duke of Dorset, Lord Steward. 
Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain. 
. oskbM Charles, Duke of Richmond, Master of the Horse. 
Charles, Duke of Bolton. 
William, Duke of Devonshire, Lord Lieutenant of 

John, Duke of Montagu, Master of the Ordnance. 
Thomas, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State. 
Henry, Earl of Pembroke, Groom of the Stole. 
Archibald, Earl of Hay. 
' William, Lord Harrington, Secretary of State. 

Sir Robert Walpole, First Commissioner of the 

Sir Charles Wager, First Commissioner of the Ad- 
—43 AjfriL John, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor. 
William, Earl of Harrington, Lord President. 
John, Lord Gower, Lord Privy Seal. 
EiiB773J2 1 Lionel, Duke of Dorset, Lord Steward. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, ^ Lord Chamberlain. 
niBhacfm'r Charles, Duke of Richmond, Master of the Horse. - 
Charles, Duke of Bolton. 
William, Duke of Devonshire, Lord Lieutenant of 

John, Duke of Montagu, Master of the Ordnance. 
Thomas, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State. 
John, Marquis of Tweeddale. 
Henry, Earl of Pembroke, Groom of the Stole. 
Daniel, Earl of Winchelsea,> First Commissioner of 

the Admiralty, iwiun/,/. 

Archibald, Earl of Hay. 
Spencer, Earl of Wilmington, First Commissioner 

of the Treasury. 
William, Earl of Bath. 
' John, Lord Carteret, Secretary of State. 

Hon. Henry Pelham, Paymaster of the Forces, 
—45 May John, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor, 
Lionel, Duke of Dorset, Lord President. 


398 , Regents^ Guardiansy ^c. of Great Britain, 

174 p May. John, Lord Gower, Lord Privy Seal. 

William, Duke of Devonshirfe, Lord Steward. 
Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain. 
Charles, Duke of Richmond, Master of the Horse. 
Charles, Duke of Bolton. 

John, Duke of Bedford, First Commissioner of the 

John, Duke of Montagu, Master of the Ordnance. 

Archibald, Duke of Argyle. 

Thomas, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State. 

John, Marquis of Tweeddale, Secretary of State. 

Henry, Earl of Pembroke, Groom of the Stole. 

Philip, Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Lieutenant of 

John, Earl of Sfair. 

William, Earl of Harrington, Secretary of State. 

William, Earl of Bath. 

Richard, Viscount Cobham. 

Hon. Henry Pelham, First Commissioner of the 
—48 May Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor. 

Lionel, Duke of Dorset, Lord President. 

John, Earl Gower, Lord Privy Seal. 

William, Duke of Devonshire, Lord Steward. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain. 

Charles, Duke of Richmond, Master of the Horse. 

Jolin, Duke of Bedford, Secretary of State. 

John, Duke of Montagu, Master of the Ordnance. 

Archibald, Duke of Argyle. 

Thomas, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State. 

Henry, Earl of Pembuoke, Groom of the Stole. 

John, Earl of Sandwich, First Cpmmissioner of the 

William, Earl of Harrington, Lord Lieutenant of 

Richard, Viscount Cobham. 

Hon. Henry Pelham, First Commissigner of the 
•—50 April. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor. 

Lionel, Duke of Dorset, Lord President. 

John, Earl Gower, Lord Privy Seal. 

Charles, Duke of Marlborough, Lord Steward. 

Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain. 

Charles, Duke of Richmond, Master of the Horse. 


Regents, Guardians , ^c. of Great Britain, 399 

1750 April. JoHn, Duke of Bedford, Secretary of State. 
Archibald, Duke of Argyle. 
Thomas, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State. 
John, Earl of Sandwich, First Commissioner of the 

William, Earl of Harrington, Lord Lieutenant of 

Ireland. . ., 

Hon. H^nry Pelham, !first Commissioner of the 

—52 April. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor, 
John, Earl Granville, Lord President. 
John, Earl Gower, Lord Privy Seal., 
Charles, Duke of Marlborough, Lord Steward. 
Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain. 
Archibald, Duke of Argyle. 
Thomas, Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State. 
Lionel, Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant of Ire- 
land. ' > ■ ■ 
William, Marquis of Hartington, Master of the 

Horse. > 

Robert, Earl of Plolderness, Secretary of State. 
William A. Ea4 pf Albemarle, Groom of the 

Stole. , ^ . ,, >) !-» i 
George, LorS^'Anson^ ^rst Commissioner of the 

Hon. Henry Pelham, First Commissioner of the 

"^55 April 26. His Royal Highness William, Duke of Cumberland. 
Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Philip, Earl of Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor. 
John, Earl Granville, Lord President of the Coun* 

Charles, Duke of Marlborough, Lord Privy Seal. 
John, Duke of Rutland, Lord Steward of the House- 
Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain of the 

Archibald, Duke of Argyle. ' 
Thomas H. Duke of Newcastle, First Commissioner 

of the Treasury. 
Lionel C. Duke of Dorset, Master of the Horse. 
William, Marquis of Hartington, Lord Lieutenant 

of Ireland, 


400 Regents^ Guardians y tsfc» cf Great Britain*. 

1*1 S$ Apr, 26. Robert, Earl of Holdernesse, Secretary of State. 

William Henry, Earl of Rochford, Groom of the 

George, Lord Anson, First Commissioner of the 

Sir Thomas Robinson, K, B. another Secretary of 
, State. 
Henry Fox, esq. Sfccretary at War. 

A List 


( 401 ) 

A List of the Lord Lieutenants and Gustos Rotu- 
LORUM of the different Counties in England and Walesj 
since his Majesty's Accession to the Throne. 

Of England. 


John, Duke of Bedford. 
1771 Jan, 24. John, Earl of Upper Ossory. 
— 01 Jacob, Earl of Radnor. 


George, Duke of St Alban's. 
Vere, Lord Vere. 
i'77t July 19. George, Duke of St Alban's. 
—86 March. William, Lord Craven. Died. 
-91 Jacob Pleydel, Earl of Radnor. 


Richard, Earl Temple. 
1763 Francis, Lord Le Despencer. 

■r-'Si Nov. Philip, Earl of Chesterfield. 

— 82 Mar. 27. George Nugent, (now E. Temple^ Marquis of 

[vol. ii.J Dd Cam- 

402 Lord LieutenanU, &c. of Counties. 


Philip, Viscount Roystqn, afterwards Earl of Hsurd- 
wicke. Died. 
179CI > PliJliP) E^'^l °^ Hardwicke. 


George, Earl of Cholmondeley. 
j^^j ' > William, Earl of Harrington. 

George James, Earl of Cholmondeley. 
.^82 George, Earl of Stamford and Warrington. 



Richard, Lord Edgecumbe. 
|m6i George, Lord Edgecumbe, (afterwards EarlMount- 

edgecumbe). Died. , i^j 

^oj Richard, Earl of Mountedgecumbe. 

X Cumberland. 

Sir James Lowther, Bart. Lord Lieutenant. 

Charles, Earl of Egreitiont, Custos Rotulorum. 
,^6, Sir James Lowther, Bart, (afterwards Earl of Lons. 

dale) Custos Rotulorum. 
1802 William, Viscount Lowther. , 

V Derbyshire. 

William, Duke of Devonshire. 
Feb. 21. John, Marquis of Granby. 
1/766 June 17. Lord George Cavendish. 
—82 June 18. William, Duke of Devonshire. 


Lord Lieutenants^ &c. ofCounties* 46^ 


*a John, Duke of Bedford. 

1771 Jan. 23. Vere, Earl Paulett. Died. 


Hugh, Lord Fortescue (now Earl). 


Anthony AsWey, Earl of Shaftesbury. 
177 1 June 7. Henry, Lord Digby, (afterwards Earl of Digby.) 

!— 93 George, Lord Rivers. 

^^803 George, Earl of Dorchester. 


Henry, Earl of Darlington, Lord Lieutenant — died. 
Richard Trevor, Lord Bishop of Durham, Cust. Rotr 
I1771 John Egerton, ditto ditto. 

'^7 Thomas Thurlow, - ditto ditto. 

Hon. Shute Harrington, ditto ditto. 

•93 Wm. Henry, Earl of Darlington, Lord Lieutenant. 

- , William Henry, Earl of Rochford, 

-81 Oct. 12. John, Earl Waldegrave. 

"84 John, Lord Howard of Walden. 

■^8 . Richard, Lord Braybrooke. 


Matthew, Lord Ducie. 
^^ John, Lord Chud worth. 

ril T , Norbome Berkeley, esq. (afteru'ards Ld. Bottetourt^ . 

--66 J«ly I. Frederick, Barl of Berkeley. 

D d 2 iJere' 

404 • Lord Lieutenants, &c. of Counties* 


John, Viscount Bateman. 
i8o2 George Con, Earl of Essex, 

• Hertfordshire. 

William, Earl Cowper. 
1764 Oct. 19. William AnneHollis, Earl of Essex. 
•>i-7t Mar. I. James, Viscount Cranburn, (now Marquis of Sails 


Robert, Duke of Manchester. 
-62 George, Duke of Manchester. 

-89 George, Duke of Montagu — died.' 

"po James, Marquis of Graham, (now Duke of Moiitrose) 

-p3 William, Duke of Manchester. 


Lionel Cranfield, Duke of Dorset. 
-—6^ Charles, Duke of Dorset. 

— 68 Jo^n Frederick, Duke of Dorset. 

—97 Charles, Lord (now Earl) of Romney. 


John Smith, Lord Strange. 
' — 71 July 19. Edward, Earl of Derby. 
—75 John Smith, Earl of Derby. 

Leicestershire. ■ 

John, Duke of Rutland. 
—79 July 6. Charles, Duke of Rutland — died October 1787^ 
— 87 Henry, Duke of Beaufort. 

— 5»Q John Henry, Duke of Rutland. 


Lord LieufenanU, &c. of Counties, 4^5 


Peregrine, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven. 
1778 Dec. 15. Robert, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven. 
•.yp Brownlovv, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven. 


Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle. 
.—62 Hugh, Earl (afterwards Duke) of Newcastle. 

— 94 William Henry Cavendish, Marquis of Titchfield. 


Thomas Morgan, esq. 
—72 Henry, Duke of Beaufort. 

1803 Henry Charles, Duke of Beaufort. 


George, Earl of Orford. 
1792 George, Marquis Townshend. 


Geoiige Montagu, Earl of Halifax, 
-71 July 19. Spencer, Earl of Northampton. 


Hugh, Earl (afterwards Duke) of Northumberland. 
—86 Hugh, Duke of Northumberland-^— Resigned in 1798, 

when the Lieutenancy was put in commission. 
1802 Hugh, Duke of Northumberland. 

4o6 Lord Lieutenants, &c. of Counties, 


Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle. 
l']6^ Jan. 10. Evelyn, Duke of Kingston. 
—65 Sept. 7. Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle, 
i— 68 Dec. i6<- Henry Fynes, Duke of Newcastle — died. 
—94 Thomas, Duke of Newcastle — died. 

"^gS William Henry Cavendish, Duke of Portland. 

George, Duke of Marlborough. 


Brownlow, Earl of Exeter. 
1779 Mar. 19. George, Earl of WInchelsea apd Nottingham. 


Henry Arthur, Earl of Powis. 
1761 William, Earl of Bath. 

—64 Aug. 17. Henry Arthur, Earl of Powis. 
— 72 Oct. 9. Robert, Lord Clive. 
— 75 Apr. 7. Edward, Lord Clive, (now Earl of Powis). 


John, Earl Poulctt. 
1764 Nov, Percy Wytidliam, Earl of Thomond. 

—73 Feb. 12. John James, Earl of Egmont. 

■ — '/4 Mjr. 15. Frederick, Lord North, (afterwards Earl of Guild- 
ford) — died. 
—92 John, Eaxl Powlctt- 


■ - I 

Lord Lieutenants, &c. of Counties » 4©7 


Charles, Duke of Bolton. 
1762 James, Marquis of Carnarvon. 

—64 July 21. Robert, Earl of Northington. 

—71. Jan. 23. James, Marq. of Can^arvpn, (now Duke) of Chandqs. 
—80 George, Lord Ri%'ers. 

—82 Apr, 6. Harry, Duke of Bolton — died. 
«»P3 George Powlett, esq. T Commissioners for exe- 

Sir Wm. Heathcote, Bart. > cuting the office of Ld. 

William Chute, esq. j Lieutenant. 

—98 Charles, Earl of Wiltshire. 

1800 Thomas, Lord Bolton. 


Grenville Leveson, Earl Gower, (now Marquis of 
1799 George Granville, Earl Gower. 

J 80 1 Henry Bayley, Earl of Uxbridge. 


Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton. 
J763 Feb. 8. Charles, Lord (afterw-ards Viscount) Maynard 
—69 June 3. Augustus Henry, 'Duke of Grafton. 
1790 George Henry, Earl of Euston; 


Richard, Lord Onslow, 
1776 Oct. 26. George, Lord Onslow and Cranley, 


George, Lord (afterwards Earl of) Abergavenny. 
'1762 Charles, Earl of Egremont. 

—'6^ Oct. 18. Charles, Duke of Richmond, Lenox, and Aubigny. 


Francis Seymour, Earl of Hertford. 
1794 _ George, Earl of Warwick and Earl Brooke, 

B d 4 ^ Westmore- 

4o8 Lord Lieutenants^ &c. of Counties. 


Sir J. Lowther, Bart, (afterwards Earl of Lonsdale). 
1802 William, Viscount Lowther. 


Henry, Earl of Pembroke. 
1780 Feb. 19. Thomas, Earl of Aylesbury. 
— 82 Mar. 27. Henry, Earl of Pembroke — died. 
—94 George Augustus, Earl of Pembroke, 

George William, Earl of Coventry, 

Xorhshire East Riding. 

Charles, Viscount Irwin. 
.78 July II. Francis Godplphin, Marquis of Carmarthen. 
-80 Feb. 9. Frederick, Earl of Carlisle. 
-82 Mar. 27. Frapcis Godolphin, Marquis of Carmarthen, (now 

Duke of Leeds.) 
-99 Frederick, Earl of Carlisle. 

Yorkshire West Riding. 

Charles Watson, Marquis of Rockingham. 
-62 Francis, Ewrl of Huntingdon. 

-65 Aug. 7. Charles Watson, M acquis of Rockingham. 
-82 Sept. 28. Charles, Earl of Surrey, (now Duke of Norfolk.) 
-98 William Wentworth, Earl Fitzwilliam. 


JL^rd Lieutenants 9 &c. of Counties, 409 

TorhskifB North Riding, 

Charles Watson, Marquis of Rockingliam. 
1761 Robert, Earl of Holdern esse. Lord Lieutenant. 

—6^ Aug. 7. Charles Watson, Marquis of Rockingham, Cust. Rot, 
— 77 Dec. Henry P>-rl Fauconberg, Lord Lieutenant. 

— 82 Sept. 28. Ditto, Custos Rotulorum. 
1802 George Williani Frederick, Duke of Leeds. 

Peterborough Liberty. 
William W, Earl Fitzwilliam. 

. The Tower Hamlets, 

Charles, Earl Cornwallis. 
—62 }o\\n^ Lord Berkeley of Stratton. 

—73 Charles, Earl Cornwallis. 

—82 Lord George Henry Lenox. 

—84 Charles, Earl (afterwards Marquis) Cornwallis, 

1806 Francis, Earl of Moira. 

Lord Lieutenants, and Custos Rotulorum of 


Anglesey shire. 

George, Earl of Cholmondeley.ifj^i^^ jjS— 
Sir Nicholas Bayly, Bart. Custos Rotuterum- 

-71 Ditto, Lord Lieutenant. 

-82 July 20. Henry, Earl of Uxbridge, 


4 1 a Lord Lieutenants y &c. of Counties* 


Thomas Morgan, esq. 
1 77 1 Charles Morgan, esq. 

•—87 Henry, Duke of Beaufort. 


1763 Wilmot, Viscount Lisburne, Lord Lieutenant. 

Thomas Johnes, esq. CustcJs Rotulorum. 
Ditto, Lord Lieutenant. 
Jjjn. 10. Hon. Wilmot Vaughan, (now Earl of Lisburne, 
Lord Lieutenant). 
1800 Thomas Johnes, esq. Lord Lieutenant. 


George Rice, esq. Lord Lieutenant. 

Thomas Williams, esq. Gustos Rotulorum. 
1779 Thomas Johnes, esq. 

—80 'Mar. 25. John Vaughan, esq. 
I &04 George, Lord Dynevor, 


George, Earl of Gholmondeley, Lord Lieutenant. 

Sir John Wynne, Bart. Gustos Rotulorum. 
1761 Thomas Wynne, esq. (now Lord Newborough), 

Lord Lieutenant. 
«— 81 Nov. 20. Thomas, Viscount Bulkeley. 


Richard Myddleton, esq. 

Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart, 


Lord Lieutenants, &c. of Counties, 411 


George, Earl of Cholmondeley, Lord Lieutenant. 

Thomas, Lord Archer, Gustos Rotulorum, 
1 761 Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart. Lord Lieutenant. 

Other Lewis Hickman, Earl of Plymouth, Gust. Rot. 
—72 Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart. Gustos Rotulorum. 

—97 ' l-loyd, Lord Kenyon, Lord Lieutenant. 

—98 R9bert, Vise. Belgrave, (now Earl of Grosvenor.i) 


Other Lewis Hickman, Earl of Plymouth. 

—72 June 15. John, Viscount Mountstewart, Earl and Marquis 

of Bute. 

—93 John, Lord Viscount Mountstewart — died. 

•—94 Mar. George Aubrey, esq.") T\ . t* . , . 

John Price, esq! [Deputy Lieuts. to act during 

John Richards, esq. 3 ^ the vacancy. 

Dec. John, Earl, (now Marquis) of Bute. 


George, Earl of Gholmondeley. 

Wilmot Vaughan, esq. Gustos Rotulorum. 
-69 Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. 

-90 Watkin W^ynne, esq. 

-93 Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. 


George, Earl of Cjiolmondeley. 

Henry Arthur, Earl of Powis, Gustos Rotulorum, 
— 72 Oct. 9. Robert, Lord Glive. . • 

i^75 Apr. 7. Francis Seymour, Earl of Hertford. ^ 

— 76 Nov. 8. George Edward Henry Arthur, Earl of Powisl 
1804 Edward, Earl of Powis. 


412 Lord Lieutenants, &c. of Counties^ 


Six William Owen, Bart, 
1780 Richard, Lovd Milford. 

Haverford West Liberty, 

Sir William Owen, Bart. Lord Lieutenant, 
— 6l Sir John Philips, Bart. Gustos Rotulorum. 

Sir Richard Philips, Bart, (now Lord Milford), Gust, 
—70 Jan. 23. Ditto, Lord Lieutenant. 


Howel Gwynne, esq. Gustos Rotulorum. , 

— 66 . Edward, Earl of Oxford. } 

—92 Hon. Thomas Harley, 

1805 George, Lord Rodney. 


( 413 

Rangers and Keepers of his Majesty's Parks, 
Chaces, Forests, &c. at and since his Majesty's 
accession to the Throne. > 

Windsor Forest and Great Park, 

His R. H. William, Duke of Cumberland. 
1766 His R. H. Edward, Duke of York. 
— 67 His R. H. Henry, Duke of Cumberland. 
—91 His R. H. William, Duke of Cumberland. 

Out Ranger of Windsor Great Park. 

Hon. Benjamin Bathurst. 
-63 Lofd Charles Spencer. 
-92 Thomas, Viscount Cranley. 

Windsor Little Park. 

'6^ George, Earl of Pomfret. 

-88 Penyston Portlock Powny, esq. 
-91 Richard Grcnville, esq. 


4 '4 Rangers of his Majesty's Parks, &c. 

Cranhurn Chace, 

His R. H. William, Duke of Cumberland. 
1766 His R. H. Edward, Duke of York. 
—67 His R. H. William, Duke of Gloucester, 
1805 His R. H. Edward, Duke of Kent. 

Hampton Court Park. 

Her R. H. the Princess Amelia. 
1764 His R. H. William, Duke of Gloucester. 
1805 HisR. H. Edward, Duke of York. 

Richmond Park, 

Her R. H. the Princess Amelia. 
1762 John, Earl of Bute. Died in 1792. 

Deputy Rangers. 

Hon. Charles Stuart. 
—92 Hon. S. Digby. 

1800 Leonard Smelt, esq. 

Louisa, Countess Dowager of Mansfield. 

St James'' s and Hyde Parks. 

John, Earl of Ashburnham. 
1763 George, Earl of Or ford. 
— 91 William'W. Lord Grenville. 
— 94 George A. Earl of Euston. 

, New Forest, Hampshire. 

1754 Harry (now Sir) Burrard, esq. 

— 6^ John, Duke of Bedford. 

—71 His R. H. Wm. Duke of Gloucester. 

1805 Frederick, Duke of York. 


Rangefspf hh Majesty'' s Parhy &c. 415 

Sherwood Forest ^ Nottinghamshiret 

T. H. Pclham, Duke of Newcastle, 
1763 Evelyn, Duke of Kingston. 
— 6$ T. H. Pelham, Duke of Newcastle. 
—68 Henry Fynes Pelham Clinton, Duke of Newcastle. 
—94 Thomas, Duke of Newcastle. 
-^SS William Henry, Duke of Portland, 

Greenwich Parky Kent, 

Lady Catharine Pelham — died in i^8o, 
1805 Her R. H. the Princess of Wales. 

Enfield Chace^ Middlesex. 
1764 James, Marquis of Carnarvon, (now Duke of Chandos.) 

Epping Forest^ EsseXi 

John, Earl Tilney. 


S. Bosanquetj esq. 

Bushy Parky Middlesex. 

George Dunk, Earl of Halifax. 
—71 Anne, Lady North, afterwards Countess of Guilford. 
—97 His R. H. William Henry, Duke of Clarence. 

Salcey Forest^ Northamptonshire. 

George Dunk, Earl of Halifax. 
—71 Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton. 
— 73 George Montagu, esq. died in 1780. 
—80 Frederick Montagu, esq. 
1800 Viscount Ipswich. 


41 6 Rangers of his Majesty's Parks, Sec* 

Snowmen Forest, 
Henry, Earl of Uxbridge. 

Steward of Bromsulon Yale Manor, 
Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. 

Geddington Chace^ Northamptonshire. 
Henry Fynes, Earl of Lincoln, (now Duke of Newcastle.) 

Dartmore Forest, Devonshire, 

Sir Francis Henry Drake, Bart.— died. 
Thomas Tyvvhitt, esq. 

The Forest of Dean , and Constable of St Brevial^s Castle therein , 

Matthew, Lord Ducie. 
1 76 1 John, Lord Chedworth. 

—62 Norborne Berkeley, esq. (afterwards Lord Bottetourt.) 
—66 Frederick, Earl of Berkeley. 

WichwQod Forest, Oxfordshire. 
George, Duke of Marlborough. 

Whittlehury Forest^ Northamptonshire, 
Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton, Hereditary. 


R(^ngersofhts Majesty* s Parksy &c. 417 

Waltham Forest^ Lincolnshire. 

Peregrine, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven— -died in 1778. 
1778 John, Earl of Upper Ossory. 

Rockingham Fores t^ Northamptonshire^ 
■73 John, Earl of Upper Ossoty. 

Richmond Forest f Yorkshire. 

Robert, Earlof Holdernesse— died in 1778. 
-78 Francis, Duke of Leeds. 

Master, of the Game. 

Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton. Hereditary. 

Master of the Buck. Hoojjds. 

John Bateraan, Viscount Bateman. 
— 82 George Bussy Villiers, Earl of Jersey. 
■ — 83 John, Vistount Hinchinbroke, afterwards Earl of Sandwich. 
1806 William Charles, Earl of Albemarle. 

Master, of the Stag Hounds, and Master of the Harriers. 
Suppressed in 1782. 

Master Falconer. 

George Beauclerk, Duke of St Alban's. Hereditary. 
1786 George Beauclerk, Duke of St Alban's. 
— 87 Aubrey, Duke of St Alban's. 
1802 Aubrey, Duke of St Alban's. 

[vol. II.] E e Survey- 

41 B Rangers of his Majesty* s Parks, &c« 

Surveyor-General of the Crown Lands, Castles, &c« 

Hon. Robert Herbert. 
1768 Peter Burrel, esq. 
•—75 Hon. John St John. 
—83 George Augustus Selwyn, esq.— died. 

—91 William Harrison, esq. deputy — acted by order of the Trea- 
sury £oard during the vacapcy. 
—93 John Fordyce, esq. 
1806 Lord Robert Spencer. 

SuRvBYORS of his Majesty's Woods, Parks, &c» 

John Pitt, esq. 
1763 Sir Edmund Thomas, Bart. 
—67 John Pitt, esq.— died, 
—87 John Robinson, esq. 
1802 Sylvester Douglas, Lord Glenbervie. 
—06 Lord Robert Spencer. 

A List 

( 419 ) 

A List of Ambassadors, &c. to Foreign States, at and 
since his Majesty's Accession in 1760. 



1761 Hans Stanley, esq. Charge d' Affaires. 

--62 John Russell, Duke of Bedford, Ambassador Extra^ 

ordinary and Plenipotentiary. 
— 63 Francis Seymour Conway, Earl of Hertford, ditto. 

— 6'? Charles Lenox, Duke of Richmond, &c. ditto. 

— 66 ~ William Henry Nassau, Earl of Rochford, ditto. 

— 68 Simon Harcourt, Earl Harcourt, ditto. 

— 72 David Murray, Viscount Stormont, ditto. 

—83 Jan. Francis Godolphin Osborne, Marquis of Carmar- 

then, ditto. 
April. George Montagu, Duke of Manchester, ditto. 
Dec. John Frederick Sackville, Duke of Dorset, ditto. 
— 89 Lord Robert Fitzgerald, ditto. 

Right Hon. William Eden (now Lord Auckland), 
Envoy Ext. and Plen. for commercial matters. 
— 9s May 22. George Granville, Earl Gower, Ambassador Ext. 

and Plen. Recalled in Sept. 1792. 
— 96 James, Lord Malmesbury, Ambassador Ext. and 

Plen. for negociating a treaty of peace. 
— 97 James, Lwrd Malmesbury, for negociating a peace 

' with the Plenipotentiaries of the French Republic 

' , at Lisle. 

E e 2 j8oi 

4«o Ambassadors^ &c. io Foreign States, 

1801 Oct. 29. Charles, Marquis CornwalUs, Plenipotentiary at the- 

Congress held at Amiens. 
■—02 June l8. Charles, Lord Whitworth, Ambassador ExtraordJA 

nary and Plenipotentiary. Left Paris June 1803. 



George William Harvey, Earl of Bristol, Ambassar 
dor Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. 
1763 Feb. John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, ditto. 

June. William Henry Nassau, Earl of Rochford, ditto. 
^^66 ' , Sir James Gray, Bart, and K. B. ditto. 

-r-70 George Pitt, esq. (now Lord Rivers), ditto, 

—71 Thomas Robinson, Lord Grantham, ditto. 

Feb. 22. James Harris, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary until I 
Lord Grantham's arrival. 
—83 Mar. John Stuart, Viscount Mountstuart, Ambassador: 
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. 
Dec. philip Stanhope, Eafl of Chesterfield, do. Recalled. 
Robert Listen, esq. Min. Plen. until Lord Chester- 
field's arrival. 
—87 William Eden, esq. Ambas. Ext. and Plen. 

—^89 AUeyne Fitzherbert (now Lord St Helen's), ditto. 

— 94 Sir Morton Eden, K. B. (now Lord Henley), ditto., 

— 9^ Apr. 24. John, Earl (now Marquis) of Bute, ditto. 
1802 Sept. 6. John Hookham Frere, esq. Envoy Ext. and Plen. 



Hon. Edward Hay, Envoy Extraordinary. 
1766 William Henry Lyttleton, esq. (now Lord Westcote) 

Envoy Ext. and Plen. 
— 7T . Hon. Robert Walpole, ditto. 

1800 Oct. John Hookham Frere, ditto. 

— e2 Sept. 2. Lord Robert Stephen Fitzgerald, ditto. 


Ambassadorsykcta Foreign States, ■ 4»l 



Hon. James Stuart Mackenzie, Envoy Extraordinary. 

George Pitt, esq. (now Lord Rivers), ditto. 

Sir William Lynch, K. B. ditto. 

John, Viscount Mountstuart, Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

Hon. John Trevor, ditto. 

Thomas Jackson, esq. 


'79? ' George, Lord (afterwards Viscount and Earl) Ma- 

cartney, Ambassador Ext. and Plen. 

Commissioners to the Embassy. > 

Henry Brown, Eyles Irwin, and Wm. Jacksop, esqrs. 

Secretary of Legation, 

Sir George Staunton, Bart. 



James Porter, esq. (afterwards Sir James) Ambassador. 
I -76 1 Hon. Henry Grenville, ditto. 

—65 July. Robert Colebrook, esq. ditto. 

E e 3 1765 

42Z Ambassadors, &c. to Foreign States, 

l*]C>S Nov. John Murray, esq. ditto. 
—75 Sir Robert Ainslie, knt. ditto. 

—93 Robert Liston, esq. 

—96 July 23. Francis James Jackson, esq. 
Spencer Smith, esq . Minister. 
—99 Mar. 13. Thomas, Earl of Elgin, Ambassador Ext, and Plen. 
1803 Jan. 29. Rt. Hon. William Drummond, ditto. 
—04 June 5. Charles Arbuthnot, esq. ditto. 



Sir James Gray, Bart. Envoy Extraordinary., 
X764 William Hamilton, esq. (afterwards Sir William^ 

/ K. B.) ditto. 


Sir Horace Mann, Bart, and K. B, Envoy Ext, 
1787 Apr. 27. William Fawkener, esq. ditto. 
Aug. 4. John Aug. Lord Hervey, ditto. 
— 94 Hon. William Frederick Wyndham, ditto. 

1800 Ditto, Minister and Plenipotentiary, 


.John Murray, esq. Resident. 
i*]6l Charles Compton, Earl of Northampton, Ambassa- 

dor Ext. and Plen. 
— 62 " John Murray, esq. Resident. 

— 65 Sir James Wright, Bart. Envoy Ext. 

— 73 John Strange, esq. ditto. 

— S8 Robert Ritchie, esq. Charg€ d'Affaires. 


Ambassadors^ &c. to Foreign States, 423 

sir Ffancis Vincent, Bart. Resident. Died. 
William Lindsay, esq. ditto. 
Francis Drake, esq. ditto. 
Sir Richard Worsley, Bart. 


Arthur Vllettes, esq. Minister* 

William Norton, esq. ditto. 

Colonel Braun, Charge d'AfFaires, 

Lord Robert Stephen Fitzgerald, MIn. Plen. 

William WIckham, esq. ditto. 

James Talbot, esq. ditto. 



David Murray, Viscount Stormont, Ambassador 

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. 
Sir Robert Murray Keith, K. B. ditto. 
Thomas, Earl of Elgin, Ambassador Extraordinary, 

to congratulate Leopold IL on his being elected 

Emperor of Germany. 
Ditto to Francis IL 

Sir Morton Eden, K.B. Envoy Ext. and Plen. 
George J. Earl Spencer, Amb. Ext. on particular 

Sir Morton Eden (now Lord Henley), K. B. Envoy 

Ext. and Plen. 
Gilbert, Lord Minto, ditto. 
Hon. Sir Arthur Paget, K. B. 
R. A^^i^j esq. Minister Plenipotentiary. 

E e 4 To 

424 Ambassadors to Foreign States^ &c. 

St. Petersburgh. 

Robert Keith, esq. Envoy Extraordinary. 

1762 ' John, Earl of Buckinghamshire, Ambassador Extra- 

ordinary and Plenipotentiary. 

—64 Sir George (afterwards Lord) Macartney, K. B. 

Envoy Extraordinary. 

-^6^ Right Hon. Hans Stanley, Ambas. Ext. and Plen. 

—67 Sir George Macartney, K. B. Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

—68 Charles Schaw, Lord Cathcart, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 

—71 Sir Robert Gunning, Bart. K. B. Envoy Ext. 

—76 Sir James Harris, K. B. now Earl of Malmesbury, do. 

—83 July. Alleyne Frtzherbert, esq; now Lord St Helen's, do, ^ 

—88 Charles Whitworth, now Lord Whitworth, ditto. j 

—90 William Fawkener, esq. do. 

J 80 1 Alleyne, Lord St Helens, ditto for negociating a 

peace with Russia. 

■^02 Sir John Borlase Warren, Bart, and R. B. ditto. 

—04 Lord Grenville Leveson Gower, Ambassador Ext. 

and Plen. 

•^—05 , Charles Schaw, Lord Cathcart, ditto. 



1763 Sir James Porter, Knt. Minister Plenipotentiary. 

•—S^ William Gordon, esq. (now Sir William, K. B.) do. 

—•71 Alleyne Fitzhcrbert, esq. Resident. 

—83 Geprge Byng, Viscount Torrington, Envoy Ext. 


Ambassadors to Foreign States, &c. 4^5 


Sir John Goodricke, Bart. Envoy Extraordinary, 
1773 Lewis dfe Visme, esq. ditto. Died in 1776. * 

— 70 Horace St Paul, esq. ditto. 

—78 Sir Thomas Wroughton, K. B. ditto. 

— 87 Ditto, Minister Plenipotentiary. Died in 1787. 

— 88 Sept. 13. Charles Keen, esq. Charge d'AfFaires- 

Robert Liston, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary. ; 
— 93 Lord Henry Spencer, ditto. 

— 95 Daniel Hales, esq. ditto, 

1802 Charles Arbuthnot, esq. 

— 0^ Hon. Henry Pierrcpoint, ditto. 



Hon. Joseph Yorke, (now the Right Hon. Sir Joseph 
Yorke, K. B.) 
— 83 Sir James Harris, K. B. Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

— 88 Feb. 8. Ditto, ditto, afterwards Lord Malmesbury. 
— 89 May 16. Rt. Hon. Alleyne Fitzherbert, ditto. 

Nov. 28. William, Lord Auckland, ditto. 
—90 Lord Henry Spencer, ditto. 

— 93 Hon. William Eliot, ditto, in absence of the Envoy. 

—94 Alleyne, Lord St Helens, Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

1802 Robert Liston, ditto. 


42 5 Ambassadors 10 Foreign States^ &Ct 



Walter Titley, esq. Envoy Extraordinary. 

1^63 Dudley Alexander Sydney Cosby, (afterwards Lord 

Sydney) Resident. 

•^-6$ June. William Gordon, esq. Envoy Extraordinary. 

Nov. Robert Gunning, esq. Resident. 

—71 Robert Murray Keith, esq. Eny. Ext. 

— 72 Ralph Woodford, esq. ditto. 

—74 Daniel de Laval, esq. Resident. 

—78 Ditto, Envoy Extraordinary. 

—79 Morton Eden, esq. ditto. 

^82 Hugh Elliot, esq. ditto. 

1— 91 Hugh Elliot, esq. Envoy Ext. and Minister Plen. 

1803 Henry Watkin Williams Wynne, esq. ditto. 



Thomas Wroughton, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary. 
1778 Richard Oakes, esq. ditto. 

—79 James Hare, esq. ditto. 

— 82 John, Viscount Dalrymple, ditto. 

—84 Charles Whitworth, esq. 

— 88 Sept. 13. Daniel Hales, esq. ditto. 
— 91 Dec. William Gardiner, esq. ditto. 



Andrew ?.Iitchell, esq. (afterwards Sir Andrew, K, 
B.) Envoy Extraordinary. 


Ambassadors to Foreign States^ &c, 427 

177 1 Robert Gunning, esq. ditto. 

— 72 James Harris, esq. ditto. 

— 76 Hugh Elliot, esq. ditto. 

—82 June. George James Cholmondeley, Earl of Cholraondeley, 

Sept. Sir John Stepney, Bart, ditto. 

—84 John, Viscount Dalrymple, ditto. 
— 88 Aug. 5. Joseph Ewart, esq. ditto. 

•—91 Sir Morton Eden, K. B. ditto and Plen. 

— -g^ James, Lord (now Earl) Malmesbury, do. 

— 95 Lord Henry Spencer, ditto. Died in July 1795^ 

Aug, Thomas, Earl of Elgin, ditto. 

1800 Joshua John, Earl of Carysfort, ditto. 

— 02 Francis James Jackson, ditto. 

— 05 Dudley, Lord Harrowby, Amb. Ext. and Plen, 



David, Viscount Stormont, Envoy Extraordinary. 

-64 Philip Stanhope, esq. ditto. 

-68 Robert Murray Keith, esq. ditto. 

-71 John Osborne,- esq. ditto. 

-75 Sir John Stepney, Bart, ditto. 

-82 Morton Eden, esq. (now Lord Henley), ditto. 

-89 Ditto, Envoy Ext. and Minister Plen. 



1763 Philip Stanhope, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary. 

—64 William Gordon, esq. ditto. 

— 6^ Fulke Grevijlc, esq. . ditto. 

— 69 Lewis de Visme, esq. ditto. 

— 73 Hugh Elliot, esq. ditto. 

— 76 Morton Eden, esq. ditto. 

—79 Richard Oakes, esq. ditto. 


428 Jimbassadors to Foreign States y Scfi^ 

80 Hon. John Trevor, ditto. 

83 Dec. Thomas Walpole, esq. 

88 Ditto, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. 


George Cressener, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary, 
1-781 Ralph HeathcotCj esq. ditto. I^ied. 

180 i Brook Taylor, esq. 


1796 Hon. William Eliot, Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

— p8 Francis Drake, esq. ditto. 

1805 Hon. Willian^ Hill, ditto. 

To HAMBURGH, and the other HANS TOWNS. 

Philip Stanhope, esq. Resident. 

1762 Robert Colebrooke, esq. ditto. 

— 63 Ralph Woodford, esq. ditto. 

; — 72 Emanuel Matthias, esq. ditto. 

— po Charles Henry Eraser, esq. ditto. 

— 98 Sir James Crawford, Bart, ditto. 

1803 Sir Thomas Rumbold, Bart, ditto. 

— 05 Edward Thornton, esq. 


1792 George Hammond, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary. 

—96 Robert Liston, esq. Envoy Ext, and Plen. 

1803 Anthony Merry, esq. ditto, 

A Liit 

Ambassadors to Foreign States^ &cc. ^29 

A List of the Ambassadors, &c. at and since his Majes- 
ty's Accession in 1760, from the different Foreign 
States of Europe. 


176 1 M. de Bussy, Charge d'AfFaires. 

—62 Due de Nivernois, Amb. Ext. 

—63 Compte de Guerchy, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 

(Chevalier d'Eon, Charge d'AfFaires). 
—67 Compte de Chatelet Lomond, Aijib. Ext, 

—70 Compte de Guignes, ditto. 

— 76 Marquis de Noailles, ditto. 

— 83 Jan. 24. M. Gerard de Reyneval, Min. Pleia. 

Feb. 7. Compte dc Moustier, ditto. 

May 14. Compte d'Adhemar, Amb. Ext. 
—87 M. Bartelemy, Min. Plen. 

— 88 Jan. i6. Marquis de la Luzerne, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 
—92 May 2. M. Chauvelin, Envoy and Plenipotentiary. 
1801 Dec. Lieut.-General Otto, ditto. 
—02 Nov. 17. General Andreossi, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 

From SPAIN. 

Count de Fuentes, Ambassador Extraordinary^ 
1762 Prince Mazzerano, Amb. Ext. and Plen, 

—78 Marquis de Almodavar, ditto. 

—83 Mar. 24. Don Berdardo del Campo, Min. Plen. 
—87 Don Bernardo, Marquis del Campo.' 

Ditto, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 
—95 Don Jose Carlos Antonio, Chevalier De Las Casas, 

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. 
1803 Chevalier D'Anduaga, Env. Ext. and Plen. 


430^ Ambassadors to Foreign States^ &c. 


Don Mello y Castro, Envoy Extraordinary. 
J 774 M. de Pinto, ditto. 

—92 Chevalier Almeido de Mello y Castro, ditto. 

l8or Marquis de Lima, ditto. 

—03 Chevalier de Sousa Cotinho. 


Prince San Severino, Envoy Extraordinary. 
1764 Marquis Caraccioli, ditto. 

—7 1 Count de Pignatelli, ditto. 

—80 Prince Caramanico, ditto. 

—85 Sept. Count de Lucchese, ditto. Died In London. 
—90 Sept. Prince de Castelcicala, Envoy Ext. and Plcn. 
—93 Mar. Duke de Cicignano, ditto. Shot himself. 

In the interim, the Duke of St Elizabeth acted. 
—94 Marquis de Circello, Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

1800 Oct. Prince de Castelcicala, ditto. 

From the KING of SARDINIA. 

Count de Lascaris, Envoy Extraordinary. 
1761 Count Viri, ditto. 

—63 Count de la Marmora, ditto. 

—66 Baron de la Perriere, ditto. 

—67 Count de Viry, ditto. 

—^9 Count de Scarnasis, ditto. 

—74 Marquis de Cordon, ditto. 

—84 Oct. I. Chevalier de Pollon, ditto. 
—88 Jan. 16. Count St Martin de Front. 


Ambassadors 1o Foreign States y &c. 431 


Count de Colombo, Minister. 

M. Zuccato, Resident. 

1761 M. Querini and M. Morosini, Amb. Ext. 

—64 ' M. de VignoUa, Resident. 

—68 M. d'Imberti, ditto. 

— yz Baron Berlendis, ditto. 

— 74 M. Pizzoni, ditto. 

— 78 Count de Cavally, ditto. 

— 82 M. Tornicllo, ditto. 

— 84 M. Torniello, ditto. 

— 86 M. Soderino, ditto. 

—89 M. Lavizzari, ditto. 

—96 Chevalier Gincomazzi, ditto. 

From the REPUBLIC of GENOA. 

M. D'Angeno, Minister. 
1793 Marquis de Spinoslo, Env. Ext. and Min. Plen, 

From the DUKE of MODENA. 

Marquis Paolucci, Minister. 
1764 M. L. Andriani, ditto. 

-■-66 Count Poggi, Envoy Exti 


1763 Count de Seleirn, Ambassador. 

—70 Count de Belgioso, Envoy Ext. and Min. Plen. 

•— R3 Count de Kagcneck, ditto. 


43 a Ambassadors from Foreign States, &c. 

1786 June. Count de RIvicksky, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 

— 90 Nov. Count de Stadion, ditto. 

The Landgrave of Furstenberg, Ambassador Extra- 
ordinary, to announce to his Majesty the election 
of Leopold, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to 
the Imperial dignity ^ 

-—pa Aug. Count de Strahremberg, Amb. Ex. to announce the 
election of Francis IL ,King of Hungary, &c. to 
the Imperial dignity. 

~93 Ditto, Envoy Ext. and Plen. vice Stadion. 

—94 Aug. Count de Merci Argenteau, Ambassador on parti- 
cular affairs. He arrived in August, much indis- 
posed, and died the 25th, before he had delivered 
his credentials. 

— 95 Count de Strahremberg, Envoy Ext. and Plen. 


Prince Gallltzin, Envoy Extraordinary^ 
3762 Count Woronzow, Minister Plen. 

— 64. M. de Grosse, ditto. 

— 66 M. Mousin Pousin, ditto. 

—69 Count Czernichef, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 

— 76 (M. Lisakewitz, Minister Plen.) 

— 78 M. de Moussin Pouschkin, ditto. 

— 79 M. de Simolin, Envoy Ext. and Minister Plen. 

— 85 CouQt de Woronzow, ditto. Recalled in 1800. 

1801 Aug. 18. Ditto. 


1764 Baron de Nolken, Envoy Extraordinary. 

—87 Ditto, Minister Plenipotentiary. 

— 93 May. Baron Bergstadt, Charge d'Affaires. . 

Dec. Chevalier D'Engerstroera, Env. Ext. and Min. Plen. 

— 96 Sept. Chevalier D'Asp, ditto. 


Embassadors i &c. from Foreign States* 43; 

Baron Silverhjelm, Envoy Ext. 
Ditto, Env. Ext. and Min. Plcn. 
Baron Rehaussen. 


Baron Bothmar, Envoy Extraordinary. 
1^66 M. Hanniker, Charges d'AflFaires. 

—67 Baron Dieden de Furstenstein, Envoy Ext. 

—77 Baron Dreyer, Resident. 

— 85 Count Reventlow, Envoy Ext. 

—90 Apr. 16. Count de Wedel Jarlsberg, ditto. 


Baron Kniphausen, Minister Plenipotentiary. 
M. Michell, Minister. 
M. Badouin, ditto. 
Count de Malzahn, Min. Plen. 
Count Lusi, ditto, and Env. Ext. 
Chevalier D' Alvensleben, Min. Plen. 
Count de Redern, ditto. 
Baron de Jacobi Kloest, ditto. 

Count de Tauentzien, Envoy Extraordinary, to noti- 
fy the death of the King of Prussia. 


1763 Count D'Einsiedel, Envoy Extraordinary. 

•^•^4 Count Poniatousky, ditto. 

— 70 Count Barzynski, ditto. 

—74 M. de Bukatty, Resident in 1785, Mini'ster Plen. 

4 j4 Ambassadors^ &c. fmn Foreign States* 


1764 Baron Behr, Minister. 

— 71 Baron Alvensleben, ditto. 

*— p^ Baron de Lerthe, ditto. 

Count Munster Meinhavel. 


Count de Haslang, Envoy Extraordinary. 
1784 Count de Haslang, ditto (Son of the former). 


M. Alt, Resident. 

1763 Baron WittofF, ditto. 

—64 M. Alt, ditto. 

<7i M. Murhard, ditto. 

.—yy Baron Kutzleben, Minister Resident, 

go Baron Veltheim, Minister Pien. 

—92, Baron Kutzlebeu, ditto. 

— pp Colonel de Banernaeister. 


1794 Mar. Count Jenison de Walwork. Took leave in May 
17P4. Returned again in July 1796. 


Ambassadors y kc, from Foreign States* 435 


J796 May 18. Count de Zepphelin, Min. Plen. 

Nov. 10. Baron de Raiger, Envoy Ext. in absence of the Count 

de Zepphelin, who returned in July 1797. 
—98 Count D'Uxull Gyllenband, Envoy Ext. to notify 

the death of the reigning Duke of Wirtemburgh. 

1764 Count Bruhl, Envoy Extraordinary. 


Lieutenant-General Hop, Envoy 'Extraordinary. 
1761 (M. Boreel, Ambassador Ext.) 

—62 Count de Weilderen, Envoy Ext. 

—84 Baron de Lynden> Envoy Ext. and Plen. 

-^88 Mar. 5. Baron de Nagel, Amb. Ext. and Plen. 

From the HANS TOWNS. 

M. Elkring, Resident. 
17 7 1 P. Amslnck, Agent and Consul. 

F f 2 From 

436 Ambassadors i &c. from Foreign S fates. 


Signor Pucci, Minister. 
1^64 M. de Lortinger, Resident. 

1761 M. Steign, 


I'jS^ John Adams, esq. Envoy Extraordinary. 

— 92 Thomas Pinckney, esq. ditto. 

— 94 John Jay, esq. ditto, on particular affairs. 

— 96 Rufus King, esq. Minister Plenipotentiary. 

1803 James Munroe, esq. ditto. 

From the PORTE. 

1794 Yussef Adjeah Effendi, Ambassador. 

•—97 Ismail Ferrough EfFendi, Ambassador. 

1800 M. Archinople, Charge d'Affaires. 

From TUNIS. 
1796 ^ Mahomet Cagga, Ambassador Ext. and Plen. 


Ambassadors, &c. from Foreign Slates* 437 


1800 Brahim Candiotti, Ambassador. Took leave De- 

cember 2d, i8or. 


1760 Hussem Bey. 

—86 Le Hajee Abdrahaman, 


OialinertSc Co. Printers^ Abodocn. 


VOL. I. 

Page laj. No. 141 7, after Elvaston insert Dsrbyshire. 

la^j _ — . 1439, f®^ Gloucestershire read Staffordshire. 
171, - 1434, for Prebendary of We.-tminster read Canon Residen- 
tiary of St. Paul's.' 

334, 1679, after Sir John Ernley, Knight, read Chancellor of the 

410, ■ for Sir John Golcesborcugh read Sir J. Oldensburgh. 


325, ■ " for John de Sanco read John de Santo Paulo. 

157, Under Blackness Castle — for Sir Thomas Livingstone, Bart, read 
Oct. 18, 1806, Sir James Craig, K. B. Lieutenant 
303, line 8, for 91 read 1688. 

9, after 1690 add ist July, 1690. 
20a, after the last line insert 1006, May, His R. H. William Duke of 
, Gloucester. 

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